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Me: We're gonna glance into the lives of Ace, Anaela, Lexi, Jesse, Duck, Slam, Tech and Rev then BADABING! We have Zadavia narrating the season 1 theme as the meteor hits. There are two pairs of twins in this. Try to guess who they are. I can tell you that Anaela and Lexi have been best friends since they were 5. They're even in the same dorm room together! And…as for the twin thing, I'll let you figure that out.

Just a little heads-up! Some moments will be similar to the other, OK? Just so you know.



It is an alley inbetween two buildings in the town known as Acmetropolis. The alley is full of the usual objects you'd find in an alley: rodents, various bugs, garbage units, a woman running from a giant robot for her life screaming her blonde head off, rust-wait. A woman running away from a giant robot screaming? That's something you don't see everyday; especially in an alley. Normally, when a woman is running and screaming from soneone, she's running from a sicko! This is new.

"Destroy, humanity. Destroy."

The woman screamed again. Then, something – or should I say, someONE – tapped the robot's metal shoulder from behind. The metal buckethead turned around and saw a tanned bald man dressed in jeans, a brown-shirt and blue vest standing behind him cracking his knucles saying,

"Sorry, buckethead. Not today."

"Destroy, humanity. Destroy."


Whoa. Wait a minute! This is actual reality? That's just a scene for an upcoming action film? Aw, come on! What's that all about? The director walked up to him obviously proud of what he just filmed. And…check it out! I think he's a hippie! I just had to do that. I swear I couldn't help it. But…he's either a hippy or gay. Which one do you think suits him best?

"Oh ho ho, Van, babe. Vamour! Take a break while we shoot the fight scene," the director instructed before booming, "WHERE'S THAT STUNT RABBIT?"

"Yeah. That would be stunt bunny," Ace Bunny corrected as he walked forward in the same outfit carrying a mask of the actor's faces.

"Whatever. Now, like we rehearsed, hmm?" the director requested.

"Whoa. Slow down there, doc. See, I've got some ideas you're gonna love. Now when the robot comes at me, how about I do some of these? Huh? A couple of those and one of these," Ace suggested as he demonstrated his moves with sound effects and even some action music.

"No," the director denied, "You see, I am the director which makes me the boss and that means you do the scene the way I tell you to do the scene, hmm?AND…ACTION!"

The poor rabbit didn't even have the time to finish preparing for the shooting of the fight scene. The robot just took him by surprise by grabbing his ears, pulling him towards it and beat poor Ace to a pulp. Ace managed to walk a few feet before collapsing to the ground face first.


"Welcome, one and all, to the Acmetropolis University Championship Swimming Team tryouts! The competition is super tough this year! So good luck to you all! Now, we will test you on speed, style and agility. Now, first up is," the captain started before looking at the list and announced unenthusiasically, "Anaela Bunny." (AN: Anaela's name is pronounced AN-A-LA. 'A' as in 'aye' by the way. Just to clear that up.)

Breathing in and out to calm her hyperactive nerves, Anaela Bunny walked towards the starting block wearing her white one piece. Her crystal blue eyes were filled with determination as she climbed onto the block and glanced at the captain for instructions.

"OK, Anaela. Your tryout is 8 laps: 2 freestyle, 2 breaststroke, 2 backstroke and 2 butterfly strokes. You will be timed and judged on your style and agility as well," the captain instructed.

"On your marks, get set…GO!" the coach screamed as he started the timer.

Anaela immediately dived gracefully into the crisp cold depths and began her tryout for the captain. In 30 seconds she swam the two freestyle laps and was already up to her breaststroke laps. Everyone trying out today was amazed at how well their classmate was doing. The captain just looked appauled. It wasn't because she wasn't a bad swimmer. Anaela's an excellent swimmer. He was just appauled that this Bellwood swimmer is swimming better than him. And she's…well, a girl! Before he knew it, she touched the wall as she completed her final butterfly lap. The coach stopped the timer and looked pleased.

"1 minute and 5 seconds. It's a brand new tryout record. She's even better than you, Joey," the coach announced to the fuming captain.

"Anaela, that was cute and you appear to be a strong swimmer. But you don't have what it takes competition standards," Joey decided.

Anaela just looked heartbroken and disappointed as she tied her towel around her slim torso. The other hopefuls were objecting to the decision ruled by the captain; even the coach was objected. Anaela was one of the best swimmers he had seen try out in his time working at Acmetropolis University. He couldn't believe that Joey was rejecting perhaps the best swimmer of the bunch because he said that she's better than him. He's meant to be the captain. He's meant to be fair; especially to women. It's just wrong and even, possibly one of the worst crimes of all aside from murder, kidnapping, assault, rape and other horrible acts of unfairness…discrimination.

"Well, that's life, I guess," Anaela shrugged with a sigh as she removed her swimming cap, allowing her chocolate brown hair to flow elegently down her back with the ends just reaching her waist and all the guys (excluding the coach and captain, of course) in the room to gawk at her.


"The bronzed and handsome lifeguard sits calm, yet forcused, confident that should danger arise, he stands ready to protect the lives-."

"Yo, Duck! Get out of my chair and do your job!" the lifeguard demanded as he pulled the mallard off of his seat, "Pool boy! Oh yeah. And make sure you use the net!"

The lifeguard handed Danger Duck the net and shoved him closer to the edge of the clear pool. Duck then began moving the net around under the water to clean any mess on the bottom. And, obviously, he hates his job.

"Use the net, use the net; talk about a waste of talent," Duck grumbled before he pulled out a soaked diper, "Eugh! Another treasure from the deep!"

"Mama! Mine!" a baby wailed pointing to the soaked diper.

Duck couldn't help but look completely disgusted as the redheaded mother dressed in a purple bikini and matching shades with matching flats and a yellow headband to hold her hair in place reach into the net, scoop up the soaked diper and walk away with diper and babe in arms.

OK. That was just downright disgusting. Does she even have any idea where that diper has been…OK. She at least knows where the diper has been. That's one point to her. But does she know what else lurks at the bottom of that pool? There could be all kinds of harmful bacteria, fungi and other harmful organism that could have massive concequences if she even THINKED about making that poor and innocent baby to wear that disgusting diper ever again! Bladder infections, some type of cancer in later life and a whole lot more. She must be a first time mother.

Duck continued to look disgusted even though that the wet and dirty diper was removed from his net and the mother and baby had left him standing there frozen and downright disgusted. He was holding the net as far away from him as possible, his face was screwed up as best as it could be and he showed other signs of being as disgusted as he possibly could.

This is one of those times where he was thankful that the lifeguard is oblivious of what he does because…well, he's too busy watching the pool despite the fact that there are no swimmers occupying the pool today. He just wanted Duck to do his job. He really didn't care what happened to him or how he does it. He just wanted the job done so the customers didn't swim in a dirty and murky pool. I mean, come on! Is that too much to ask?

After a few milliseconds of the lady and baby's departure with the soaking wet diper, he finally had the courage to turn away from the net to face the pool with the still disgusted expression and cry out the following,

"Oh, just put me out of my misary!"


Now, we're back at Acmetropolis University. But this time, we're not at the swimming pool. We're in the gymnasium for a different kind of tryouts.

"Welcome, everyone, to this year's tryouts for the Acmetropolis University Spirit Squad! As you know, the competition is perticullary tough this year. So super good luck to you all!" the captain cheered as she stood up, waved her pink pom poms in the air and sitting back down to look at the list, "First up: Lexi…um, Bunny?"

Don't mess up, Lexi. Don't mess up. That was all Lexi Bunny thought in her mind as she stepped into the spotlight. Unlike the other girls trying out today, she wasn't wearing the cheerleading uniform. She was wearing a teal off-the-shoulder dress that stopped midthigh. One of the sleeves actually reached down to cover her hand. She had red lipstick on and her ears were tied back with the scrunchie similar to the style of her ancestor, Lola Bunny. On her legs were white socks that almost reached her boots and high tops that matched her dress.

"Anytime you're ready," the captain invited.

The music started and Lexi began her small routine in the hopes that it would land her a spot on the squad.

First, she flipped onto her hands and walked forward on her hands a little bit, grunting in determination. Then she flipped back on the feet, flipped forward and did a little tribute to Michael Jackson by doing her own variation of the moonwalk. Then she spun five times on her toes quickly before ending the spin with one foot crossed behind her other and her hands punching the air towards the ground in the opposite direction. She also repeated this pose on the opposite side. Then she leaned on her back heel with her toes pointing upwards with her arms doing a fighting pose sort-of-thing. Then she flipped backwards and landed doing the splits with her eyes closed, a big smile on her lips and her arms streched out either side of her. Everyone in the room cheered for her as soon as she did. She was one of the best performances so far…well, at least everyone except the captain thought so.

"Wow! I've never seen anything like it! She's even better than you!" one of the judges remarked.

Ooh, you shouldn't have said that. The captain scrowled for a few seconds before turning to Lexi who was still in the splits with her mind made up.

"That was such a cute routine, Lexi. But I'm afraid you don't have what it takes," the captain decided as she sat back down in her seat.

The two people on either side of her glanced at her with shocked and appauled expressions. The other hopefuls booed and cried in outburst at the decision. Lexi…well, she just sat on the mat looking glum and heartbroken.


"That's it, Vanessa!" Jesse Bunny exclaimed as he took tons of photos with his green eyes glancing at the screen of his camera.

As you can tell, Jesse is a photographer...and a pretty damn successful one at that! He has taken photographs of celebrities such as London Hilton, Eliza Taylor and more. (AN: Those names are paraodies of Paris Hilton and Elizabeth Taylor. I just hope I didn't offend them or any of their fans.) Now, he is taking photos of Vanessa Cilmi, a famous singer and actress...and a darn good one at that.

"OK, Vanessa. Loved working with you today. Hope some of those photos will be useful for your album," Jesse said to her as he moved some of his caramel locks out of his eyes.

"I sure hope so to," Vanessa giggled as she gathered her belongings, "See you later."

As soon as Vanessa walked out of the studio, a young woman in her early 30s walked into the room packing up the camera and other extras he needed for the photo shoots he did today. He immediately stood at attention jokingly as she walked in.

"At ease, Jesse," she laughed before they both relaxed, "I trust the photo shoots went well today."

"When don't they?" Jesse boasted with a slight laugh.

"You're a good photographer, Jesse; one of the best in the business," she started tentively.

"Thank you, ma'am," Jesse thanked.

"However, we have to make room for other photographers, give them the chance to shine," she continued.

"Ma'am, what are you trying to tell me?" Jesse demanded.

"I'm sorry, Jesse. But you're employment here at Acmetropolis Photography has been terminated," she finished.

"You're firing me?" Jesse stuttered in shock and disbelief.

"I'm sorry, Jesse. The reason we chose to fire you is because you have a higher chance of getting rehired somewhere else. As soon as business hours are over, your employment here is over," she announced before walking out of the room.

Jesse just stood there. He couldn't believe he's now jobless. What will he do now?


Today is a very important day for Tech E. Coyote at the Acme Tech Institute. Today is the day he demonstrates his brand new invention to the top dog at the institute. Now this can be make or break for him today.

"Tech, you're keeping us from lunch. Now, are you going to demonstrate your senior thesis or not?" the administrater demanded impatiently.

"Yes and you won't be disappointed, sir!" Tech promised before turning back to his invension, "Just one last adjustment."

"Oh for crying out loud, son! Step aside! I'll turn it on myself," he sighed impatiently as he moved Tech out of the way and activate the machine himself.

"Be careful! I installed the self-destruction mode for extra credit!" Tech warned.

Too late. Before he knew it, the administrater did something to the invention and the piece of scientific creativity blew into thousands of pieces. Covered in burn marks and physically smoking, he stumbled down the stairs holding his virtually destroyed remote.

"My baby," Tech whimpered as he pressed buttons on his remote.

At that moment, the administrator walked out ashened and coughing up black smoke fuming...well, at least as much as he possibly could under his ashened form.

"I used to think you were a mad genius. Now, I think you're just...mad," the adminstrator told the prodegy before storming back inside the institute.

Tech was heartbroken. Every possible second he could, he worked his butt off to get to where he was today. And to have that all taken away because of some stupid mistake he made? Now that's just wrong! And, it was actually the PROFESSOR who made the mistake. And it was all because he wanted to make some stupid lunch meeting. He should've listened to Tech's warnings. And he let them fall on to deaf ears; his deaf ears. Now what kind of top dog does that? Oh. Right. Someone who is IMPATIENT and would rather play butt-kissy with the College Board than actually make the time to see this gifted coyote's senior thesis.

"But it does work!" Tech cried out in despair as he collapsed onto the stairs still holding the remote before sighing in even more despair, "If only someone could see that."

But, there nothing that Tech can do now. Everything that he deserved – everything he worked hard for – was now lost. Now, he is just in mourning of everything he lost or sacrificed to get where he was today. A few of those things included opportunities to be popular, a few friends outside his geeky high school and college clubs and a social life. This is all just unfair. But someday, someday, he will show them.



"And now, this week's raging night fight of the millenium! You're favourite; Carlos the Conqueror!" the announcer exclaimed.

Carlos stomped around his corner of the ring, causing the crowd to go absolutely wild. After all, who doesn't love wrestling?

"Versing the terror from somewhere, Twisted Spinner!" the announcer finished as Slam Tasmanian jumped into the ring.

But instead of the crowd going wild like they did for Carlos, he got boos, rhaspberries; all kinds of crowd abuse...well, minus the throwing of rubbish. As per the announcer's instructions, both wrestlers moved towards the centre of the ring.

"Remember, fuzzball, make it look good when you lose," Carlos spoke into Slam's ear quietly.

"But I'm gonna jahga win!" Slam grunted in his poor English.


"Just stand still, you furry fathead!" Carlos growled as he prepared to fight.

Slam then grunted something which clearly meant that he was mad and/or offended.

"Oh, excuse me, Mr Fathead," Carlos gasped in mock sympathy as he held out his hand as if he wanted to make amends.

But really, all he did was throw him around and into the ropes of the ring before Slam landed face first into the ring. The crowd was cheering and Carlos punched the air in victory. Slam grunted in determination before jumping high into the air and landing on Carlos' shoulders. This caught the champion wrestler buy surprise. He certainly wasn't expecting someone like Slam to challenge him in a wrestling match and take more time than usual to defeat them. This is definately something new. And something that certainly will not happen again. And that is something Carlos promises himself for the near future.

"Crush him! Crush him! Crush him!" the other wrestlers were chanting.

With newfound determination, Slam shifted all of his weight forward and rolled to the ground with his legs still hooked onto Carlos' shoulders. The result surprised Carlos and the wrestlers near the ring. Carlos was thrown out of the ring...and landed on top of the group of wrestlers. Slam punched the air in victory as the crowd that was booing him before began chanting his name.


At the Quick Wrap Sandwich Shop, it's just another day for the chef/boss, Cookie, and struggling delivery boy, Rev Runner. Cookie tries to make the sandwich ordered as fast as he possibly could and Rev trying to make the delivery in the remaining minutes left before the 30 minutes is up. Besides, they have a policy that if they don't deliver the order in 30 minutes or the customer eats said order for free. And for poor Rev, that means that even more of his very small payment will be docked.

"We give the customers a free lunch if we don't deliver in 30 minutes. You've got 5 minutes left to get it there. Otherwise, I take it out of your pay," Cookie threatened.

"Don't you worry, Cookie. I'm on it," Rev promised before zipping out of the resteraunt pleading, "Rocket skates, please don't fail me now!"

He zipped on top of a train and then jumping back down onto the street below the tracks. Rev even zipped through a construction site where workers are laying out fresh concrete, accidentally spraying said workers who cried out in protest and shielded their eyes and faces from the dangerous substance if it came into contact with the face or the eyes. And that wouldn't be pretty now, would it?

Then he raced up the stairs and stopped in front of his customer and ringing the bell on his helmet breathlessly and holding the lunch. Right now, he was praying to God that he wasn't too late by even a minute. Otherwise, Cookie won't pay him the salary he rightfully deserves and is being unfairly docked for some sort of ridiculous reason.

"Quick Wrap Sandwich Shack. We deliver in 30 minutes or you eat-."

"For free," the customer finished as he glanced at his futuristic watch, "My watch says one minute past twelve. You're late."

"Well, you're watch must be fast because-," Rev started as he tried to defend himself and make the guy pay for his lunch that shouldn't be free.

"Better move fast next time," the customer advised smugly before snatching the bag away from him and walking back inside the building.

"But, but I won't get paid," Rev sighed sadly before slouching on the top step.

Poor Rev. Because he was one minute late with his delivery, he is being docked of his payment unfairly. He is barely able to support himself as it is. And his inventions are virtually going nowhere. So aside from this job, he had no way of supporting himself.

So what could he do? It's not like something good was going to happen. Like he could just get walked up by random stranger who has a job offer for them...could it?

Suddenly, the ground started shaking and everyone ran around like mad except the potential eight heroes who instead glanced up at the blue sky and saw the meteor hurtling across the horizon and landed in Acmetropolis Bay.

In the year 2772...

The radiation broke into Acmetropolis Studios and knocked Ace off of the ground and pinned him against the wall, making changes to his DNA in the process.

The radiation broke into the pool room at Acmetropolis University and knocked Anaela off of the ground and into the pool, making altications to her DNA in the process as well.

A meteor strikes the city planet of Acmetropolis, knocking it off its axis...

The radiation found its way inside the gymnasium surprising everyone inside. This force was powerful enough to knock her fublly onto her back and make altications to her DNA.

Jesse looked at the door in surprise as he saw the radiation from the meteor break into the photography studio. He was knocked against the backdrop and changes to his DNA were made.

This cosmic event unleashed supernatural forces...

Duck saw the wave of radiation approaching him and hid his head in the pool net.

"I was kidding! I was kidding!" Duck whimpered and screamed in pain as the radiation knocked him against the lifeguard chair and made very big altications to his DNA.

The radiation broke into the World Drome and Slam couldn't help but stare in amazement.

"Ooh, pretty," Slam commented before the radiation knocked him into the stand and made important changes to his DNA.

Unleashing a new kind of hero...

Tech remained on the ground as he saw the incoming radiation wave coming towards him. We was swept off the ground and sent tumbling with changes being made to his DNA.

Rev just stood there unable to move. It felt as if his feet were cemented to the ground. Then, the radiation hit him and he was knocked into the building.

All 8 citizens were unconscious as the meteor caused changes before everything went black.

The Loonatics.

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