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I used to hate them, they made me sick, I thought they were on steroids and that some of their girlfriends were stuck ups and didn't care for any one else, but that's until , I became apart of there group and knew what they really were.

Chapter 1-Introduction/Different

Bella PoV

Introduction 0

My name is Bella swan I'm 5,6 I have long dark brown hair , chocolate eyes, and tanned skin. I'm 18 years old and in my last year of school. I attend La push reservation with best friend Holly and her boyfriend Stewart. My dad is Charlie and he is chief police of La push. his best friend used to Billy black that's until , I stopped being friends with Jacob black , because he joined Sam Uleys gang and that's how my hating of Sam's gang begun!

End Of introduction

"Argh they make me sick" I said to my best friend Holly.

You see 'they' is Sam Uley and his gang , I have a huge problem , with them as the girls are total stuck ups and that those boys don't know what feelings are and maybe that one of the used to be my best friend ( Jacob Black) , so that's why I don't like them.(A/N sorry if it sound like I am repeating myself)

"Me too" Holly grumbled. " I don't think that their that bad"Stewart said , while picking at his food . "Stewart we all know you wanna , join them" I half laughed out. Holly high-fived me "Why would I wanna leave you two beautiful girls " He said sarcastically,I looked at holly and then we slapped him "OW guys that wasn't nice"he grumbled ,"Your not nice"Holly laughed out,Then the bell went.

"Great, I have history"

"OH, your favorite lesson"Stewart said in a tried to be scary voice.

"Do you wanna get slapped again"I said as serious as possible

"Ah, No mam " Stewart said saluting, Holly was in hysterics. It was typical of me and Stewart.

"OK, I'll see you too after school", I grabbed my bag and headed out the two big ugly beige doors and headed off to history, I hated that lesson as every one thought I was teachers pet and a nerd , but seriously I hated that subject and school all together, know one knows that when your the daughter of a chief.

I was the first one (of course ) to arrive in history, all the other students were probably, chatting , going to the toilet, kissing their boyfriend or just taking it really slowly or you know the good old wagging.

I talk my seat in corner right at back , where I sat with a boy called Paul Locks , but he hadn't been around for a few days.(A/N Paul is one the last to phase), I kept wondering , but I didn't mind being alone. I took out my books and that's when the students piled in

"Look who's in already" Lauren Mahogany snarled ,I really disliked her as well, I don't see why people liked her and she's not even that pretty. She has a bob cut, blue eyes and wear the sluttiest clothes and way too much make up.

I then heard a chair, squeak next me and turned , to see Paul getting into the chair next to me , the chair that had been empty without him , for the past couple of days.

He looked different , hotter, his hair was shorter and he was way muscly than last time and tanner, I smiled then it disappeared again , as soon as I realized he looked like one of them apart of Sam's gang.

"Hey"I managed to say , just having a bit of hope that maybe he wanted a change in looks, Paul was a really nice guy , he sometimes hang out with holly and me, But No hey or anything , he was just staring at the white board listening to what Mr Toot was saying, which was nothing interesting anyway.

When lesson finished, I had biology, but I decided I didn't want to go, I was gonna be a rebel this time and wag. I was sick to the stomach anyway , I just didn't understand why Sam was taking all these innocent boys , but one day I'll find out. So with that I headed to the forest.

Well that's chapter 1, hoped you like it. I didnt know Laurens last name so I made it up and Paul's and sorry if this seemed rushed. please let me know what you think and ask any questions please :)