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Bella PoV

I was pacing up and down mine and Paul's room,while trying not to trip over anything. Our room had become such a mess since Holly had disappeared, clothes everywhere, cups and plates, and the sheets hadn't been changed in a while.

I cringed and decided to clean up a bit, I had to put my mind on something else until Paul came back from patrolling.

Everything was so messy at the moment, everyone was going crazy, and our minds were too busy and I prayed that this would be voer soon and Holly would be with us.

Edward and Stewart still hated each others guts, so we had to make sure both of them were not seen together.

About an hour or so later I was finished cleaning and could smell something really great downstairs.

I walked down stair to see Nancy (Paul's mom) yet again covered in flour.

"Smells great Nancy" I said, while looking at what she made, there was two tray of huge blueberry muffins, Nancy saw my look and handed me one while rollings her eyes and laughing "thanks" I said while nibbling my muffin.

"Will you help me carry these to the car"Nancy asked,while pointing to the rest of muffins. I nodded,put my muffin down and helped her take them to the car, then waved her off as she drove to her bakery. Her bakery was the best in La push.

I walked back inside and grabbed my muffin, I was about to sit down when I heard a knock on the door.

I frowned I wasn't expecting anyone so it was probably some scout girl offering cookies, which I wouldn't mind their cookies were delicious.

I opened the door expecting some little girl in a scouts uniform and her hair up in pigtails.

Though the person I came in contact, was tall and their clothes were wrinkled and dirty but were completely ruined, their blonde hair was messy and dirty and I could see blood on the edge of their clothes and in their hair, it was probably recent but was now dried up.

I then looked to the mouth, yes defiantly had something to drink, I could see blood on tip of the lips, I then looked to their blood-red eyes and couldn't believe what I was seeing, I dropped my muffin and let out a scream.

Holly PoV

I arrived at Bella's house and when saw me, she screamed and then hugged me, she had then started to cry.

I hugged her tightly and tried to soothe her.

"Bella its okay"I said softly, she let go and looked at me in the eyes, with fresh tears.

"Holly you have no idea how worried I've been" she said, and pulled me into a hug again. Even though her wolf smell stunk up my nostrils I didn't care, I was so glad to be home, to be with my best friend, and if I could cry I would have.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" Was all I could say.

We stayed like that for a bit then Bella let go again.

"You sure I'm not dreaming?" she half smiled, I had to chuckle.

"No Bella I'm really here" I smiled.

She then frowned "You have a lot of explaining to do, not just to me but to everyone" she gave a look, I sighed.

"I know"I mumbled,but I knew she heard me.

"Before you explain to the others, go get refreshed then come talk to me" I nodded, went upstairs with Bella, vampire didn't normally have to shower, but I guess no harm would come.

She handed me some of her clothes, and a towel.

The shower was nice, though it didn't have the same effect as it did when I was human, after I dried off a bit and was in fresh clothing I walked down stairs and sat on the couch where Bella was, I looked at her and told her everything.

"Oh Holly" she said, after I finished "I'm not mad at you, but I wish you told me".

I just nodded and she continued.

"Everyone got so confused and angry and fights were happening" the word fights flashed in my head.

"Who fought?" I asked curiously.

"umm..."she paused, I gave her the 'tell me or I'll tickle it out of you look' "Edward and Stewart" she said quietly.

I flinched silently, "oh.." I stood up.

"where are you going"Bella asked, still sitting on the couch, and I offered her my hand.

"I think its time everyone knew I was back"She took my hand and nodded,"Where to?" I asked as I wasn't sure where everyone would be.

"Well everyone's been meeting at Sam and Emily's, so I guess we start there" Bella then headed to the door and opened it "Ready?" she said, I nodded and walked to the door and followed Bella outside.

We headed off to sam and Emily and I was starting to get nervous. Did vampires even get nervous? But I was.

*A few minutes later*

We had arrived at Emily's and Sams in a few minutes, and the nerves were looked at me, and I nodded for her to open the door.

I watched her hand twist the door know and the door then opened, Bella walked in first and I just stayed outside for a bit.

I could hear Emily greet Bella, but I also heard Carlisle,Sam and then Edwards voice, I cringed, I hadn't wanted to hurt him, but I knew I did.

Emily was chastising Bella for not shutting the door and I took that as my cue to come in, when I did Emily gasped and the others had expressions of surprise, happy but also anger and I could especially see it in Edwards face, I bit my lip and waited for what he was going to say.

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