Title: The Sting.
Author: xonthefloor.
Pairing: Puck/Kurt.
Rating: PG for now.
Warnings: Nothing huge like to leave warning.
Spoilers: Season One and Two.
Word Count: 28ooo and growing. 5.414 this chapter.
Genre: Romance/Angst/Slight-SciFi.
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Or Futurama. Or Ubik.
Summary: Without even planning it, Puck and Kurt find out that they actually get along when no one is watching. But after sudden twist of events, they'll realize that getting along may not be enough for the two of them.
A/N: This story is slightly based on Futurama's episode The Sting which is based on the book Ubik, by Philip K. Dick. There's no sting in this fic, but I still kept the title, sorry.
It takes part at the beginning of Never Been Kissed, so Kurt never meets Blaine or gets kissed by Karofsky in this story. Also Puck doesn't pick Artie as his community work.


Day One

Kurt is not precisely surprised when he finds Puck at the gates of the school. Puck is simply standing there watching the heavy rain outside that never seems to stop and when Kurt approaches him, they exchange a quick look, nodding each other as a silent 'Hi'.

School is almost empty of students. During the past few weeks, the bulling bullying has been growing worse so Kurt decided to hid hide in the library after class doing his homework while he waited the rest of the students to leave. It's just a silly tactic he developed to have at least one chance less of running into Karofsky or Azimio in the day. Of course, that leaves him completely alone and vulnerable at the time to walk when he walks to his car in a the completely empty parking lot, having no one to run to or some witnesses in case of some attack, but he takes extra care before walking out from school.

Plus, he has a pepper spray in his pocket.

So far it's working. Kurt hates having to rush to the library every day after his last class, hiding it's just not isn't his thing. But at least he can avoid 'a slushie for the road' or a 'see-you-tomorrow-shove-against-the-lockers' and for that last one he's glad, since his back is covered with several ugly bruises.

The thing is that Kurt has seen Puck around, late after school. While Finn would surely think Kurt has been stalking a straight guy, Kurt has simply seen Puck around. Sometimes looking like he's passing time, and other times Kurt has caught Puck walking away in the rearview mirror of his car.

Kurt guessed that after crashing his mother's Volvo plus his two weeks in juvie, Puck is not allowed to drive any longer. And considering that Puck is all for popularity, asking people for a drive ride would be lame for someone like him. Probably, he prefers waiting He probably waits until everybody leaves to walk back to his place, rather than having to ask for a ride or having people seeing see him walking home like a loser.

Not that Kurt cares.

But while he's standing by Puck's side –with some nice a good two feet of distance between each other- watching the pouring rain outside, Kurt wonders if he should ask Puck if he needs a ride.

"What are you doing here?" Kurt breaks the silence. He just can't ask Puck if he needs a ride out of nowhere. Puck will probably make up something up, not to let know Kurt rather than letting Kurt know that he actually needs a ride and if Puck doesn't say it, then Kurt can pretend he didn't know and leave in peace with his conscience.

Or something.

Puck sighs like he's bored. "Waiting for the rain to stop, or at least to slow down a bit. Four miles to walk under this shitty rain will be a pain in the ass."

Kurt blinks. He wasn't expecting Puck to tell him he actually has to walk home.

So Kurt figures he can offer Puck a ride. Puck is going to decline, since he'll probably prefer to walk four miles in the rain than getting inside the car of -and with- the resident queer. Or what's worse, accepting a favor from that resident queer.

Either way, Kurt will be able go back home with a peaceful conscience. At the end, he's just being nice and it's Puck's fault if he's homophobic enough like to not accept his help.

"I can give you a ride if you want," Kurt asks, sounding casual.

Puck turns around, meeting Kurt's eyes and smirks. "That would be nice."

Well, that's unexpected but Kurt doesn't let himself to show any sign of surprise. He simply proceeds to open his umbrella, and motions Puck next to him. Puck snorts, and Kurt rolls his eyes. Obviously, Puck is homophobic enough to not stand so close to him.

"I'm a badass, Hummel. Umbrellas are for sissies. I'm not scared of some rain."

Kurt lifts an eyebrow, unimpressed. Okay, Puck is not being homophobic, but he is an idiot. "Well, if you are going to get inside my car you'll have to come under my umbrella. There's no way I'm going to let you soak the seat of my baby."

Puck shakes his head as if he's amused, but does what Kurt says.

As a habit, Kurt shoves his hand to his pocket to palm the pepper spray inside and stares around, just in case someone took the effort enough to wait for him for so long just to harass him.

"You okay, Hummel?"

Kurt stares at Puck. He was so concentrated at being sure he was safe that he almost forgot Puck was walking by his side. Probably Puck noticed his weird manners. Kurt raises his chin, "Of course I'm not okay. I'm fabulous. I'm never below fabulous."

"Whatever you say," Puck replies, letting out a small laugh until they reach Kurt's SUV. Kurt lets Puck in first on the passenger seat, and rushes to get himself inside his car, not before putting the soaked umbrella inside a plastic bag in order not to get anything wet.

One more day he didn't get bullied at the end of the school day. Kurt smiles achieved.

Kurt turns to watch Puck, who's staring at everything in his car in complete awe. Kurt seriously loves his dad for giving him such a sweet ride. He never gets tired of people giving compliments and of course, being jealous of his baby.

"Man, Hummel. You shouldn't be allowed to have a car like this," Puck finally speaks.

Kurt just stares at Puck, unaffected. It's not the first time someone says something like that. Like his car is too manly for a queer like him. His father loves this kind of cars, and hell, Kurt loves them too but he's aware that everybody expects him to drive a pink convertible like he's the male version of Elle Woods.

"Really? And why is that?" Kurt asks, preparing himself to argue with Puck.

"Because you are just seventeen?" Puck replies as if Kurt was stupid. "My sister always watching that Sweet Sixteen crap on MTV, and you see a bunch of dumb girls getting cars that are expensive as hell. No teenager should be allowed to own a car that costs so much. They grow up with no sense of what it takes to make money. Let alone the sense of hard work, or work at all. So even if I'm rich when I grow up, there's no way in hell I'm giving any teenager of mine a seventy thousand dollar car, or more. I have no idea how much this car costs, but I'm sure it was damn expensive."

Puck is surprising him for the tenth time in the past five minutes. And while Kurt considers that Puck is sort of right, he's not going to admit it because he loves having a father that spoils him so much. But Kurt does consider that he should be start spending less time with Finn. It's kind of impossible since their parents are dating, but obviously, not all straight guys can only make homophobic remarks about gay people. Kurt can see now that he may be a little too paranoid and defensive, always expecting someone to throw some bad comment related to his sexuality.

Or maybe Puck is just being nice because he's giving him a ride. That could be it too.

"Well, I grown up watching my dad working hard every day of his life. I know what hard work is, and if he wants to spoil me rotten for feeling guilty about being my only parent and not knowing how to connect with me as we both want, I'm not going to stop him. Yet, I never abuse of it. Now, seatbelt," he orders Puck.

Puck rolls his eyes. "Seatbelts are for-"

"Sissies, I know. But if I have to put my seatbelt on even if it wrinkles my clothes, I guess you can make that sacrifice too." Puck obeys, and Kurt starts the engine on. "You have to give me directions now."

Puck tells him how to arrive to his place, and it doesn't seem hard but Kurt still puts the address in his GPS just in case. They drive in comfortable silent, except for the loud rain outside. Seriously, Puck planned to walk four miles under this horrid rain? Or what's worse, Puck walks four miles to school and another four miles back to his place every day? Kurt would die before having to ruin his shoes every day by doing that. Of course, no one would cry if something bad happened to Puck's footwear.

"So you walk every day," Kurt notes, sounding casual. "It's a long way, why don't you take the bus?"

Puck snorts. "Public transport is for losers."

Finally, Kurt is not surprised by Puck. He snorts, finding it amusing. "It's still a long way to walk."

"I can take it. I'm a badass."

"Of course you are," Kurt humors him. "Wanna put some music on?"


Kurt hands Puck his I-Phone, so the other guy can pick something suitable for him. Kurt loves everything he has on it. Plus, ever since he got the Premium Car Kit for I-Phone –along with a Michael Kors's case for his last birthday- he loves listening to music in the car without having to use the earphones.

"You have Led Zeppelin on your I-Phone?" Puck asks, completely surprised.

"Of course I do. My music taste is as large as my vocal range. Just because I'm gay, it doesn't mean I just listen to musicals and pop singers even if those are my favorites. Plus, I was practically raised in a auto repair shop. You can guess I didn't get to listen to Liza Minnelli over there."

Puck laughs and Kurt can't help smiling slightly. "You actually have some cool bands in here," Puck says as he continues taking a look of the list of artist on his I-Phone.

"I know."

At the end, Puck goes for Johnny Cash. It's been a long time since Kurt has listened to Johnny Cash, but he smiles on the inside because he can't help having memories of his infant days, helping his dad to work on the engines of random cars with his little coveralls completely greased and both of them singing along to Johnny Cash's songs. Those were the days.

It takes them around twenty-five minutes to arrive at the Puckerman's home. Kurt parks in front of a modest and nice looking little house, when Puck is already unfastening his seatbelt. "You know, Hummel? You are not half bad."

Coming from Puck, Kurt takes it as a compliment. "I could say the same about you."

Puck snorts. "Thanks for the ride, see ya'"

Puck is opening the car's door when Kurt speaks. "Wait!" Puck turns around, staring at Kurt and Kurt feels like an idiot for what he's about to say. "Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow for school? They say it's going to rain the whole week."

Puck stays silent as if he's thinking about it. "You don't really have to."

Kurt debates inside his head if Puck doesn't want to spend even more time with him alone. Kurt knows he shouldn't have asked Puck for such a thing after what Finn and his father say: do not make the straight man nervous.

And while Kurt would have asked Puck if he needed a ride days before it was raining, he simply didn't because he was doing what Finn and his father said. Yet, it's a long way to walk and it's raining terribly. Kurt just doesn't have the heart to let Puck walk while it takes nothing to Kurt to offer him for a ride. Probably because if he was in Puck's shoes, he'd like to have someone helping him out. And after all, Puck is a Gleemate and even though Puck bullied him all the time before, he's been nothing but decent ever since he joined Glee. And after coming back from juvie, Puck has been nothing but quiet and silent.

It's the rumor at school that juvie was quite disturbing and that Puck came back a little crazy so most people barely approach him. Puck doesn't seem to mind. And to Kurt, Puck doesn't look crazy at all.

"I don't really mind," Kurt says, showing no emotion in his voice. He doesn't want Puck to think that it's just a trick to convert-molesting him. And actually, Kurt wouldn't mind to give Puck a ride to school. "I usually arrive early to school, there are not a lot of people around and I still could drop you in a safe distance so no one will see you arriving with me. And if it's still raining by the time we leave, as you could see today, I stay late in the library doing my homework so again, no one is around."

Kurt doesn't say that he's not only concerned about Puck's reputation but his as well. If Finn saw him around Puck, Kurt knows he's going to get a lecture for once again, making straight guys uncomfortable. The situation with Sam and its later consequences upset him more than what he allows himself to admit.

Even if Kurt has absolutely no romantic intentions with Puck, Finn wouldn't understand that. And probably his father wouldn't understand either since apparently any approach that a gay guy could have with any other man, is just with the goal of hooking up.

They are going to think that after failing with Finn and with Sam –even if he has no romantic intentions with the blond one- now he's making of Puck his next target.

"I just don't want to cause you trouble, Hummel," Puck says, scratching the back of his head. "It's not your fault I'm an idiot and did something stupid enough to lose my license. Let alone how much I pissed my mom off . She won't give me the keys of my tuck like, ever."

Kurt still doesn't know what led Puck to do what he did, but he never cared much and for that right now, he feels slightly guilty. He knows Puck is not the brightest man around and sometimes he's dumb as a rock –yet not dumb as Finn- but still what he did was seriously stupid.

"It's not trouble, though I will have to wake up earlier for my morning moisture routine. I just can't let you walk that long in the rain. And as long as no one knows I'm driving you, we both are safe. Believe me."

Puck presses his lips together but finally he agrees. "Alright. And thanks, see you tomorrow, Hummel."

Kurt drives away, and it's not until he's far from Puck's house that he allows himself to smile. Even if it's because Puck has no better options, a straight man doesn't mind to spend some time with him.

In your face, Hudson.

Day 3.

It's still raining. In fact, it hasn't stopped raining so far and as an habit they both built, Kurt is driving Puck back to his place again.

So far, no one has noticed about their little routine. During school, they act decent and distant to each other as they did before the rides even if they spend good fifty-five minutes per day, alone inside a car. But it's not like they are friends now. They just share some air and some comfortable silence, and sometimes they even chat a little. Everything is simply uneventful, and that's what never ceases to amaze Kurt. He was actually expecting at least some rudeness coming from Puck, and so far everything goes surprisingly uneventful.

They had Glee earlier in the day and Puck breaks the silence, "I swear that if Rachel was a dude, I would have punched her already when she gets so bossy."

Kurt raises an eyebrow, exchanging a small stare with Puck. "Join the club. I know that for being an honorary girl, I'm sort of allowed to do that. But I'm still a guy, and hitting a girl would be just wrong."

Puck laughs. "That would be some serious catfight! Lots of scratching and hair pulling!"

"Oh, please. If I was a girl, I'd never be involved into cat fighting. I'm aware that men seem to love it for some reason that escapes my comprehension, but it only shows that girls have no class at all. I have too much class to lower myself like that."

"Chill out, Hummel," Puck chuckles. "I know you have lots of class and shit. But still, it would be something fun to watch. Let alone that everybody would be betting on you."

Kurt gives Puck a quick smirk. "Of course they would. But let me tell you that if Rachel dares to pull my perfect coifed hair I'm totally messing with her and her ugly clothes. And I'd be doing her a favor at the same time, because I'm sweetheart like that."

The other boy snorts, shaking his head in amusement and disbelief. "You are weird, Hummel."

Kurt lets out a small laugh, because by now he knows that in the situation he's having with Puck, Puck is not referring at his sexuality and it's sort of nice not having to be on constant alert when someone speaks about him. It's almost relaxing.

"So we are here," Kurt says, pulling over in front of Puck's house.

"Thanks again, and see ya'"

Day 5.

The problem starts during the weekend. On Saturday the rain stopped and by Sunday the sky is bright and sunny. It means that Puck could walk to school if he wanted, just like he did before Kurt offered him for a ride. And Kurt only did that because it was raining. Even if he was tempted to do it before, it was just because it was raining that Kurt offered because if Finn or his dad would find out, Kurt would have been just nice. Neither Finn nor his dad would have let Puck walk four miles in the rain.

But it's not raining anymore, therefore the scenario is completely different now.

Kurt stays awake until late, wondering if Finn and his father are right and that in a sort of subconscious way, he seeks for straight's man attention. So far, he doesn't feel attracted to Puck in the slightest but he hates having to admit that he has a decent time with him.

The bullying is starting to get him. It's been three weeks after the duets thing and he still feels upset about it. Kurt usually feels like being alone, because that's what he is no matter how many duets Rachel could sing with him, Kurt is alone or lonely. Whatever. He doesn't even hang out with Mercedes and Tina as he used to. He's still stressed about his father's arrhythmia, and even if he does his best not to show it, he's kind of depressed.

So those twenty-five minutes in the way to school with Puck and those twenty-five minutes back to his place, are quite relaxing. After all, he's in company of someone, a straight male and everything is chilled. So far there has been no awkward situations, when they stay silent it's not uncomfortable but peaceful and when they talk they are very civilized with the other.

The best part is knowing that he's proving Finn and his father wrong, even if they don't know what he's doing.

Yet, not wanting to give up those laid back fifty minutes per day with Puck, makes Kurt wonder if Finn and his father are right.

He barely sleeps at night, and by the early morning Kurt is already up. He's still staring at the clock, not knowing if he should go to Puck's place or not. Puck had told him that in order to arrive to school on time, he leaves his house very early since it takes him an hour and a half to walk that distance. If Puck thinks Kurt is not going to pick him up, Puck is about to leave his place in ten minutes.

If Pucks decides not to wait for him, Kurt may catch him before he leaves… and if Puck is waiting for him, well, it's much earlier than the time they usually meet so they surely could kill time some other way.

Kurt does feel bad for Puck having to walk for an hour and a half, so better safe than sorry, Kurt quickly gets dressed, deciding that he is going to pick Puck to go to school anyways. It's a decent thing to do and he has plenty of decency. Even if the raining made of Puck's situation an extreme situation, the guy still has to walk four miles twice every day.

Just like he did the past four days, Kurt gets out from his car and goes to Puck's door. Yet, when he rings the doorbell, Puck isn't answering the door ready for school. Being so early, Kurt was maybe expecting to find a sleepy Puck on his pajamas but instead, Kurt meets Mrs. Puckerman wearing just a robe and sleepers.

"Can I help you?" She says with a kind voice.

Kurt goes speechless for one second because of the change of the events, but he clears his throat and greets Mrs. Puckerman. "Hi, I'm Kurt Hummel. I'm in Glee club with Pu- Noah. I offered him a ride to school."

Mrs. Puckerman frowns. "That's very nice of you, but… Noah left around ten minutes ago. I guess you know he has to walk to school now, since he refuses to take the bus. He has to leave early."


It seems that Puck has been thinking about whether Kurt was going to pick him up or not since it wasn't raining anymore too. Puck obviously assumed that Kurt wasn't going to do such a thing, and that assumption upsets Kurt, but just a little. "He must forgotten then," Kurt says cheerfully. He doesn't want Mrs. Puckerman to think he's bothered by that.

"I'm really sorry. I don't know what's going on inside my son's head nowadays," she tells him with remorse and a bit of anger in his voice.

"It's no problem, really. Well, I'm sorry for bothering you. It was very nice to meet you and have a nice day."

Mrs. Puckerman smiles, looking surprised. "I didn't know that Noah had friends so well mannered," she says and laughs slightly. Kurt is tempted to clarify that they are not friends, but Mrs. Puckerman seems actually pleased so he decides not to rain on her parade. "I apologize for my son. Nice to meet you too. Have a nice day."

Kurt gets back in his car and starts driving to school.

It slightly bothers him not to give Puck a ride. Just slightly, because they their routine lasted only for four days and Kurt was perfectly fine before without having to drive Puck around.

It's when he spots Puck walking on the side of the road that Kurt smiles just for one second and then he blows the horn to get Puck's attention. Then he erases the smile of his face, because Kurt is not going to let Puck know that he's actually happy to find him on the road. At first, Puck doesn't seem to hear him and Kurt figures he has his earphones on, so being closer, he blows the horn twice. Puck stops his walk, turning around in the same moment that Kurt is pulling over in front of him.

"Hummel?" Puck asks looking surprised and taking his earphones off.

"Who else could it be? There's no one as fabulous as myself in this cow town."

"Jesus, Hummel. You never stop, don't you?"

"Stop being incredibly stylish and glamorous? No, never. I went over to your place and met your lovely mother. She told me you left."

Puck looks around scratching the back of his head. Kurt can tell he's uncomfortable, and he really hopes it's not because of his presence.

"Well, it stopped raining. I figured that you wouldn't have pity on me without the rain."

Kurt snorts with his usual air of self-satisfaction. "I take pity on you because of those horrid loose fit jeans you are wearing. Whoever invented those disgusting baggy jeans was seriously insane. It's unflattering to everybody's body shape. It looks like you are wearing a diaper under those jeans."

"You are concerned about my body shape?" Puck grins, smugly. "I didn't know you spent time checking out my body, but that's cool. No one could blame you, I'm a stud."

"Yes, Puck. I'm so concerned about how clothes fit to your body that I can't sleep at night. Just get in the car."

Puck laughs, but rushes around the car getting inside. "So you met my nice mother," Puck says once he put his seatbelt on. "Was she nice or it was you being sarcastic as usual?"

"You know what sarcasm is? I'm impressed. But no, I wasn't being sarcastic, she was actually very nice. Why? She was supposed not to be nice to me?"

Puck shrugs. "She's been kind of bitter after the juvie thing. And I know more stuff than you think, Hummel. Sarcastic is just a pretty word for bitchy."

Kurt snorts, but he has to give Puck some credit. "I guess you are right."

"I'm always right."

"Sure you are."

"You could have texted me, you know? With my having to wake up early enough to go to school on foot I woke up late and I had to leave without having breakfast. If I knew you were picking me up, I could have grabbed at least some coffee."

"Oh, poor baby," Kurt mocks him. "I'm sorry but I don't have your number. If it makes you feel better, I didn't have breakfast either and we still have some time." Which is true. His inner debate about picking Puck up or not extended to the very last minute, but there's no way he's telling Puck that. "We could go to Starbucks and get something to go."

Puck stares at him, narrowing his eyes and Kurt pretends he can't see him because he's too focused on the road. Okay, that was bad idea. These rides work for both of them because they are secret and right now Kurt just offered a chance to show themselves together in public.

"I mean-" Kurt wants to take back his words, but Puck cuts him off.

"You are seriously going to let me have a drink inside your baby? Hummel, I think that crap you put in your hair is starting to get into your brain. Like, for real, I think you've got some serious brain damage."

Kurt narrows his eyes at him. "All my hair products are organic, but it's not like you could know that. And yes, I'm letting you have a drink in my car but let me tell you that if you drop something, I'll make you clean it with your tongue."

Puck nods in agreement. "Sweet."

They drive to Starbucks. It's too early in the morning, and there are barely any people on the streets and inside the store. Puck asks him to wait in the car, claiming that breakfast in on him. Kurt takes it as Puck not wanting to walk inside Starbucks with him and it upsets Kurt, but he doesn't say anything about it. After all, their agreement is being together in secret and Kurt was actually all for it.

"So what do want?"

Kurt presses his lips together thinking about his drink. "I'll have a Cinnamon Dolce Latte, but please, no cow milk. Soy milk."

"Soy milk?"

"Yes, soy milk. Although Starbucks is delicious, it's incredibly fattening. Soy milk contains about nine time less saturated fat than cow milk. It lacks of calcium sadly, but I'm just having it now so my drink won't have so many calories."

Puck rolls his eyes. "Jesus, Hummel. Let yourself go for a bit, will ya'? It's just milk for Christ's sake!"

Kurt raises his chin. "I want soy milk. And don't try to get cow milk for me, because I can taste the difference."

Puck sighs and leaves the car. While Puck is away, Kurt checks himself out in the rearview mirror finding no flaws either in his perfect hair on in his immaculate skin. H2O products may be a little expensive, but his skin looks and feels more incredible than usual and Kurt never thought that could be even possible.

Around ten minutes later, Puck returns to the car with both of their drinks plus a bag of food and a wide grin on his face.

"You bought food too?"

"Pfth, as if," Puck replies with a superior tone of voice, handing the Cinnamon Dolce Latte to Kurt.

"Tell me you didn't steal it," Kurt blurts out, feeling instantly guilty for the unfortunate words he spoke.

"With these looks, I don't need to steal anything, Hummel," Puck says, thankfully not sounding offended by Kurt's comment. "Just a little flirt with the cute barista, ask her number and in repay they feel obligated to give me some free food. Muffins in this case."

Kurt raises an eyebrow. "You flirt with girls for free muffins. How honorable from you."

"No, no, no," Puck interjects. "It goes like this. I flirt with you, you can't believe a stud like me is flirting with you so you are all for it. In addition, I ask for your number and of course, you feel like you owe me something because again, you still can't believe that such a babe is after you. And now we get free food! It's a win-win scenario. It works better if I'm all alone, 'cos girls believe I have all my attention on them."

Puck mimics the whole interaction between himself and the imaginary girl and Kurt stares at him not believing his words. At least he knows now that Puck didn't want him to go to the store with him not so he's not seen with the resident fairy but because Puck needed to be alone to take advantage of some girl's naivety. He's not sure if he should feel good or bad about it.

"So they give you free food as a sign of gratitude to you… because you asked them their numbers?" Kurt asks, just to clarify. He's still not sure if he got it right.

"It comes with my charm," Puck says, nodding.

"Are you even going to call that girl?"

"No way. She wasn't bad looking or anything but currently, I'm all for staying single and I know, it's such a shame. Such a loss for the female population in Lima," he sighs, like he's actually feeling bad for those girls and Kurt can't believe Puck's ego. "But hell, I totally made that girl's day. Here, I've got you something."

Puck hands the paper bag to Kurt as he takes a sip of his drink. The bag feels warm in Kurt's hands, and he guesses the muffins just came out from the oven. It smells delicious, but still, Kurt can't help feeling guilty for eating ill-gotten food. "I kind of feel bad for having one of these."

Puck swallows his drink, and points at Kurt with his finger. "Hey, I didn't work my hotness off to get you some food for you not to eat it. I even got a low fat red raspberry muffin so you wouldn't bitch about fat and shit so you better have it, 'cos I'm a stud and I don't eat low fat stuff."

Coming from Puck, that was a very thoughtful thing to do and very deep inside his chest, Kurt can feel a very few cells of his heart growing warm.

Kurt takes a paper napkin from the inside of the bag, handing the cool red raspberry muffing. "Thank you."

Puck shrugs. "Those are the benefits of hanging out with such a babe like me, Hummel."

Because Kurt went to Puck's place much earlier than usual, they still have some time left before they arrive to school cautiously early like to not to be seen together, so they stay having breakfast in peace in the solitude of Starbucks' parking lot.

A/N2: I apologize for every grammar mistake you had to read. Spanish is actually my first language, and while I never post any fic without an proper English speaker beta, I couldn't find a beta to work in this story.
While waiting my fate to change, I realized that on the three weeks I have been writing this fic, I reached over 28ooo words –and not even reaching the half of it- so I wanted to start posting it in chapters, not to kill my eventual beta with 100k all at once, if I ever get one. Feel free to point anything you think I have to correct! I won't be offended. Hope you liked it in spite of that.