So I am very very sorry it took so long to post the final chapter. I just made the big move to the city for uni so things have been nuts. Although it took a while I now present you with the final chapter of Examination Room 1. It's short but enjoy...

At exactly 8:30am Brennan and Booth walked through the double electronic doors into the Jeffersonian. Usually Brennan started earlier but she had been... otherwise occupied for the morning. The latest body that had been sent to the Jeffersonain was laying on the exam table in the middle of the forensic platform. Cam was standing over the body while Hodgins and Angela were in their respective offices presumably where they had been banished by Cam after yesterday's stunt. As Brennan and Booth entered Angela watched them with a sly grin through the glass of her office. They walked onto the platform as if it was just another day and Cam looked up as she heard the security disengage when Brennan scanned her card. Despite Angela's banishment, she was on the platform as well within seconds, ignoring Cam's glare.

"Hey you two." Ange greeted them as she snuck up behind them.

Booth and Brennan stole a glance at each other before answering with an awkward and similataneous, "Hey."

Cam couldn't help but smile at Angela's brazen antics.

"So you just happened to meet up in the parking lot, huh?" Angela asked with a sweet and innocent voice.

"Actually... Booth picked me up from my place. My um... my car isn't working." Brennan lied proving that she is as bad a liar as everyone thinks.

Cam and Angela looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"Oh, right. So your brand new Prius just happened to break down this morning?"

"Yeah there is something wrong with the battery. Those stupid new cars, too complicated for their own good." Well at least Booth was a better liar than Brennan, "I told her she should have bought an american car but you know she didn't listen to me."

"Ah huh, right." Angela decided she would drop it for now and worm the details out of Brennan when she was alone. She was so much easier to crack.

What Angela didn't count on was Cam's mischevious streak.

"Well luckily your Prius was the only thing that broke down." Cam said extracting a tape from her pocket. "The surveillance system held up just fine despite the lockdown."

Cam then tucked the tape into the inside pocked of Booths jacket, tapped it twice and walked away with a grin on her face as the colour drained from Booth and Brennan's.

Okay short and sweet but I hope you like it. It just rounds things off a little nicer.