The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: 22. Trap
Pen name
: thewasofshall
: Bella/Edward
: T

trap v: induce (someone), by means of trickery or deception, to do something they would not otherwise want to do

When they see Edward, they start to fan themselves, mouthing what they'd like to do to him given half a chance. He's free game, they say, no ring.

Then she comes along, belly too big she can't see around it, and Edward starts following her around, rubbing her back every few steps, touching their baby instead of her hand. They zero in on her naked ring finger, wonder why she's already seven months in without so much as a prenup.

One approaches her when she's alone, slips her a business card, says she still has time to lock him in.

(The phrase "no ring" is shamelessly stolen from an episode of Arrested Development.)