Premise: Timeline wise, remember that this story takes place the morning after episode 188: Rescue Videl. Everything is one hundred percent canon up till then.

Chapter 1: Where am I?

Gohan opened his eyes lazily and frowned, when he noticed the unfamiliar colour of the ceiling. What the?

Trying to rub the sleep from his eyes, he froze in shock when he realised that only one arm had responded to his command. Quickly stealing a glance at his shoulder he shot out of bed screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Ah!…My arm! My arm!" he screamed as he frantically began to pull and pull at the flat stump on the side of his shoulder. His eyes looked positively horrified as he used all the prayer in him to will the apparently missing limb to make an appearance. The sound of his heart thrumping in his ears, his body jerked, his eyes going wide when he heard it...and saw...

Out of nowhere, a door had burst open, and shrouded in a cloud of steam - a very wet and naked Videl came rushing through it.

"What's wrong?" she asked, and Gohan momentarily forgot the horror of his missing limb and his confusion at waking up in a completely strange room. He stopped dead in his tracks, paralysed by the unbelievable sight before his very eyes. The thrumping in his ears only intensified.

"Vi..V..VV…Videl!" he squealed in an unnaturally high and shocked tone elicited by the appearance of his very naked classmate. He felt all the blood in his system rush to his face and a certain lower part of his anatomy. And as he felt the first wave of dizziness, accompanied by a warm tickling in his nose, he wasn't fast enough to stop the first trickle of blood escaping his nasal orifice before his saucer sized eyes rolled to the back of his head, and said head connected with the floor, effectively passing out.

When he came to, he was startled by the very wide, very glistening pair of cerulean eyes that seemed to be boring into his very soul. He blinked a few times and recognised Videl's face hovering over his. Like a deer caught in flood lights he froze, and the memory of what had transpired before he had passed out came rushing back. The weird colour of the ceiling, the missing arm, the very naked and wet…he halted his line of thought in embarrassment a little late to stop the furious blush that was already creeping up his face.

"Vi…Videl, what's going on?" he stammered weakly and nervously in the same breath that he quickly shut his eyes when they left her face, only to be greeted by the very unbelievable sight of her still naked body.

"You scared me you big goof!" Videl poked her finger against his forehead before she rose off the floor in all her nude glory."Mind telling me why you were dancing around, screaming like a crazed lunatic?" she glared, and frowned at his outright frightened expression.

Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod, ohmygod he chanted over and over again in his head at the sight of her. Why in Kami's name was Videl Satan walking around naked in his room? Wait, this wasn't even his room he recalled.

Forcing his eyes away from the naked frowning girl, he took a quick look around the unfamiliar surroundings and confirmed that in fact he had never seen this room before in his life. Things had gone down just like any other day. He had come back from school, done his homework beofe playing hide and seek with Goten. Later, thier mom had called them in for dinner. They had eaten as he regaled them about how he had evaded Videl and her pestering ways, with Goten cheering the whole time. They had later gone to bed, and he had fallen asleep at home, in his own bed. How in the world did he get here? Wherever here, was?

He distinctly remembered finishing his science fiction novel under the guise of 'catching up on his literature', he remembered covering up a lightly snoring Goten with a warm blanket, reaching over with his arm to switch off the lamp…

"Ah!" he screamed and shot up from the floor at the memory of the last time he had used his arm. He glanced at his shoulder again and noticed for the second time that morning that it was missing! This is just a nightmare he tried to tell himself, I'll wake up any minute now with Goten bouncing on my stomach, this is just a nightmare he continued to chant all the while clutching the severed area that should have been his arm. But wait, how can this be a nightmare if Videl Satan is standing NAKED right in front of me. He found that his eyes had travelled back to said girl out of their own volition. Sweet Kami, he had never laid eyes on anything so delectable in his entire sheltered life! And he had the rapidly forming bulge in his boxers to prove it. He didn't realise it but he was openly drooling.

Videl stood in front of him watching as his face took on the goofiest expression she had ever seen in her life. She was downright perplexed at her boyfriend's behaviour, she didn't know whether to be irritated or concerned.

"Hon, you're acting rather strange, what's wrong with your arm?" she asked.

Is she gorgeous AND blind! My arm is missing for Kami's sake, it's blatantly obvious! "Wha…what do you mean Videl, it's gone, missing, not there, my arm is gone!" he said, pointing to his shoulder to emphasize his point.

Videl stared at his shoulder without any visible signs of change in her demeanor whatsover.

Wait. Did she just call me hon, hon? As in honey hon? He was shocked to see that she didnt look particularly impressed by this revelation at all, she just continued to stare at him, her face tilted with both her eyebrows raised, as if she was thinking err…duh…tell me something I didn't know. She watched him watch her as if he had never seen a naked girl before, and promptly let the air out of her lungs throug her nose in a slight chuckle as gave up on his childish antics and shook her head.

"I think you've taken one too many hits from those Androids my love, I'm going to finish my shower" was her comment as, just like that she turned around and disappeared back into what was once a steam shrouded threshold.

Whoa! That backside, sweet Kami, this is the best dream EVER! Videl is hot, and Naked and hot and naked and… Ok, except for the whole armless thing…but wait…what did she say…my love…? Of course, naturally, only in my dreams…oh well. Still holding on to the place where his arm was supposed to be he sighed and tried to calm his frenzied heart. It was just a stupid dream after all, no point in getting all frazzled over the minor details. Lazily, he strolled around the not so impressive room. An orange gi was tossed carelessly on the floor, a small ways away was a small looking pair of jeans, a white shirt and…he blushed again, a pair of p-panties with a matching bra. Guiltily he looked away from them and continued to scan his surroundings. Despite the tossed clothes, the room was rather old and bare. A bed with tasselled sheets, two bed side tables with a lamp on each, a rather old looking arm chair and an even older looking wardrobe. Deciding that it was his dream and therefore he could snoop around as much as he wanted, he opened the wardrobe and gasped

"My face!" he exclaimed in shock. Staring back at him from the full length mirror embedded inside the door was a man he barely recognised as himself. Scars crisscrossed the side of his face and chest and there were visible burn marks all over his torso! His hair was shorter than he'd ever worn it, not to mention the oddity of the severed arm. And what more he looked…OLD! Well not old as in an old man, but definitely older than his 18 years. What a bizarre dream! Transfixed by his appearance, he had been tracing the lines of his scars when he heard the shower stop in the next room. Kami help me, she's coming out! Closing the door, he stood conspicuously, his heart beating furiously again. Like a cliché of an angel she emerged from the cloud of steam wrapped in a flimsy white towel, tossing her short hair back from her face with a flick of her finger. Sweet Dende! Hips swaying she walked right up to him. He could have sworn that the whole world could hear his furious heartbeat.

"Kami Gohan, you're as white as a sheet, what's gotten into you today?" she said, slightly frowning as she shoved him aside and began to toss and pick out a few items from the wardrobe on to the bed.

"Well…" she glared at him, in an all too familiar way. And for the first time since this dream started he noticed the subtle differences in her appearance as well. Her features seemed sharper, more mature somehow, and her…err…breasts a lot fuller. Her legs were a lot more toned and he frowned when he noticed a huge burn mark on her left calf. His eyes practically sprang out of their sockets when she suddenly without warning dropped the towel, leaving all of her glistening nakedness before his eyes and moved to sit on the bed. She began applying some sort of cream. Frozen like a statue, he flushed bright red as his raging teenage hormones reacted in the most obvious, and not to mention visible way down there.

"Not gonna happen hon" she said playfully, when she noticed his bulging problem. Having finished with the creamy looking stuff, she began to dress into the clothes she had tossed on to the bed.

"Hurry up and get ready already, I'm already running late." she said, zipping up and buttoning her dark green cargo pants.

He was still staring. Eyes huge, mouth unabashedly drooling, nose lightly bleeding, face highly crimson and hand ready to catch his frantic heart should it jump right out of his chest. Videl rolled her eyes, she hadn't seem him look this goofy in over two years, that very first time he had made love to her. Instead of putting on her sneaker like she was planning to, she grew infuriatingly fed up with his immobility and threw it at him, and even in his zonked out state, his reflexes were still quick enough to avoid the hit…the shoe crashed through the window and disappeared. Vein throbbing, she lifted her arms in exasperation.

"Now look what you've done you big oaf!" she screamed and marched towards the open window and peered down.

"Well, are you gonna stare at me all morning, or jump down there and get my blasted shoe?" Her angry yell, brought him out of his leering stupor.

Hurriedly he made his way to the window, glad to have something to do, he needed a distraction so he could collect his wits, this dream had him acting like a bigger fool than in real life. Peering next to her he gasped at the horrific sight that greeted him. As far as his eyes could see, the city, or more accurately what appeared to have once upon a time been a city was just a pile of smouldering rubble.

"Well hurry it up already, I don't want to be late when those crooks arrive, boy are they going to be surprised" she said expectantly, pumping her fist into her palm.

Forgetting that he had written off every single strange thing that had happened to him this morning as some kind of dream, Gohan allowed the anger at whoever was responsible for this atrocity to take root deep in his heart. Eyes flickering, he turned to Videl startling her with his suddenly hardened expression. He watched her go from smug to sad in less than a second. Turning away from him she whispered in a very uncharacteristic voice "…you promised…" she said weakly "…you promised me Gohan…" she said in a slightly higher tone and before he could ask what he had promised, she had whirled around suddenly and in a flash he was on the receiving end of her fury. Small fists were pummelling into his chest, they barely tickled him of course, but he was more than taken aback by the fierce crying accompanying them. He didn't know what to do. This was Videl Satan, tom-boy, crime fighter, she busted jaws and broke balls. She didn't cry, she had never ever cried before in any of his dreams. He didn't know what to do with this. So dumbly he stood and let the assault continue. He wanted to snake his one arm around her, but he was terrified of doing something that may be deemed as inappropriate. Logic told him that in this dream they were supposed to be a couple, she had walked around naked in front of him, referred to him with more than one endearment, all the evidence suggested that it would be ok to hold and comfort her. It was his dream right? Throwing caution to the wind, he snaked his one arm around her and started rubbing her in a comforting gesture. After a few minutes she stopped hitting him and peered up at him with those big blue pleading eyes.

"Please don't go after them…not today…you promised me a month, you promised there would be no fighting…please Gohan…just one more week, you're still not strong enough…if you go after them again, they may not be so generous as to spare you this time…please…please…" she looked so vulnerable, he'd do anything, say anything to reassure her, even though he couldn't make any sense of what was going on. Besides, what was the point of wasting his dream chasing after some bad guys, any minute now, Goten would pounce on him and just like that he'd wake up and Videl would evaporate. She was still pleading with her eyes, it felt so damn good to be holding her in his one arm. He was aching like he'd never ached before to have her closer, much, much closer. "I promise" he heard himself say, and for the first time as he tightened his embrace around her, he realised just how gruff his voice was in this older deformed body. But having her sighing into him so contently, so snugly, he'd happily embrace this armless life of destruction.

Mirai Gohan opened his eyes abruptly as he felt something hard tackle him around the waist. His pupils widened to the size of saucers when he saw his father, in a pint sized body staring at him, his eyes wide and innocent. He wasn't prepared for the whirl of emotion to overtook him. He had known of course that he was bound to be reunited with his father in otherworld, but actually seeing him, actually being in his presence again was beyond words. Tears welling in his eyes, he flung his arms at his pint sized father and wept.

"Dad…" he sobbed into his neck. It was such a relief, such a relief not to have to worry anymore. He had given it everything he had, in the end, he had failed. But he was in heaven now, his father was here, he felt immensely relieved.

"What's wrong Gohan?" a tiny squeak of a voice asked hesitantly. He pulled away from the bone crunching hug and peered at the worried face staring back at him.

"Nothing's wrong dad, I'm just so glad to see you" he choked, wiping at the tears spilling down his face. Goten turned his head and looked behind him, he didn't see his father there, there was no one there.

"What are you talking about big brother, I don't see dad?" he said, still looking around curiously in the room.

Big Brother? Did his father just call him big brother? And why on earth had he shrunk? What was going on here? It was then that he took the time to notice the little things. Wasn't he supposed to have appeared before King Yemma for judgement? Wasn't there supposed to be a line or something? Looking around the room, he frowned, this didn't look like otherworld, not that he knew what other world looked like but…this looked exactly like his old room, before the Androids had destroyed his home! Granted, there was an extra bed in there, a few other minor differences, but this was his old room! He was sure of it! The face that could only belong to his father was looking at his strangely.

"Dad's what's going on? Why does it look like I'm back home?" he asked hesitantly. The small figure of his father widened his eyes incredulously at him and promptly disappeared out the door screaming

"MOM! GOHAN'S SICK!" before he could shake his head at his father's bizarre behaviour, he heard some heavy stomping, the door burst open and the figure of his mother came rushing into the room. Mom he thought, and choked back a sob. She looked so young, so well, so….Eep! He halted his trail of thought when Chichi shoved a thermometer into his mouth. Her features loomed worriedly over him and he couldn't help himself. He grabbed her with both arms, crushed her to his body and began to sob again. When the androids had attacked his home, he hadn't been there, it had only been his mom and grandpa. He had arrived too late, stepping over the threshold he was greeted by his mother's scattered boy parts making a trail to his grandfathers large horribly twisted form, splayed across the kitchen floor. He had seen a lot of horror in his life, but that day, those images had made him physically sick. But here she was, whole, beautiful, angelic, smelling like fresh flowers and cinnamon holding him like she had done many, many times before.

"Hush my baby" she soothed, "It's alright Gohan, mommy's here, mommy'l always be here" she comforted her sobbing son.

"Mom…I-I'm sorry, I wasn't strong enough, I wasn't strong enough" he wept as Chichi continued to hold him. From the corner of the room a small snivelling sound could be heard. Goten couldn't take seeing his big brother crying like this! It was breaking his heart, he tried to be strong but ultimately he couldn't hold back his own quiet sobs. Hearing her youngest, Chichi pulled away from Gohan slightly and cupped his face in her hands.

"Was it another nightmare, was it Cell?" she asked earnestly.

Cell? What the hell was a cell? Gohan wondered. He shook his head no and watched as her mother frowned.

"Is it those mean kids in school, because if it is…" she clenched her fists "…I'll march right over there and teach them to mess with my precious baby" she threatened. School? What on earth was his mother talking about? He was a grown man, why would he go to school, in fact he had never gone to school even when he was a kid? What school?

"Is big brother gonna be ok mom?" that tiny voice asked in between sniffles.

"He'll be just fine sweetie, why don't you go ahead and have breakfast, mommy and big brother will join you shortly ok?" At the sound of breakfast, the little tyke perked up and disappeared once again. What was up with dad and this big brother nonsense? He turned to his mother in the hopes that she would offer him some kind of explanation as to why his dad was acting so strangely. But all she said was.

"Do you want to stay home today Gohan, you don't have to go to school today, is it that pestering Videl again? Did she say something to upset you?" at the mention of Videl, his heart made a thousand beats in one. V-Videl? His Videl? Was she here too, wait, if she was, then didnt that mean that she was...dead. No, he had just died, it couldnt possibly be that this is otherworld, not if Videl was also here. Something else must be going on. He wasn't sure what was going on, clearly this was not otherworld. His father had shrunk, he was back in his old room. Something was off and he meant to find out what it was. Maybe it was some kind of weird out of body experience type thing. Maybe he was being shown what his life could have been like by some kind of other worldly creature, but no one had appeared to give him the tour. No one had come to tell him the rules, he just found himself back in his old life, his mother well. His father acting strange, thinking he was his brother or something, and apparently he was attending some kind of school. If he was to pass this test, this out of body experience, he would have to be careful and play by the rules. He didn't want to anger which ever deity it was that was running this show. He would just have to go with the flow and try not to draw too much attention to himself. Starting with trying not to freak out his mother.

"I'll be fine mom, I'll just take a shower and go to school" he heard himself say. His voice sounded off as well, it reminded him of when he was still a little boy, or a teenager or something. Shrugging it off, he offered his mom a dazzling smile, which she returned. Unable to resist though, he pulled her into another crushing hug. It had been years since she was mutilated, years since he'd heard her voice, years since he'd been able to hug her and tell her how much he loved her. Whatever world this was, he wouldn't be making the same mistakes twice.

"I love you mom" he whispered against her head.

A few minutes later he stood transfixed before the mirror in the bathroom. His face was…flawless. Not one scar remained. His chest was also blemish free, as it he thirteen years of hell that he had barely survived had never happened at all. If he hadn't been so super excited to have his arm back, he would have laughed at the young face staring back at him. No wonder he had school, he was just a kid! Did he really look this young once? It wasn't just the youthfulness of the face. Those eyes, they looked so…innocent…happy…foreign. He couldn't reconcile this imagine with the Son Gohan he knew himself to be. He was in good shape though, he marvelled, even though he was less…bulky…yeah, he didn't have as much body mass. His hair was slightly longer than he had it just now when he died, but overall, it would do. Back in his room he grimaced when he saw the clothes that were laid out for him. Yuck! Was this his uniform? He thought of blasting the damn thing, but remembered that this was most probably some kind of test. Sighing, he put it on, together with the bizarre looking watch. It was huge, it looked like something a ten year old would wear. Oh well, he couldn't do anything about it right then.

Taking his place on the breakfast table, he tried very hard to resist the emotions that were welling inside him. His mother, his father/brother whatever and more delicious food than he had seen in a long time. He started with the cinnamon rolls.

"Aren't you going to transform into a super hero now?" the little guy whom his mother kept referring to as 'Goten' throughout breakfast asked excitedly.

A superhero? Did he mean a super saiyan?

"C'mon big brother…" he started hopping up and down excitedly "…do superhero, do superhero…" he demanded. Right, Gohan thought, he must mean Super Saiyan, what other transformation could there possibly be? As the golden aura surrounded him, Goten shrieked.

"Stop, stop, stop…not the monster, not the monster, mom will kill you…I want Saiyaman, I want the superhero!" he said in a bit of a panic. Monster? What monster? He had just transformed into the legendary super saiyan, why would Goten call it 'the monster'? He was officially out of ideas. He powered back into his normal form. This test was going to be harder than he thought. Losing patience with his brothers antics, Goten took matters into his own hands and pressed on his brother's watch. Gohan was about to ask what he was doing when he noticed that his clothes had changed and that something was atop his head. Errmmmmmmm. So that's what this stupid watch does.

"Alright! Alright! Saiyaman's the coolest, Saiyaman's the greatest, Saiyaman's the…" the little guy was literally running circles around him in euphoric glee, but noticing that 'Saiyaman' was just standing there, not doing his superhero moves at all, Goten stopped cheering and pouted at his brother.

"Why aren't you doing your super cool moves Gohan?" His face plummeted. Super…Cool…Super…Hero…Moves?…What on earth were they?

"Err…so what does this Saiyaman do exactly?" he asked sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. Goten fell over.

"What d'ya mean Gohan, he fights crime of course!" he said

"What about school? Aren't I supposed to go to school?" he asked, utterly confused. He thought he was going to school, to see…her…Videl…the love of his life, the one he let get away, if indeed it was the same Videl, he had tried to sense her but he hadn't been able to pick her up. He had been able to sense some other rather big powers though, he would have to check that out. It couldnt have been the Androids, they didnt have an Ki.

"You're strange Gohan" Goten shook his head in disbelief.

"You go to school, as Gohan, wait until the bad guys come out or something, then…then…" his eyes lit up excitedly "…you run up to the roof, transform into The Great Saiyaman, whoop the bad guys and then go back to school quickly before that nosy girl can catch up to you?" Whoa! He thought. I really am a super hero. Weird. Wait, what nosy girl?

"The nosy girl? Which one?" asked Gohan, with Goten rolling his eyes at him.

"You know, the girl that you're always running from, the one who wants to unmask you!" Goten yelled in exaspiration.

I run from some random girl? How bizarre!, thought Mirai Gohan, as he moved on to say "Err…Ok, I guess I should go then, um…see ya later?" he didn't really know if there was something else he was forgetting to do. But he reasoned that he'd figure it out as he went along. Right now he was anxious to get to this Orange Star High place. He figured it must be in Orange City, he still remembered where that was, though it had been a long time since it was destroyed.

At unimaginable speeds Saiyaman aka Mirai Gohan took off to masquerade as his younger self in high school. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.