Premise: This story takes place the morning after episode 188: Rescue Videl. Everything is 100% percent canon till then.

Chapter 1: Where am I?

Slowly, Gohan turned onto his back, opened his eyes and frowned. What the? The ceiling was the wrong colour. Not just the wrong colour, it also had holes and patches, and parts of it were sagging as if about to cave.

Huh? Was he dreaming? What had happened to the ceiling? He brought his hands to his face to rub the sleep from his eyes—

And froze.

W-Wha ... what the hell?! His heart jumped. Only one arm had responded to his neurological command. Only one. He stole a quick glance at his shoulder—

"Ah!" he screamed, and shot out of bed.

"Ah!" He hopped onto the ground. His eyes huge, his breaths coming in hard, fast gulps. "My arm! My arm!" His stomach twisted, churned. "My arm!" He screamed, horrified.

His obedient arm clamped the opposite shoulder, trying hard to pull out an arm from the flat stump sitting in its place. "My arm!" His heart raced, his pupils dilated in horror. No. He shuddered, when an arm did not magically appear from the stump.

With the sound of his heart pounding in his ears, his body jerked, his eyes going wide when he heard it, and saw ...

A blue door bursting open.

Wha... He barely had the time to wonder why there was a blue door there, when— shrouded in a cloud of steam— a very wet and naked Videl Satan came rushing through that very threshold.

"What's wrong?" she asked, steadying herself against the door.

Gohan momentarily forgot the ruined ceiling, the mystery door and the horror of his missing limb. He stopped dead in his tracks, paralysed by the sight before his eyes.

"V-V ... V-Videl!" He squealed in an unnaturally high voice. What the hell was his very naked classmate doing in his room?

All the blood in his body rushed to his face and to a certain lower part of his anatomy. His heart raced like he was in the arena with Cell. He was hit by a sudden wave of dizziness, a prickling in his nose and he wasn't fast enough to catch the first trickle of blood escaping his nasal orifice.

His eyes promptly rolled to the back of his head, and said head connected with the floor. And then the world went blessedly, quietly, dark.


He came to with a groan, and started at the pair of glistening blue eyes hovering on the periphery of his vision. They were wide-eyed and intent, seemingly boring into his very soul.

He blinked a few times and recognised Videl's face as the owner of those eyes.

He froze.

And it all came back. The weird colour of the ceiling. The missing arm. The very naked and wet

He flushed. Absolutely no need to go there.

"V-Vi … Videl," he swallowed, his heart a thing in desperate need of a speed limit. "W-Wha," he stammered weakly. "W-What's going on?"

"You scared me you big goof!" She poked her finger against his forehead, not gently, mind you. And then she stood, rising to her full height in all her nude glory.

He quickly shut his eyes, exhaling harshly. Oh god. Oh god. He would never be able to scrub that image out of his brain. All that skin. All that wet glistening skin.

"Mind telling me why you were dancing around, screaming like a crazed lunatic?"

Hesitantly, he opened his eyes again. Oh god. She was still there. Still naked. Why in Kami's name was she here? Walking around naked in his room?

Wait. He sat up, and forced his eyes from the naked and frowning Videl so he could look around. This wasn't even his room. He took in the damaged walls, the ugly dark-wood furniture. The shredded rug on the floor, not to mention the cracked and not-so-clean-tiles. And what the hell was up with those lime curtains? And the smell! His room back home smelled like pine-trees and fabric softener. This place was just stale like damp wood and expired oxygen.

No. This wasn't his room. It was a shit-hole he'd never seen before in his life. He knew this.

How did he even get here? Yesterday had been a perfectly normal day. He'd come home after school and done his homework. After that, a game of hide and seek with Goten. Later on, their mom had called them in for dinner. They'd eaten a delicious meal while he told them about his day. Namely how he'd evaded the pestering Videl.

Goten had cheered him on, thrilled by his cleverness. And then they'd gone to their bedroom, not this shit-hole, their actual, clean room in Mt. Paozu.

So then, how in the world did he get here? Wherever here, was?

He distinctly remembered reading his novel into the night. His eyes had been grainy and tired by the time he'd deigned to put it away. He remembered Goten's soft snores as he covered him up with his duvet. He'd reached over with his arm to switch off the—

"My arm!" He shot up from the floor and glanced at his shoulder. Oh God. He shut his eyes and counted to ten.

This is just a nightmare. He told himself. I'll wake up any minute now with Goten bouncing on my stomach.

With shaky fingers, he reached across and touched the stump. It was bumpy and hard. Gnarled with thick ragged fissures of healed god. Nausea rose from the pit of his stomach.

This is just a nightmare. He told himself again. But even as a nightmare it was all wrong! How could it be a nightmare when Videl Satan was standing naked right in front of him?

He found that his eyes had travelled back to said girl out of their own volition. Sweet Kami, he'd never laid eyes on anything more delectable in his sheltered life. And he had the rapidly forming bulge in his boxers to prove it. Oh, god. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. How embarrassing. He'd been standing there like an idiot, literally drooling at her.

And Videl! What was her problem anyway? She was just there, standing in front of him without a care in the world. Why wasn't she bothered by this whole thing?

"Hon," she scowled. "You're acting rather strange. What's wrong with your arm?"

Gohan was aghast. Was she gorgeous and blind. His arm was missing for Kami's sake. It was blatantly obvious! "W-Wha … what do you mean Videl?" He blurted. He couldn't take it anymore. "It's gone. Missing. Not there." He pointed at the hideous stump. "My arm is gone!"

Videl stared at his shoulder without any visible signs of change in her demeanor. Didn't she care that he'd lost his arm?

Wait. His eyes grew wide. Had she just called him Hon? As in Honey, the endearment Hon?

And more importantly, she didn't look particularly impressed by his revelation. She just stared, her face cocked to the side. She was looking at him the way people looked at idiots.

And then she scoffed. "I think you've taken one too many hits from those Androids my love."

My love? Oh yes. This was a dream, alright. In what other world would Videl Satan say such impossible things to him?

"I'm going to finish my shower," she said all brazen like. And then she turned, as blaze as can be, showing off that backside as she disappeared back into the steaming room.

Gohan staggered, whoa! That backside. This is the best dream ever. Well, minus the whole missing arm thing.

Still holding onto the stump, Gohan decided to calm his frenzied heart. It was just a stupid dream he was having. No point in getting all frazzled over the minor details.

Lazily, he strolled around the not-so-impressive-room. An orange Gi was tossed carelessly on the floor, huh. And a small ways away lay a small looking pair of jeans, a white shirt and, he blushed at this, a pair of p-panties with a matching bra.

How typical of a dream. It would have been cool to also dream of the shedding of those clothes. No such luck.

Guiltily he looked away from the underwear and continued to scan his surroundings. Despite the tossed clothes, the room was more or less bare. A bed with tasselled sheets, two beaten down bedside tables with a lamp on each, a rather old looking arm-chair and an even older looking wardrobe.

Deciding that it was his dream and therefore he could snoop around as much as he wanted, he opened the wardrobe—

"My face!" And gasped.

Staring back at him from the full length mirror embedded inside the door, was a man he barely recognised as himself. Scars crisscrossed the side of his face and chest. Oh god. There were burn marks all over his torso! What in the hell?

His hair was shorter than he'd ever worn it, not to mention that stupid stump on his shoulder. A-And ... he was old!

He swayed, and nearly fell by trying to support himself with an arm that was not there. He grabbed the edge of the wardrobe with his other arm a second before he crumpled to the floor.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. He told himself. It's just a dream. Thankfully, after a few deep breaths, the dizziness and nausea passed. He opened his eyes again, and still ... he hated that marred old geezer in the mirror. Sweet Dende!

Well, not old as in Master Roshi, but definitely older than his 18 years. What a bizarre dream! He began to trace the lines of his scars, counting and cataloguing them, as if it would somehow jog his memory.

But then, he swallowed, the shower in that other room stopped running. Kami help me, she's coming out!

He shut the wardrobe door quickly. And tried to think of what to do. But there was nothing to do except stand around conspicuously. Man, his heart was beating so hard he was afraid for his ribs.

Like a sea nymph, she emerged from a cloud of steam wrapped in a flimsy white towel. And then she tossed her short hair back from her face with a flick of her finger.

Sweet Dende!

Hips swaying, she walked right up to him. And he knew the whole world could hear his furious heartbeat.

"Kami Gohan," she cupped his cheek. "You're as white as a sheet! What's gotten into you today?"

He worked on a hard swallow. She was t-touching him. With her little wet hand. Videl Satan was t-touching him. Oh god. This was it. He was gonna die.

"Well," she glared at him, in an all too familiar way. And for the first time since this dream started, Gohan noticed the subtle differences in her appearance as well. Her features seemed sharper, more mature somehow. And her … err … breasts a lot fuller. Her legs were a lot more toned and he frowned when he noticed a huge burn mark on her left calf.

"Nothing to say? Ugh!" She suddenly and without prompting, shoved him aside. Hard. "Fine then."

She opened the wardrobe and began to pull out clothes, tossing them onto the bed.

Oh god. His eyes sprang out of their sockets. She suddenly and without warning, dropped the towel on the bed. Involuntarily, he groaned in the back of his throat at all that glistening nakedness.

Casual as can be, she sat down on the bed. And Gohan swallowed his own heart when it suddenly jumped up his throat at the sight of her lifting her leg to spread on ... oh god, what was she doing to him? She spread that creamy stuff all over her body and—

"Not gonna happen Hon," she said, nodding at his crotch.

Heat engulfed him as he blushed bright red. His hormones had clearly reacted in the most basic way, tenting his boxers in a most humiliating fashion.

He didn't know what to do. Where to look. Where to stand. Where to breathe. If he tried to hide it ... it was too late to try and hide it. She'd already seen it and called him on it.

He turned around.

"Don't just stand around looking dazed Hon." She snapped her fingers in a quick-quick motion. "Hurry up and get ready. I'm already running late."

With a sigh of relief, his sensitive ears could hear the rustling of fabric as she dressed. Thank god. Thank you Dende o'l Pal.

Hoping she was fully clothed now, Gohan braved turning around in time to catch her zip up, and button her dark cargo pants. She sat back on the bed and slipped on a sock on each foot and then she grabbed a pair of sneakers and began to prep them.

"Gohan!" she snapped. "What are you doing?"


She gaped at him, grabbed her shoe and threw it at him. He dodged, instinctively, and quickly cringed at the sound of a loud crash. Uh-oh. The shoe had broken through the glass and sailed down the window.

Vein throbbing on the side of her face, Videl threw up her arms. "Now look what you've done you big oaf!" She stomped to the window and peered down. "SShit!" She clenched her fists and stomped her foot.

"Ugh!" She swivelled round. "Well," and glared at him in a frighteningly familiar way. "Are you gonna stare at me all morning, or jump down there and get my blasted shoe?"

All that yelling jerked him right out of his leering stupor.

Hurriedly, he made his way to the window, glad to have something to do. He needed a distraction so he could collect his wits. This dream had him acting the bigger fool than normal.

Peering down the window next to her, Gohan gasped at the horrific sight that greeted him. As far as his eyes could see, the city, or more accurately, what used to be a city, was reduced to nothing but a pile of smouldering rubble.

"Well," said Videl. "Hurry it up already. I don't want to be late when those crooks arrive. Boy are they going to be surprised." She pumped her fist into her palm.

He forgot it was a dream. The state of the city ... the state of their apartment ... what had happened to the world? He clenched his fists, unable to accept the sight below. His blood ran utterly cold with fury. How had something like this come to pass?

Eyes flickering, he turned, and Videl started.

Her eyes went from smug to sad in an instant.

And then she turned her back on him. "You promised," she whispered, her voice uncharacteristically subdued. "You promised me Gohan," it shook, startling him.

W-Wha ... what did he promise?

She whirled, before he could ask, and he couldn't ask now 'cause he was suddenly and without warning on the receiving end of her fury. "You promised! You promised!" Small fists pummelled into his chest. "You promised!" They barely tickled him of course, but he was more concerned about the crying accompanying them.

He didn't know what to do. This was Videl Satan. Tomboy. Crime fighter. She busted jaws and broke balls. She didn't cry! She had never, ever cried before in any of his dreams. He didn't know what to do, so dumbly he stood utterly still and let her attempt to assault him.

"You promised!" Her voice broke, her shoulders shook. Oh god. He didn't know what to do with this. Not a clue. But it was killing him, seeing her so distressed. It hurt. He wanted to snake his one arm around her, but he was terrified of doing something that may be deemed as inappropriate. "You promised!" She hiccupped and cried and—

Logic told him that in this dream they were supposed to be a couple. She had walked around naked in front of him, referred to him with more than one endearment. All the evidence suggested that it would be okay to hold and comfort her. It was his dream right?

Throwing caution to the wind, he braved it. He snaked his one arm around her and pulled her close, and Kami be praised, she came willingly. She fell straight into him and plastered herself in his embrace.

He held her, and buried his face in her neck. She smelled so good, and she felt utterly right in his arms. It took some time, but eventually she quieted, and they just stood there like that, with him holding her in his arm.

She pulled away first, only slightly though, and only to peer up at him with those big blue pleading eyes. "Please don't go after them," her voice was hoarse. Desperate. "Not today," she sniffed and stepped away slightly further, rubbing her bloodshot eyes.

God his chest hurt. He'd give anything to know what he'd promised, to make that stricken look on her face go away.

"Videl I—" he what, exactly?

"You promised me a month," she didn't wait for him to elaborate his not so eloquent beginning. "You promised a month of no fighting."


"Remember?" Her voice was stronger now. Determined.

"Please Gohan," she grabbed his one arm. "Just one more week," she swallowed desperately, her eyes panicked. "You're still not strong enough. If you go after them again, they may not be so generous as to spare you this time."

Spare him? As if.

"Please," she looked so irresistibly vulnerable. There was no chance in hell of his not giving her whatever she wanted. So, she didn't want him to fight some bad guys? Done.

Besides, what was the point of wasting his dream chasing after some creeps? Any minute now, Goten would pounce on him. And just like that, he'd wake up and Videl would evaporate. "I promise," he said, his voice surprisingly gruff.

Of course he promised. He may not know a lot of things, but he knew this much: When a beautiful goddess called you Hon, held you by your one arm, and pleaded with you not to fight an unknown enemy? You nodded your head and said: Yes, Goddess.

And what do you know? She fell right back into his arm, and sighed in content. And it felt good. So good he wished it were real. He'd happily embrace this armless dream of destruction, just to keep holding Videl Satan like this.


Something hard tackled him around his waist. Abruptly he sat up, and opened his eyes.

He gasped, and swayed, for there was his father — in a pint sized body — but his father was here, staring at him with those beloved guileless eyes.

He wasn't prepared for the whirl of emotion. It hit him like a blast and took him down to his knees. He'd known of course, that he was to be reunited with his father in Otherworld. He'd known this when he'd died, but, actually seeing him. Oh god. Actually being in his presence again was beyond words.

Tears welled in his eyes, and like the child he'd been all those years ago when the heart-virus had stolen him, Mirai Gohan flung his arms around his father. Pint sized as he was. "Dad," he sobbed into his neck. "Oh, Dad."

It was such a relief, such a relief not to have to worry anymore. He had given it everything he had. Everything. And in the end, he'd failed. But, he was in heaven now. His father was here. And that, in the end, was all that mattered.

"What's wrong Gohan?" A tiny squeak of a voice asked hesitantly.

Mirai Gohan pulled away from the bone crunching hug, and peered at the worried face staring back at him.

"Nothing's wrong D-Dad," he choked, wiping away his tears. "I'm just glad to see you."

His father turned his head and looked behind him as if he was expecting someone else to be there with them.

"Umm," he twiddled his little thumbs. Twiddled his thumbs of all things. "What are you talking about Big-brother," said his dad. "I don't see Dad?"

Mirai Gohan started. Big-brother? Did his father just call him Big-brother? And why on earth had he shrunk? What was going on here?

It was then that he took the time to notice the little things.

Wasn't he supposed to have appeared before King Yemma for judgement? Wasn't there supposed to be a line or something? He took a good look around the room he was in and frowned. It did not look like Otherworld. Not that he knew what Otherworld looked like exactly, but ... this looked exactly like his old room.

Yeah, it looked eerily similar to what his room had looked like before the Androids had destroyed his home. Similar, not exact. There was an extra bed for starters, and a few other minor differences. Still, this was his old room. He was sure of it. B-But then ... if this was his old room then ... what did it all mean?

"Dad, what's going on?" He ran his hand through his hair, suddenly hesitant and afraid. "Why does it look like I'm back home?"

His father winced, bit his thumb, and dashed out of the room. "Mom!" He could hear him screaming down the hall. "Mom! Gohan's sick!"

Mirai Gohan shook his head. What was going on? He was about to toss away his bedding and chase after his father when—

Heavy stomping, and then the door burst open.

Mom. He choked, and couldn't for the life of him breathe, let alone move. The figure of his mother came rushing into the room, his eyes grew wide with disbelief. His mother!

She looked so young, so well, so—

Eep! She shoved a thermometer into his mouth; her face looming worriedly over him. He couldn't help himself, he grabbed her with both arms — both arms? — and crushed her to his body. And to his utter embarrassment, he began to sob again.

When the androids had attacked his home, he hadn't been there. It had only been his mom and grandpa home that day. He'd arrived too late, he'd stepped over the threshold and promptly thrown up. Body parts were everywhere. A mangle of his mother and grandpa... he shuddered, shutting his eyes.

But here she was, whole, beautiful, angelic, smelling like fresh flowers and cinnamon. Here she was, holding him like she had done many, many times before.

"Hush my baby," she soothed as he bawled like a baby. "It's alright Gohan. Mommy's here. Mommy'll always be here."

"Mom, I-I'm sorry," his voice shook. "I wasn't strong enough," he held her tighter. She'd been in pieces. Arms, legs, blood everywhere, and he'd ... "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he pressed her closer and wept until his throat was raw and his tear ducts gave out.

"Was it another nightmare, was it Cell?" she asked earnestly.

Gohan frowned. Cell? What the hell was a Cell? He shook his head.

"Is it those mean kids in school?"

He recoiled inwardly at that. School?

"Because," his mother was saying. "If it is," she clenched her fists, which made him smile. "I'll march right over there," she added heatedly. "And teach them to mess with my precious baby!

He would have laughed if he wasn't so horrified by that word: School. He was a grown man after all. Why would he go to school? In fact, he had never gone to school, not even once, not even as a kid.

"Is big brother gonna be okay mom?" That tiny voice again.

"He'll be just fine Sweetie," said his mom. "Why don't you go ahead and have breakfast? We'll join you shortly okay?"

At the sound of breakfast, his father perked up and disappeared once was up with his dad and this Big-brother nonsense though?

He turned to his mother, hoping she'd offer an explanation for his father's shrunken size and strange behaviour. But all she said was: "Do you want to stay home today Gohan? You don't have to go to school if you're feeling this bad." She gave him an affectionate pat. "Has that pestering Videl Satan said something to upset you?"

At the mention of Videl, his heart made a thousand beats in one. V-Videl? His Videl? Was she here too? He paled. If Videl was here, didn't that mean she was... dead? Oh god, no. Please no.

How could it be? He'd just died, and Videl hadn't been anywhere near him. Had that bastard 17 hunted her down? Oh god, he was going to be sick.

He took in two gulps of air and exhaled harshly.

No. It was impossible. Videl was not dead. So this place, he swallowed, whatever this place was ... was not Otherworld. No way was Videl dead. Something else had to be going on. He wasn't sure what it was exactly, but something was going on. His father had shrunk. He was back in his old room. Something was off with the scenario and he meant to find out what it was.

"Gohan," his mom watched him worriedly. "You're as pale as these sheets. Talk to me."

He cleared his throat. "I just needed that hug Mom," he said, sheepishly. "I'm all better now."

She frowned, clearly not convinced. And his heart ached. "I don't think it's a good idea for me to miss school," he tested the waters.

She seemed to perk up at that. Go figure! His mother had always been a stickler for education, so that much hadn't changed then.

"I'll just take a shower then, and get dressed." God his voice sounded off. It reminded him of years ago, when he'd still been a boy. Or teenager rather. Shrugging it off, he offered his mom a dazzling smile, which she returned. And raw emotion floored him again.

Unable to resist, he pulled her into another crushing hug. It had been years since she'd died. Mutilated. Years since he'd heard her voice. More years still, since he'd been able to hug her and tell her how much he loved her. Whatever world this was, he wouldn't be making the same mistakes twice. "I love you Mom," he whispered against her head. And he could feel her smiling into him.

She pulled away first, "Hurry then," and gave him a motherly pat. "Otherwise you'll be late for school."

As soon as she'd gone, he shot out of bed, thinking. This had to be some kind of weird out of body experience. A kind of test to pass before he could get to the real heaven?

He was clearly being shown what his life could have been like by some kind of Otherworldly deity. It kind of sucked that no one had appeared to give him the tour though. That no one had come to tell him the rules.

He just woke up and bang, back in his old life he was. Well, you wouldn't catch him complaining. Even if his father was acting strange — thinking he was his brother or something. Even if he was attending some kind of school. He'd take it with both arms. He'd take his parents anyway he could have them.

Well, if he was to pass this out of body test, he would have to be careful and play by the rules. He didn't want to anger the deity running the show. He'd promised his mom to get ready for school, well, that's exactly what he was gonna do.

A few minutes later Mirai Gohan stood transfixed before the mirror in the bathroom. His face was … flawless. Not one scar remained. His chest was also blemish free, as if the 13 years of hell that he'd barely survived had never happened.

If he hadn't been so super excited to have his arm back, he would have laughed at the young face staring back at him. No wonder he had school, he was just a kid! He could hardly credit that he'd ever looked this young once. It wasn't just the youthfulness of the face. Those eyes, they looked so … innocenthappy, so utterly foreign.

He couldn't reconcile this imagine with the Son Gohan he knew himself to be. He was in good shape though, he marvelled. Though he was less bulky. Yeah, he didn't have as much body mass. His hair was slightly longer than he had it just now when he died, but overall, it would do.

Back in his room he grimaced when he saw the clothes that were laid out for him. Yuck! Was this his uniform? He thought of blasting the damn thing, but remembered that this was most probably some kind of test.

Sighing, he put it on, together with the bizarre looking watch. Man, the thing was huge! It looked like something a ten year old would wear. Heh. Well, he couldn't do anything about it right then.

Taking his place at the breakfast table, Mirai Gohan tried very hard to resist the emotions welling inside him. His mother, his shrunken father and more delicious food than he had seen in a long time.

He started with the cinnamon rolls. He ate so much, his stomach was starting to hurt. Once he'd polished everything on the table, he leaned back in his chair and rubbed his stomach. Man, a guy could get used to this!

"Aren't you going to transform into a Superhero now?" said his father, or Goten as his mother called him.

A superhero? Did he mean a Super-Saiyan?

"C'mon Big-Brother," the little tyke started hopping up and down. "Do superhero! Do superhero!"

Right, thought Mirai Gohan. He closed his eyes and released his energy, but ... as soon as the golden glow began to surround him, Goten shrieked.

"Stop! Stop!" He looked stricken as he held out his tiny little hands, motioning for him to stop. "Not the monster! Not the monster!" His eyes grew large and panicked. Darting this way and that. "Mom will kill you," he warned.

Mirai Gohan shook his head, not understanding. Since when was Super-Saiyan monstrous? Was it not allowed in this world? He released the energy, blinking at his father in confusion.

"I want Saiyaman," said the little guy. "I want the Superhero!"

This test was going to be harder than he thought.

About to rack his brain for an alternative, the little guy seemingly lost his patience with him, because the next thing he knew, the little guy blurred out of view, grabbed his wrist and pressed a button on his hideous watch.

Oh, damn. His clothes had changed. And his vision, he reached up and — bumped into something smooth and metallic. Yep, there was some kind of mask or helmet on his face. Errmmmmmmm. So that's what the stupid watch did

"Alright! Alright!" The little guy literally jumped up and down. "Saiyaman's the coolest! Saiyaman's the greatest! Saiyaman's the— "

He stopped rather abruptly. His face plummeting like someone had stolen his food. "Why aren't you doing your super-cool superhero moves Big-Brother?"

Mirai Gohan groaned. What's this now? Super-cool … super-hero… moves? What on earth were they? "Err,' he pressed his lips together, thinking. "Um, Goten?" God the name sounded weird on his tongue. "What does Saiyaman do exactly?"

Goten fell over. "What d'ya mean?" He stared with cutest wide eyes he'd ever seen. "He fights crime of course!"

"What about school?" he asked sincerely. "Aren't I supposed to go to school?" He wanted to go to school so he could see her. Videl. The love of his life. The one he'd stupidly let get away.

He'd actually been trying to sense her through breakfast but he hadn't been able to pick up her Ki. He'd picked up some rather alarming Ki's though. He'd have to check them out when he could. Only upside was that it couldn't be the Androids.

"You're strange today Big-Brother," the little guy cocked his head and stared at him. "Are you sure you're not sick?"

"Just a little confused Goten," he improvised. "I think I hit my head while I was sleeping."

"Oh! That's why!" He bought it hook line and sinker. He was totally his dad.

"So then?" he asked expectantly. "Mind reminding your err ... big-brother what he's supposed to be doing?"

"Yeah! Sure Big-Brother. You go to school as Gohan." He began. "You wait until the bad guys come out or something," at this the little guy frowned, clearly not a hundred percent on those particulars. "And then," his eyes lit up. "Then, your run to the roof! Transform into The Great Saiyaman," his grin was infectious. "You whoop the bad guys," he grinned even wider. "And then, you go back to school quickly before that nosy girl can catch up to you!"

Whoa! He really was a superhero! Weird.

Wait. "What nosy girl?" He blurted.

Goten rolled his eyes. "You know!" He threw up his arms now. Heh. The little guy was clearly getting exasperated with his ignorance. "The girl that you're always running from!" He said heatedly. "The one who wants to unmask you!"

I run from some random girl? How bizarre!

"Err," there was no way he was gonna remember everything in one session. They'd have to do more of this another time. "Okay then," he said, standing up. "I think I remember now."

Goten beamed. Clearly proud of his efforts.

"I'm gonna get going now Goten," he grabbed his bag and started for the door. "See ya later?"

"Okay! Bye Big-Brother," Goten waved him off. "Have fun whooping the bad guys!"


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