Dormroom 107

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I felt like I was used to this place already. I couldn't believe that Naruto and I were in

College. It seemed like just yesterday I was a young, shy, grey-eyed girl attending Konoha Pre-school and crushing on Naruto. But now we were in college and together! kissing, touching and all that boyfriend- girlfriend stuff. We were going out at nights (even though that would have to wait a little because of all that college work), making out most of the times, we even did the…. you know. I was so glad I got over my shyness and talked to him. I was distracted from my train of thought when Naruto placed a warm kiss on my cheek.

"What are you daydreaming about?" he asked. The wind rustled his already untidy blonde hair.

"You know, I just can't believe we're here. I'm just a bit overwhelmed.

"Yeah, me too".

"Ahh" He complained a moment later, looking at his watch. He had this perplexed look on his face.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, I have class right now. History, with the crazy Ibiki-sensei. I have to go." He said packing up his almost encyclopedia thick books, leaving me on the grass. I smiled. I guess this was one of the complications of college.


He pressed his lips to mine, waved me goodbye then started walking.

"Hey Hinata" he said turning back.


"Can you come by my room this evening? I have something to give you." He smiled as if hiding, enjoying some kind of inside joke.

"Yeah, sure"

"Great" he grinned then took off. What was he up to now?

I climbed the everlasting staircase to his room then cruised when I saw the elevator doors opening across the hallway and realized that I was so dumb for not taking it.

"Then again, I'm new here." I told myself as an excuse.

I walked passed room 101, 102 and others until I reached room 107. I clumsily got out the spare keys that Naruto gave me, shoved it in, and then turned the lock, opening the door.

"Naruto?" I called as I stepped inside. I heard some noises in the bathroom and decided to sit on one of the beds.

I pulled off my shoes and wriggled my blue nail polished toes with relief. I swear I thought they would fall off after all those stairs. Hmmm, God this bed was soft I threw my bag on the floor fell back, relaxing. My stomach jumped with anticipation when I thought of what Naruto was planning to give me. I pulled the elastic out of my hair and allowed myself to snuggle on his bed.

I heard the tap turn off and more shuffling, followed by the sound of the door creaking open.

"Oh honey I've been waiting, so what are you going to give me?" I chimed eagerly.

"Since you've been waiting so long, anything you want" said this deep, husky voice.

"Oh!" I gasped as the realization hit me that that was not Naruto's voice. I flew up caught by the intense gaze of a stranger.

Sasuke's P.O.V. ( aka stranger)

Her big grey eyes looked like they were going to fall off her head. I swear, I've never seen someone this frightened. Her frightened gaze ran down my body then her face lit bright red. She had short black hair; cropped at the chin. She wore a white blouse whose buttons strained, only slightly, to cover her definitely smooth skin beneath.

'No less than a C cup' I thought. Her long legs went on forever until they reached her short skirt. Hmmm.

Hinata P.O.V.

He stood before me half naked, only covered by a small white towel. He had dark piercing eyes and black water soaked hair; due to his recent spray from the shower. Water from his hair formed little streams that ran down his wide, hard, muscular chest. Then down the hard planes of his abdomen, emphasizing his six pack. It then disappeared beneath the towel where it met the V of his hips.

"Gorgeous, isn't it?" he asked, making me realize that I was staring exactly where the towel hid his dick. I looked away quickly, blushing deeply with embarrassment. I heard him grin at my reaction which made me look up into his dangerously handsome face.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked, a bit pissed that he, stranger, was laughing at me.

"Well I think I should be asking that question. I'm the one who gets out of the bathroom to find a cute girl sprawled out on my bed" He smirked. "Not that I mind"

His bed? I looked around me. This was definitely not Naruto's because further along there was this playboy magazine and a box of cigarettes and I was sure Naruto wasn't into that kind of stuff.

"Oh!" I gasped as I flew off his bed.

"You can stay there, I won't mind"

"No thanks" I sat on Naruto's bed instead. He walked towards a drawer and grabbed out a pair of black boxers then looked at me.

"What?" Afraid I would touch you? Well you don't have to worry cause I'm not into molestation, I only take a girl when I know she wants me" He grinned, staring at me darkly. He turned again for the bathroom.

"So," I began "if this is your bed, you have to be Naruto's roommate" I said as I watched him reappear but instead of a small white towel, he wore close fitting, no, very close fitting boxers. I gulped. Of course I knew Naruto had a roommate, everyone did. I just never got to meet him. When I came over he wasn't there. "Out with some girl: Naruto said. So I forgot he even had one.

"Yeah. I'm Sasuke Uchiha" he smiled coming towards me with his arm extended but instead I was distracted by the obvious bulge of his 'thing' in the boxers. I blinked away.

"You must be Hinata, Naruto's girlfriend" I shook his hand then asked,

"How did you know?"

"Naruto won't stop talking no matter what I do, and look over there"

I looked at the direction where his finger was pointing and saw my face in a picture frame.


"So," he began, "what brings you here?" He crooned then relaxed on his bed then grabbed a cigarette. He lit it, inhaled then let out a puff of smoke. I bit my lip.

"Naruto asked me to come" I finally answered. He lay there; the grey smoke coming from his lips, his chest rising and falling with each breath he took and in his thing that looked like Mount Everest under those boxers.

"Hey" I heard. I looked up at him. He was smiling again. He looked wonderful when smiling, but just as much evil.

"Want one?" he asked waving his box of cigarettes. Great he saw me staring at his dick again. What's wrong with you Hinata? You have a boyfriend!

"No, I don't smoke" I blushed trying not to look at him. I felt this familiar heat between my legs so I closed them tighter. I looked at him again then between my legs, moisture accompanied the heat. To resist from looking at him,

"Can you please put on some clothes?" I blurted out. I seemed to take him by surprise. He sat up and stubbed the cigarette on an ashtray. Then started laughing,

"What, never seen a naked man before? You might look shy and sweet but I don't think you're a virgin" He grinned.

"Just put on some damn clothes' I snarled.

"Why? Do I make you anxious?"

"What? No I have a boyfriend" I started fidgeting

"Ok then why are you twitching?" He was enjoying himself. His smile got wider.

"I'm not twitching!" Then two seconds later I twitched…twice.

"Then what are you afraid of?"

"What will Naruto think when he catches me here with you like that ? Put on something, anything!" I pleaded.

"No" he smiled. So I panicked.

"Ok, if you won't get dressed, I'm leaving!" I got up and headed for the door.

"No wait" he held on to my hand. I felt like electricity ran through my hand but it didn't hurt, it felt great. I think I was more afraid of staying here alone with him than Naruto catching me, I just used that as an excuse.

"Let me go" I pulled my hand away then something happened. I walked into the stupid puddle of water that he left when he first came in and slipped. Somehow my feet got tangled in his and he tumbled on top of me.

He was right between my legs .Things happened so fast I didn't even see how he got there. My breasts were flat against his chest.

Sasuke's P.O.V.

She was wearing her frightened face again. I was between her long smooth legs. She made the worst mistake by trying to move because the friction caused me to get hard immediately and press against her.

"Ooo" She blinked and her face lit red. I crushed her lips against mine.

Hinata's P.O.V.

His mouth was hot and wild against mine. I felt something warm and moist forcing against my lips so I gasped. His tongue rushed into my mouth. I groaned quietly while he prodded my tongue gently with his own.

My heart started racing. I could feel my skin began to tingle everywhere. So much my body began to shudder.

"Mmm…" What about Naruto?

"No stop!" I shoved him off me then stood up dizzily. I could taste the bitterness of the cigarette on my tongue.

"Why?" he asked getting up. My breath caught in my throat when I realized that the bulge had transformed into a raging erection. God why did it have to be so obvious?

"Um…I…love Naruto. I can … not do this" I stuttered. What? I thought I had gotten rid of that stupid habit.

"Alright, so what? You can't deny what you want Hinata or maybe by this point…need" He looked at me darkly and approached me slowly with his evil smile. It was a very scary look.

"No" I panicked * gulp* I stepped backwards and he stepped closer, closing the space between us. I stepped back against the wall.

"Um…I...I…don't" I could hear my heart thumping audibly in my chest.

"Don't worry you'll like this" he crooned.

"Hmm Hmm" I mumbled turning my head side to side. He moved closer so there was absolutely no space between us; I didn't even have space to breath until he was kissing me like before.

My head started to spin.

"Sas..." He stopped then looked at me. He also stepped back so that we weren't touching anymore.

"Ok then, if you leave, I won't bother you anymore, but if you stay…" his gaze ran to his thing " …well you get the picture"


"I'll give you ten seconds" He was smiling although he was giving me a choice. I looked at the doorknob and then back at him. I moved towards the door and the smile on his face disappeared. I held on to the doorknob. I felt like I didn't have a choice I let go of the doorknob with defeat and then turned the lock above it. I turned to look at Sasuke, not stranger, but Sasuke.


Naruto's P.O.V.

"…the Spanish rulers did not intend to disturb the Indian's way of life but it soon became clear that it was impossible…"

"Oh god Sensei, Can you please slow down!" One of the students begged. My hand ached from writing so fast, long and so much. I wonder when I would get to give Hinata the ring. She was probably sitting in the room waiting for me now, but anyways I'lll make it up to her when I ask her to marry me.


Hinata's P.O.V.

It was like a fire lit in his eyes. He made one fluid movement and was pinning me to the wall.

"Ah" I gasped. In no time he was forcing his tongue into my mouth. I was just going to try to be quiet because I would die of embarrassment if he ever heard me moan. He started to nibble on my ear. "Hmm" well so much for keeping quiet.

"This could be the biggest mistake of your life" he stated

"I know" I whispered

"And knowing that, you still want to stay?" smiling again. Was he really going to make me admit that? I nodded

"You really don't know what you're in for"

In that same moment he was kissing me. His hands were all over me. They went to my waist and pushed my shirt up. My skin blazed where he touched.

"Now let's see what you've been hiding under here" he suggested happily, unbuttoning my shirt, one button at a time.

"It's a D" he said after tossing my shirt somewhere. He reached back with one of his hands and unhooked the bra quickly. As soon as my breasts were exposed, he brought his hand up to my right one while his other found its way to my ass. He squeezed my breast, my nipple grazing wonderfully against his palm while his other hand squeezed.

I arched, my mouth dropping open soundlessly. Sasuke kept on touching me, making me pant as he kissed my neck; making playful nibbles on my skin.

"Ah" I let my head rest back against the wall. He moved both of his hands up under my skirt and gripped the elastic waist of my underwear, then tugged them down. I bit my lip nervously. He put his hand under my skirt, tracing his fingers playfully over me. Oh God, I didn't know if I could think clearly if his fingers went there.

"What are you doing…Ah!" I cried. His finger grazed roughly over my sensitive spot. My mind spun and my body throbbed while the wave of pleasure washed over me.

Sasuke's P.O.V.

I stroked her clit again, receiving a whimper in return. I stroked it over and over until I delved my finger inside. "Aaa!"

"Please" She begged silently.

"Please what?" I smiled, pushing in a second finger.

Hinata's P.O.V.

Of course I'd felt like this before but it wasn't as strong as this. I only had sex with Naruto twice and I was feeling like this and Sasuke and I hadn't even started having sex yet.

I flicked my hips forward, in a reflex action, when his fingers moved in. Oh, my legs grew weak and threatened to collapse under me. Sasuke forced me back so I couldn't move while he continued. Hmmm. I was just about to scream when he stopped and pulled his fingers out.


"Relax…I'll replace it with something much bigger and greater" he coaxed. Then he drew down his boxers.


O my I could feel my face heating up. There it was, standing tall, alert and erected. I felt a little ashamed when my fingers twitched wanting desperately to trace the everlasting length of it.

"I can tell from your staring that Naruto has nothing on this" My face turned hot again. "Um"

"Hmmm" he groaned crushing my lips with his. "Hmmm" he worked my skirt hastily over my hips, gripping my bare ass. He hoisted me up and I twisted my legs around his waist. He made one thrust and plunged deeply within me.

"Ah!" sucked in a harsh breath, arching so far back, my head hit against the wall.

"Damn" Sasuke hissed, slipping out and forcing his way back in.

He started off at a steady rate then went faster and harder; slamming into me so deep and wild, leaving me with mind blowing aftershocks.

"Oh God!" I had to hold onto him for support. Our breathing went wild also. *thrust* "Ah!" *thrust* "Ah!" *thrust*

Sasuke's P.O.V.

I drove into the unbearable heat, depth and tightness. Her body went crazy against the wall.

"Hah! Hah!" she whimpered. Then suddenly the tightness increased, her nails digging into my neck and back as she climaxed. That would leave marks. Her body shuddered as she pinched at me, making me want more, so I thrusted deeper, enjoying pure greatness

Hinata's P.O.V.

It was like I was having some kind of seizure and I didn't recall ever acting like this. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my whole body contracted.


"Oh fuck Hinata" Sasuke groaned. I opened my eyes, seeing that I was scratching him. I clenched my teeth, trying really hard not to scream, remembering that we were in a school and that people lived next door. Tears stared to pour down my eyes.

I then noticed that I was moving. Sasuke was carrying me to his bed, still deeply rooted within me.

"I was afraid if we stayed there you'd hurt your head and hurt yourself" he actually sounded like he cared. I was expecting that when Sasuke reached the bed he would fall on top of me but instead he just sat there.

"Your turn" he smiled lying back so that I was sitting on top of him. I blushed. I had never tried this before and I was never going to ride a complete stranger.

Sasuke's P.O.V.

She stared at me wide-eyed. "What?" I can't" She gasped.

"Oh come on. I'm sure you don't let Naruto do everything, you need to participate.

"It's embarrassing!"

Hinata's P.O.V.

"Ride me"


"If you don't move, I'll d you from behind"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"O.K. look. It's easy" he said lifting my hips and pulling them back down

"Oh God"

"That feels good, doesn't it? Now do you want to move?"

"No." Too embarrassing.

"Ah you're useless" he groaned, flipping us over so he was on top of me.

Sasuke's P.O.V.

I pushed further into her; the heat inside her radiating. I hissed. So tight. So warm. So wet. I forced her legs apart, slid out and slipped back in. Hinata moaned loudly. Damn. I gripped the bed and started thrusting into her. "Feels soo good" she mumbled softly to herself definitely not intending for me to hear.

"I know it does. If you were with me, you could feel good all the time"

I grinned. Her big grey eyes shot open. I stroked her frightened face, and then kissed her. She smelled so good, tasted so good and felt so good. I didn't stop thrusting, but instead I went harder and faster. "Sas…sas…Sasuke" she moaned through clenched teeth. I still went on, diving in and out of her, desperate for more. "Ah!"

Meanwhile- Next Door

"He's at it again isn't he? I wonder how Naruto lives with him" Kiba said rolling his eyes in disgust.

"Yeah. I wonder who it is this time" Shino said.

Hinata's P.O.V.

I was panting like crazy. It was a lucky ting I wasn't against the wall. I felt like I was losing my mind. I should have been forcing Sasuke away but instead I brought my legs up, crossing them at the ankles, around his waist and drew closer when he wanted to kiss me. I held on to his powerful arms, his skin slick with sweat. His short, black hair acted as a curtain around his handsome face.

Somehow during the thrusting, I blurted out his name like some kind of idiot and he raised his head and his eyes met mine. It was then that I realized that Sasuke's eyes weren't black but a really dark shade of brown. Oddly my whole body felt warm when I saw what looked like deep emotion blazing on his face. He leaned his face forward and kissed all over my face.

Sasuke's P.O.V.

After a few more thrusts, she cried out suddenly, her muscles clenching around my length. Her back arched, her legs fell and she started to scream my name. I had to cover her mouth for her to stop. It was too much; the tightness increased and she whimpered.

"Fuck!" I groaned, my eyes rolling to the back of my head. I came inside her, my hands forcing her head to mine. "Mmh" I fell of her to lie on my back. She was stil breathing audibly, her body trembling with each breath she took. I had this strange desire to be near her. I hugged her. I wasn't prepared to feel the emotional satisfaction that filled me. I was usually with girls for just ohysical satisfaction; I saw them as merely 'pleasurable toys', but this felt different…not bad…but different. I couldn't even comprehend what I was feeling.

Hinata's P.O.V.

My mind became clear after my breathing lowered. My hormones weren't controlling me any more. I began to feel guilt and regret eating me away immediately. Fresh tears started to pour down my eyes and a sob began to develop in my chest. "What's wrong?... I didn't hurt you, did I" he asked in a worried tone. "No" I sobbed, getting up. I looked at my picture at Naruto's bedside table. "Ah ha ha". I sobbed. How could I? "Then tell me what the hell is wrong with you?" he demanded. 'How could I? I thought.

"What have I done!" I cried. I jumped off the bed immediately.

"Hinata you didn't do anything that you didn't want to do" he said understanding why I was acting this way.

"What about Naruto! I've never done anything so unfaithful and deceitful in my life! He'll be here any minute" I grabbed my clothes off the ground and started throwing them on. I was never going to allow him to see me like this again.

"Don't worry all this guilt will pass and screw Naruto" I began to get angry but I was still crying.

"What had Naruto done to you? Why do you hate him so much?" I snarled

"I don't hate Naruto; I just think he's an idiot. It's his fault this happened in the first place, if he was satisfying you this wouldn't happen"

"Shut up!" Naruto is a great guy and he didn't deserve this. I love him! So get your damn clothed on and leave before I hurt you" I threatened. I knew I wasn't strong enough to take him but it was wroth a try.

"O.K. O.K. No need to get violent. I was leaving anyway. I have evening class." He got up and looked for some clothes then put them on. He threw me a comb.

"Didn't think you wanted to look like a porcupine when Naruto got here"

I ran the comb repeatedly through my hair trying to get it as neat as possible. Sasuke threw some books and a laptop in a book bag and headed for the door.

"Wait" I grabbed his hand and looked in his eyes pleadingly. "This never happened. I've never met you. Please. Please don't ever say one word about his to Naruto. It would kill him. I love him and I don't want to lose him" I begged.

"Don't worry I won't…"

"Promise me!" If he didn't I would immediately die. It took forever for him to answer.

"I promise" I let go and he opened the lock, smiling to himself, and then left.

There was one more thing left to do. I straightened the sheets on Sasuke's bed and no evidence of what was happening fifteen minutes ago. I sat on Naruto's bed and waited.

In no time the door was opening. My heart jumped, "Hinata, I'm so sorry I'm late. I thought Sensei would never finish" he said crossing the room to kiss me.


"Hope I didn't make you wait long"

"No" I just got here" First cheating now lies.

"Great" He grinned. How could I ever mange to lose this? I pinched his check playfully.

"Now what do you have to give me?" I asked

"Oh" his beautiful blue eyes lit up excitedly. I jumped up and dug inside his draw and took out a small black box. Couldn't be.

"Hinata?" he smiled, walking slowly towards me

"Naruto" Oh God. I didn't know how many shocks my body could take in a day.

"Hinata" he began to kneel on one knee before me for the traditional purpose.

He looked into my eyes, taking my left hand in both of his. "Hinata, I love you so much. There is no one I love as much as I love you. I want to have you with me forever, will you marry me?"

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