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Fred and George decided they had to have their kids together.

Had to.

Angelina and Bridgette, who'd become awful close, agreed with the twins.

By some miracle, their children were all born on their due dates, and were the same gender as the other twin's child.

First born was Fred Gideon Weasley… George's child. Just five hours later George Fabian Weasley was born. Fred's son.

They both were born on June 14.

And approximately two years later, on January 20th, Alexis Angelina Weasley was born. She is the sole daughter of Fred and Angelina Weasley. The next to be born was Roxanne Bridgette Weasley. She was born just 3 minutes after Alexis.

All four children were pranksters. They were all sorted into Gryffindor. They all contributed to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes once out of Hogwarts. The girls were also Healers, and the guys were also broom makers at the Cleansweep company.

Fred Jr. married Alice Longbottom, and despite the Hufflepuff girl's non-existent enthusiasm for pranks, it was true love.

George Jr. married and loved a Muggle girl named Desiree. She lived just outside of London, and the two met while shopping in Muggle London.

Roxanne fell in love with Lorcan Scamander, Luna's son. They were married in a unique wedding, with Roxanne wearing a red wedding dress, and Lorcan wearing a gold tuxedo.

Despite the age difference, Alexis found herself in love with Ronald Creevey, son of Dennis. He was only 19 when they married. Alexis was 25.

Like in a good fairy tale, although this isn't one, they all lived happily ever after.

The best part? Fred and George died side-by-side when Bernadette Elliott murdered them at age 82... Neither truly suffered.

'To the well-organized mind, Death is but the next greatest adventure.'

All was well.

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