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A/N: A MxM drabble. Now Living in a Fantasy will stop physically threatening me.

"Would you still love me if I were a girl?" Mello asked.

Matt frowned at him for a moment. Then his eyes got huge and his eyebrows shot up. "Wait... are you saying you're not a girl?"

Mello rolled his eyes. "Seriously, asshole. I wanna know."

"What the fuck, Mello!"

"Hey! Dick! Just answer the damn question!"

"Mello, I think I deserve an explanation here. And I'm pretty sure this trumps whatever insecurity you might be feeling at the moment," Matt said, voice hard. "Mello, are you a seriously not a girl?"

"What the hell!" Mello demanded. "Of course I'm a guy! Dammit, Matt! Was sucking my cock not an indication that... we fuck, you moron!"

"But... you..."

"You know I'm a guy." Mello tried to roll his eyes, but the horrified expression on Matt's face wasn't exactly comforting.

"Holy... I'm a fag," Matt said, blinking. "You've... all along you've been a guy and... and I..."

"Matt, this isn't funny."

"I... it explains why you like anal so much but..."

"You're freaking me out."

"Dear sweet holy Zelda..."


"You have a dick and..."

"Matt!" Entirely unwelcome tears were poking at the blond's eyes, and he put all his effort into not letting them spill. He reached for his lover of over a decade, but Matt whacked his hand away.

"Don't touch me!" he cried, appalled, disgust dripping from his voice. "Mello, codename for Melanie, right? Dammit, is that even your name? You been lying to me for eleven years?"

Mello faltered. "Matt... it's Mello... codename for Mihael... you know that..."

Matt stumbled back a step and sat down heavily. He put his face in his hands. "Holy fuck..." he repeated. "Holy fuck. Holy fuck... I've been fucking a guy... that's so fucking sick..."

Mello, tough Mafia guy, kill count higher than Mafia Bosses three times his age, second smartest in a house of geniuses, leather-wearing, gun-loving, hardass on a motorcycle, sank to his butt on the floor and lost control of the tears he had been holding back.

"Matt..." he sobbed quietly, and his voice broke.

Matt's head popped up. "Shit, Mels." He hurried over to where Mello was and knelt down in front of him. He wrapped his arms around the older male and drew him close.

"I was just fucking around," he mumbled, hands finding his lover's face. "Just making a point. I know you're a guy, Mello. Fuck, your hair isn't that girly."

He felt Mello's body relax a little, and after a few moments he felt Mello regain control of the saltwater leaving his eyes. He wrapped his arms a little tighter around the older male. Mello peered up at Matt through his bangs, eyes wet. "What the hell kind of point was that?" he demanded in a small voice, trying and failing to sound either annoyed or amused.

"That it's a stupid question." He lifted Mello's face and kissed him softly, chastely, just a brush of lips. Mello sighed. Some little, insecure, still-doubting part of himself was reassured by the love he could taste.

"Because I'd love you no matter what."