Buffy reached into the large bathtub and took a moment to figure out how his knobs worked, finally getting them going she let it run for another moment before putting her hand under the running water. Giving one side another small turn, she reached to let the water begin flowing from the shower head instead. Pulling the shower curtain over, she gave another test to the water before stepping away to let it warm up in there.

Letting out a breath, Buffy used one hand to lift up her hair, the other to use a fan against her. She was still warm from the previous activities with Angel.

The thought alone brought a blush to her face. Buffy spotted herself in the large mirror in there and had to laugh. One glance at her and you'd know exactly what she'd been up to.

When she was about to climb into the shower, she finally heard him enter the bathroom. He smiled, holding up the two glasses of wine he'd ran to grab. Buffy took hers, taking a big gulp. From over the rim of the glass she looked him over... naked without a care about it, and absolutely male perfection. Buffy watched him steal a drink from his own glass before setting it down and coming back towards her.

Buffy found herself back in his arms, moving her wine glass from her face to allow him to dip in, stealing a long kiss from her. He picked her up easily, carrying her over to the counter so she could sit her glass next to his then back to the shower. He pulled the curtain back and entered with her in his arms.

She was on fire still from earlier, but the warm water felt amazing against her all the same as it splashed down on top of them.

Angel pushed hr back up against the wall for several minutes before finally lowering her down, but keeping one hand on her as she turned around into the falling drops. Buffy stepped back closer to him, letting her head fall back and rest on his shoulder. He kissed her temple, her cheek. Buffy's lips turned into a small smile when she felt his hands moving, coming to cup her breasts in each palm. "Mmm," she moaned, keeping her eyes closed.

"You have no idea how much of my life has been spent in a shower daydreaming about you," he told her softly.

Buffy chuckled at that. "Really now?"

He nodded against her neck. "I can't remember how many times I was late to school because I was so caught up in my fantasy of having you in here with me."

Buffy laughed again, feeling herself blush a little over the idea of that.


Buffy bit down on her bottom lip as Angel's hands roamed over her, soaping her up. His lips danced their way from one shoulder to the other as he covered her body in soapy suds, taking a few extra seconds to graze at her most intimate spots.

Switching places so she could rinse off, Buffy let the water wash her front side off before turning to face him. Her hands came up to cup his face drawing him to her and kissing him hard. His body came crashing into hers and she wasn't surprised to find him hard and ready once again. She moaned, pressing her body into him, before snaking one hand down his body until her fingers found the hard rod.

Something about touching him like this stirred something in her she hadn't felt anywhere before. She loved the feel of him, hard and throbbing, against her. Her fingers slid down his length before wrapping around him, beginning a slow stroke.

Buffy felt her own legs shake as she moved, something about this turned her on more than anything else... imagining him inside of her, feeling wanted by his reaction, how he felt... it was almost too much to handle.

Angel's hands grabbed her ass roughly, pulling her back to him though her hand didn't let go of its death grip on him. He turned them so she was back against the wall but allowed some breathing room once she was in place so that she could continue her play. His hands squeezed her ass a few times, making her moan into his mouth.

One of his hands left her and she felt them tilt slightly as he grabbed the body wash from a shelf. He used one hand to squeeze some liquid on his hand before snapping the lid close and putting it back on the shelf and straightened the two of them back up. His fingertips dipped into the liquid and Buffy soon found herself jumping a little when she felt the cool gel touch her.

Where it was touching her was included, too.

Buffy felt her pulse pick up speed as she felt his very talented fingers slipping down the parting of her backside until they reached the puckered bud, gasping when she felt him drawing small circles against her. At first panic wanted to hit her, not having ever let anyone go down that road with her before, but as he continued she felt herself somewhat relaxing, enjoying.

When she felt a fingertip beginning to push against her, her hand squeezed him roughly, making them both groan loudly.

"Relax," he whispered. His other hand joined hers, guiding her back to stroking him. Buffy let out a shaky breath, lightening up a little on her own grip. Again his fingers began to circle around her underside in rhythm with her. "Keep going," he whispered against her ear when she paused, feeling him starting to enter her again. She continued, her hand moving up and down his soft flesh, and she felt a finger slowly push through. She let out another shaky breath, followed by a few long ones when he began to slowly move the digit in and out of her.

"A-Angel," Buffy moaned as the sting wore off, her nails clawing into his forearms.

With a quick kiss, his finger retreated and he removed hers from his manhood. She groaned but soon found herself hoisted up into his arms and quickly wrapped herself around him, clinging on for dear life. He kissed her hard and made little time reaching between them to guide himself into her entrance.

Buffy could only cling to him as he used his arms to bounce her up and down over him.

The water soon started to cool, then turned cold, like tiny droplets of ice all of a sudden. Buffy shrieked when she felt herself flying in the air suddenly. Angel moved them over so he could shut the water off, pushed her up against the wall, taking her until they were both spent.

When they finally got their barrings, he lowered her gently to the ground, reached for the towels and helped wrap her up before covering himself. He kissed her quickly before opening the shower curtain then helped her out as she was still getting her legs back under her.


"Where are my clothes?" Buffy asked after returning to the bedroom. She'd offered to take their empty wine glasses back to the kitchen a few minutes ago. When she returned, she found him already in bed, looking far too inviting.

He eyeballed her, making her feel as if the towel wasn't even there. "On top of my washing machine."

"Mmhmm. And what am I supposed to sleep in?"

He smirked and beckoned her closer. When she reached him, he hooked a finger in the top of the towel where it was tied and gave a flick of the wrist. The fluffy blue warmth fell to the ground. "There you go."

She chuckled at his wiggling eyebrows. "I can't sleep naked!"

He grabbed her quickly, pulling her into the bed. "And why not?" he asked, holding her.

"Because!" Her head tilted and gave a short stare off before he sighed. He got out of bed, giving her a nice view of his naked self, and grabbed a shirt out of a drawer and tossed it her way. Buffy felt her heart nearly explode. How many times had she'd thought about this simple little gesture surrounding this particular man, too?

Angel groaned when she finally had the sense to slip the shirt on. "You're killing me," he told her, returning to bed and giving her a hard kiss.


As Buffy laid in his arms, in his bed, she felt damn near perfect. She was warm, relaxed, utterly tired and ready for dreamland to carry her away. Her back was pressed up against him, curling perfectly in his arms. She could feel his breath on her neck. He had one arm tucked under the pillow, under her head and the other wrapped securely around her waist.

Just as she'd spent a good portion of her years yearning for. How she'd formally gone to bed every night with the imagine in her head of this very thing. How she used o sleep with her back or forehead pressed against the wall to her room, wrap an arm around herself, picture his face and pretend he was there.

"Goodnight, Beautiful," she heard him whisper and it was the last thing she remembered before darkness took her for the night.


When light began pouring in through the window, Buffy groaned, not ready for daylight. She squeezed her eyes but it continue to bother her so she spun around, colliding with the hard body beside her. Her eyes popped open quickly, taking him in, making sure last night wasn't all some very cruel dream and smiled at the scene. With a yawn, she laid her head down in his chest, nuzzling up to him. She threw one arm over his chest, drew one of her legs up over him as well.

Angel's head turned slightly, enough so that he could kiss the top of her head. He mumbled something she couldn't make out and fell back asleep.

Buffy gave herself an extra few minutes of just resting there, taking it in, before closing her own eyes and going back to sleep. This had been the most peaceful she had felt, that she'd slept, in as long as she could remember. The stress and worry had been kept at bay, no nightmares haunting her through the night.

It scared her how much comfort Angel seemed to give her, how much had happened... but, at least for the time being, she wasn't going to ruin it with all the crazy in her head an would just enjoy what was going on for as long as she could.