The Thirteenth Year

Not all savvy's are loud, and knee knocking, some are quiet and simple, like my mother, who has the power to do any ordinary thing perfectly.

My savvy's subtle, like the minnows in Mr. Rivet's pond, their shiny black bodies seeming to blur right in with the murkiness of the water.

I love to reach into that water sometimes, when I'm all by myself and let those minnows nip at my fingers.

Some savvy's are so subtle, they start appearing even before your thirteen, they just sneak up on you, and snuggle into your life even before your old enough to realize it.

That's how my savvy works, sometimes, I can fade so far into the background you can hardly remember me ever being there.

Sometimes I just disappear.

And on my thirteenth birthday a few weeks ago, that's exactly what happened.

My whole family was there, whirring and buzzing with their magical ways, talking and chattering up a storm.

My cake had thirteen perfectly positioned candles, all flickering in the vanilla frosting, waiting for me, to pucker my cheeks and blow them out.

As usual, everyone had somewhat forgotten me, and even as I sat, feet planted squarely at the head of the table, their eyes seemed to skim right passed me.

I didn't mind though, my whole life my subtle savvy had allowed me to do what I loved most.


And as I looked out over at all my family, Mibs, Fish, Grandpa Bomba, Momma, Poppa, and even Rocket, I felt my savvy and me slowly fading until with a loud start Fish said," Where's Samson?"

Everyone at the table began franticly looking around in a nervous frenzy, trying to find something that was right in front of them.

"I'm, right here," I said quietly, "I'm right here,"

Fish, who was starting to unravel, began to let his savvy slip, and a heavy rain poured down on the table, drenching my perfectly placed candles.

Rocket's hair was standing straight on the top of his head as he looked around for me, the static of his electrifying gift causing him to spark.

"I'm here," I said louder, "I'm right here," still no one seemed to listen as I said the words, drowned out by the chaos taking place before me.

Finally as, Mib's boyfriend Will, who was also at the party, franticly ran past me, his foot caught on my chair leg causing me, Will, and the chair to tumble in a cart wheel of destruction.

In a confused voice Will called out to me," Samson? Samson is that you?"

"Yes," I said in our tangled heap on the ground," it's me,"

I don't know if i'll continue this, I'm just a big fan of Samson and wanted to write about his thirteenth birthday, hope you liked it!