Chapter Six

I woke to find Carolina cradling my head in her arms.

"You finally woke up Samson?" she said grinning down at me.

I weakly smiled back. My shoulder throbbed.

Mibs was there, and the rest of my family. Even though I had called out to her earlier I was still surprised by the sight of them.

"Are you out of your mind Samson Beaumont?" I heard my mother cry out hysterically.

Maybe, I thought to myself. Maybe I am.

Will's father stood next to his son, Will looking relived but frazzled. The whole thing was mind boggling. I was very tired.

"Samson, didn't you think we'd be worried if you hurt yourself?" asked my mother softly, bending over and kissing my cheek in her perfect way.

Even my father, who was forgetful at times, looked scared. Mibs looked as if she were going to say something, but then changed her mind and squeezed by hand instead.

She then flipped it over and looked at the hastily drawn smiley face on the other side.

She winked at me.

I'm sorry

I said through the smiley face.

Mibs whispered softly back to me. "That's just fine Samson, thank you for getting back Will's daddy for him." I nodded.

Everything was going to be fine.

For that moment I didn't feel invisible, or fading, I felt important, with Carolina's arms wrapped around me, and the background noise of the paramedics and police officers. There would be a lot of explaining to do but all of that didn't matter to me.

I'm here I thought quietly I'm here.

The end, it's pretty short but it gives everyone some closure. Even if nobody reads this I'll be happy to know that I finished. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I'm glad to finally be done.