My Girl

by Foayasha

Disclaimer: The epic of Inuyasha, while wonderful, does not belong to me. Thus I cannot, and do not, claim to own any of the characters in this short story... that goes doubly so for the one whose hands are shaking.

AU: Her adopted daughter was the center of her life, but she had doubts she could really raise her alone. Well who comes to the rescue? Her daughter's kindergarten teacher of course! InuKag

AN: I get the feeling that some people think this is going to be a drama from the prologue... well, it isn't. Just FYI...

Thanks to ShagsTheDustmop for being my wonderful beta ^_^

My Girl – Prologue

A young lady sat in a cold dormitory, mascara stained tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks. She held a pen poised to a piece of paper, attempting to write the final details of her wish, just in case one day she couldn't fulfill it. The task was so difficult; she was still in a great deal of pain, emotionally and physically. It was for the best, it was something she had to do.

Looking to the corner of her desk, she found the pill bottle, and popped off the lid. Tapping the open end of the container to her palm, she allowed several large white pills to pour out onto her waiting hand. Tossing her head back, she took the pills into her stomach, washing it down with her own saliva. Her water had been interrupted earlier this month due to her delinquent account.

How had things turned out so terribly? At the beginning of the year she was on the fast track to a wonderful life. School was nearly finished, she had a great apartment, and although her love life hadn't gotten anywhere, she still had hope. She just had to have too many drinks that one night. The night she allowed herself to sully her life, and now she lived at the point of poverty. She couldn't feel guilt; at least her child would be taken care of, in a good family. She had seen to that, now she had to rebuild her life back to where it was before she went and got knocked up.

Signing the paper she deposited it into a small clean envelop. Maybe one day she could look back, and find the girl. She prayed that she would have a wonderful life, and always be around a family who loved her. It was the least she could do after all. Now it was time to look forward, and get her life back on track.

No regrets.


Across Town

"Oh my, there are so many different places to sign," the young woman giggled. Her excitement was obvious as her hand shook across the document, seeking out the next 'x' where her initials would be placed. Sitting to her left was a young man, casually smiling as he signed his initials next to his partners. They both seemed to have stars in their eyes, and hearts filled with love. It was a match made in heaven.

"And just this last one here, and you're completely done," stated an older woman, pointing to the final section that needed a signature. She was dressed professionally, with a kind expression on her weary face. This was her second adoption this week, and preparing the paperwork while her assistant was out of town had exhausted her. "So, will you be keeping her name?"

The younger woman's blinding smile answered her, as she nodded, "We think it's perfect, but we'd like her to take our surname. Aimi Akitoki, beloved, it's perfect."

"It really is, congratulations," the social worker smiled, as she leaned in to shake their hands, "you are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl."



Vocab Time!

Aimi - Beloved

So there you have it, the intro to My Girl. ^_^

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