My Girl

by Foayasha

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My Girl – Epilogue

I was gonna wait a little while to post this, but what the hell... enjoy!

Many many years later…

"I am so proud of you," he whispered to her, as he walked her up the isle. She looked beautiful, her gown shining like a diamond inside the quaint cathedral. It had been decorated tastefully for the small ceremony, but it was perfect, and absolutely lovely. Just like her.

"Thanks Daddy," she said sweetly, and kissed his cheek. He took her hands, and carefully laid them into the hands of a young man. After glaring at the groom for a moment, causing his soon to be son-in-law to flinch slightly at the threatening display, he nodded with approval. At least the punk knew he would never hurt his little girl, for fear of him making sure he could never produce pups.

As he turned away he saw Shippo standing directly behind the groom; the best man and Aimi's lifelong best friend. Shippo gave him a fanged smirk and winked at him. He only rolled his eyes at the young youkai, turning to take his seat.

She watched him as he came closer to her, and when he sat down she wiped a tear away with a tissue. Cupping his cheek, she pulled him down to her lips, and kissed him gently.

"You look wonderful, do you know that," she said with a smile. "Very handsome, and your ears… very cute."

He growled at her lowly, but playfully, earning the attention of the rest of the youkai in the crowd. He blushed at the attention, but smirked at her. There entire family had arrived, Sesshoumaru, and his ward Rin, who he had ended up eventually taking as his mate; when she was of age of course (which was scandalous, but Sesshoumaru didn't seem to care). Her mother and brother also sitting quietly watching the ceremony.

In the rear of the sanctuary sat a middle aged couple. The woman's arms were crossed, her salt and pepper hair sat in a high pony tail, as she scowled at the man to her side. He had a pleasant look on his face, despite the red hand print across his cheek. Such was life for Shippo's parents. Sitting next to the couple were Shippo's siblings, about seven of them, all ranging in ages.

Scattered about the other pews were other various acquaintances that Aimi had met throughout her years. Including a couple of Ookami youkai, even though Ayame had yet to get Koga to settle down with her. She had time though.

After he was through with his gander of the gathered folk, he gazed appreciatively at his sweet mate. Leaning in to nuzzle her neck, she giggled, and playfully pushed him away.

"Inuyasha, not right now, its Aimi's wedding, be respectful."

"Aww, but Kagome," he whispered against her skin, "I just can't get enough of you."

"You can get some of me later," she replied seductively, earning a horrified look from Aimi, who had overheard their playing.

"You sure, you know… you can get to third base right now," he teased, and she swatted him again.

Leaning in he gently kissed her lips, and she eagerly accepted it, kissing him relentlessly until they were interrupted by a clearing throat. Splitting apart quickly they noticed that the priest was watching them with a rather annoyed expression. Aimi was red with embarrassment, holding her head in her hands. Her little bouquet drooping as her fist gripped it tightly. They were probably gonna hear it later from her. Much later... well after the honeymoon.

Kagome chuckled, and waved for the priest to continue. While they sat watching the ceremony, she felt her husband place a gentle claw onto her swelling belly. Looking down at his hand while it traced light circles on her, she smiled. It took several decades of trying, and Inuyasha didn't seem to mind, but she was finally able to become pregnant.

Gazing up she noticed that Inuyasha was watching her with a soft expression; a loving expression. Once again cupping his cheek in her palm, she leaned to his ear and for the millionth time confessed her love to him.

He kissed her forehead, and returned her gesture of love before they settled down to focus wholly on the ceremony.

The peaceful vows and music were fairly brief, and before long the wedding was nearly complete. Inuyasha and Kagome watched with interest as the priest said his long awaited words: you may kiss the bride.

When he did so, a wicked grin appeared on Aimi's face, and she swiftly wrapped up her groom into a tight embrace, her slender arms entwined around his waist. With forceful youkai strength she dramatically bent him backwards over her arm, looking deep into his eyes. She gave him a heart stopping smirk before placing a forceful kiss upon his lips.

Her parents burst out laughing at the sight of the upside down groom, and their playful, headstrong daughter. They both thought simultaneously, while sharing their own kiss:

That's my girl!

- the end!



That's it folks! I left there plenty of space, so that if I ever have the urge, and come up with something really good, I could bring back these characters in a sequel. We'll see though. ^_^

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PS: Alright, since I have gotten several questions about this, so probably everyone is wondering... Who did she marry?111

Well, I didn't want to say, because... who knows? Its supposedly decades later (I would imagine at least 30-40 years in the future). ^_^ There is too much story in there for me to nail down poor Aimi into a marriage without any sort of explanation. For now, just imagine the cutest or hottest, or ... most debonair guy you would like. Keep an eye out, maybe I'll answer that question, and toss it in my Oneshot catalog (practice makes perfect). O_O That one and... the answer for how old Inuyasha is. Suprised nobody called me out on that one either, lol.

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