A/N: Basically, it's about how Tirian was influenced by the stories about the children from our world. I've always imagined his father telling him these stories, explaining their significance and in the process teaching him how to be a good king, hence the idea for this one-shot.

And I do not own Narnia, of course.

I Wish I Could Meet Them

"And that's how Prince Rilian returned to Cair Paravel." King Erlian smiled at his six-year-old son and at the awe in the boy's eyes.

"Wow!' Tirian was sitting up in bed clutching his pillow with excitement. "Is it true? Did it really happen?"

"Well, it is usually called a legend but it was written down during the rule of Rilian, so I think at least part of it must be true."

"So the children from the other world really came to Narnia again?" asked Tirian with reverence.

"Yes, because Narnia needed their help."

"Prince Rilian needed their help," Tirian corrected his father. "That's what the whole story was about."

"No, son," the king shook his head slowly. "Narnia also needed their help. We all needed their help."

"How come?" asked Tirian and his eyes widened with surprise.

"If Prince Rilian had not returned, King Caspian X would have died without an heir. And that could mean a war for the throne, maybe even an invasion of some foreign army. We could end up with a king like Miraz again. Of course, nobody knows exactly what would have happened, but I am sure of one thing."


"Narnia would not be the same. It would not be as peaceful and beautiful as it is now. And you and I wouldn't be here at all," King Elrian smiled sadly.

"Why, father?" asked Tirian with a shocked expression.

"We are the direct descendants of Rilian. If our family had died out with him, we would not exist now."

The concept of non-existence was hard to grasp but Tirian understood instinctively that it was nothing good.

"So they saved our lives?" he asked.

"You could say that," answered the king, knowing it was not the time to explain it more properly.

"And what reward did they get? The children, I mean."

"Prince Rilian didn't have the opportunity to reward them because they disappeared," explained the king.

"Where did they go?"

"Nobody knows that," said the king and then added as an afterthought, "Except Aslan, of course."

"But that's not fair!" Tirian was getting a little overexcited. "They saved Narnia, they saved everybody and they didn't get anything? That's not fair!"

"Maybe it was meant to be that way," replied the king softly.

"So why did they do it, father? That's stupid, there wasn't anything in it for them."

"I cannot say for sure," the king's voice was low as he gently stroked his son's head, "but I think they did it because they loved Narnia. And they saved it, which was probably the best reward they could wish for. Remember that, Tirian."

"Yes, father," said the boy quietly because his father's expression was very serious.

"Goodnight, Tirian."

"Goodnight, father."

But he could not go to sleep yet. He kept thinking about the children from the other world who came and saved Narnia. Did they really love it? Then why didn't they stay? What happened to them? Were they still alive? Maybe they were saving some other world now? And if Narnia was ever in trouble, would they come again?

"I wish I could meet them," murmured Tirian sleepily and closed his eyes.