Takes place after series 25 episode 19. Continues on from the last scene where Warren drags Kirsty into the kitchen and starts beating her. In my story Kirsty doesn't have a daughter.

Pairing: Adam/Kirsty

Disclaimer: I don't own casualty, the characters or story line.


Chapter one:

"Shut up!" Warren roared as I screamed for him to let me go. I should have known this was going to happen. Why didn't I take Adam's offer about letting me stay there? Warren was on top of me, pinning me to the floor. He was punching my stomach and ribs with more force then I knew he was capable of. I cried out in pain again.

"I told you to shut it!" Warren screamed grabbing my hair, lifting my head off the ground, only to smash it against the floor. I rolled my head to the side. I could feel the blood pouring from the cut on my head, down the side of my face and onto the kitchen floor. I needed to go out of here; I didn't know how much more I could take. Warren got up and for a brief second I thought it was over. I looked up at him hope flashing across my eyes before I saw him raise his foot and kick my back, hard. I rolled into a foetal position to try and protect myself, it didn't do much.

"You're having an affair with him aren't ya?" Warren shouted at me. I knew he was talking about Adam. How could he think that? I wouldn't cheat on Warren.

"N-N-No." I sobbed. He didn't believe me. Warren went back to punching me. I cried harder. I did like Adam, I would admit that but I would even cheat on Warren. My vision started to blur due to my head wound. I needed to get out of there. It didn't look like warren would stop anytime soon.

My phone started to ring on the kitchen table. Me and Warren both looked at it. He leaned up and grabbed it off the counter looking at the caller ID.

"Oh looks it Adam! How why would he be calling you?" Warren demanded, disconnecting the call and chucking the phone against the wall so it smashed. Adam was probably calling to make sure I was okay, after finding out about me and Warren earlier today. Not that I could tell Warren that.

"I don't know!" I sobbed, tears streaming from my eyes. I took that as my opportunity, I raised my knee up, hitting Warren straight in the crotch. I was he stumble and fall. I quickly scrambled to my feet, ignoring the pains from all over my body. I heard Warren catch his breath. I ran.

I wretched the door open and ran out onto the street. I didn't stop there, I keep running. I didn't hear the door open behind me, this was good. Warren would have easily been able to out run me, in the state I was in. I run into the next street, heading for Adams house. Luckily he didn't live to far away from me. I saw some people give me funny looks as I ran or more like hobbled past them, blood still pouring down my face and onto my shirt.

Once I reached Adam's house, praying he would be in, that was when I really stopped. I knocked on the door as loud as I could. I could feel all my injures catching up with me, I doubled over in pain. All my strength gone. I heard the door unlock, and looked up. I was met by Adam, dressed in only baggy tracksuit bottoms, no top. His eyes met mine as he looked at me.

"Oh my god! Kirsty!" He said as he stabled me by putting his arms around me leading me into his house. It didn't matter to me what he thought of me, or what Warren would do when he found me. All that mattered was I was with Adam. I was safe.

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