Will was walking down the hall when he saw a crowd of students. He new something was up and went to them. As they parted he saw Emma. He froze. Emma was lying on her back, eyes closed and unmoving. "Emma?" He asked and knelt down to check her vitals. 'She has a weak pulse and she's not breathing' He thought. Will began mouth to mouth while telling the students what to do. "Someone call an ambulance!" He ordered, then breathed in to Emma's mouth. "Em? Emma can you hear me?" Will asked but got no response. "Come on Em," He whispered and breathed in to her mouth again. No response. "Don't leave me Emma," Will whispered, desperately trying to bring her back. He breathed in to her mouth once more. No response. Will was now panicing and continued hoping she would come back. He couldn't imagine his life without her. Will looked at her and took a deep breath, then breathed in to her mouth again. Emma's eyes shot open and she breathed in a huge gulp of air, before she fell in to a coughing fit. Will sighed in relief and helped her to sit up as the coughing subsided. Will hugged her and whispered in to her ear "I thought I'd lost you ,". "Will," Emma whispered weakly, before coughing again. "Mr Schuester?" Finn said appearing, "The ambulance is here,". Emma got up with Will's help and held on to him. Emma was lucky, if Will didn't care, she would be dead. "I love you," Will said.

Later in the hospital, Will sat by Emma's bedside holding her hand. "What happened?" She asked in a sweet voice. "I don't know, i just found you on the floor, with students all around you. I then saw it was you as they parted, and i tried to save your life. I thought you were gone, but i was wrong," Will replied placing a kiss on her head. Emma smiled "Thankyou, and i love you,". Will kissed her hand and said "I love you too, and i always will no matter what,".