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It was a beautiful day, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining and the wind was a gentle breeze that caresses the trees and carries the scent of flowers and delicacies that can only come from Konoha.

It was at this day that two people were seen on one of Konoha's Training grounds.

One of them, a young man whose hair color was as bright as sunlight, and eye's the color of the ocean with three whisker marks on each cheeks, was seated underneath a large tree while eating what can only be considered as a prodigious bowl of Ramen. It was the new take-out order from the famous Ichiraku Ramen Bar that's called, the "Uzumaki Special", which was named after their most beloved customer, Uzumaki Naruto.

The other person was lounging on the branch of the tree above the, what he likes to call, "Dickless Ramen Vacuum". It was another young man with skin so pale that it almost looked sickly, short cropped hair framing a handsome, yet almost expression-less face with dark fathomless obsidian eyes.

Their other team-mate, Haruno Sakura, being a medic-nin, was working at the hospital right now.

Their substitute leader, Yamato, was on a mission outside of Fire Country.

Which means that the one their waiting for was none other than their Team leader, Hatake Kakashi, known outside of Konoha walls as the famous Copy-nin, and inside Konoha as The-perverted-guy-whose-always-at-least-one-hour-late.

Which can explain on why they have both been there for an hour already, waiting for their other team member to come so that their training can start.

Thirty minutes after Naruto has finished his Uzumaki Special, a man with silver, gravity defying hair, a mask covering the lower portion of his face and Konoha forehead protector covering his left eye, was seen casually walking into the training grounds with his nose buried inside the infamous orange book.

"Yo!" was Kakashi's greeting to the two.

"YOU'RE LATE KAKASHI-SENSEI!" yelled Naruto while he stood up, pointing an accusing finger at his sensei.

Kakashi started scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment, "eheheh, well you see. I got-"

"-Lost in the road of life. Can you think of other excuses sensei?" Asked Sai as he jumped down from the branch he was sitting on.

"Ugh. You guys are so not cute anymore." Was kakashi's only response. "Now that I'm here, let's start-" before he could finish what he was saying Kakashi was cut off by a feminine voice.


The three men turned to look at who called out to kakashi.

Long indigo hair flying behind her, cheeks flushed from exertion, Hyuga Hinata ran to where the three men were.

"Kakashi-sensei, Kurenai-sensei asked me to tell you that you promised to take care of baby Asuma today because she needs to buy groceries." Said Hinata.

While Hinata was conversing with Kakashi and Naruto, Sai was looking at her in astonishment.

Straight indigo hair, heart shaped face, lovely flushed cheeks, plump full lips, pert nose, moon-like eyes…She's a wonderful piece of art! Who is she, and why haven't I met her before! Were his thoughts as he studies her features while his heart suddenly beat erratically in his chest, his cheeks flushed and his breaths came in short gasps.

His eyes widened. What's happening to me! Am I having a heart attack! I need to get to the hospital fast! I need medical help!

He looked towards his sensei and friend and blurted a "Kakashi-sensei! Naruto! I need to go somewhere! Bye!" before kicking up dirt and sprinting towards the hospital.

At the hospital.

Sakura was sitting in her office, doing her paperwork before checking in on her patients when the door suddenly opened with a loud "BANG!".

A vein popped on Sakura's forehead while shouting, "NARUTO! DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO-!" she abruptly stopped her tirade when she saw that her visitor was not Naruto, but Sai with an uncharacteristically authentic expression that shows anxiety.

"Sai? What's wrong? Did something happen!" asked Sakura as she walked towards Sai to see if he's harmed.

"Hag, I need a check up. I think I'm sick!" was Sai's reply.

Sakura's angry vein made another appearance on her forehead. "I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!" she yelled at Sai while bopping him in the head with her fist. "tch, you don't even look sick! Why would you think that anyway?"

And so, Sai proceeded to tell Hag- uh, Sakura on the event's prior to his sprint to the hospital.

"-and so, I ran here because I thought that I was sick."

Sakura just gaped at Sai after he told her what happened. Oh my KAMI! Sai fell in love with Hinata-chan at first sight! I never would have guessed that this will happen!

"so? Ha-..uh Sakura, what kind of sickness do I have?"

Sakura smirked. "You, my non-emotion feeling teammate, have contracted a disease called…LOVE."

Sai's eyes widened, and he let out a spluttered "w-w-what!"

After talking to Sakura, Sai bought books that could help him understand his "condition". And as he read more about it he came to understand that this so called "Romantic Love" is a special type of emotion that can only be expressed to one person at a time.

He also made the decision to make the Hyuga feel the same way about him. And so he bought another set of books. These books were all about how to interact with females and were titled, "Idiot's Guide on how to be suave", "Flirting 101 for men" and "Shinobi's guide to seduction".

With all the books he read, there something that they all mentioned. And that was, Pick-up Lines.

And so, Sai read and memorized pick-up lines that he thinks can make him conquer the beauty known as Hyuga Hinata.

Hinata was worried.

She didn't know why, but she felt as if there's something that her friends know that she doesn't, and it seems that it's about her.

How did she realize this you ask?

Well, from Sakura's knowing gaze, Ino's giggling and Tenten's incredulous stare, who wouldn't?

And now, here, sitting in a booth in Ichiraku Ramen, it seems as if they're waiting for something to happen. What it is though, she doesn't know, and she has a feeling that if it does happen, she'll faint abut whatever it is.

While her friends were whispering and giggling with each other, Hinata looked at the door of the when she heard someone come in, hoping that it was one of her friends so that maybe, just maybe, she won't be bored out of her mind.

She smiled when she saw that it was her old crush turned close friend, Naruto, with his teammate Sai.

She doesn't really know anything about Sai, except that he looks kind of like Sasuke, and that he makes funny nicknames for people. When she saw him with Kakashi and Naruto at the training grounds she wasn't able to introduce herself because he went somewhere suddenly, so she decided that now was the perfect opportunity.

So, when the boys were near their booth she smiled and offered her hand to Sai for a hand shake and said "Hello, my name is Hyuga Hinata, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Sai smiled and took Hinata's hand, but instead of shaking it like she had intended, he raised it to his lips and kissed the back of her hand.

"The pleasure is mine. And my name is "Right"…Mr. Right."

The girls and Naruto stared incredulously at Sai for a moment, before cracking up laughing and holding onto each other for support.

Hinata blushed at Sai's gesture and her friend's behavior, but tilted her head in confusion and asked."I'm sorry. But I thought that your name was Sai-san?"

Sai just smiled. "yes it is." He slid onto their booth and sat next to her and said.

"So, Hinata-san. I hope that you don't have too many injuries."

Hinata just looked at him, confused. "uhm…e-excuse me?"

"Well, it just that it's a long fall from heaven."

"W-w-what?" Hinata just stared at him, brows furrowed while she thinks about what he may mean.

"My dear Hinata-san, did you just fart?"

"I beg your pardon!" was Hinata's indignant reply.

"It's because you're beauty and presence just blew me away." Was Sai's only reply.

"….." Hinata just stared at him. Mouth slightly open, gaping at him.

"you see Hinata-san. My feelings for you are like diarrhea. I get clammy, sweaty and I just can't hold it in. So, will you go out with me?"



And so, Hinata was right. Amidst her friends who were laughing their asses off and looking blue from lack of oxygen, and a concerned Sai. She Fainted.

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