'Sorry, but I can't, I can't marry Ra Shavan'' she looked at him on a refused way.

He read in her eyes and knew what she was saying. He freaked out and starts yelling at the interpreter. The nationals of Ra Shavan took the rest of the team and walked a step back. Teal'c tried to free himself. But several nationals tied his hands to each other behind his back. So they did also with Daniel and Jack. Jack was totally surprised and never knew this could happen. He thought they were nice people, well at least he expected from Ra Shavan to be nice.

Jack shouted '' whatever you do, this won't happen!''

The interpreter came towards Sam, as Sam saw her coming towards her she scares and took a step back. '' you don't have a choice, he will kill your friends if you don't marry him. When you came here he saw you, he forced us to make you his wife. He doesn't care how we would do it, he wanted it to be done.'' The interpreter said. ''

So you knew what was going to happen?'' Sam said on a shocking way.

'' Yes, I did. We didn't have a choice. We do like you, neither of us wanted this to happen. We also suffer in pain. This is something we can't choose, whatever Ra Shavan says. His will remains a law.'

Ra Shavan walked towards Sam and looked her in her eyes. He said something seriously coz, the interpreter shocked. It was like she was almost crying. She turned her head to face Sam

'' Your friends will die and there will people die if you don't marry Ra Shavan. He will start to kill the children from the villagers. He leaves you no choice!'' the interpreter said.

'' tell him I need a minute to think, would you please?'' Sam requests to the interpreter. The interpreter told it to Ra Shavan and he nodded. She turned around to face her team. As she looks to Jack she saw this was falling him hard.

'' Don't do it Carter! We will find a way to get out of here!'' he said unknowingly, but he knew it wasn't that easy. He just doesn't want himself to believe it.

'' Sir, you just saying this to calm me down. But you know, I don't have a choice. He is able to kill innocent children.'' Sam said on an angry tone to him.''

As soon as she almost freaked out to Jack, the interpreter came between the conversation of Jack and Sam.

'' I wouldn't be surprised, that after he killed you guys. She still got to marry him.'' She said desperately.

'' Than he leaves me indeed no choice.'' She said.

She breathed hard in and out. Looked up and try to speak the hard words out of her mouth. Jack looked straight in her eyes and said

'' I'll order you to listen to me, you will not marry him! Do you understand Carter!.''

She looked confused and reacted instantly '' what's the point they will kill you all anyway if I don't marry Ra Shavan. This is a chance I can save you. I can save your lives. However I do have to marry him. ''

Teal'c came in defense and said '' MajorCarter, I don't want to require you but, A life of a harmless child, is very precious. Just do what you think is best.'' she looked at Teal'c who looked very serious, as always.

'' I agree with that, whatever you may choose, you have to do what think is right. I will forgive you'' Daniel said. Sam looked up towards Daniel and Teal'c and then to Jack, who was looking at her as if he was losing control. He knew she couldn't get back to the base.

'' I'm sorry, but I have to do this if this is what I can do to save you. I don't want you guys to suffer under this.'' She said to them.

'' what! Geez, Carter! You have a family, even though you're not that close, but you have a family. A kid on earth who loves you, she needs you! You have a life, you have dreams. Why would you leave this all behind!'' Jack said very shocked, even on a very angry way.

'' you got that all wrong, well about Cass, yes not about that. But, my dreams come true. I am here with you guys, you are my family, and I don't want that I see the ones who I care about, die in front of my own eyes. I can't deal with that. I lost my father, but I know he's near. And also knows that I always choose the side to save others. No matter what the risks are! Somewhere there would be a moment where our luck stops, well and I think it's about now. Just accept the fact that you will enter in safety through the Stargate. Cassandra has still you guys, she knows what you guys mean to me, and also knows I love her too. For me it ends right here! Say I'm sorry to the others who couldn't say goodbye. I'm very thankful I had this job. I wouldn't have another oneā€¦. Well I guess it's a goodbye now'' she said angry and very upset.

She looked one time in Jacks eyes, to see what his reaction was on what she said. She saw he stood there, hoping that the words she just said weren't entirely true, or at that point she doesn't mean what she said. She looked down and pulled back an almost-teardrop on her cheek. This wasn't to end well, if she didn't choose the right thing to do. She still knows they will come back, they have to. Will they return? Or will they think it's really over? Will she stay here for her entire life? What would they think of her? Will they think she's weak? A lot of questions were creating in Sam's mind. She was doubting if she will ever see them again. Could she really handle that? She's already been through a lot of loss. But this is different.

Then afterwards she looked to Ra Shavan and said '' I'll do it! But let my friends go!'' she kinda shocked herself of what she said.

He saw on her reaction what she said en offered his hand, she accepted it and walked with him to the temple. Once at the temple she was thinking in herself what she had not seen, but, it brought nothing.

Ra Shavan told the interpreter she could call the Aman'Gi. The Aman'Gi was kind of a priest, according from the Inhabitations it's a saint Aman'Gi. Very precise and concrete, he followed the rules of Ra Shavan. He was infallible and it seems he can see things coming.

Meanwhile Jack couldn't believe what he was thinking. The woman he always gave commands and orders, is the woman he loved, and is about to lose her.

Ra Shavan looked at her, very kind. He smiled at her as he looked in her eyes. Once he saw the talisman, he took it in his hands and rubbed over the stone in the middle of it.

'' It's a sign of honor'' the interpreter said.

She looked at Ra Shavan who was watching the Aman'Gi coming. The Aman'Gi looked at Sam and then at Ra Shavan. Once he looked at them both he said something. Indeed Sam couldn't understand what he was saying. The interpreter listened carefully what the Aman'Gi told them. '' he quotes this, you both shall take this goblet, king nor ruler who his heart belongs to the lady on his right. You shall take both Ra Shavan and the lady, this goblet in your hands.'' The interpreter said to Sam.

She took the goblet in her hands and looked to her teammates. Profoundly disturbing she looked to them and then to the liquor in the goblet. De Aman'Gi said again something and meanwhile the interpreter had to translate everything he said. '' both, take this goblet and take both a sip, meanwhile you keep looking towards each other.'' The interpreter said. Eventually the Aman'Gi took hold, because it seems they were on the last part of the ceremony.

Again, he said something and the interpreter said '' it means, kiss each other!''

She shocked and looked back to jack. Because he heard what she had to do. She saw how terrible he felt, and she just couldn't see him like that and turned back. How in the world, couldn't see this coming. She hoped her first wedding would be a lot nicer. But this wasn't a wedding. It was old, ancient and there was no joy. It was just awful.

She looked back as she saw that Ra Shavan was ready. She took a deep breath and thought back to the times she got with Jack and her teammates. She couldn't believe this was going to happen with her. She saw Ra Shavan was ready and was a little bit impatient.