Dark Nebulae

Disclaimer: All characters belong to L.J. Smith.

Author's Note: Mary-Lynnette's thoughts on Ash.

Time: Daughters of Darkness

Genre: Romance, Drama, and Mystery

Rating: PG

Date: December 4, 2010

Darkness covers the star. The darkness isn't large. Most people can't see the dark nebulae with their eyes. Humans can't see it with their naked eyes. Even though, it's not visible, it's there. It's slowly covering the star.

It's catlike. It sneaks up on its prey. Waiting, just waiting, for the prefect chance, for one mistake, to attack. It draws people in. It seduces them. It makes them play its games.

It's a stalker. It follows people around. It doesn't know when to leave. It doesn't know that it's not welcome. It just keeps coming back. Back for more fun; back for more evil games.

The dark nebula continues to cover the star. Its dark colour will soon cover the star.

It prowls the night. The night belongs to it. The night is its safe place. It allows it to move. It allows it to hunt. The night allows it to gather food.

It haunts my dreams. It haunts me during the day. It haunts me wherever I go. I can't get it out of my head. I wish it would stop.

The dark nebulae is almost covering the star. It's almost taken over.

It wants my heart. It desires my love. Maybe, just maybe, it's my soulmate. Maybe it's my true love.

Love me, love me not.

The dark nebulae covers the start and has taken over my heart.