Maharl100: Sorry, my fan girl side got the better of me. Hehehehehe...

Goku: Why do you make all these awkward story's of me, I'm straight not homo.

Taoren46: That just it, technically since you turn into a girl in this story your technically "straight."

Sanzo: Monkey girl found a loop hole.

Hakkai: I hope you aren't making this story to have some sort of twist.

Maharl100: ... ... ... I'm considering it this kind of story, always ends the same. Time to mix it up Muwhahahahaha!

Gojyo: Hakkai you just made things worst.

Maharl100: Alright on with the story I know your all eagerly waiting for.

Goku turned into a girl!

"Goku!" Hakkai, Gojyo and Sanzo shouted watching the boy fall to the ground with a dart in his arm. As if in slow motion and all the adrenalin rushes, the three raced over to catch him.

"Goku, hang in there." said Hakkai.

"Just hold on, Monkey." said Gojyo.

"... ..." Sanzo said nothing he just remained holding his secret admirer's body. He felt bad Goku had never really came out saying he was in love with Sanzo, but Sanzo knew it was Goku with all the cards he got, with the fact Goku's handwriting wasn't the neatest, his grammar, and the fact they get to a new town and he would get a card from the same person. Either it was Goku or Some crazy stoker.

Gojyo stood up slowly with his shakujyo clutched tightly in his hand "Your all going to play." He muttered just before lashing at every demon in his sights. Hakkai and Sanzo remained by Goku's side. In less then 5 minutes all the demons around them we're killed by Gojyo.

"Sanzo. We need to get Goku to a town right away." Hakkai told him. Sanzo merely nodded picking the boy up and carried him over to jeep, he placed him in gently. "Gojyo, lets go!" shout Hakkai. Gojyo quickly ran over to them and got into the back of jeep. Hakkai stomped on the gas and they were shooting down the road.

(In the town at the inn)

Goku's room was quiet, not one of the three men said a word. They just stared at the boy on the bed, his plus was normal, his breathing was fine but they knew the dart must have done something to him. The three retreated to there rooms to let the boy sleep. If they only knew of the surprise they were going to get in the morning.

Morning had come bright and early the sun shined though the window of Goku's room. Goku's eye's opened slowly, a little hand reach up shielding his eye's. "Mmmm my head hurts." his voice was soft and raspy. He sat up in the bed, looking around the room. Slender legs slide out of the blankets, touching the floor. Goku stood up and walked into the bathroom, stopping in front on the mirror. His eye's were half open so he thought nothing of the figure before him. He came back out done with all his 'business.'

~Knock~ Knock~"Goku, are you awake?" Hakkai voice came though the door.

"Yeah I'm awake, Hakkai." Goku replied standing in the middle of the room.

Hakkai slowly opened the door, his eye's immediately settled on the female figure before him. Long brown hair down to her thighs, a slender body, a full chest, innocent gold eye's staring straight back at him. "I'm sorry miss, I must have the wrong room." stated Hakkai about to close the door.

"Miss? Hakkai it's me, Goku." The female replied tilling her head.

Hakkai jaw nearly dropped at the femanish voice that called out to him. "Goku? What happened to you." his voice was one of surprises.

"What do you mean, Hakkai?" The female asked him quite confused.

Hakkai couldn't form the words in his mouth the best he could was point to her. "Huh?" she said looking down at her well sculpted body. "Haaaaah." She gasped at the sight of to round things hanging on her chest. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, TO ME YESTERDAY!" Her high pitched voice filled the air.

Maharl100: Sorry those of you, who are waiting patiently for some of my other story's to be updated. I'm just having so much fun making new story's teehee. Plus I'm sorry for any spelling mistake, I don't go to school very often. That's why I'm a sickly pal kid of a mooch.

Taoren46: If any of you take this as a joke your wrong Maharl100 is a mooch and dose stay home from school allot.

Sanzo: No wonder why I see her around the house more then you.

Hakkai: Maharl100, You have to go to school to learn.

Gojyo: Got that right she's a mooch, the only thing I've ever seen Maharl100 lift is a pencil.

Goku: ... ... ... ...

Maharl100: Sorry if the story scares you Goku, But it's the price you pay for being my favorite character of all time. Now say good bye, Goku. (Picks up Goku's hand, waving it side to side)

Goku: ... ... bye bye ... ...