A/N: This is a dark AU where Sam is lost, after Dean has been in a coma for years, this story started in season 2 episode 1, where John striked a deal with the yellow eyed demon, that just didnt hold up his end of the bargain, but then he is a demon right?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural at all, this is all fun.

It had been months, since the accident. Since the attempted murder on Dean, and the death of John. Sam had been at Dean's side, when John had passed away. The second John was gone, Dean had collapsed and slipped back to the coma. Sam had sat by his side for weeks, however the hospital needed the bed, so finally Sam caved in and sent Dean to a nice nursing home, where they could handle comatose patients. Sam had been in the room, he made a devils trap at the door, and the window, he made a protection sign under Dean's bed, not on the floor but on the bed. He had not moved away from Dean, except to burn John.

As the months passed, the two brothers barely moved. Sam sat on a chair with his laptop, and a crowbar hidden in Dean's closet, searching for hunts, leads to where Yellow eyes, could be found. Sam nursed Dean, never thinking about anything else than revenge, one day he finally got up, he walked over to Dean leaned in over him, and whispered in his ear, "I will come back soon Dean, I will hunt this demon down, and kill him, then I will come back to you. I promise." However the days became weeks, the weeks months, before finally turning into years.

One day after three years, while Bobby and Ellen were sitting by Dean's side, as they did every year, on his birthday. Something happened. Dean woke up screaming SamĀ“s name. Ellen and Bobby looked at each other, and called in a nurse, that called a doctor. Dean was checked over, and questioned for a little while, before he fell into a deep sleep. Ellen stayed with Bobby, as they called Jo to hear, if the road house was fine, and if she had any news on Sam. There was no change, at her end. Ellen sighed, and sat down, on the bed beside Dean. He needed to get his hair cut, she would fix him right up, however they knew, it would take a long time, for him to resume his former condition.

The next time Dean woke up, he asked for Sam, however none answered him, as there was test to be run, to know what kind of damage he had gotten. However all the test showed, that there was no damage at all. Dean kept asking, and finally Ellen told him, that Sam had been missing, for over two and a half years ago. None had heard from him, ever since he had left Dean's side. No one knew if he was alive, however Ellen and Bobby had an idea, what had happened. Why Dean had woken up. What had happened to Sam.

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