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Tsol sat on the hood of a car, he was just watching the sun go down. His black boxes would be working for him. Each colour had 13 boxes. To top it of, there were of course 13 colours. One of the black boxes were empty for now, however it didn't mean he was down on soul. Only that he was making sure that the hunters would not get in his way. Dean Winchester. He had been a torn in Tsol's eye for a long time. A very long time.

There things Tsol needed for the spell. Some things were easy to gain, others would be a pain, given he had already been planning this for a while. Most of the hard things were already in the car. The lucky rabbits foot laid with the red hair of a witch burned on the fire. The hair of an innocent and the hair of the guilty were in each of their bags. Blood of the virgin was still liquid and barely cold yet. The herbs picked under a new moon, and full moon were already at the cemetery with his offerings. Given the demons who were waiting for him, didn't know they would be aiding in his plan. At least not with their lives.

Tsol just waited for the sun to disappear, he felt his soul fighting him, and trying to get the hunters to free her. He almost had a smile on his face. Hunters. They were so stupid. Always thinking they could not end their life by a demon, that their soul would not end up in hell. Well this one was right, however she would be begging for hell before he was done with her. They all would. Dean had a place in the spell, however not yet, and not as all would expect a hunter to be sacrificed by someone like Tsol. He cracked his neck as he jumped down on the ground.

Tsol was scratching his face, the stubs from the bear were longer than he had expected. Not that he minded it, his hair was also longer. However it didn't matter, that was details. Minor thing that didn't matter for now. Of course there was a reason for it all, however only Tsol knew the details. He wasn't the typical demon that would share his knowledge and then have one of his minions rat it out to the heroes. This wasn't a movie. This was real, not something made up. Something the preacher would try and convince that would happen if you followed your inner needs. There was no such thing as sinners.

Tsol let his hand run through his hair as he rephrased it. There would be no sinners when he was done. There would be no angels or even Lucifer. This was the real deal. This was something no one knew about. If anyone found out what he was planning he would be the most hunted thing on either side. However holding ones cards close to one's body, and never sharing the secrets, made it possible to do such a thing. He looked at the car, the SUV would do fine for now. However he knew he would be having to change his ride. He turned on the car, and headed for a jewellery store. He needed a ruby.

It had to be perfect, it had taken him a few days to find the right place, however all he needed now was pick it up. And one more thing was gathered up. He floored it, he would have to speed to make it before the jewellery shop closed, however he didn't mind breaking a few laws. Human laws where pathetic, they were made so things like himself could break them and have fun. He didn't care if a patrol would pull him over, he would love it, fresh blood. One could just never get enough of it. He did however not meet a patrol, he walked in to the shop five minutes before closure. He was in good time. The price of the ruby would make both men happy. Of course only one would leave the shop alive, but that was details. Something that didn't mean a thing right now.

The shop owner saw the man enter the shop, he was waiting for a customer, however this man was not what he had been expecting. Worn jeans and a worn jacket, a dirty t-shirt and looked like a bum. The boots had walked many miles. However the look in the man's eyes were deadly. Seemed the costumer was the man that the shop owned had been waiting for after all. His hand wandered to the silent alarm, however he didn't want to call the police. The ruby he had wasn't his to sell to begin with. It was a ruby that had its own history.

The myth had it that the ruby had gotten its red colour from the blood of Lucifer when the fall had him lying on the ground, broken into bits where no one would believe he would survive. The ruby had been the first of it kind. It was told that a prince blood would charge the gem so one day the power could be harnessed to do greater biddings. Where nothing innocent would survive. How to lock into the ruby was another story and one that the shop owner didn't believe in. Lucifer, it was a fairytale one told the kids when they didn't want go to bed.

The stranger held the ruby, a briefcase was on the counter. It was open filled to the brim with cash. The shop owner felt the greed, he wondered for a second if he could kill the man, and stash the ruby and cash away before the cops would turn up. However he never got anywhere. His last thought was - oh shit -. The ruby changed once more owner, it had blood on its beautiful surface. It had been the cause of many deaths. Many men and woman had died trying to steal it, or trying to keep it safe, even a hunter had once held it, and tried to hide it from the world. But there are things that will not stay hidden, there are things that should never see the light of dawn. Yet these things tend to have a mind and will of its own. As if it was meant to waste all the blood it could come across.

The green eyes looked at the perfect red colour. Tsol never looked back as he left the shop. He felt the breeze and the rain, however his eyes could not tear themselves from the ruby. Now he had one more thing. He still needed a few things, however most of the hard things were now in the SUV or at least within reach. The blood of the fallen son was now his. The hope of the righteous son was next on his list. The problem with the shopping list was that it only mentioned the items vaguely. Which was a pain, however Tsol had been hunting for the items for a long time, and the hope was the hardest part to find, however it would be the easiest object to get a hold on.

Of course it would mean that Tsol would have to get to the Impala, and get into her, without her owner finding out he was there. That part was tricky. However there was a reason he had freed a hunter to stall the one's hunting him. She would get the item and make sure they would not interfere, or at least be too late to stop the rolling snowball. It had already been set in motion, and the hope was within reach, when the hope was stolen he would need the despair. The tear of a hunter, a brother trying to save his only kin. His family. Despair would be interesting to say the least. Tsol looked forward for this particular item.

The last thing was obtainable, but it would take some risky work. The Croatoan virus. It didn't discriminate, it didn't hate, it was in one way perfect. It would be the end of the world. Not in its original form, but the form Tsol would turn it into with the hope, blood and despair. Then with the few ingredients under the full red moon, it would turn into something only Tsol could control. Something that would eat its way through man kind, through animals. Through hope and prayers. Through fate and fear. Nothing would stop it, nothing but Tsol.

But only when he was ready. Only when he would see the rise of his new world. A world freed of demons and angels, freed of losers and followers. A pure world. A world where nothing meant anything, where love wouldn't even survive. Faith such a fragile thing. Even this meat suit had believed in faith. In love and that the good would prevail. However the mind was no longer bound by the body. He was the first. He was free. He was the one that would make the changes. He would break the hearts of those who loved.

He would heal those who hated. He would preach for those who lacked a leader. Only to lead them into their death. He looked at the ruby as he sat in the car, while the rain fell. It would hide what he did in the car, for anyone who was nosy. Tsol never took any chances. He hid the ruby and floored the SUV. He would leave the town behind and keep collecting the last few items. He looked at the silver athame he had gutted a coven of witches. All 13 were in his boxes. The athame had the blood of all of the 13 witches. They had been so naïve. So trusting. He grinned as he turned on the radio and just drove south.

He didn't even bother to clean his hands, the blood soon got dry, and then it started to flake. He didn't notice it, as he was going over how to get the next item. The hope was taken care of, he would need the despair, however that would present some issues. However he had not been able to get the despair before. Now it was dangerous as Dean could still wreck the plan. He would need to make sure he went after Dean at the right time, Tsol even had the right way. There was only one thing that would make Dean break down. One thing. It was so simple yet complicated. It would be the crown work on the project.

Tsol closed his eyes, even though he was speeding. The pull from the soul was demanding his attention. It awaited his orders. Orders to steal the hope, and return back to the box, but not before it had sent the hunters on a ghost chase. He smiled as all the soul did, was wait for orders, and not even try and get out of it. It was too easy. He laughed as he opened his eyes in time to pull the SUC back into his own lane, as a truck honked at him. He laughed as he heard radio static, before it changed the canal without him even touching it. Highway to hell was on loud. It was what Tsol would call poetic justice. If only...

Christal was alone in the Impala. She had already found the tape. It was old, it had been hidden in the glove compartment. The tape was old. Dean had hidden it, it was from when he and Sammy had tried to make their own band, with cover numbers. They had sung their hearts out, in the middle of the night and the motel owner had been knocking down the door, when the complaints had started coming in. There was only this tape, where Dean and Sam had hoped for a break through. For a life change, even if Dean in the back of his head knew there was no way out.

Christal had put the tape in her jacket pocket. She sat on the back-seat when Bobby and Dean came out, they had just put fuel on the impala and used the rest-rooms. She looked haunted, she had barely said a word. She would start crying without explaining. Bobby looked tortured, yet he had no idea what to do to help Christal. However both Dean and Bobby knew they had to help a fellow hunter. She would rock back and forth, and without any warning go from sobbing to laughing. The laughs were even more creepy than the crying.

The only thing she did talk about was Ellen's bar. Something didn't feel right, the way she mentioned it, made the skin crawl on Bobby, seeing he knew she had never been there. Yet he felt the urgent need to go to Ellen at once. Something Dean didn't agree on. Which made Bobby more and more agitated. However it didn't help him one bit. Bobby called Ellen, and she told him to get his ass back, and not to take his eyes of Christal. Bobby told Dean they were heading north again. Dean frowned it would delay his search for Sammy. However he could not say no to the man that was more family than his own father.

In the distant Castiel looked at the impala passing him. The sadness in his face was showing. He could not hide his emotions anymore.

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