Just a short oneshot of our two favorite characters. Enjoy~

~_-_-_~Vacation Starts Now~_-_-_~

"So, this is Kanto.." Zoey took a deep breath, and sighed relaxingly.

She stood in the middle of the crowded airport, large crimson suitcases by her side. Being Sinnoh's top Coordinator, she could have brought butlers with her. But why would she do that if she wanted to get away from the glamorous life? Ever since she became top coordinator she hadn't really been free. Sure she get's to travel and such, but only for a limited time before being challenged or called in for conference meetings.

Due to this she decided to take a vacation, relax and have some fun. But not in Sinnoh, she needed something fresh, something new. That's when she thought of Kanto. Why Kanto you ask? It has that fresh natural smell, everlasting coolness and just feels so...welcoming. But all that aside, there's one other reason she came to this particular region...

"Hey, Zoey! Over here!"

She searched for the caller through the crowds. She turned around and through the crowds she spotted a familiar young man. He was flailing his arms randomly, even jumping a bit trying to obtain her attention. She smiled widely before running towards him forgetting all about her luggage, it's not like they're just gonna get up and leave.

"Brock!" She replied joyously before throwing herself into his arms, glomping him carelessly. Brock laughed returning the hug graciously. She couldn't help but laugh with him, breathing in his earthly scent. "I see you came,"

"Of course I came, why wouldn't I?" He joked. Zoey looked up and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. She giggled seeing him blush, no matter how tough he acts or mature he is- he's still Brock. The two pulled back from each other, but had their hands intertwined. "So you need help with the luggage?"

Zoey chuckled sheepishly, "Uh, yeah... that'll be really helpful."

Brock only smiled before leaning down, kissing her gently on the lips. "C'mon, let's get you settled in."