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" Isabel.." Kenny called. Isabel turned.

They were currently attending Troy's house party. Cars lined the lot surrounding his house which was perched in the woods. Music vibrated against the canopy of the trees, shaking down pine lines that rained down on Kenny and Isabel as they walked.

" Last time I checked," Kenny said, " I wasn't on Troy's best friend list."

" Relax Kenny," Isabel said sliding past a group of drunken classmates waving beer cans in the air.

She moved a little more into the crowd of dancing students, Kenny close behind until she reached the kitchen where wine coolers and fresh beers sat on the counter. She saw everyone but Troy, Duncan or Jenna. Which she knew couldn't be possible because all of Jenna's friends were here so she couldn't be that far off, and this was Troy's party so he had to be here as well.

Kenny took a wine cooler in his hand. " Cherry favored…nice." He popped the top off and took a sip. " These things are really good."

Giving the grinning Kenny a small smile Isabel continued to push her way through the crowd to the outside where the pool was. There were twice as many students there as inside. Girls and boys frolicked in the pool some wearing swimsuits and trucks, the majority in their boxers and underwear.
Sitting on the far side chugging down beers was Troy. Next to him was another girl Isabel knew from school. Standing Troy dived into the pool splashing water over the protesting girl. He swam to where Isabel stood.

" Yo."

" Hi," Isabel said. " Some party."

" See your brought the runt, here to teach him out to be a man?"

Isabel gave him her famous glare, " No. We came to check out your lame party, so far I'm not impressed."

" Ah. Girl got jokes." Troy replied pulling himself out of the pool. His eyes drifted down Isabel's body surveying what she wore. A black formal romper dress her mother had picked out for her and roman sandals. " That doesn't look like pool clothes to me."

I really need him to stop talking…Isabel thought at the same time she pulled the jersey she'd forgotten to give him out of her purse and handed it too him. He looked surprised.

" Over so soon?"

She nodded. All she needed was for her mother to find the jersey, that would open up another can of worms she didn't need right now. That and having the jersey made her think of the kiss they shared back in the nurses office, she didn't want to think about that right now.

All the while he was grinning.

" Well you know when a girl dumps me," Troy shouted loudly. Everyone stopped talking. He reached out much to Isabel's surprise and lifted her up. His wet skin plastered against her clothing like glue as he turned to the pool.

" What the fuck…Troy. Put me down."

" Can't do babe," he said still smiling. " I'm having a hard time hearing you over everyone's shouts."

Surely everyone was shouting, shouting that he should do it, throw her into the pool. Dump her like she dumped him, only how could she dump someone she never had. She pushed against him but he was stronger. She turned to Kenny who just stood dumbfound holding a wine cooler unsure what to do.

Then she looked up to the sliding glass doors. Standing there holding hands was Jenna and Duncan, staring at her and Troy. She gave one last pleading look before she was thrown over Troy's shoulder into the heated pool below.

Water rushed up her nose, filled her mouth. She flapped her arms helplessly and tried to get a footing on the ground, only to realize that he'd thrown her on the 8 foot side of the pool. Her lungs burned and she couldn't open her eyes against the pools heat or the chlorine.

If this was what drowning felt like, it was a hell of a lot better than seeing Duncan holding hands with Jenna.

Duncan and Jenna arrived to the party a little after seven. He didn't want to originally go, but Jenna insisted saying that to be the only one out of her friends to not attend would be social suicide. So here he was.

Although it was nice, seeing how he got to hold her hand, now that they were a couple, and she wanted to make their relationship public.

It was similar to the last party he attended, except this time there were more alcohol, teens in the corners making out and doing what ever else, dancing and shouting people. Mostly from the outside.

With this hearing through the loud music Duncan could make out " Do it. Do it. Dump her. Dump her."

Without meaning too he pulled Jenna forward, pushing past crowds of drunken teens to the sliding glass doors that led to the outside. Standing in front of him was Isabel and Troy. Troy held Isabel in his arms her feet off the ground, while she struggled and writhe in his arms.

She glanced up meeting Duncan's gaze, an emotion Duncan couldn't quite make out crossed her face before Troy threw her head first into the pool. She landed with a splash, Troy let out a loud laugh before hitting on his friends on the chest.

" She'll come out all angry and probably blame me for messing up her hair, I'll offer to help clean her up, then it's a straight shot to my room for beer and wine coolers."

" Hell yeah," his friend laughed as they clapped hands.

Duncan felt his fist starting to clench before he remembered he was still holding Jenna's hand.

Isabel still hadn't come up yet.

" Is she ok?" Jenna whispered mirroring his thoughts. " She hasn't come up yet."

Troy noticed too, but Duncan wasn't giving him the pleasure of touching her again. Ignoring his impulse to stand away from water, Duncan let go of Jenna and leapt into the pool.

Isabel crumbled herself into a ball beneath the water like a stone. Wasting no time Duncan grabbed at her wrist, her body moved on its own accord and it took Duncan a moment to register that someone else had her.

She was pulled up above the water. There was no gasp of air that registered she was still breathing.

Everyone was panicking now as she was pulled to the pool's edge Kenny pulled her over. Duncan leapt over the edge and ran to face Isabel who laid on the ground eyes closed, mouth slightly ajar.

Jenna placed a ear to her still chest. " She's not breathing. We might have to perform CPR."

" Do you know how to do that?" Duncan asked his hand behind Isabel's head.

" Yes," Jenna said placing her hands on Isabel's chest on of the over and crossing the fingers. " Can you do that Duncan?"

He mimicked her gesture.

" Ok. When I say so push against her chest in a steady rhyme, not to hard that your hurt her but not too soft either." Jenna said. She was using her calm commanding voice that he often heard at speeches she gave to the student body. She had the situation under control. And he'd seen this done in movies countless times, he had it under control.

Pinching Isabel's nose between two fingers Jenna placed her lips on Isabel's and exhaled, twice. " Ok. Duncan."

He pushed against her chest, counting to five before Jenna repeated, and he pressed again. Jenna was about to repeat when Isabel coughed spitting water from her nose and mouth.

Kenny sighed in relief, Jenna smiled. It was Duncan who found himself the most at ends. Standing he attacked Troy head on taking his neck in his hands and slamming him against the pool house.

" What the fuck were you thinking? Isabel could have drowned."

He felt his other side coming through, the kaiju side. He felt the threat of horns against his forehead, fire in his lungs, his skin toughening. He was angry and wanted to hurt Troy like he'd hurt Isabel.

" How the fuck was I supposed to know she can't swim," Troy stuttered. He knew it was probably too extreme but he wanted to tear Troy's throat out, and burn the body. It was the kaiju in him, and for once he didn't mind it.

" Duncan!" It was Jenna who broke his horrific train of thought. He turned to her fire in his eyes, she flinched slightly then held his gaze with her piercing blue eyes. Troy fell from his fingertips, but Duncan could tell he was no longer afraid of him. A woman stood over them, hands on her hips, behind her Troy's Dad. One guess told him it was Troy's mother, and the party was officially over.

" You guys can take her upstairs to the guest room," his mom said. Lifting Isabel Duncan followed her directions walking up the stairs to the guest room, leaving everyone else behind, even his new girlfriend Jenna.

" I had this really weird dream I was making out with Jenna," were Isabel's first words as she sat up.

" Careful," Duncan said helping her up. Without thinking Isabel pushed his hands away.

" What happened?"

" Troy," Duncan growled. " He threw you in the pool. You can't swim, you almost drowned."

" I can swim," Isabel rebuked holding her now aching head. " I don't know what happened…I…wait did you save me?"

" Yeah, me and some other guy, I don't know who he was." Duncan said. " Bottom line, Troy almost killed you."

" Almost," Isabel said gruffly. She was angry, not at Troy, it was his job to be a life threatening jerk after all. No she was angry at Duncan. She wanted to push him out of his chair and scream at him. But that wouldn't be cool, calm and collected Isabel. Instead she focused on her hands. " It's not a big deal."

That seemed to make him angry because he was up in that instant. " Everyone was freaking out, even Jenna was worried."
Isabel opened her mouth to comment on how much she appreciated Jenna worrying about her, sarcastic tone intended of course, but the door opening interrupted her.

Kenny walked in first, followed by Jenna, her mom and another guy Isabel didn't recognize.

" My sweet filha!" Isabel's Mom said running her fingers over Isabel's forehead. " You almost drowned."

Isabel rolled her eyes, leave it to her own mother to state the obvious.

" I thought you could swim," her mom continued. " All those swimming lessons your Pai took you too-"

" I can swim mãe," Isabel said. "I just-"

I just what…she thought peering down at her hands again. There was a sharp silence then before Jenna cut through it.

" We're just really happy you are alright. You are alright? Right?"

Isabel nodded. " Apparently you guys saved me."

" We can't take all the credit, as a matter of fact," Jenna said grabbing the arm of the guy Isabel didn't recognize and pulling him forward. " He was the one who pulled you out, he answered the call before any of us could."

The guy stepped forward. He was paler than Kenny, his skin almost white in comparison. His hair black the ends dyed red, it was long and put in a pony tail that trailed down his back. His face was sharp and angled, his cheekbones high. Almost black eyes stared down at Isabel, thin lips spread into a smile. He was pretty in a manly way, that made Isabel slightly uncomfortable.

His hand went to the back of his head. " I couldn't just let it happen," he said shyly. His voice was soft too, like wind. Isabel found herself staring. " You were in trouble, so I helped."

Isabel's Mom claimed a firm hand on his shoulder, her brown eyes burning into his. She wasn't smiling. " And I thank you," she said. " I think all of you. Now I will take my little filha and go home, she is very tired. Very tired."

She let him go and turned to Isabel who was happy for once for her mother's ridiculous way of handling things. The situation had gone way out of hand and she didn't want anyone else questioning her ability to swim. Bottom line was she had at that moment wanted to drown, because drowning seemed a better option than living to see Duncan and Jenna.

She pushed her legs over the side of the bed and tried to stand. All her strength seemed to evaporate then because she collapsed. Hands shot out and supported her. Two on both her arms, one on her shoulder. When she looked up Kenny, Duncan and the long haired guy were supporting her. Duncan had one arm, the guy the other, Kenny her shoulder.

" I got her," they all said at the same time.

Under normal circumstances Isabel would have felt special, but these weren't normal circumstances and her head felt like it was going to explode.

" It only takes one of you," Jenna said softly. That was her way of telling Duncan to back off, but he was wasn't listening. She placed her hand on his arm holding it. He pulled back slowly.

" I have her," the guy said lifting Isabel before anyone could say anything. He carried her down the stairs past where Troy sat his head bowed while she parents lectured him, to her mother's car. In those few short moments it took to move her from one place to the next Isabel wanted to comment on her ability to make it down the stairs herself, or the fact that his black jacket buttons were digging into the soft flesh of her arms. But no words would come out, in fact no words came out until he'd put her in the car and shut the door.

" Who are you?" She said.

A smile tugged at his lips before he turned and walked in the opposite direction.

" If you don't like her, then you should tell her," Jenna said once she was halfway to her house with Duncan.

" What are you talking about, I don't like Isabel."

" I think you do like her," Jenna replied. " I think you do, and you should tell her."

His hand tightened around hers. How could she think something like that? Isabel was his friend, nothing more, nothing less." I said I don't."

" The way you held her, threw yourself after her. Attacked Troy. I noticed Duncan. And when you were in the room with her-" her words were sliced by the feel of Duncan's lips on hers.

It was over as soon as it started. Duncan turned, rubbing the back of his head. " There's no other girls, ok." He said. His mouth tingled where he'd pecked Jenna's. It wasn't even a real kiss, but his heart was about to burst out of his plated chest. " I was just really worried about her. I mean she was the only person to really talk to me the first day of school, which makes her like a really good friend, so of course I would be worried about her…" He was rambling now because he was nervous, scared about how Jenna felt about kissing someone like him. Even through she'd given him full permission. He wasn't like normal guys, his skin wasn't as soft, even the skin on his lips. Maybe she was grossed out.

" I understand," Jenna said softly.

Duncan turned then. " Really?"

" Yeah. I shouldn't be jealous, silly me." She slapped her palm against her own head.
" She really was in trouble, I should be accusing you that. If anything I should be happy you're so caring."

" Y-yeah," Duncan agreed. " So should we get you home."

" Lead the way Knight in shining armor," Jenna said curtsying a rueful small smile on her lips.

Concern…right. That's all it was, I don't like Isabel. There's no way I can like her. She's Isabel. Duncan thought to himself as he walked ahead, hands in his pockets. Even so…who was that guy? And why did I feel so angry when he carried Isabel away?

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