A sharp siring pain struck my stomach; I froze tight as stone grasping at my stomach. The pain was unbelievably unbearable. I wasn't able to breathe it just made the pain ten times worse. My eyes were pinched tight, tighter then when I jumped off the bleachers in the high school gym a few years back.

The thought about that whole night made me cringe making the pain worst. That night was one of the worst nights of my life; something I hope will never have to be brought up ever again.

Patch and I were sitting on the couch watching TV after our one o'clock lunch. My legs had been flung on top of his as I stretched out on the couch. Patch was ruby my feet when the pain struck. He didn't say anything he just waited till it passed. My hands were balled into fist so tight I could swear blood had started appearing.

The pain settled down letting me breathe. My head felt heavy for a few seconds as I let out a long thick breath. I opened my eyes, my vision was a bit foggy but blinking a few times took care of that.

I looked up at Patch who looked laid back and calm but in his dark endless eyes you could see the panic accelerating with every silent passing second.

"I'll be okay." He raised his eyebrows not convinced. "It's my job to take care of you as your guardian and fiancé." I gave a soft smile at the word fiancé.

I still couldn't believe that he had asked me to marry him. He was so romantic purposing too, something he doesn't do to often.

He had rented out a nice small yacht strung with lights covering every inch of the boat. We had dinner and talked. He looked extremely nervous; I had never seen him like that and it scared me.

When the yacht stopped he had walked me to the top floor showing the twinkling stars and the huge bright white moon. I was amazed with the scenery that I hadn't realized that he had dropped to one knee.

"I love you." he said catching my attention, I turned around to see him on one knee. He pulled out a small velvet box out of his jacket pocket and opened it. In side was a beautiful small white gold diamond ring. "I love you too, but," I paused. "Patch I'm too young."

He stood up laying his hands around my waist. "Nora, just because you say yes it doesn't mean that we have to get married right away." He looked down, deep into my eyes as if to hypnotize me. And that's exactly what his eyes did to me.

He bent back down on one knee and opened the little box again. "Nora Grey will you marry me?" I wasn't sure what to say. Yes I love him, yes I will always love him, and he was right we didn't have to get married right away. I smiled "Yes."

I could only imagine what my mother would think, or Vee. She didn't like Patch before, but after Rixon she hated him.

She was immensely pissed with Patch for setting them up. She said that it was stupid to think that a friend of Patch's wouldn't be just like him. Especially since he listened and did every single thing Patch asked of him. She thinks that he had skipped town after a bad gamble instead of being sent to hell by Patch.

Patch stood up smiling, showing his perfect white teeth. He looked at me as he took the ring out of the little box and placed it on my finger. I leaned in and kissed him hard still smiling.

"Come on Nora were going to the hospital." Patch got up off the couch picking my legs up gently and placing them down on the ground. I shook my head. "Sit back down." I patted the couch where he was just sitting. "I'll be fine the contractions aren't that far apart and it was just a little pain."

He kneeled down placing his hands on my knees. "Nora that wasn't just a little pain, breathing hurt. Don't you want pain medication?" I shook my head again. "Why not?" His voice was soft and comforting as he stroked my cheek.

I could feel the tears swelling up in my eyes I blinked and one fell. I looked down at Patch's hands on my knees. "Angel?" I sniffled looking up at him. "I'm scared."

He sat down next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I buried my head in his warm chest. I could still smell the summer sun lingering in his clothes. "There's no need to be, as long as I'm around nothing will ever happen to you."

I was softly crying in his chest when another searing pain hit. I dug my self harder into his chest waiting for the pain to past. I wasn't breathing again. That was it for Patch. "I'm not fighting with you; you are going to the hospital." I nodded my head slowly as the pain started to fade.

I lifted my head from Patch as he stood up. I held his hand out for me to take. I grabbed it and he pulled me up.

It took us a few minutes to get to his jeep. Once I was in he ran back to the house for the bag. Patch threw it in the back seat and started the engine.

We hit the first read light and another contraction hit. I grabbed Patch's arm clasping it immensely tight. I would have felt bad that I was hurting him but he didn't feel it.

I hated the fact that he couldn't feel my touch but at curtain times it came in handy. The mood swings can get pretty nasty. I remember when I told him I was pregnant.

He was so happy he was laughing and smiling. I didn't want it I knew I was too young. I got pissed and started hitting him telling him that we weren't keeping it. I told him that I had plains for my life. I threw a major fit.

He won of course, he convinced me. "Don't you want to have a baby with me, have a family, a beautiful house?" he asked and that's all it took. I hated my self for the way I acted, he said it didn't matter he understood why I had the reaction I had; of course that didn't really make me feel any better.

The pain subsided and I let got of Patch and leaned my head against the back of the seat. "I need to call my mother." Patch dug his cell phone out of his pant pocket and handed it to me. "Don't forget Vee." He said raising his eyebrows.

If I didn't call Vee she would never forgive me. We hadn't asked her yet but Patch and I wanted Vee to be the baby's godmother.

I dialed my mother's number. She didn't pick up, "she must be with him." I thought. It was tough to think of her with him, but I knew she loved him.

I left a voice main "Mom, Patch and I are on the way to the hospital. Come as soon as you get this." I said and hung up.

Next I dialed Vee's number, knowing it by heart. Ever since I got pregnant she called twenty four/seven either that or I was calling her. This pregnancy came with a lot of cravings, she always helped graciously. "Hello babe." I was breathing heavy and fast I could feel another contraction coming. "Oh my gosh, are you in labor?" I nodded my head as if she could see.

I felt a little pain hit my stomach. I wasn't too bad I was able to breathe but it hurt. Patch took the phone from my shaking hand. "Vee meet us at the hospital." I heard her scream at the other end. Patch pulled it away from his ear. Once Vee stopped screaming he put it back to his ear then hung the phone up and stuffed it back in his pocket. "She's not excited." I gave him a tough smile.

"Hey Patch?" he turned onto the empty highway. "Yah?" I grabbed his arm again. "When we get to the hospital make sure I get the drugs right away. There's know way…" I paused with another pain in my stomach. I let out a hard breath, "in hell that I'm sitting in the waiting room to wait for anybody." He smiled. "Don't worry, you'll get the drugs." I let out a breath as the pain eased away.