Taste More Tears

Chapter 1

Start New, Suoh

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A/N- Yea so I lied, again. This story is a retelling of Following His Footsteps, sorta. This takes place during the two years Tamaki is in New York and will be either 1st or 3rd person from his perspective throughout. More information at end of chapter. Hope you enjoy.
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Tamaki stepped into the limo with his father. This was it, he was going to America, New York, to run his family's business.
"Are you absolutely sure about this?"
"Yes father there is not a single doubt in my mind that this is what has to be done to set things straight."
"Very well then." He told the driver to go.

Dear Kyouya,

If you haven't already guessed I've left for America with my father. Don't bother looking for me for even I don't know where I'm going exactly. In order to set things right again I have to do this. But you see this time is different, for I'm not doing this for my grandmother I'm doing this for you. I want you to go get your future, the one you have dreamt of for years. I'm okay now, I found what I was looking for all this time and that was you. You're the person I was searching for and I can be happy for the rest of my days knowing I got to experience it. My house is now yours so you don't have to look for one anymore and the staff is there for you as well. Antoinette likes you so please be kind to her. Kyouya, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I hope you live your life exactly as you dreamed. You have brought me back my smile and so now I can move to America with that and our memories, making the most of my time there. I hope you can too. May you marry someone who captures your heart and helps you reach for your dreams. Best Wishes.

I love you Forever and Always.

Tamaki Suoh

The trip had been nice, extremely long but nice. Spending time talking with his father helped the time move as well. He was really hoping that he would be able to spend the time in America with his father. Maybe they could make up the time they lost when he was still growing up in France. He always wanted to be closer to his father when he was growing up and while he was in the hospital his dad did tell him he would be around more.

Tamaki stood at the airport taking in all that was around him. He was finally here in New York, the melting pot as he heard. The city of dreams, there was so much to do and see he would have a lot of fun here he was sure of it. Following his father they walked to the waiting car where their two bags were loaded and they headed off to his new home. His new beginning, the new chapter of his life, whatever he called it it didn't matter. All that did was that he was excited and ready.

Stepping out of their limo he stretched, his legs were stiff from the long drive. He never realized he wasn't staying in New York City until they left it. The house he was staring at was huge and right in front of the water; he could hear it from where he was standing.
"This is the Hamptons and contains some of the nicest houses in the states. You should find the area will create the same atmosphere as back in Japan. The people are not Japanese but they are of the same social class so you won't feel out of place."
Tamaki only partially heard his father as he walked around the yard. The property was quite nice, large and spacious yard, two large oak trees in the front for a nice symmetry, the coble front walk, he could enjoy being here so far. Walking around and through the gate he saw the backyard. A nice patio and willow tree provided a nice amount of shade in the corner. Carefully he stepped closer to see the ocean, the view was gorgeous. Sure he had seen the ocean in Japan but never up on the cliff like this. He was surprised to not see a fence here though, since it was so high up, someone could get hurt.
"Tamaki can you come inside for a moment?" Turning around he forced his eyes away from the view. Something told him he would be back to stare at it later.

The inside was just as beautiful he felt. Dark red wallpaper in the hall made it seem so private and intimate. The more he walked down it though the more he decided that he needed to add something to them. The walls were just too bare.
"In here is the kitchen, the cook wants to meet you and know what your favorite dishes are." Following his father he stepped into the kitchen where if it didn't smell fantastic from something baking he would have sworn it was a hospital room. White tile walls and white ceramic floors looked good but it almost seemed out of place. It was probably since the hallway had been much darker.
"Ah Master Tamaki, welcome to America. I hope you enjoy my cooking. I just baked cookies for you since I do not yet know what you would like."
"I eat practically anything so whatever you think would be good is fine. I do want to try lots of American dishes so if that helps you any. With that being said I will have a cookie, what are they?"
"Chocolate chip."
"Mr. Williams, I believe this will be the start of a great friendship." Reaching over he took one off the plate. They tasted rich and were still warm; maybe he would really be okay here.

After getting the grand tour and seeing his new bedroom he walked downstairs into the living room. He noticed the room had two bay windows that held beautiful views of the ocean. Actually most windows here were bay to show off the water. His room held two, his study held one. Passing up the couch with his father he went to sit on the window.
"Are you okay being here Tamaki?"
"I am, I hope Kyouya can find happiness and achieve his dreams this way."
"Please don't tell me you only came here for him. What about you want? Your happiness is just as important, if not more as anyone else's."
"I am happy so long as he is. I really don't see this as a bad choice. America is supposed to be a country filled with culture and New York City alone is a world known city. I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun here."
"I really hope so Tamaki. I don't want you to fall ill again."
"I won't, I learned my lesson the first time father. So when do I start school?"
"You start Monday so that gives you the rest of today and tomorrow to settle in. You'll be attending Ross School which is the best school in the area. Its uniform is already in your closet."
"I hope it doesn't look stupid."
"If I remember correctly it's a navy shirt and tan pants."
"That's not so bad I guess. Do you think next weekend we could go into the city, maybe see where this new school is going? I've always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty as well."
"Tamaki, I hate to tell you this but I have to fly back to Japan on Monday."
"But, I thought you came here on business?"
"I did and it's on Monday, I leave right after. Your grandmother needs me back in Japan sooner than expected so my trip here was cut short."
"Oh, I see." Moving his head he stared out towards the water, the sun was starting to set. He had never seen the sunset look so pretty before.
"When will you be coming back?"
"Not for awhile."
"Oh." Resting his head back he felt saddened knowing he would be alone here just like back in Japan and growing up in France. He needed to stop dreaming that his father wasn't an important person and could spend time with him.
"I'm sorry Tamaki. If you need me I'll fly back. Will you be okay here?"
"Yea, I'm sure once I start school and meet my classmates I'll be able to hang out with them. Maybe tour the city with them." Looking back at his father he smiled, he could do this he was certain of it. This was a new country after all and so the demons of his past were left in Japan.
"If things become difficult call me and I'll step in to help. It's just that your grandmother really wants me back in Japan and I don't want her to come down on you if I stay. But after saying that I want you to know that you are my son, and I love you. I don't want you to have a repeat of Japan."
"I promise dad that won't happen. I'll never let that happen to me again. So if you have to leave come Monday then go and don't worry about me. I'll be fine; I'm used to this by now, really." Looking down he grabbed his wrist gently. Under the bandages were his scars, his consent reminder of what he did. He had promised Kyouya he would stop and he planned to forever hold that promise. Even if they were miles apart he wouldn't let him down.
"Can I redecorate a little?"
"This place is yours so do as you like. I know you still have hand problems but a piano is coming in a few days. I thought it would be good to help you until a therapist can be hired for you."
"Sounds nice." He wasn't sure if he could play anymore but having the option to was nice.
"Since you have to fly back on Monday can we check out the area around here tomorrow?"

Tamaki walked into his room to grab his laptop. Sitting on the window he let it load, he couldn't get over this view.
"I wonder if Kyouya has ever seen a view like this?" *Kyouya* Opening his e-mail he deleted the spam and opened a new mail. Staring at the blinking cursor he tried to get his fingers to move on the keys. Did he really want to contact Kyouya though? Tell him that so far he liked America? He did want Kyouya to move on so maybe this wasn't a good idea. Looking around he saw his back pack that he brought with him when he moved. Closing his laptop he got off the window. He hadn't brought much over from Japan. Just a few books and a picture, a picture he treasured just as much as the person it held. It was the first one he ever took with Kyouya. He felt a ping of pain in his chest, this must be the pain of love.
"There is no turning back now, because I love you I will leave you so you can achieve a dream. A dream you had since before you met me. We'll move on together even though we are far apart." Putting the picture on his nightstand he moved under his covers for bed.

Sunday seemed to go by too fast. Knowing his father was leaving sometime tomorrow he wanted the day to last a little longer. Heading to the shops he found an antique store that held many French and Japanese replicas as well as original. His favorite thing was an old samurai sword but that wasn't being delivered until later in the week. He already had a place for it, on the wall next to the door in his office. It would be perfect there.
"Master Tamaki this package just arrived for you."
Carefully looking behind him on the latter he saw the housekeeper, Ms. Smith holding a box. Finishing to hang what he held he jumped down to take the box from her.
"Oh wow this is heavier than I thought; sorry for making you hold it." He liked Ms. Smith she was older for her hair was turning grey but she wasn't as old as Shima was. If he had to guess her age he would say mid to late fifties.
"Sir, I can decorate for you if you'd like." He put the box on the floor and started to open it curious as to what it was. He already knew normal mail wasn't delivered on Sundays.
"Nah it's fine. Believe it or not but I really enjoy doing it myself. Sweet my school books are here. Good I was getting concerned. Look at all of these, math, science, history, French…ha-ha easy A for me, English. Nothing too bad it seems."
"Calculus, Chemistry, American History. Your good in math and science sir?"
"I'm better in math than science though I've had A's in both back in Japan. You know the school system here right? I was in my second year of High school back in Japan so that makes me what here? America has four years of high school but there are three in Japan."
"My guess would be a junior since the four levels are freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. Since you were in the second to last year then you should be in your second to last here as well. But, realize something sir, they may make you a sophomore so you are there longer. You know so they get more money from you."
"Guess I'll find out tomorrow then."
Picking up his books he brought them into his room and threw them on the bed to go back to adding things to the walls.

"Tamaki are you okay with this? If you want you can fly back to Japan and your grandmother will be none the wiser."
"I'll be fine father; believe it or not I'm used to new schools and first days. The only thing I don't like right now is this uniform. I mean the colors are stupid and I look dumb. The French and Japanese ideas for blazers are much better."
Yuzuru started laughing, he was glad the uniform was the only thing Tamaki disliked at the moment. He was still scared that this was all too much for him right now. He had only been released from the hospital from cutting himself only a few days to a week ago. He also didn't like the fact that he had to fly back to Japan so soon, but Tamaki was smiling and joking. Maybe they were past his depression. Perhaps his moving would get him past whatever demons he had back in Japan.
"What time is your flight?"
"At seven, I am heading to the airport right after my meeting. So, I hope you have a great first day. The school is one of the best and offers a lot so you should find something that interests you."
"Father, please stop worrying I am not a child anymore. Go back to Japan without worrying about me. You did it when I moved from France."
"Yes but look where it got you."
Tamaki looked down and covered his wrist with the bandages he still had on. It hadn't been in a splint for a while now but he liked having the bandages on especially for today.
"It wasn't from that. It has nothing to do with you."
"You never did tell me how it happened."
"I gotta get to school, I looked into it last night and noticed it isn't that close. Have a safe flight father." Picking his back pack up he walked past his father and out the door.
"Tamaki!" He went unheard as the door shut on him. Yuzuru stood there watching his son leave. He figured Tamaki would never tell him what caused him to start cutting himself. Something told him he would never know. Obviously Tamaki didn't want to talk about it but was it really healthy to keep it locked away?

As the car pulled away from the house Tamaki rested his head on the window. Moving the white bandage strips he stared at his slowly forming scars, the memories of how they came to be resurfaced.
"Because, I searched for love and acceptance in a life that forbids it, for being unwilling to show the pain of lies to ones I love. But that was then and this is now and will never let that happen again. For you Kyouya because you got me to smile again."

The car pulled up to the campus, at first Tamaki thought they pulled up to the wrong school. It reminded him of a university back home not a high school. Though he did only know of Ouran and it did hold a University on it. The front of the building jutted out as a circle where students used as the main entrance and exit. Some were talking to their friends before they had to go in.
"Have a good day sir."
"…Thanks…" Getting out he stood there taking it all in, trying to get the butterflies in his stomach to go away. His driver couldn't closer the car door as long as he stood there.
*I can do this, I have to, there is no turning back now.* Taking a giant breathe and tightening the grip on his back pack strap he walked to the front doors.

Okay so he was nervous and he was ready to see people staring at him but he must have been paranoid. He felt like all eyes were on him as soon as he walked in. Seeing that the main office was down the hall he ran to it. The eyes were starting to burn him.
"Can we help you sir?"
Looking up from the floor while he tried to breath he noticed the secretaries were staring at him but they were smiling, welcoming him.
"You must be the new student, Tamaki Suoh correct? Did I say it right?"
"Yes, yes I am." Smiling back he walked to the long counter where the two worked it looked like.
"What do you think of the area? Have you had time to explore the town?"
"Just a little."
"Well I'm sure your classmates will help show you around. Here is a schedule and map of the building. Also, here is a list of all the clubs and teams we offer. Would you like one of us to show you to your homeroom?"
"If it's not too much trouble." He was going to decline the offer but the school was a lot bigger than he thought it would be and he wasn't in the mood to get lost trying to find his homeroom.
"Right this way then, don't want to be late on your first day."
It was easier then he thought it would be to get to his homeroom. Had he not been so nervous he could have probably found it on his own. The secretary introduced him to the teacher who half smiled and pointed him to his seat. Trying to ignore the stares on his back he noticed that all of his classes were in different rooms. That would take some getting used to, in Japan he would stay in one room for all of his classes expect gym of course. Unsure what was going on he followed what the class was doing. They all stood up and covered their hearts, okay so they were respecting their country. But what were they saying? He would have to ask someone later.

Hearing the bell ringing he grabbed his things and followed the others out of the room. That must be the bell for first period. Holding his map and class hand he tried to figure out where to go. A part of him had hoped that one of his classmates in his homeroom would have helped him but no one said a word to him. Maybe it would be different in his first class? Which was American History, if he ever found where that was. Well, at least he could ask the teacher about what they did in homeroom.

Walking in he noticed most of the seats were full. As he went to the teacher he heard a few guys snicker. There was no way it could be towards him could it? He didn't even know anyone yet. It was probably just a coincidence that's all, yea that was it, he was just nervous and worrying over nothing. A few girls started laughing as they tried to get the guys to stop. Suddenly he just wanted to sit in the back of the room, or leave. His insides were telling him to stay away from the front of the class at the very least. Getting his seat in the middle of the third row he kept his head down as he walked past the guys he heard the snickering from just before. Trying to avoid them he didn't see one of them stick his foot out to trip him. Stumbling, his backpack fell off his shoulder and onto the girl's desk behind the guy that tripped him.
"It's okay, no harm done."
"No it's not okay, watch where you are going. Fag."
*Fag?* Tamaki didn't know what he said, he never heard that word before.
"It's fine Daniel chill. If you hadn't tripped him nothing would have happened."
"You stay out of this."
"Look I'm sorry, I'll be more careful from now on I promise."
"Yea you better."
Taking his seat he wished he didn't have to be sitting next to them. The girl seemed okay but that guy, Daniel was it, seemed to give him a bad vibe. For the entire class Tamaki was tense as he tried to follow what the teacher was saying. He could tell Daniel was watching him in the corner of his eye. He would have to stay clear of him it seemed.

When the bell rang he waited until he left before getting up. Daniel ran out with his friends and the girl from earlier once the bell went off. Leaving last he slowly walked out of the room, trying to make sure he didn't bump into anyone while he tried to figure out his next class. He looked around as he heard his name.
"It's Tamaki right?" Looking over he saw the girl from before.
"Sorry about Daniel, he can be overprotective of me sometimes. The name is Rose by the way."
"Don't worry about it, no harm done right? And Rose is a beautiful name, the pleasure is mine."
The two walked down the hall together. Rose was a sweet girl. Tamaki couldn't figure out how she could be with Daniel.
"Well this is where we part ways. See you tomorrow I guess since it doesn't look like we have another class together."
"Thanks again for helping me. See you tomorrow."

Looking at the class as he walked to his Chemistry teacher he noticed Daniel wasn't here. That was good. Maybe he wouldn't see him any more for the day. Rose was the only person that talked to him for the first half of the day and he learned that he hated the fact that he had to eat lunch in the cafeteria. Only students who lived in the housing on campus were allowed to leave the building. Not knowing anyone yet really sucked, why couldn't Rose be here? Looking for a spot to sit his heart jumped for joy seeing Rose at a table until Daniel came up behind her. Quickly walking in the opposite direction he sat at the edge of some table. No one was near him giving him half the table to himself which wasn't helping him learn people but this should keep Daniel and his friends away. They really scared him; just something about them didn't sit right.

Having French as his last class made the day ten times better. He could tune out and still understand what was going on. It was hard to decide how he liked school. Everyone seemed to treat him like some alien, even the teachers barely spoke to him. He spoke English pretty well for he had no trouble understanding them so it wasn't that. Maybe it was American culture and he just had to get used to it. Deciding to just forget about it he went into his study once he got home to start his homework.
"Tamaki sir, dinner's ready."
Lifting his head from focusing on his textbooks he stretched as he saw Ms. Smith in the doorway. This worked he needed a break anyway. As he followed her downstairs he asked her about what the class recited in homeroom.
"Sounds like the pledge of allegiance to me. Do you need me to teach it to you after dinner?"
"If you could I would be grateful." He was going to ask her about the word he didn't understand before. The one Daniel said, but he didn't remember it what it was.

The second day of school wasn't much different from the first but he did get to speak to his father afterwards. He was glad to hear that his flight went smoothly.
"How is the school?"
"It will take some getting used to. It's very different from what I know."
"Have you talked to any of your classmates?"
"One of them is kind to me, though her boyfriend is extremely protective and easily jealous so it's hard to talk to her when he is around."
"Well it's only the second day I'm sure you'll meet more soon."
"I know; I'm not worried." *Though I'm really starting to miss Kyouya and the others.*


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