Heyy guys this is a new story i'm doing :D Its called 52 weeks in the life of Jecker because this is the story around Jecker and there will be one chapter for every week of the year. This does not mean that I will upload a chapter once a week. Sometimes you may get two :D its just that the story is set in a year :D I'm sorry if theres a similar story to this on here but i haven't seen one :D

Week 1:

Jess' POV

I ran over to the Stretcher that was carrying Becker into the ARCS hospital ward. I nearly screamed when I saw him. Blood covered every inch of his body and he was as white as a sheet. Abby came over to me and put her arm around me.

"Don't worry about him" Abby said. "He only got knocked unconscious; most of the blood isn't his"

"But… But he looks so pale, people shouldn't be that pale should they?" I asked relived that the blood wasn't his, but I still couldn't help being extremely worried about him.

"Many people go like that when they get knocked out, trust me I've seen it a few times. He was extremely lucky"

I just nod trying to show my appreciation for Abbys words. I was feeling slightly better, but I couldn't help being worried. I sat down next to Beckers bed and placed my warm Pink hand inside his Cold blue one. The contrast in color was scary to look at and the feel of his hand in mine was actually making me shiver. But I didn't pull away. If his hand was making me cold, then mine was making his warm and I wanted to do everything I could to help. I leaned back on my chair and closed my eyes determined that I would still be in the same place when he woke up.


"Jess" a small voice murmured. I woke from my sleep and opened my eyes immediately looking at Becker. His eyes were only just open but his skin was pinker that it had been before.

"Hey" I said smiling at him, squeezing his hand harder.

"What happened" he gently asked his voice hard to understand.

"You got hit by a raptor that came through. You were lucky it didn't kill you! Matt saved your life!"

"I'm meant to save his life, not the other way round. I was weak, I shouldn't have let it come that close to me" Becker murmured trying to sit up.

"Stop blaming yourself. You saved peoples lives and someone saved yours. You did the right thing." I replied trying to get him to understand that no one was ashamed of him.

He was about to reply when the doors swung open, the doctor walked in and we broke apart almost instantly. The doctor gave us a small smile and checked out Beckers charts.

"You're doing well, you can go home tonight if you'd like" he smiled at Becker. "However if you do go tonight I would like someone to stay with you for a week. That's one nasty bump on your head and I don't want anything to happen"

Becker looked around. I looked at his face, it was obvious that he wanted to go home, but I didn't think he had anyone who could stay with him for a week.

"What's my other option" He asked, but before the doctor could answer I interrupted.

"Obviously its not my choice" I began "But Becker can stay at mine for the week. Since Abby and Connor moved out its been rather lonely and I could do with a familiar face around" I looked at him and smiled. The doctor looked at Becker waiting for his reply then.

"Fine. Jess' house it is." He said. I was taken aback by his voice but when he winked at me I realized he was just embarrassed that his dignity might be hurt if he sounded soft.

Typical bloke.

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