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Week 14.

She sat on the sofa reading one of her 'girly' magazines, and he sat down next to her, placing a small kiss on her cheek.

"Hey" She said smiling at him. "What was that for?"

"For you being the best girlfriend in the world" He replied grinning.

"That has got to be the cheesiest thing I have ever heard" She said giggling before noticing the look on his face. "Cheesy, but very romantic, although I do feel you might be a little biased"

"Me, Biased? Never. I only speak the truth" He replied, smiling, but with a look of seriousness behind his eyes. She blushed and looked back to her magazine a permanent grin set on her face. "What aren't you going to tell me I'm the best boyfriend in the word" He mockingly asked her, a pretend look of sadness on his face.

"I was bought up to never tell lies" She replied winking, and he pretended to look sad before grabbing her magazine. "Hey! I was reading that!"

"Well I was bought up to live up to expectations, and seeing as you think I'm such a bad boyfriend, I'll have to live up to it" He said grinning at her. This was going to be fun.


An hour later and Becker was still going along with being a 'bad boyfriend.' So far he had refused to make her a cup of tea, put the football on really loudly, screwed up all of her clothes on the floor, and had completely ignored everything she was saying with replies of 'is it pub time yet' or 'get back to the kitchen'. He could tell he was starting to annoy her, but he wasn't going to stop yet. She had to beg for him to stop, before he would take any notice.

What he didn't know of course, was what Jess was plotting in her own head. Becker was starting to get on her nerves, but she wouldn't give in. Instead she'd make him give in. Play him at his own game, see how he liked it.

Her moment came when Becker put the TV on really loudly, as the rugby came on. She skipped into their bedroom, and grabbed her radio before pushing up the volume and putting on a really loud dance track on. She heard the TV go up even louder, so she in turn turned up the radio. This continued until Jess realised that her radio was on full volume. Silently she exited the room, and ran hidden into the living room, where she found the plug socket and pulled out the TV plug. She covered her mouth as she began to laugh as she saw Becker look around confused. She quickly ran back into the bedroom and pretended to be dancing around the room.

"Jess?" She heard a voice call from the doorway.

"Yes darling?" She asked him, turning down the radio.

"The TV's stopped working! I checked everything and I can't work out what the problem is! You're the technical one, can't you sort it out?"

"I thought I was only useful for the kitchen?" She asked resisting the urge to laugh.

Becker was conflicted. On one hand, if he gave in now he would have lost, but if he didn't then he would miss the rugby. Well there was only one thing for it. "Jess I'm sorry that I said that. You're the best women in this whole wide world, and I Hilary Becker love you. You are so much more than just 'useful for the kitchen.' I mean you work for a secret government organization, so you must be clever, and you're beautiful, and you're probably right that I'm not the best boyfriend in the world because I'm crap. I'm sorry" He said, knowing that he had just lost, but also knowing that what he said would probably make her happy.

What Becker didn't expect her to do was laugh. And that was exactly what she did do. She laughed so hard that she had tears running down her eyes. "Have I missed something?" Becker asked nervously, concerned for his girlfriends well being.

All this statement did was make Jess laugh harder, but eventually she managed to breathe and calm down enough to compose a sentence. "Check…Check the plug" She murmured before going into fits of laughter once more. She saw Becker check the plug in the room, so she shook her head and pointed to the other room, where he proceeded to walk into. Jess wiped the tears away from her eyes, but as Becker stormed back into the room, with the look of the realization of the trap he had fallen into, she just started laughing again.

Becker was annoyed. How had he not checked the plug? He'd fallen into her trap, and said everything she wanted to hear. Well that was it he thought. No more nice guy, and with that he dived on her and pushed her onto the bed behind them, being careful not to hurt her. She gave him a confused look, and he winked at her before starting to tickle her.

"No…no Becker stop!" Jess squealed beneath him. She started laughing again the tickling getting her so much that it hurt to laugh anymore. "Okay! I admit it you're the best boyfriend in the world" She squealed and he instantly stopped tickling her.

"Now was that just to stop me ticking you, or you being serious?" He asked teasing her.

She put her hand against his cheek, feeling the stubble that had grown there since he had last shaved. "That was me, being very serious and very honest" She whispered to him, and before she could say anything else his lips were on hers. The kiss lasted what seemed like an eternity to them and as he pulled away all she could think to say was "I still think I'm a bit biased…"

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