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Friday Night Bites

"So, did you get any interesting calls or texts last night?" Caroline asked. Elena smiled and then frowned.

"Yes and yes. However, only one was really interesting and worth getting," she said, then looked at Caroline. "So, you have any idea at all how Damon got my cell number, or why he sent me a text last night?"

Caroline's smile said it all, and Elena happily hugged her. She had been surprised when she got a text before bed from him, and had spent almost two hours texting back and forth. Most of what they had texted to each other was just plain old banter, nothing really important, though they did divulge some non-banter talk. She now knew that Damon's coloring came from his mother, he was a fantastic cook, which he would be proving this too her, too; and he never really got along with his father. In place of that, Elena told him about how she got along great with her mother, how her parents had died, and how she was feeling a bit frustrated with her brother.

As Elena parted from Caroline, a frown made it's way onto her face as she remembered the text she received that morning.

"Do you know how Stefan happened to get my number?" she asked, frowning as she thought of the unwanted text.

"Yeah, that was Bonnie," she said. Elena frowned, wondering what Bonnie was thinking. She thought she had been clear, after all.

"I know," Caroline said, understanding the frown on Elena's face. "I didn't get on her case, though, because she literally left within seconds of doing that, and she was all freaked out."

Before Elena could ask why, Stefan walked up.

"Good morning, Elena. Good morning, Caroline," he said, and it was obvious who he was more excited to talk to to the girls.

"Hi," Caroline said. "Well, I'm going to go find Bonnie; I have something to ask her." She hurried off, ignoring Elena's expression of 'don't leave me.' She knew that it was a cruel thing to do and she would be hearing it later, but she couldn't stand being around Stefan all that much; since being rejected, she had begun to notice that he had a creepy vibe around him.

Elena held back the grimace that fought to come over her face when she turned to face Stefan again.

"She doesn't like me very much," he said.

"Can you blame her. You did kind of cruelly reject her and make her feel like an idiot," Elena said. Turning to walk off, she found herself stuck with him following her.

Meanwhile, down the hall, they were being watched by two people, Matt and Tyler Lockwood.

"Look," Tyler said. "There's Elena and her new boyfriend. Now, what are they doing? Oh, they're walking, walking, walking...yep. Right into the sunset."

"You're a dick," Matt said. "Elena already told me that they're not together."

"It doesn't appear that way," Tyler said "And you still want her, right?"

"So. What am I supposed to do?" Matt asked. He knew that, even if he did still want her, it wouldn't do anything good. She had made that clear. So why was I asking Tyler what I should do to get her back he thought to himself.

"Let her know she's making the wrong choice," Tyler said, grabbing the football that Matt had been holding.

"What are you doing?" Matt asked. When he saw Tyler pull his arm back, preparing to throw the ball, he said, "Ty, don't!" However, it was too late, as Tyler let the ball fly. Unfortunately for him, his preferred effect wasn't what he got, for Stefan turned at the last second and made a rather spectacular catch. He then threw it back to Tyler, who caught it, shock all over his face.

"Wow, that was a good throw," someone said in front of them. They turned to see Bonnie standing there. "I didn't know you played football."

"I used to," Stefan said, and Elena could tell which of her friends Stefan actually liked. "It was a long time ago."

How could it be a long time ago Elena thought, he's not that old.

"So why don't you try out for the team?" Bonnie then asked him. Elena left them to their conversation.

"World war II ended... Anyone got anything? Miss June?" Mr. Tanner asked. The girl shook her head. "1945," he supplied.

Bonnie, who had purposely taken a seat next to Stefan because she had still been talking to them – and because the class had been mostly full, and she had noticed that Elena had somehow gotten herself in a corner with Caroline on one side and Joan June in front of her – leaned over when she saw that Tanner wasn't looking in her direction as he continued to talk about something.

"Psst," she whispered, getting Stefan's attention. "FYI... Our team sucks. They could use you."

"Can't," he whispered back.

"Pearl Harbor?" Tanner said.

"I'm a loner," Stefan continued. Bonnie was about to say something else, not having noticed that Tanner had turned around and noticed her leaning toward Stefan.

"Miss Bennett? Pearl Harbor?" he asked. Bonnie paled.

"Hmm? Pearl Harbor?" she asked questioningly. Tanner gave her a look as he made a sound.

"December 7th, 1941," Stefan said. Liking Bonnie the most out of Elena's friends, he wasn't about to let her get into trouble, especially since it was his fault a bit.

"Thank you, Miss Bennett," Tanner said, making it clear that he wasn't asking Stefan for the answer, Stefan, however, considered it to be a challenge.

"Anytime," he said, causing everyone to look at him incredulously. Was he really trying to pick a fight with Tanner?

Tanner's eyes were narrowed at him. "Very well," he said. "The fall of the Berlin wall?"

"1989," Stefan said promptly, then he warned Tanner. "I'm good with dates, sir."

"Are you?" Tanner sneered. "How good? Keep it to the year. Civil Rights Act."

"1964," Stefan answered.

"John F. Kennedy assassination?"


"Martin Luther King?"




"Roe vs. Wade?"


"Brown vs. Board?"


The battle of Getysburg?"


"Korean war?"

"1950 to 1953."

"Ha!" Tanner said suddenly. "It ended in '52."

"Uh, actually, sir, it was '53," Stefan said. Tanner looked angrily at him, but could also see that the students weren't sure which if them were right. He couldn't have that.

"Look it up, somebody. Quickly!" he snapped. There was a flurry of movement as everyone began to flip through their books. Joan June was the one who found it first.

"It ended 19..." she paused, eyes wide, and then looked up. "53."

Tanner's face began to go red in fury at being shown up by Stefan once again as everyone began to talk about it.

"How did you know all of that?" Bonnie asked.

"Years and years of crossword puzzles. It's a loner thing," he added, seeing her confused look.

"Oh," she said, and then she had an idea. She knew that Elena would have cheer practice later on, and couldn't help but think that Stefan would be more inclined to join the team if he knew that Elena was a cheerleader; it was almost a guarantee that the cheerleaders and football players would spend a lot of time together.

"Look, before you continue to throw off joining the team, at least check out their practice for today," she said. "Who knows, you may want to join after that."

"Alright," Stefan said, finally agreeing because she could tell that Bonnie wasn't going to give up trying to get him to join.

As Stefan looked in on the practice, he constantly found his eyes drawn to the cheerleaders – or, rather specifically, one cheerleader. He hadn't known that Elena was one, and, just like Bonnie had suspected, he found himself more willing to think about joining the team. He turned and walked back to the school, wondering what he would needed to do in order to join the team.

Meanwhile, on the field, Elena sat down, pulling out her phone. Caroline sat down next to her.

"You don't seem to be as into this as you used to," Caroline commented. Elena sighed.

"I'm not," she said. "It just...it doesn't seem like me anymore."

"Well, who knows, I mean, this is your first practice since the accident. Maybe you just need to get back into the swing of things," Caroline said, trying to cheer Elena up, as she could tell that Elena wasn't happy about her change of heart.

Elena was about to say something when she received a text. Looking at it, a smile crossed her face as she opened it and read, "Want to meet at the Grill?" It had been sent by Damon. Caroline, who was reading it over her shoulder, squealed.

"Say yes," she said immediately.

"But, practice," Elena said.

"Oh, right," Caroline said, thinking. "Ask him to come pick you up at the school." Caroline had been the one to drive her there today, and Elena could see exactly what Caroline was hinting at.

"Okay," she said, quickly typing it out. Damon texted back immediately.

"I'll see him here is a few minutes," Elena said, squeeing.

Bonnie, who had just arrived at that moment, had heard what Elena said, and asked, "Who will you see in a few minutes?" She had the beginnings of a smile on her face, believing that she knew the answer – after all, Stefan was the one with Elena's cell number and all, and it only made sense that Elena would have realized that Stefan was the one she wanted anyways – but the smile fell when Elena said, "Damon. He's coming to pick me up in a few minutes."

"But...practice," Bonnie began, completely confused. She wondered how Damon had got Elena's cell number, and decided that Damon had found it from Stefan somehow – it never crossed her mind that Elena or Caroline might have given it to her.

"We've been doing it for the last hour," Caroline said. "Which, by the way, you're very late to. While the rest of us will continue for the next hour, I don't want to push Elena here to much. She knows the routine already, so it's not like she won't be ready for the game Friday." Caroline didn't bother mentioning that she actually wasn't sure they would even need Elena, knowing that Elena wouldn't exactly take the news all to well if she said that.

"While we're waiting, why don't we run through what you missed out on, Bonnie," Elena said, and they ran through it once again.

Damon arrived at that moment, getting out of his car and leaning against it to watch. Elena and Caroline didn't notice him for a while, busy with running through the routine again. Damon didn't do anything to call attention to him, just watched Elena, noticing that she was missing a certain...emotion as she did the routine.

Damon's eye brow rose when he saw Stefan come out onto the field. He barely stifled a laugh as Stefan began to play ball with the others. His eyes rolled as he realized why Stefan was attempting to join the team – he had given Elena a quick glance before he began to play. Damon wondered if Stefan realized yet the Elena wasn't going to be there much longer.

"Hey, whose the hottie?" one of the other girls asked, pointing towards the parking lot. Elena smiled when she saw Damon, just standing there, leaning against his car, looking like he had no care in the world, a rebel without a cause sort of deal. Around them, all the girls on the team stared at Damon when they noticed him. Even Bonnie did, though her stare had a bit of anger in it. Her whole want of Elena to be with Stefan made her hate Damon instantly, and thinking that he would just use Elena.

"I'll see you guys later," Elena said, before Bonnie could get a word out. She hurried over to Damon, her smile radiant.

"Hey," she said as she got into his car.

"I didn't know you were a cheerleader," he said, pulling out as she buckled herself up.

"Yeah," she said, not exactly enthusiastic about the subject. He seemed to get that, and they drove over to the grill in silence.

Meanwhile, in the field, Caroline and Bonnie watched as the car drove away. Once it was out of sight, Bonnie turned to Caroline.

"What are you doing, encouraging her to go with a guy like that," Bonnie hissed.

"A guy like what?" Caroline asked, completely nonplussed at Bonnie. "Look, I know for some reason you seem to be on a Stefan and Elena kick, but, really, you need to quit it. Not only are you completely ignoring the signs, but you're also ignoring what Elena wants. It's not Stefan, Bonnie. In fact, Elena doesn't even like him and she's actually irritated at you for telling him her cell number."

"No she not," Bonnie said. "She would have told me if she was."

"She couldn't," Caroline said. "You've spent most of the day talking to Stefan, and ignoring her when she gave you the 'we need to talk' signals. However, I do know, because when we were talking this morning, she thanked me for giving Damon her cell number, but then got on my case wondering about Stefan managing to get her number. She was seriously pissed and unhappy with you for doing that,"

Bonnie's mouth dropped at Caroline's admission to giving Damon Elena's cell number. Her mouth stayed opened when Caroline mentioned that Elena wasn't happy with her. She went to say something to her, but Caroline had turned to the rest of the girls.

"All right, let's start with the double pike herkey hurdler this time. What do you say?" Caroline said, and Bonnie quickly got into her place as Caroline directed them. Bonnie did, however, notice when Stefan joined the boys on the field, which sent a smile through her; her plan had worked. And, once again, the fact that Elena didn't want him just disappeared from her mind as she thought about how cute of a couple the two would be.

She knew that Elena would eventually see that, and the fact that they would be spending a lot of time together would see to it.

"So, here we are," Damon said as he pulled up to her house. Her time at the grill was pretty good – they ended up playing pool and, once again, talking about nonsensical things, though there was some important talk.

Damon, it turned out, was a bit like his brother, a history buff. He was also a bit of a math wiz and knew quite a few great books, some that Elena had read, others that she hadn't. There was a moment when, upon mentioning it, he promised that he would bring her one of his favorite books for her to read, saying she would probably like it. This was after, of course, she managed to get him to agree to tutor her in history and math.

As it was getting late, Elena knew that she ought to get home soon, and, though he was tempted to compel her to stay, Damon decided not to – or, rather, thought he shouldn't. For some reason, the idea of compelling her for, well, anything was distasteful to him.

Elena was silent for a moment, looking down, then spontaneously asked, "Would you like to join my family and I for dinner tomorrow night?" She immediately regretted it; no one in her family could cook, at all, which usually resulted in them having to call takeout.

He looked at her, startled at the spontaneous question. A few minutes went by without an answer, and she began to become more and more nervous, until she had the feeling that he was thinking of a nice way to say no.

"Sure," he finally said.

"Really?" she said, then,cringing a bit, she added, "Um, I hope you don't mind takeout. None of us can cook."

"I don't mind takeout," he said. "And I would love to come. However, how about I come over early, and make something for you and your family?"

She smiled brightly.

"Okay. Um, I have practice again tomorrow; why don't you pick me up from the school again, and we can head straight to my house from there?" she said.

"Okay, then. See you tomorrow," he said, taking her hand, lifting it, and gently kissing the back of it once again. Nodding, she said, "Tomorrow," before stumbling out of the car, and heading to her house. Jenna was already there, standing next to the door as she watched Elena come in.

"Who was that?" she asked, startling Elena a bit. Still, before she'd done that, Jenna saw the look on Elena's face, and knew that whoever this guy was was the one who had made her so happy the other day.

"Oh, that was Damon, Damon Salvatore," Elena answered, a bit of a goofy look on her face.

"Wait, Salvatore, as in related to the Stefan who is forbidden to ever come here Salvatore," Jenna demanded, knocking Elena out of her head. Elena winced.

"Yeah. But he's nothing like Stefan," Elena said, quickly assuring her aunt. "You'll see what I mean. I invited him over for dinner tomorrow night."

"But none of us can cook, Elena," Jenna said.

"Well, he says he can, so he's going to come over early and cook for us," Elena said. "I did remember that we can't cook, and even told him that it would most likely be takeout, and he offered, so..."

Jenna nodded her head. "So, basically, you're going to make you're guest cook for us," she said. Elena winced.

"I agreed to let him," Elena said. "He kind of was planning on doing cooking for me at some point, it just became cooking for the entire family instead of just me somehow." She thought for a moment. "And I might invite Caroline as well. She's taken to him quite well – you know, as a friend – and, unlike Bonnie, she's being very supportive of me and Damon."

"What do you mean, unlike Bonnie?" Jenna asked, noticing her tone when talking about one of Elena's oldest friends. She watched as Elena made a face.

"Bonnie's been...well, she'd been trying to push me onto Stefan," Elena said. "She even went so far as giving him my cell number. I blocked him, and got on her case for it, but... I don't know, it's like she been possessed by something when it comes to him. When she saw Damon, she had a look of instant hate on her face because I showed interest in him instead of Stefan."

"That is weird," Jenna said. "I hope this doesn't effect your friendship."

"I have the feeling that it will," Elena said. "She's determined that I'm 'destined' to be with Stefan, and with the addition of her supposedly being psychic, and probably thinking she 'saw' it, she just won't let it go."

Jenna frowned. "Would it helped if I told her I'd ship you off to a all-girl's boarding school were he wouldn't even be allowed near the campus if you decided to date him?" Jenna asked.

Elena snorted. "Would you really?" Elena asked.

"Yes," Jenna said, completely serious, which caused Elena's mirth to fade. "I'm sorry, but he...he's a creep, simple as that, and I don't want you dating a creep."

"Don't worry," Elena said. "Unless he can brainwash me, I won't be dating him."

Jenna gave a happy smile. "Good," she said. "So, what time is you're friend coming tomorrow?"

""Well, he's going to be picking me up after cheer practice, and we might swing by the story, so around five," Elena said. "I'm not completely sure."

"So I should expect you anywhere between four thirty and five," Jenna said. Elena nodded in agreement.

"Okay, then," Jenna said. She turned to walk up the stairs, then stopped and looked at Elena.

"Are you expecting Jeremy to be here as well?" Jenna asked, looking a bit pensive. Considering her lack of being parental, she wasn't sure if she'd actually be able to make Jeremy stay if he was expected.

"Just tell him that there's going to be a dinner party," Elena said, after thinking. "And that you're not cooking."

"That might work," Jenna said, sure that Jeremy wouldn't be able to miss out on the free food. Elena smiled at her, able to easily guess what Jenna was thinking, before walking into the kitchen to look for something to eat.

Meanwhile, Damon arrived home, his mood great. He'd spent quite a bit of time with Elena, even wrangling a dinner invite from her – well, he rather offered to make dinner for her and her family after she offered to have him over, only for her to admit that none of them knew how to cook. Still, it would get him an invitation into the house, something that it seemed that Stefan was no where near receiving, if the way Elena was acting about him was true.

He, of course, wasn't really ready to admit that accepting the invitation wasn't just because it would get him in her house. His emotions – the pesky things he thought he'd gotten rid of already – were confusing him. When he was in her presence, he felt drawn to her, able to picture himself with her – her, not Katherine – as vampires, roaming the world together.

And even out of his presence, he still thought about her – only, without whatever it was that drew him to her at work, he was able to fake his way through it, trying to convince himself that he was just going to play with her until he got Katherine back. Also, the fact that it would annoy Stefan a lot was also a good enough reason to continue talking to Elena – even though, when he was away from her and the force that seemed to draw them together was absent, there was a part of him that still generally wanted to get to know her for her, nothing else.

Heading straight to his liquor cabinet, he poured himself a glass of scotch, thinking about what would happen when Stefan discovered his and Elena's 'date' tomorrow. Speaking of Stefan...

He heard the front door open and close, his eyes immediately seeing Stefan head up the stairs. After waiting a few moments, finishing up his drink, Damon followed, coming to a stop outside the opened door. Damon waited for Stefan to acknowledge him, realizing rather quickly that it wasn't going to happen.

"How were tryouts? Did you make the team?" Damon started asking; a small part of him was wondered if, perhaps, Stefan's sudden desire to join the team was because of who was on the cheerleader squad – it had always been something he'd seen, cheerleaders going for any guy in sports – even if it was just a one night deal. Perhaps Stefan was thinking that he and Elena would become the golden couple that way. The thought made him roll his eyes; it also made him feel the need to do his best to get Elena off the cheerteam.

Damon picked up Stefan's diary, flipping to the most recent pages. "Very Emerson of you, you know?" he said, reading what Stefan had written. "The way you reveal your soul with so many..." He paused, trying to come up with a word to say. "Adjectives," he finally said.

"What are you doing here?" Stefan said, grabbing his diary from Damon.

"I've come to apologize," Damon said. Stefan gave him a disbelieving look. "I've been doing some thinking, some soul searching, and...I want us to start over." Stefan started at him, and Damon continued. "You're my little brother, and if you want a to live a normal, happy, human life, the I want that for you." Stefan glared at him, immediately realizing that every word being say was sarcasm. Damon's emphasis on the word human told him that. "Maybe I ban do it, too. That I can learn to be a non-living living person. Maybe there's hope for both of us."

Stefan rolled his eyes. "You know, it doesn't have to be this way, Damon," he said.

"Of course it doesn't," Damon said, a mixture of sympathy and sarcasm in his voice. Then, he grinned, thinking of something that he knew would irritate Stefan. "I saw Elena today, btw. That means 'by the way'. She was at cheerleading practice. She looked perky in her little short shorts."

Steam seemed to come from Stefan's ears, he looked so mad.

"Just simmer down, I didn't do anything," Damon said. "Well, anything she didn't want." He dodged out of the way as Stefan flew at him once again. "I let you do that trick once already. You're not getting a free hit in again," he said. "Besides, she asked me to come, texted me and everything – are you aware of the fact that we're getting along so great, much better than you are with her. See, she actually likes me."

"You're compelling her," Stefan said.

"Strangely, no," Damon said. "There's got to be something wrong with the fact that I haven't needed to do it just once, but, I'm sure that I will eventually."

Stefan tried to attack again, and this time, Damon retaliated, grabbing him by the neck and quickly spinning around, holding him up against the wall.

"Like I said, you're not getting a free hit in again," Damon said. "I suggest that you don't do that again. Now, I've got somethings to do; eat, plan, wait anxiously for my date with Elena tomorrow. You know, those kind of things. Bye."

Damage done, Damon disappeared. Stefan slumped against the wall of his room, Damon's words on repeat in his mind. He had a date with Elena tomorrow? How? And what did he mean 'texted it to him'? Did he have her cell number? He thought Bonnie only gave it to him?

He growled as he realized what had happened. Damon must've snuck into his room and gotten his phone somehow. He knew that he should have put the number under something that Damon wouldn't have figured out, instead of the heading 'My Elena'. That must have been how he got her number...

And he must be compelling her, probably began sometime before he saw her this morning. Damon wasn't here at the house when he left, after all...

With that thought in mind, he stood up, knowing what he would have to do. In order to break the compulsion on Elena, he would have to compel her himself. Maybe I can tell her to give me a chance while I'm at it a small part of his mind thought as he walked to his car and headed to her house.

At the Gilbert house, Elena was in the attic, going through some of the boxes up there, looking for something that she thought she might have put up there. She'd just found her mother's jewelry box, and was debating whether or not to take it down when she heard Jenna speak.

"I was wondering where you wonder off," Jenna said, coming to sit down next to her. She smiled sadly as she saw what Elena was holding. "I remember when you're mother got that."

"I was wondering if it's worth bringing it down with me or not," Elena said.

"You should," Jenna said, as they both stood up – Elena had the feeling that she wasn't going to find what she was looking for, but decided that she'd found something a bit better. "I know your mother would want you to have it and it's contents."

"Okay," Elena said, walking down to her room. Jenna followed, and watched as Elena opened the box up. Inside were a few bracelets and necklaces, rings and earrings. Almost all the pieces were like lockets, or made to hold something – a few pieces had a liquid in them, while others had some sort of plant.

"You father was always giving her something that could hold that vervain," Jenna said when Elena picked up a necklace with the liquid in it. "Like drinking it, she always liked wearing something with it. I never got an answer as to why, though they always had some kind of serious look on their faces when the question came up. It was like there was some secret about it, a secret I wasn't privledged to know yet." She shrugged, clearly not wanting to add on the rest of that sentence.

"Here," Elena said, opening the clasp. "I think this would look good on you."

"Oh, I couldn't..." started Jenna, but the look on Elena's face said that she wasn't going to be taking no for an answer. She let Elena place it on her, then went back to the box, looking through the pieces until she found a simple silver necklace with a fairy holding a clear bottle of the vervain liquid.

"If you're going to have me wear this necklace, then you have to wear this one," Jenna said, helping Elena put it on. "That looks beautiful on you. You should wear it tomorrow."

"Thanks," Elena said, studying the necklace. "I think I will."

The doorbell rang right then.

"Oh, that must be the pizza," Jenna said, hurrying downstairs. Elena followed after her, planning on heading into the kitchen to get the plates and cups ready. However, as he aunt was in front of her, Elena immediately saw that, when Jenna opened the door, it wasn't the pizza guy. Instead, much to her and her aunt's displeasure, Stefan stood there.

"What are you doing here?" Jenna snapped, glaring at the young man in front of her. Elena's eyes widened as her mouth fell open in disbelief. What, did Stefan not know how to take a hint?

"Aunt Jenna," Elena said. "I'll take care of it."

"No, let me," Jenna said. "I don't want you talking to him." Jenna's words spoke of a clear dismissal of Elena's presence. Elena shrugged, not really wanting to talk to Stefan anyway, and continued her walk into the kitchen. She could hear Jenna arguing with Stefan, from there, though not in a way that she could understand all the words – she suspected that Jenna's trying to keep her voice down for her sake.

Elena was surprised when, upon hearing the door close, Jenna walked into the room carrying the pizza.

"He came just as Stefan finally left," Jenna said, placing the boxes onto the counter. She was silent for a moment, looking at Elena with a look, as if she was trying to decide if what she was going to say was worth it or not.

"What?" Elena asked.

"You know that, if Damon is just like his brother, I'm going to have to pull out the parental control and say you can't see him, right?" Jenna said.

"Don't worry, Jenna," Elena said. Damon is nothing like Stefan."

"You better be right," Jenna said, going to the pizza know that what she had wanted to say was said.

"I am," Elena murmured quietly. "Once you're in his company, you'll see what I mean."

Stefan had a hard time not destroying something after his encounter with Elena's Aunt. She had absolutely refused to let see Elena, in or out of the house. Add in that, like the other night, he couldn't compel her, and he had, in his mind, a very good reason to destroy something.

Now he had to wait until school the next day, and hope he could get her alone, without anyone interrupting him. He frowned, thinking about who might be able to help him out with that. He immediately crossed off Elena's blonde friend – ever since he made it clear that he wasn't interested in dating her, she'd done a quick turn around in her attitude towards him. It was clear that she wasn't on is side, and certainly wouldn't help him in his mission for Elena.

No, he would get help from the blonde one, but, as he though bout it, he might be able to get help from the other one, Bonnie. She already seemed to be helping him anyway. He was sure that she would help him get Elena alone. The thought is enough to calm him down, sure that he'll be able to fix the compulsion Damon had put on Elena.

He didn't realize that things were strained between the two girls, nor the fact that Elena was closer to Caroline. And it never really crossed his mind that Elena might not actually be under any compulsion. He was too far into his own thoughts and assumptions that anything that didn't agree with them wasn't considered.

It was an old habit of him that there was no chance of ever breaking.

Elena manages to avoid Bonnie and Stefan the first half of the next day. She doesn't do it consciously – in fact, she's not quite aware of the fact that they keep trying to get alone with her. Caroline mostly runs interference, knowing that Elena has no want to speak with Stefan, and that Bonnie would attempt to help him – it didn't miss Caroline's attention that Bonnie and Stefan were speaking together this morning, both glancing at Elena. The fact that Elena told her what had happened the previous day also helped her figure it out.

Unfortunately, Caroline ends up having to stay behind in her class before lunch, and Elena ends up left alone, easy prey for Bonnie and Stefan. And it's Bonnie who approaches her first.

"Hey, Elena," Bonnie said.

"Bonnie," Elena said. "You know, I'm not exactly happy with you, right?"

"What do you mean?" Bonnie asked, truly perplexed, as if unaware of what Elena's talking about.

"You gave Stefan my cell number," she clarified. "Knowing that I didn't want anything to do with him."

Bonnie rolled her eyes. "Come on, Elena," she said. "You can't say you don't feel a little spark towards him."

"I don't," Elena said. "All I feel towards him is a want to get away."

"You don't mean that," Bonnie said insistently.

"Yes I do," Elena said.

"No, you don't," Bonnie argued. "I know you think you do, but Stefan explained to me what's going on with you. Look, Elena, I know you think Damon is harmless and all, but he's just using you. Once you speak to Stefan, you'll see what I mean."

"What -" Elena started to say, only to realize that, as they were talking, Bonnie steered Elena straight towards Stefan.

"That you, Bonnie," Stefan said, and Elena's mouth dropped open and blatant manipulation Bonnie had used on her. She knew that then and there, her friendship with the dark skinned girl would never be the same, especially since the girl didn't seem to respect Elena enough to know her own mind.

"What do you want?" Elena asked point blank, not even attempting to sugar coat or show anything but annoyance towards him.

"Just to talk," Stefan said. "I tried to talk to you yesterday, but you're aunt wasn't very accomodating."

"I wasn't kidding when I said that you weren't welcomed to my house," Elena said flatly. "So, what did you want to talk about?"

"I heard that you're having my brother over for dinner today," he said.

"Yeah, and..." Elena started.

"It's a bad idea," he said, looking into her eyes. He tried to force the compulsion onto her. "He's not someone you want to be with."

"Excuse me," Elena said, clearly unaffected by the compulsion. "You don't get to dictate who I should and should not be with. If anything, you're attempts to control me say that you're the one I shouldn't be with. I suggest that you go get off your high horse and leave me the hell alone."

She turned and stalked away, stopping for a moment to say something else to him.

"If you come within ten feet of my house, I'm going to go to the cops and have a restraining order put on you for stalking," she said. "I don't want you anywhere near me, and if you can't get it through you're giant head by my words, then perhaps you'll listen to the law."

She walked away, leaving him in confusion from his failed attempt at compulsion. He barely even heard the last words she said. How was it that his compulsion wasn't working on her. He knew that it did work on her before – it's how he found out about her parents, and what she remembered from that night, which, thankfully, was nothing – then again, he had also compelled her not to remember anything, anyway.

So the fact that he can't do it now is...troubling. His first thought is that Damon made sure that he couldn't by giving her vervain. It's gone before he can really contemplate it. Damon would never do that, since giving her vervain would erase any chance of he himself compelling her, and Damon would never want that. His next thought – and the one that he settles on as being more than plausible, and therefore the reason why – is that Damon compelled her not to do anything he, Stefan, tried to get her to do. It is possible, after all, to make sure that compulsion from other vampires don't work, if you're strong. And, unfortunately for Stefan, Damon is exactly that, strong.

He sighs, knowing that, unless he finds a way to break the compulsion, nothing he says will matter. And, unfortunately, he doesn't know how to do that, especially in his current form.

Caroline could immediately tell that Elena was irritated as she came closer to her. The scowl, angry walk, and indecipherable muttering underneath her breath gave it away, as did the glare she shot towards someone. When Caroline followed her eyes, and saw Bonnie to be the participate of said glare, she was able to piece things together quickly .

"Oh, god, please don't tell me that Bonnie took advantage of the fact that I wasn't nearby to herd you into meeting with Stefan," Caroline said.

"She did. How did you know?" Elena said.

"I saw her talking to Stefan this morning, giving looks towards you. And, considering what you'd just told me when I saw that, I had the feeling that they might try something," Caroline said. "I was kind of interrupting their plans earlier."

"At least, your being a real friend," Elena said. "Bonnie's just been demoted."

"Really?" Caroline said. "But she's been you're best friend since before school." There's a hint of jealousy in Caroline's voice at the mention of just how long Elena and Bonnie have known each other. While her parents had lived in Mystic Falls together, they'd moved away before she was born, living in another town until she was seven, when her father's sexual preference was discovered. While she'd fallen in with Elena and Bonnie, those two had shared a bond that had always made her jealous. Even though she now shared her own bond with the two girls, she wasn't able to let her jealousy fade completely.

"Well, obviously it's not true," Elena said, slightly bitter at the reminder. "If it was, she wouldn't be trying to control and push me towards someone I don't want to be." Elena's mind flashed back to when she was going out with Matt. "It's not the first time she's done it, either. The only difference is, this time, I'm not letting her do so."

Caroline thought about what she said, remembering how, whenever Bonnie wanted something, Elena usually went with what Bonnie wanted, even if Caroline thought that something different should be done. Maybe that's why I've never been able to shake off my jealousy Caroline thought. With Elena usually siding with Bonnie, it's been hard to do that. And then for Elena to date Matt, after I told Bonnie how I felt about him... A thought then occurred to her.

"Elena," Caroline said. "When was the other time she pushed you towards someone you didn't want to be with?"

"She kept pushing me towards Matt," Elena said, not noticing Caroline stiffen at the knowledge. "I finally gave in because I got tired of it, and it wasn't like there was another guy around that I liked, and I'd known Matt for a long time, so I knew that he wouldn't try and pressure me into anything. Unfortunately, the type of girl he really wants is not me."

"He's still pining over you, though," Caroline said.

"That's probably because he's convinced himself that he loves me," Elena said. "We've been together since we were fourteen, and we also grew up together. Add in that I...I broke up with him not long after waking up, and..."

"And he probably thinks that it's grief that had you doing it," Caroline said, remembering that Elena was planning on breaking up with Matt prior to the accident.

"Yup," Elena said. "He still thinks that I'll get back with him, even though it's been a few months."

"Once he hears about you and Damon, he'll move on," Caroline said, still having trouble hearing about what Bonnie had done. She had told Bonnie that she had a crush on Matt, only for her to push Elena towards him instead. Unless she was already doing that before the confession. But Elena didn't get with Matt until three months later, meaning that, even if Bonnie had been bugging Elena before the confession, the fact was, she didn't stop pushing Elena towards him, meant that Bonnie was no longer one of her best friends in her mind.

"So, Damon's going to be coming over for dinner at your house," Caroline said, changing the subject.

"More like he'll be cooking for us, but yeah, he'll be there," Elena said.

"Wow, girl, you work fast," Caroline said. "Already introducing the boyfriend to the parents."

"Technically, it's just the aunt and brother – well, just the aunt. The brother's a bit iffy," Elena said. "And possibly you, if you'll come over."

"Elena, is that your way of asking if I'll come over," Caroline said. Elena nodded her head.

"Of course I will," Caroline said. "I can get all the information you'll need to know about Damon from him for you as well."

Both girls knew that, out of the two – used to be three – of them, Caroline was the one who knew just the right questions to ask about someone, particularly of the male persuasion.

"Okay. Um, you'll have to drive yourself there," Elena said. "Damon's going to be picking me up after cheer practice, and we'll be going to the store...I think. He might actually decide to go there before picking me up."

"So that's why you got a ride with me," Caroline said. Elena nodded. "Sneaky."

Practice went okay, and dinner went smashingly. Damon treated them to a spaghetti, made the way that he'd been taught to make it – at least, that was what he said. Damon also got along well with Elena's brother and aunt – Jenna commented, while Damon was getting dessert ready, that Elena was right, Damon was nothing like this brother. Elena developed a huge smile at that comment, knowing that Jenna was giving her approval of Damon.

Caroline had also found a plethora of new questions to ask him – Elena learned that Damon's looks and most of his attitude came from their mother, while Stefan was more like their father. Jenna couldn't help herself when she asked if his father was an ass like his brother was. She looked contrite once the words left her mouth, but Damon's laughter calmed her, especially after he made the comment that his father was worse, eventually explaining that he and his father never really got along – he was his mother's child, as he father would often say.

One could see that, when describing his mother, the love he had held for her, as well as the contempt he had for his father, making Elena wonder what exactly happened between them in the short years they'd been together – for Damon plainly said that Stefan wasn't lying when he said they'd died long ago. Of course, unlike Stefan, Damon was nice enough to mention more details about it, namely that his mother had died three years before his father had.

Elena carried several plates into the kitchen, thinking about how successful tonight's dinner was.

"Here's one more," Damon said, handing it to her.

"Oh, thank you," she said.

"No problem," he said. "Now, at the risk of saying something that I probably don't actually know much about, I have to say, I'd quite cheerleading if I were you."

"Why do you say that?" Elena asked, tempted to just to the conclusion that he was either trying to control her, or at he just didn't want her near his brother – Caroline mentioned that Stefan had officially joined the team during dinner, which elicited negative responses from those in the know. Poor Jeremy had been extremely confused, especially since, from what he could tell, Stefan was an okay guy. A quick run up to his attitude since Elena had met him quickly changed that opinion.

"I saw you at practice, before you noticed me. You looked miserable," he explained.

"You saw that?" she asked, frowning. She thought she'd done well to hide that part of her that said that cheerleading wasn't enjoyable anymore.

"Uh-huh," Damon said. She sighed.

"I used to love it," she said. "It was fun. Things are different this year, though. Everything that used to matter doesn't seem to matter anymore."

"So don't let it. Quit, move on. Problem solved. Ta-da," he said. She snorted.

"Some things could matter again," Elena countered.

"Maybe," Damon said. "But...seems a little unrealistic to me."

"Hey. What's taking so long in here?" Caroline asked.

"Nothing, nothing," Elena said. A frown appeared on her face as she realized just how close she and Damon had gotten to each other. If Caroline hadn't walked in when she did, Elena had the feeling that she and Damon would have kissed. Of course, it could just be wishful thinking.

"Nice jersey," Bonnie said as Stefan walked up to her.

"Thanks," he said, looking over towards where Elena stood, conversing with Caroline. He listened in to the conversation.

"Are you sure you don't want to do any more cheerleading?" Caroline was asking. Stefan had to work on not widening his eyes at that. Elena had quit cheerleading?

"I quit," Elena said, confirming what Stefan had been thinking. "I'm a quitter."

"No, you're not a quitter," Caroline said. "You just...you're not the same as you were before. This, cheerleading, no longer fits with the you that you are now. You should be looking ahead."

"So, you're not mad that I'm opting out of participating tonight," Elena asked.

"No, I'm not. If I hadn't been expecting this, then, yes, I would be, but I have been expecting it, so I had you're replacement already trained in the routine," Caroline said. Elena laughed.

"I take it that's why Sarah was there the last few times," Elena said. Caroline nodded her head.

"I wonder what they're talking about," Bonnie murmured, breaking Stefan's concentration. "And why isn't Elena in her uniform. The games going to start in ten minutes."

She walked over there, as Elena and Caroline started laughing about something.

"And you're not in uniform because..." Bonnie said, interrupting them.

Before Elena could answer, there was a disturbance, and Elena looked over to see Tyler punch her brother.

"Hey," she yelled out, running over to them, followed by Caroline and Stefan.

"Hey, he's down! Enough!" Stefan said firmly, injecting himself into the fight, along with Matt.

"Jeremy, no!" Elena cried out.

"Get off me! Stop!" Matt said, having gotten his arms around Tyler enough to manage to pull him away.

Once Tyler was suitably far away enough, Matt let him go, heading back to Jeremy and Elena. He looked around, noticing the broken shards of a glass that someone brought with them.

"What the hell, Jeremy?" Elena asked, noticing the deep looking cut on Jeremy's face that had to have been given by some kind of glass, most likely whatever it was that had caused the shards that were sprinkled along the ground. "Put your head up, you're bleeding."

"I'm fine!" Jeremy said, pushing her away. Elena swallowed the hurt she felt at the action.

"Yeah, you smell fine," she said, a bit snappy.

"Just stop, okay?" Jeremy said. Matt stepped up to them.

"Come on, man, come on," Matt said, pulling Jeremy towards where they had the first aid stashed. Elena sighed as she watched them go.

"Oh, my God, your hand," she suddenly heard Caroline say. Elena turned to see Stefan's had a wound, a shard of glass in it. At least, that's what she thought she saw, for Stefan immediately turned away.

"No, no, no, it's fine," Stefan said.

"Is it deep? How bad is it?" Caroline started asking, trying to get back to seeing the wound. "Come on."

Elena helped her, managing to get the hand out in the open. Taking a tissue from her purse, she began wiping away the blood, bewilderment setting in as she noticed that the skin was smooth. There wasn't even a scar. But she had been so sure that she'd seen a piece of glass in the wound.

"But..." she started, unable to really make heads or tails of what was going on. "I saw it, it was..."

She glanced at Caroline, who was also looking bewildered.

"He missed," Stefan said. "It's not my blood. See I'm fine."

"No, no, no," Caroline said. "I...we saw it. You had a glass shard in your hand. It was..."

"It's okay. I'm okay," Stefan said. "It's almost kick-off time, all right. So, um, I'll, uh, I'll see you after the game."

Elena didn't say anything, just watched him walk away.

"Well, I've got to get back to the squad, Are you going to be okay?" Caroline asked. Elena nodded her head, walking off towards the parking lot to get her jacket. It suddenly felt a lot colder than it had before, and she wanted her jacket.

She began to have the strange feeling of being watch – well, actually, she felt as if she was being stalked. She would have felt fear at the thought, but the accompanied feeling of being drawn toward the direction that whoever it was stalking her seemed to keep her calm, for there was only one person whom she ever felt that around.

"You know, it's not nice to try and scare me," she said, looking in the direction she felt the draw coming from.

"Sorry," Damon said, stepping closer to her.

"So, why are you hiding?" Elena asked.

"No reason. I wasn't actually planning on doing so, but I couldn't help it. I mean, it's like the perfect horror movie setting," Damon said.

"Well, next time, resist," Elena said. "So, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you in you're cheer uniform, but the fact that you're not wearing it means..." Damon started.

"That I took you're advice," Elena said. "I'm not on the team anymore."

"And how do you feel about that?" Damon asked.

"Strange," she answered. "I feel a sense of nostalgia, but relieved at the same time."

"So no sadness over actually quitting," Damon said.

"Nope," she said.

"That's good to note," Damon said.

"So, now that you're reason for being here in the first place is shot, what do you plan on doing next," Elena said.

"Oh, I'm not sure right now," Damon said. "Since my original intention was shot, I've got to think of which of my other intentions I should move onto."

"You have other intentions," Elena said.

"Yep," Damon said. Once again, Elena noticed that they were slowly coming closer to each other.

"Do I figure into any of them?" Elena asked, her voice unintentionally husky as she looked up at him through her eyelashes.

"Quite a few," he said, leaning down towards her.

"Which ones?"

"Those are secret, but I can tell you at least one of them...or, rather, show you," he said. Before she could say anything else, he wrapped an arm around her waist, lifting her up a bit before sealing his mouth across hers. She whimpered against his lips, bringing her own arms up to wrap around his shoulders, threading her fingers through his hair to keep him where he was. She was quite content to stay in the position that she was in at the moment, and not move an inch.

Damon seemed to be thinking the same thing at the moment as well.

"Well, that's an interesting development," Tyler murmured, gaining the attention of Matt and Stefan.

"What?" Matt said, looking in the direction that Tyler was. His eyes widened as he felt his heart fracture at the sight that met his eyes.

"Apparently, it's not Stefan here who you have to worry about," Tyler said, motioning his head towards the guy who was standing halfway across the field.

"Who is that?" Matt asked.

"No idea. Maybe Bonnie or Caroline might be able to answer," Tyler said. "You should ask one of them once we get to the grill."

"I think I will," Matt murmured. He made a mental note to ask both of them, having noticed the strange distance between Bonnie and Elena. He had the feeling that Caroline would probably know more about what was going on than Bonnie at the moment.

"Isn't that nice?" Damon said, appearing right behind Stefan, after listening to the one human boy apologize to Stefan for some reason or another, and mention the game. "Stefan joins a team, makes a friend. It's all so 'rah, rah, go team, yeah!'"

"Not tonight," Stefan said. "I'm done with you."

"Ah, did little Stefan get a little show that he didn't want to see," Damon said.

"What are you doing with Elena?" Stefan asked.

"I would have thought that you would notice a seduction, even if you don't know how to do it yourself," Damon said. "I have to admit, it's been a while since I've seduced someone the old-fashioned way. Of course, it's not like I've needed to do much with her, I might just have to eat her of it stays this easy." He actually didn't mean this last part, only saying it to get a rise out of Stefan.

"No," Stefan said. "You're not going to hurt her, Damon."

"No?" Damon asked, narrowing his eyes, hating how Stefan could say that sounding so sure of himself...and feeling the need to prove him completely wrong, without actually hurting Elena.

"Because deep down instead, there is a part of you that truly does feel for her," Stefan continued, just saying the words that made it feel like acid was being poured over him. He disliked the idea of Damon being with Elena, but he couldn't deny that Damon had yet to show any sign of hurting her, something that he hope carried on when Elena was in his arms instead of Damon's. "I was worried that you had no humanity left inside you, that you may have actually become the monster that you pretend to be."

Almost immediately, Stefan sensed that he had said something wrong.

"Who's pretending?" Damon said.

"Then kill me," Stefan challenged, knowing that Damon wouldn't do it. No matter how much Damon said he hated Stefan, he'd yet to be able actually kill Stefan. Stefan could see that Damon was surprised by Stefan's actions.

"Well I'm...I'm tempted," Damon said, trying to hide his surprise. Damn if Stefan didn't know how to play his cards right. And Damon knew that the only problem Stefan might have with his death is what actions Damon would do without him there. However, with Stefan's perchance for guilt, perhaps her could turn this around to his favor. Damon could hear someone heading towards where they were, the muttering under their breaths making mention of Stefan.

"No, you're not," Stefan said, sounding smug. "You've had lifetimes to do it, and yet, here I am. I'm still alive. And there you are. You're still haunting me. After a hundred and forty-five years. Katherine is dead. Ad you hate me because you loved her, and you torture me because you still do. And that, my brother, is your humanity."

Before anything else could be said, Mr. Tanner appeared.

"Salvatore!" he said, having finally found Stefan, though the words that he'd just heard him utter confused him. "What the hell? We've got a game to play!"

Damon quickly flashed behind Mr. Tanner, grabbing him harshly as his teeth came out, his face becoming demonic, with his eyes going black and the veins underneath becoming prominent. Stefan's eyes widened as he realized just how badly his words were turning out to be.

"It that's my humanity...then what's this?" Damon asked, and, before anything could be said, he plunged his teeth into Mr. Tanner's neck.

Tanner screamed out as Stefan yelled out, "No!"

Damon tore his teeth from Tanner's neck, ignoring the floundering of the man as his blood spurted from the wound, for Damon had purposely torn into his jugular. Letting the body fall to the ground as Tanner's heart sputtered a bit before it stopped beating, Damon turned at looked at Stefan.

"Anyone, anytime, any place," he said, not having to elaborate what he meant. Then, he left, planning on changing his blood-soaked clothes before anyone had a chance to see them.

Stefan, knowing that being seen near the body wouldn't be good, hurried away, looking sick at the fact that it was his fault that Damon had done that. He headed to the field, playing the game and headed into the locker room with everyone else. He immediately picked up the tension coming off of Matt – probably in response to Tyler's actions tonight that almost cost them their win.

"Tanner's M.I.A. I think he had a little bit too much beer," Tyler said – he's noticed the teacher drinking earlier.

"Don't talk to me right now, all right? I'm pissed at you," Matt said, remembering overhearing Tyler speaking about his sister, and the way he'd done it.

"What's your problem?" Tyler asked.

"What's my... You're my problem, all right?" Matt said. "You're a bully. A freakin' twelve year old bully, man. And I'm sick of it. I mean, what was that about tonight? What's beating up the new guy going to prove? Or screwing with my sister or pummeling my girlfriend's kid brother."

"Girlfriend?" Tyler questioned. "Did you not see that display between her and that guy earlier? Look, I don't know how to tell you this, but she dumped your ass, and has obviously moved on. And are you for real? You want to hit me? I'm on your team."

"This was over the line. Even for you?" Matt said, leaving the room. As he was walking, he saw something on the ground. It looked like a shoe. Confused, he walked forward, only to feel nausea turn his stomach as he identified the shoe being still on a body, one whose throat looked ripped out. It took him a second to realize that the body he was seeing was Mr. Tanner's.

"Somebody, help!" he yelled out, catching Tyler's attention, who was just exiting the locker room.

"What – Oh!" Tyler said, going slightly green as he saw the body.

"Someone call the cops!" he shouted, as more people came out of the locker room. There was a scramble to head back in there so that they could do as Tyler said to do. It took a few moments before one of them were able to get patched through and connected to the police station. After explaining the situation, the guy had gotten a hold of the cops came out of the locker room.

"They said they'll be here in ten minutes," he said, looking anywhere but at the body. The bloodless body was disturbing to see.

In the parking lot, Elena looked over to where the people were gathered, watching as the police worked. Hearing someone behind her, she turned to see Damon standing there.

"What happened?" he asked, looking concerned. In a quiet voice, Elena told him about what Matt had discovered.

"Matt mentioned that the bite looked almost like the one his sister received, and I overheard one of the officers mention that it was most likely the same thing that had attacked his sister," Elena said. She shook he head. "What kind of animal could be doing all this? Why would it come out of the woods and attack someone in the middle of town?"

She sounded worried. Who was to say that the next person attacked wouldn't be her aunt, or, worse, her brother. While she knew that it was also logical that she herself might be attacked, she was more worried about what was left of her family. She'd already lost some members already. She couldn't stand it if she lost anyone else...

"I don't know," Damon said, wrapping her up in his arms. She went willingly, turning from that scene to bury her head in his chest, not seeing the fact that he didn't look upset at the carnage he'd caused. "I don't know," he repeated. When he sensed that she was about to move, he put on a concerned face, looking down at her.

I...I think that there's something strange...well, stranger, about you're brother," she said. "He ended up trying to stop a fight between Tyler and my brother, and... I swear that he was hurt during it. I saw a glass fragment in his hand, but when I saw it the next moment, his hand showed no sign of having been harmed."

"Don't worry about it," Damon said. While he would loved for Elena to be suspicious about Stefan, he knew that he himself would end up under the same magnifying glass as Stefan, and, in truth, if Elena was going to find out about his vampirism, it was going to be on his terms.

Elena looked down. "You know, when I heard that a body was found, I panicked," Elena said. "Before I found out who it was, I thought that it might have been you. I mean, I couldn't find you anywhere, and I'd already found my brother. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was glad when people mentioned that it was Mr. Tanner."

Damon wouldn't have admitted it, but he was touched that she had been worried about him.

"I'm fine," he said. "Stefan and I ended up almost fighting, and he wiped some blood on me – probably the blood you saw that made you think his hand was hurt – and I went to my car – which, unfortunately, I had to park pretty far away – in order to get a new shirt." Elena looked at the shirt he was wearing, noticing now that it wasn't the white one he'd been wearing earlier. "I'm going to be fine, okay? We're going to be fine, as is your family. That's all that matters."

Elena nodded her head before sighing.

"Take me home," she said.

"As you wish," he said.

When Stefan arrived at the boarding house, he went straight to his room, grabbing his diary and a pen before sitting down at his desk. Placing the pen to the paper, he wrote:

I thought there was hope that somewhere deep inside, something in Damon was still human, normal. But I was wrong. There's nothing human left in Damon. No good, no kindness. No love. Only a monster. One who must be stopped.

He set the pen down after that, thinking about how he could get rid of his brother without him knowing of his plans. As he thought, his eyes looked at a picture that he kept on his desk, a picture of Katherine. He sighed, deciding to think about what to do after he'd rested for the night.

At Elena's house, Damon walked her to her door.

"So, will I see you tomorrow?" she asked. He smiled at her.

"Unless something comes up, yes, you will," he said, leaning down to peck her lips. "Goodnight."

"Good night," she repeated, watching him walk away from her before heading inside. Her aunt Jenna immediately appeared, looking worried.

"What happened?" she asked. "I heard the cops heading towards the school."

"There was another animal attack. Mr. Tanner's dead," Elena said, though her voice didn't quite portray the horror of that event, her mind still on Damon.

"Oh my god," Jenna said. "Are you sure?" Elena nodded her head, and Jenna shook her head, looking a bit saddened by the death. She might not have liked the man, but he didn't deserve to die the way that it seemed that he had.

"Well, hopefully this animal will be found before anyone else dies," Jenna murmured. Elena nodded her head, and Jenna finally took note of her distracted appearance.

"Did something else happen?" Jenna asked her, her voice hiding a smile. Elena, noticing the change in tone, looked at her aunt, a blush betraying her as much as the smile that crossed her face did.

"Maybe," she said.

"What was it?" Jenna demanded.

"Damon kissed me," Elena said, squealing a bit. Jenna smiled.

"So the night wasn't a complete nightmare then," she said. Elena shook her head.

"Well, good for you, then," Jenna said. "Damon might be a little old for you, but if he makes you feel like this, then I'm glad for you and him. But just know, if he hurts you..."

"Thanks Aunt Jenna," Elena said, smiling at her aunt's spoken blessing. She headed upstairs, writing in her diary for a little bit before getting dressed and crawling into bed, falling asleep within minutes. After her breath had deepened, her window was pushed opened silently, and Damon crawled into the room.

Going over to Elena's side, he stood there, looking at her with a serious expression on her face. He reached out, gently stroking her cheek with one finger for a moment. Elena stirred, and he froze, watching her. It looked like she would sleep on, but he saw her eyes flutter for a second, moments before she startled awake, sitting up fast while breathing heavily, unaware of what woke her up.

A quick scan around her room showed it devoid of anything, and she sighed, relaxing as she laid back down, falling back asleep, unaware of a crow sitting on a tree branch right outside her window, watching her every move as she slept.

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