Chapter 1

One sunny morning, Major Tony Nelson was getting ready for work. Only he was being slowed down by every ordinary man's problem, a genie.

"But Master you need me there with you!" Jeannie exclaimed.

"How many times have I told you, you can't come to the base with me. If Dr. Bellows ever finds you I'll be thrown out of the space program." Tony replied.

"But I will make myself very small and will not take up ANY room-"

"NO!" Tony interrupted, "Wow, sometimes I wonder what it'd be like if I never found your bottle on the beach."

"Master, you are not happy with me?"

"Now I never said that, but sometimes I wish to know what it would be like if I didn't know you!"

"Would you really like to know, Master?" asked Jeannie, "because I can arrange that"

"Yes. could show me what it would be like?"

"Why yes Master!" *blink*

"Darling, I'm home" Tony says as he comes through the door.

"Oh hello Tony, dear" his wife Melissa replies "you look tired, you must have had a long day. Why don't I make you some dinner and then you can get some rest."

"No I'll grab something at the base...I have to go back in about an hour. I'll be in the study."

"Alright honey. Don't work too hard."

"I'm not sure if that's possible"

"Master, how could you marry that brunette?"

"Well, in case you've forgotten I was supposed to marry Melissa until I found you and you stuck your nose where it doesn't belong and-"

"Oh that is right Master, I remember." Jeannie said, "but your vibrations were all wrong then and they still are now!


"Would you like to see more of your life?"

"Yes I would!"


"Colonel Nelson, there's a call on line 1 for you. I think it's you're wife."

"Thank you"

"Wait just a minute...COLONEL Nelson? I'm a Colonel!"

"Now Master do not get excited, if you chose this life you would be a Colonel, but you would not have me!"

"Right, but how did that happen?"

"Well, in case YOU'VE forgotten, Melissa is General Stone's daughter-"

"And since I'm going to be the father of his grandchildren, he promoted me a couple steps up." Tony replied. "and since I did not have a genie, Dr. Bellows did not see any 'funny business' from me"

"Yes Master, you are catching on!" *blink*

"Dr. Bellows, I need to talk to you about dinner tonight."said Tony.

"What is it Colonel?"

"I don't think we'll be able to make it tonight...Melissa has other plans and I've been working really hard-"

"Say no more Colonel" Dr. Bellows said "we'll reschedule."

"Thank you Dr."

"What am I doing cancelling dinner with Dr. Bellows? I might get fired! And you know how nosy he is!"

"Master, you are a Colonel now it does not matter."


"Oh I need to call you later, bye"

"Melissa, who was that on the phone just now?"

"Oh umm" Melissa hesitated, "just the repair man...our sink's broken"

"It's broken?" Tony asked, "Darling, I could've fixed it"

"Did I say sink? I meant oven. Tony dear you surely don't know how to fix the oven. We need a repair man!"

"Oh ok" Tony said puzzled.

"Oh Master do you see what that devil's doing to you? I will not stand to see you get hurt!"

"What are you talking about, Jeannie? She's getting the oven fixed!"

"Master you are blind!" *blink*