Chapter 3

The next day at the base Roger is avoiding Tony as much as possible. Tony got home late the night before and did not even talk to Melissa.

A meeting is just winding up in Colonel Nelson's office. Bill is the only one left still gathering his things.

"Sargeant Cooper, how's it going?" Tony Nelson asks.

"Uhh, fine. How about you?" he replies.

"Okay. You know, my wife's been acting a little weird lately. I don't know, maybe I've been working too much."

"Oh?" Bill Cooper replies nervously.

"Yeah. Why don't you and your wife come over to our place for dinner tonight? I think Melissa needs a nice little dinner party tonight."

"Umm, err. I don't know.."

"Oh come on it'll be fun! Melissa and I don't know you and your wife very well, what's her name again?"

"Elizabeth. Okay okay, we'll come over."

"How does six o'clock sound?"

"Good. I'll see you tonight, Colonel."

"See you."

"I bet I'll find out at the dinner party. Just because Roger's a coward and is afraid of my wife.."

"well you would not have this problem if you had never married her, Master!"


"Melissa. I'm home darling" Tony yells as he walks in the door,

"Hello Tony darling"

"Sargeant Cooper and his wife are coming over for dinner tonightm is that alright?"

"Oh I know, I-"

"How did you know?"

"Oh well, er..I..Bill called and told me"

"Bill? You're on a first name basis with Sargeant Cooper?"

"Oh darling don't be silly. He called and told me so I could be prepared. You know you really shouldn't tell me about a dinner party just hours before it happens."

"Alright, do you need any help?"

"No, it's almost done. Why don't you just relax in the living room while I finish up."

"I must be blind, how can I not see what she's doing to me?"

"Master, I told you so.." Jeannie said "I told you that you would not be happy, but you did not listen"

"No, no. Maybe things will work out."


Bill Cooper and his wife, Elizabeth, arrive at six.

The dinner is quiet all throughout the night.

"The dinner was great, Mrs. Nelson." says Elizabeth.

"Thank you." Melissa says as she begins to take some plates from the guests.

"Let me help you, Melissa" offers Bill.

"No, no sit down, you're our guests." insists Tony.

"Nah, don't worry about it." Bills answers.

"Thank you, Sargeant Cooper." says Melissa.

They go into the kitchen with the dirtied plates.

"So, Mrs. Cooper how's everything going at home?" asks Tony.

"Oh, everything's fine. Bill's been working pretty late though, especially last night.."

"Last night? The only people at the base last night were Colonel Bellows and I and a few other men."

"Really? Maybe you just didn't see him.."

"Yeah maybe."

A few moments later the doorbell rings. Colonel Nelson answers it and its Roger Healey.

"Hey Tony how you doing?"

"Good, everything's good. The Coopers are over here for dinner" Tony says "There should be something left in the kitchen, Melissa and Sargaent Cooper are in there."

"In there together? Alone?"

"Yeah. Roger what's wrong?"

"Oh nothing..I'll go see what's left in the kitchen."

Roger walks slowly into the kitchen. As he walks in he sees Bill and Melissa locked in an embrace.


"Roger! What in the world are you doing here?"

"Tony told me me to come in here to see if there were any leftovers."

"Oh they're over there."


Roger bursts out of the kitchen. "Tony can I talk to you?"

"Sure, you have a surprise for me?"

"Uhh, sort of."

"Is it bigger than a bread box?" Tony laughs.

"Tony it's not that kind of surprise.."

"Roger what's wrong?"

"Melissa cheating on you with Sargeant Cooper!" Roger blurts out before he can regret whatt he's about to say.

"What? She is not!" Tony yells back.

"Roger! Is this true?" Elizabeth interrupts.

"Yes..I saw them here last night and just now in the kitchen."

"Elizabeth, that explains why I didn't see Bill at the base last night, he was here!"

"Oh! I'll kill him!" yells Elizabeth in anger.

"Let's not do anything hasty.." Tony says "Let's just g talk to them. Very calmly.."

They walk into the kitchen.

"Melissa! What do you think you're doing fooling around with Bill?"

"And Bill.." Elizabeth says

"Tony how'd you find out?" Melissa interrupts.

"Roger told me."

"Ugh!" Melissa groans.

"At least I finally found out and Roger stopped being a coward!"


A few days go by with only a few words spoken bewtween the Nelsons. Until one night..

"Melissa this isn't working out. I can't trust you anymore. I want a divorce"

"But Tony darling.."

"Don't you Tony darling me!"

"Maybe we can work it out"

"No Melissa. I don't think we can."

Months go by and the divorce is finally final. Papers were signed, but no tears were shed.

"Tony? What do you say you take a vacation? Just you on maybe an island somewhere." Dr. Bellows suggests.

A few days later Tony is on a plane to the South Pacific.

As he's exploring one of the beaches one day, he finds a small purple bottle and he opens it. And out of the bottle comes a genie. Not your average everyday genie, but a beautiful genie..who could grant any wish.

"Master! You see? You cannot get rid of me!" Jeannie says as she throws her arms around Tony's neck.

"Yeah, I see, Jeannie." Tony says as Jeannie kisses him.

Tony thinks to himself that maybe he never really truly wishes he could get rid of Jeannie and thinks that maybe they really are meant to be together.

The End