Mac lay still, unmoving, with his eyes closed. Lindsay feared the worst. "Mac?" She asked tentatively, and knelt down to checker his vitals. "He has a weak pulse, and he's not breathing," She thought to herself.

Lindsay began mouth to mouth. "Some one call an ambulance!" She ordered, then breathed into his mouth.

"Mac? Mac, can you hear me?" Lindsay asked but to no response.

"Come on Mac, come back." She whispered and breathed into his mouth again. No response.

"No, don't leave me Mac." Lindsay whispered, desperately trying to bring him back. She breathed into his mouth once more.

Mac's eyes shot open and he breathed in a huge gulp of air, before he fell into a coughing fit.

Lindsay breathed a huge sigh of relief, and helped him to sit up, and the coughing subsided. Lindsay hugged him. "I thought you were gone," Lindsay whispered. Mac smiled and began to cough again.