Chapter 27: Luna's secret

A/n: 1) Warning the chapter contains a very small hint of incest at the very end.

Harry had a good time at Flamels. By the end of his weeklong stay both Nicholas and Perenelle had begun to view him as the son they never had.

During his stay Harry demonstrated his powers and impressed them with his control over his element. He showed them how he was learning to suppress his power without a power suppressor orb. Nicholas wasn't even aware of this being possible.

The trio had tried to get more information about the entity but all their research seemed to hit a dead end. Harry didn't shared Bill's theory with them as he had kept the existence of super powered twin brother a secret.

Perenelle had hard time controlling her tears when Harry was about to leave. She gave him a permanent portkey to their house. "You can come here whenever you want to, you are always welcomed here." She told him. "Come to visit us soon." Nicholas chimed in over his wife.

"Now that we are reacquainted aunt, it would be hard for you to keep me away from here for too long. I will even sneak out from Hogwarts to come visit both of you." Harry proclaimed.

After giving a good bye kiss to his aunt and a hug to his uncle he left via the portkey.


Bill wasn't having any luck with his research. His main problem was that his attention was divided on two fronts.

Half his mind was focused about find more about these demons that Nicholas Flamel spoke off. The other half of his mind was more interested to find out about the dream being shared between Harry and Lily.

He hadn't made any headway in either of his research. He found out that mothers have a sixth sense about their children's wellbeing. They could sense their child being in danger even if they weren't in the area or close proximity to the child. This sense was amplified when both mother and son were magical. This didn't help him explain how Harry and Lily shared a dream.

Any information about the demons eluded him. He felt that the information he was looking was in the Potter library but it wouldn't reveal itself unless certain conditions were met. Sometimes he just hated the oddities of magic. Since the Potter library wasn't of any help to him on the current matter, he had started to look at other sources of information.


As Harry got back, Lily greeted him with a hug. "Welcome back son." She said. The mother and son duo separated when they remembered their shared dream. Rosa and Sakura were next in line to hug him. They used the hug as a cover to rub their bodies on him. Sylvia and little Lily followed their sisters and hug him. "Missed you so much, big brother now that you are back you can play with me." Little Lily said with joyous excitement. Leon didn't hug him but greeted him all the same. He noticed that Bill and his dad weren't at home when he arrived. He knew his dad was at work but wondered where Bill had gone off to.

Harry spent most of the day playing games with Sylvia and little Lily. He loved spending time with both of them. He realised that he wasn't spending a lot of time with his younger siblings.

The Potters had a small get together at night on the day Harry returned. The Blacks and Remus were invited dinner.

During the dinner Yuna had sat next to Harry was doing her best to chat him up. She was even using her new found control over her veela charm to completely direct it at him.

Amy wasn't happy at the tactics her daughter was using to get Harry. She had half a mind to scold her. At the same time she was intrigued to see if this tactic of Yuna panned out. Her daughter had been depressed from the time she had heard that Harry had a seventeen year old Metamorphmagus as his girlfriend. She knew that her daughter had to fight an uphill battle as many more girls will try to compete for Harry's attention and Harry seemed immune to the veela charm.

Rosa and Sakura watched on as Yana was making an attempt to get close to Harry. They didn't know whether Yuna realised it or not but Harry seemed to be distracted and wasn't paying much attention to any one at the dining table.

Harry had decided to show off some of his skills to his family members and attribute it to the Flamels' teaching. Both his parents were surprised when he told them that he had an open invitation to visit the Flamels at any time he wanted. Rosa and Sakura were fascinated by the new stuff he had learned at the Flamels.

Harry and Lily still had a hard time making eye contact. Every time they looked at each other they were reminded of the dream they had.


Next day the Potters had a surprise visitor. Luna had come to visit them. "Hello Dobby the house elf. I wanted to meet Harry. Could I come in." she said in her melodious voice.

Dobby blinked a couple of times before realising what the strange girl had said to him. "I'll see if young master's available. Who shall I say is visiting?" he asked in an improved speech pattern. Lily was giving Dobby English lessons along with little Lily to improve their language.

"Oh! Sorry I thought you knew me. My name is Luna." She said. "Wait here Miss Luna. I will inform the great Harry Potter sir about you." With that he disappeared with a pop.

Harry was surprised to hear about Luna coming to visit him. He told Dobby to invite her in as she was his friend. He also called back Bill who had gone to do more research.

"Welcome Luna." Harry said as she entered the house.

"Hi Harry!" Luna greeted in a very unLuna like manner. "Can we talk somewhere in private" she asked in low voice.

"Sure we can go to my bed room to talk." He said without realising the double meaning.

"Harry! I didn't expect this from you." Lily mocking scolded her son as she heard what he had said. "Two timing your girlfriend I expected better. I haven't raised you to act like this young man." She added sternly with a straight face.

"Mom! I didn't mean it like that." Harry protested. "Luna wanted to…" he stopped when he heard his mother bursting out into laughter.

"That was mean mom." He said directing Luna to his room.


"So Luna, what brings you here?" Harry asked as they sat down in his bedroom.

"Both of you can tell I am different. Right?" she asked. Without waiting for a response she continued, "In the same manner, I can tell both of you are different from ordinary mortals. Your power and presence makes that obvious. That was an interesting illusion by the way."

Harry blinked a couple of time, trying to comprehend the girl in front of him, "Thanks, I guess." He said.

"It finally makes sense. That's why your power felt familiar yet different and why you have to make a conscious effort to hide your aura." Bill said finally understanding Luna.

"Would you mind filling me in?" Harry asked.

"You really are something else if you could connect the dots with that little information." Luna said in her typical manner.

Bill just rolled his eyes and said, "I guess you can say that. Harry remember few days ago I told you about living planets and their moons." After getting a nod from Harry he continued, "Luna here, is the embodiment of the essence of the moon."

Harry was shocked to hear it. He and Luna both asked, "How can you be sure that she/I is/am the embodiment of the moon and not the earth?" at the same time. They looked at each other and just shrugged.

"Her name is a big clue plus her aura is silver like the moon's and not brown like the earth's aura." Bill answered them.

"You certainly are more knowledgeable than I thought you would be. This simplifies a lot of things. I am sure, both of you must have felt a strong magical pulse a few days ago." After getting a nod from them Luna continued. "Have you figured out what caused it yet?" she asked.

"All we know that a powerful evil entity caused it. We don't know its identity or location." Harry responded.

"For a couple of thirteen year olds both of you are really well informed. The evil entity you spoke about is known as the Demon Lord Scourge. He is the right hand man of the Demon King Vitiate.

A long time ago, earth was invaded by powerful evil being known as demons. Their leader the Demon King Vitiate had either destroyed or enslaved all life on earth. My mother, the earth, asked some one for help to diver those vile demons away. That person, I don't know who, responded by sending two people to help. Both of them easily drove the demons back and imprisoned them forever in a special prison.

Few years ago, I made a mistake of tampering with the prison's seal. My mother sacrificed herself and prevented the demons form escaping again. She is now imprisoned with the monsters. Now, one of them, the Demon Lord Scourge, the general of the demon has escaped the prison. He would soon try to free his master. If that happens then the demons would rule the earth." Luna told them somberly.

"But can't you contact the same person that you mother did for help?" Harry asked trying to keep his cool.

"No, I don't know how to get in touch with him, whoever he is. Both of you are really strong. The three of us would have to work together to save the earth and the life of everyone on it. Can I count on your help?" Luna said to them.

"Luna, by any chance, the two people who drove the demons away were named Alpha and Omega?" Bill asked.

"How did you know that?" Luna asked surprised.

"It was an educated guess." Bill answered Luna will looking at Harry.

Harry could see a hint of fear in the eyes of his twin brother. 'What's wrong?' he asked. To his great surprise Bill didn't answer him. The three of them just stood in silence looking at each other.

"If it is within our power we will help you Luna but for now could you leave us alone for some time." Bill finally said breaking the silence.

As she was leaving the room, Luna said, "I know that this is a lot to take in. I believe we still have some time before the Demon Lord Scourge becomes active and wreaks havoc on earth."

Harry went along with her and escorted her out of the house. As they were moving out Harry, from the corner of his eyes, saw the various members of his family hiding and trying to observe them. He couldn't figure out the obsession his family had of watching him whenever he was alone with a girl. They didn't know Bill was back so they must have assumed I was alone in my room with Luna behind a sealed door.

"You have a lovely family, Harry." Luna comment. "None of them seem to be as powerful as you or your brother."

As Luna stepped out of the gate, she leaned close to Harry and said, "By the way your sisters think you are cheating on Tonks with me." She disappeared afterwards.


"So, is she going to be your new girlfriend when Tonks is away?" Sakura asked him as he got back.

"What gave you that idea sis? Luna is my friend. She just came over to meet me." Harry told her.

"Both of you seemed pretty close to me for normal friends, especially when she gave you a good bye kiss." Rosa chimed in.

"There is also the matter of you spending some time with her in a locked room." Sakura added.

Harry was confused by Rosa's statement. Luna never kissed him. Judging by the looks on their faces they weren't lying. Then he remembered what Luna said to him before leaving, 'By the way your sisters think you are cheating on Tonks with me.' She must have cast an illusion spell on them.

He then had a tough time explaining to his sisters that he wasn't cheating on Tonks.


As Harry entered his room he saw that Bill hadn't move from the spot since he had left with Luna. "What's wrong?" he asked as he sealed the room.

"Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, are two of my father's strongest and deadly enforcers. Even at my full strength, I couldn't match one of them let alone both of them together." Bill informed him. Harry could sense fear in Bill's voice.

"It is odd that they chose to imprison these demons rather than destroying them outright." Bill said thinking about the whole situation. "Unless this was my father's plan all along. He knew that in future I would mess up and end up here. Alpha and Omega could have destroyed these demons without breaking a sweat instead they rounded up these demons and imprisoned them. It is the only explanation I can think of otherwise both of our combine powers would be insufficient to defeat them."

"How can you be so sure that these demons didn't require their full power to be defeated?" Harry asked.

"The very fact that the earth still exists proves that these demons didn't really require the two of them. They can easily destroy or create galaxies. Alpha is the creator while Omega is the destroyer. These demons are powerful by the standards of modern day humans but are nothing compared to the old race." Bill informed him.

"That is all very fascinating Bill but can't you contact your father and ask him for help?" Harry asked him hoping that the threat could be resolved easily.

"No. He won't respond. He would want me to defeat this threat to prove my worth." Bill replied.

"Well the good thing about all this is now we know what we are up against." Harry said trying to look at the bright side.

"We should try and find exactly how powerful are opponent is. Base on that information we can plan our next move. I will try to talk with my sister and see if she has any information on these demons. It may take some time so I will be away for the night, so cover for me." Bill said before fading from Harry's view.


"Where is Bill?" Lily asked Harry when Bill didn't join them for dinner.

"He is doing some research for an upcoming project of ours. He must have lost track of time. He probably would be back by midnight. Where's dad?" Harry responded.

"He is busy as usual." Lily sighed, "His new job is taking up a lot of time and energy. He also will be back by midnight."

Harry's siblings complained about the fact that Bill was allowed to stay outside the house till midnight.

Lily told them off by saying, "Bill is mature enough to be left on his own and he can take care of himself. When you all become responsible then I would have no problem extending your curfews till midnight."

All of them groaned at her response and continued eating their dinner without make much fuss. After finishing his dinner, Harry started feeding little Lily hers.


James arrived home late that night. He went straight to bed without eating. He was too tired to do anything other than sleeping.

His actions caused Lily's frustration to increase. She had hoped that James would provide her with some relief. In recent times he was unable to perform his duties as a husband due to increase in his work load.

As Lily slept she had one of her weird dreams. She dreamt about performing the horizontal tango with James. In her dreams, after one round James was too tired to continue and Lily desired much more. So she went to Harry and stayed with him for the night.


Demon Lord Scourge, just being freed from his prison, hid his aura started to roam the earth in search of potential minions till he could complete the task of freeing his master. With the evil that existed in the heart of men he had many choices. But first he needed to find the spirit of the moon. She had the potential to dampen his plans.

This task was proving more difficult than he had anticipated as he didn't know the brat's appearance and she was suppressing her aura. 'I will give it a couple of month till I reach my full power if I can't find the brat till then I would go ahead with my original plan. She would be too weak to stop me anyway.' He thought.


Next morning, Bill joined his family for breakfast. As he sat down he smelled something weird. He took a couple of sniffs to try and analyse the smell. Suddenly he pounced on Harry and teleported out.

"What are you trying to do?" he screamed at Harry.

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