Chapter 28: Confrontation

A/n: 1) Warning the chapter contains incest and violence. Both of them have been marked so if you don't want to read it, just skip over it. Don't flame me later about writing them.

2) This chapter contains the use of blood magic.

"What is going on? Why are you angry at me?" Harry asked wondering what was wrong with Bill.

"Lusting after our mother is one thing but actually sleeping with her is completely different. I won't allow you to break up their marriage just because you lust after her. There are many other girls you can choose from for yourself." Bill screamed at him.

"What are you talking about? I haven't ever slept with mom. Just had a couple of weird dreams about sleeping with her." A confused Harry said to him.

"At breakfast, I could smell your scent on her and her scent on you. The scent was far stronger than normal and this could only happen if you're intimate with one another last night." Bill explained.

"What?!" Harry exclaimed, "I don't know how my scent was on her but believe me I haven't slept with her, at least in real life."

"Okay." Bill said observing him for a movement. "Last night, did you dream about being intimate with her?" After getting a nod for Harry he asked, "Was it the same dream you had just before you went to the Flamels?"

"No, this dream was different." Harry replied thinking about the dream.

Flashback (Dream sequence)

(Warning lemon ahead)

Harry woke up with a start as he felt something warm and wet on his member. As he opened his eyes he saw his mom cupping his ball and sucking on his member. He also noticed he was naked.

"Good you're up in more ways than one." She said teasingly when she saw him opening his eyes. She let go of his harden member and said, "Your dad has been neglecting his duties towards me. As the eldest son in the family you will have to step up and take the responsibility."

"But mom…" Harry began to protest.

"No butts, at least for now." She teased him. "Your body doesn't seems to have a problem with so why should you?"

Harry looked into his mother's eyes. They were filled with an unnatural lust and hunger. He saw that she was wearing a red lacy bra which barely covered her large assets. She also wore a matching red panty with was moist near her nether lips.

Harry couldn't resist anymore. He got up and kissed her on the lips while unclasping her bra. While kissing he pushed her down on his bed and continued kissing her. Slow he started moving in the downward direction leaving a trail of kisses. He stopped for a moment when he reached her panties. Her scent caused his arousal to increase. He used his mouth to lower her panties, while doing so he rubbed his nose on her nether lips. After the panties reached her knees he used his hands to remove them while licking her womanhood and drinking her flowing juices.

He used his abilities as a Parselmouth on her, driving her to many orgasms. Once she got down from her high, he lined up his member with her core and slowly entered her. At first he moved slowly, enjoying every moment of the coitus but at her urging he picked up the speed.

Harry continued to kiss his mom while they were joined at the hips. He did his very best to hold back as long as possible but with the object of his desire below him it wasn't possible for long. He soon released his manly juice inside her core. He felt this action drove her over the edge and caused her to contract around him.

His member didn't completely lose its hardness. He kept it inside her core while wandlessly casted a lactating charm on her breast.

"You won't mind if I drink your milk, would you?" He asked her. She replied by dragging his face to her breasts. Harry slow took her nipple in his mouth and kissed it. This action had caused her to moan. After a couple of gentle sucks the milk flow started. As he drained the milk from her, he felt her contracting around his member. He completely loved the sensation. He lost himself and released his juice in her for the second time that night.

As he was about to pull out, he felt his mother embrace him and lock her legs behind his rear trapping him inside of her.

"You didn't think that this was over sweetie, did you?" she asked. "This is only the beginning." She said while rotating them and getting top of him.

It took him less than a minute to get completely hard to worship the goddess above him. He enjoyed it when she rode him. After achieving another mutual orgasm, he latched onto her nipples once again as she sat on him with his member still inside her.

The mixture of their juices was flowing out of her womanhood and covering his thighs. As soon as his member regained its hardness she began to ride him again. This continued for the rest of the night until early morning. He had lost the count of how many times they did the deed.

(End of lemon)

End Flashback (Dream sequence)

"How do you know about that dream anyway? I though you don't read my mind." Harry asked.

"I didn't read your mind. On the day you left to visit the Flamels both you and mom were blushing when ever your eyes meet. I got curious and read your surface thoughts and found out that both of you were blushing because of a shared dream. Both of you had the same dream but wasn't aware that the dream was shared with the other. I tried to research about this phenomenon but couldn't find anything concrete." Bill explained.

Harry was blushing hearing Bill's explanation. After he got his wit together he asked, "Are you sure about the scent? Are you sure that you didn't make a mistake?"

"I am sure as I can be. Both of you have a very distinguished scent. Your scent was all over her body especially the breast and groin region while her scent was strong around your face and thighs." Bill explained.

Harry blushed as he remembered his actions in the dream. Then the oddity of the situation struck him. "Hang on, if it was a dream then how did are scents get on each other?" he asked.

"I have no clue. My guess is that the event actually occurred." Bill said

"That makes no sense." Harry complained.

"Agreed." Bill said. "I was sleeping next to you when you had your first dream. Even if I was asleep, I would have realised that our mother entering the room and proceeded to do the horizontal tango with you."

"What exactly are you trying to say? You are not making any sense to me." Harry told him.

"In simple words, sometimes, dreams are just dreams random events our mind sees while we are asleep but sometimes, especially to people like us, they can be visions of the future, past or a current event. During these times our minds breach the barriers of space-time continuum to view these events. The physical body of the person remains as it was before the vision while our mind creates a construct resembling the body in the dimension of its current existence. It is similar to how a pensive works, your body is present in it while viewing the event but you can't interact with your surrounds. Generally these dreams are safe as they are non-interactive. On the other hand, if these dream become interactive then you are in big trouble. If you die in such a dream then you may become brain dead in real life." Bill explained. "I believe I have gone off in a tangent here. You have shared something similar with our mother as the former is incapable of explaining the intermingling of your scents."

"How do you know so much about all this?" Harry asked getting curious at the source of the information.

"I was researching about your shared dream remember. You would be surprised by the amount of information found in old texts in the Potter Library and the library of Alexandria." Bill informed him.

"So what should I do? Should I confront mom about this or should I wait and watch and hope you are wrong?" Harry asked him.

"It's your choice. I suggest you have a chat with her maybe she knows what's going on." Bill answered.

"Did you find out about the demons?" Harry asked wanting to change the subject.

"That is a conversation for another time. Our parents might be getting worried. After all we did leave in a hurry." Bill said.


James had already gone for work before the twins could return. Lily was worried about them as the two of never fought each other even when they were little and Bill seemed quite angry at Harry for some reason.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw both of them return safely. "What happened? Why are you two fighting?" she asked.

"It was a simple misunderstanding between us mom, we sorted it out." Harry told her. "Mom, if you are free right now I want to talk with you alone." He added getting serious.

Sensing the change in her son's tone Lily agreed and followed the Harry to James study.


"So what is this all about?" She asked as she saw Harry seal the door to the study.

"Mom, have you been feeling different lately?" Harry asked thinking this was the best way to approach the subject.

Lily tensed up, "What do you mean be that?" she asked getting defensive.

"Mom, I need to know. This directly connected to my argument with Bill." He said still unsure how to broach the subject.

"How is any of it connected?" Lily asked wondering where Harry was going with this line of questioning.

Harry decided to quit beating around the bush and get to the point directly, "Last night, I had a weird dream involving the both of us." He paused to see the reaction on his mothers face. He could detect a hint of fear in her eyes before she tried to hide it. "Judging by the look on your face you seem to have some idea about the dream I am talking about." He said.

"How?" was all she could manage to ask before her voice began to crackle and tears were forming in her eyes.

"Mom, don't cry. I thought it was just a weird dream induced by my hormonal mind till Bill got angry at me." He said as he moved closer to her to comfort her. "He thought that I was sleeping with you because our scents intermingled with each other in a way that could happen only if we were intimate." He said flatly getting everything into the open.

"Oh Harry! I am so sorry. I didn't know. I sorry… please forgive me…." She said as she began to cry.

"Mom, don't cry. Please, tears mar you beautiful face." He said wiping her tears. "I am not bothered by the content of the dream as much as I am bothered about its occurrence in the first place. I'll ask again mom, has something changed recently?" he asked as he hugged her and rubbed her back in a consoling manner.

"I thought they were just dreams Harry. I didn't real…." Her sobbing was cut off by Harry. "It's ok mom. Let it be. Just tell me if anything has changed."

Lily took some time to gather her thought and decided to be frank with Harry. "Recently, you dad has been extremely busy and he hasn't had the time to take care of me."

"I gathered that much from the dream." Harry said cheekily causing her to blush.

She slapped him on the arm and continued, "Lately I have been very horny." She paused for a second before continuing, "Come to think of it, I have been very horny since the trial. It's like the effect of ritual I did when I was 18 suddenly stopped." She blurted out.

"What ritual?" he asked. Harry remembered giving Macnair's magical core to her after the trial. Somehow it must have interfered with the ritual.

Lily contemplated whether to answer him or not for a few minutes. "Mom I need to know everything to understand what's going on." he told her when she didn't answer him.

"After my sixteenth birthday, my sexual urges increased to a point which was maddening. All I could think about was of sex. It was becoming very difficult for her me to control my urges.

The sex with your father barely satisfied my hunger. During that time I slept with many girls but remained with your father.

During this time she fell in love with your father. I performed a ritual to suppress my nymphomaniac tendencies after I became 18." Lily said feeling very shameful.

Harry understood what happened to his mother better than she probable did herself. 'It was a stroke of luck that I gave her Macnair's magic or the effect of the ritual might have killed her or caused her to go insane.' He thought.

"Mom, you performed a dangerous ritual without knowing its consequences." He scolded her.

Lily looked at her son in surprise. "I know the ritual nearly killed everyone else that participated in it. How did you know that?" she asked wondering what exactly her son knew.

"That is besides the point mom. Tell me after the trial, you dreamt about us twice, am I correct?" he asked.

"I have had dreams about us being together three times in total. But what has that got to do with anything?" She asked not seeing where he was going with this.

"One of those dreams was probable before the trial." He mused. "The ritual you performed blocked of you heredity ability. This might have caused you to go insane or killed you over a period of time. It was pure luck that the effect of the ritual has worn off."

"What are you talking about? What heredity ability are you talking off?" She asked getting more confused.

"Damn the pureblood bias against muggleborns. Nobody bothered to tell you, I guess." Harry exclaimed.

"Nobody told me what? Where do the purebloods have come into the picture in any of this?" She asked as her confusion increased.

Harry took a deep breath to calm him down and began to explain, "Mom at the age of 16 a witch or wizards discovers her or his heredity ability if any. For example, a Metamorphmagus like Tonks could shift her form after the age of 16. The ritual you performed blocked your ability making it very dangerous for you."

"I didn't know that. So what do you think I am? I researched what happened to me wasn't a common occurrence in the Wizarding world." She said thinking about the possibilities.

"Mom, don't take this the wrong way but judging by everything that has happened so far and the effect you described, I am guessing you are a part or complete succubus. I believe there is a way to determine that. " Harry informed her. Her being a succubus would explain the dream sex they were having.

"That can't be true. James and all my other partners are still alive. I also know that my parents and my sister aren't magical." She exclaimed.

"If that is true than you could be a part succubus and this trait could have been expressed with the presence of your magical core or you are a complete succubus and you were adopted. The third option of you not knowing your parents heritage is out of the question because succubus and incubus have a typical aura after they attain their complete maturity at the age of 32. It takes time for them to attain complete maturity because they have a very long life span. If your stupid ritual hadn't worn off by time of your complete maturity then the consequences could have been dire.

Mom you should know that the muggle legend about the succubus is not quite accurate. They are creatures of sex that much is true and they also can have sleep sex with anyone they want." He added the last part with a red face thinking about the two encounters he shared with his mom.

Lily also was quite red with embarrassment as she heard this.

"They don't kill their partner while having sex. They just soak up the energies released during it. The more sex they have, the more energy they get. This may cause fatigue and tiredness in their partners." He explained in his best teacher's voice.

"That does make sense but what caused the ritual to wear off?" she inquired. "I read it was permanent if performed after the age of 18."

Her question caused Harry to become like a deer caught in headlights of an oncoming car. He mumbled, "I…"

"Could you repeat? I didn't get that." She said wondering what caused her son to behave like this all of a sudden. He seemed to have no problems discussing sex with her.

"I will tell you about at a later time mom. I believe this is not the correct time for it. Trust me." He said hoping she would drop the subject.

"Okay, I trust you. Now, what are we going to tell your father about all this?" she asked.

"Tell him the truth about your heritage but nothing about us sleeping together even in the dream world." He said.

"Bill knows about us, correct? Won't he tell James? How did he find out?" she asked.

"Yes, he found out about us even before I did. As I told you, initially I thought I was having hormone induced dream about one of the sexiest woman I know. This morning at breakfast, he could smell your scent around here and my scent around here." He indicated to the offending areas and caused both of them to become red with embarrassment.

"He does have a very strong sense of smell, probably stronger than the dogs and he won't tell dad anything about it." Harry placated her.


"So, how was the talk?" Bill asked.

"It was enlightening to say the least. Now I know why I was having the weird dreams or how mom scent got on me. Mom is a part or complete succubus. With dad being very busy lately her needs aren't taken care of properly in recent times." Harry informed him.

"This is an interesting development." Bill said.

"With one mystery solved, we move onto the next one. What did you find out about the Demons?" Harry asked.

"I have some good news, dad sent Alpha and Omega to deal with the demons here because rest of his enforces were busy elsewhere. So it was either them or a family member. Sending Alpha and Omega to deal with the problem was like using a nuclear bomb to kill a mosquito. Sending a family member after them would have been like using 1000 H-bombs to deal with it." Bill joked.

"That is good news, so we can deal with these demons?" Harry asked with hopeful voice.

"Lower levels won't be a problem for us but the top echelon might be difficult for both of us even with our combine strength. With Luna added to the mix, hopefully we should be able to fight them off." Bill replied.

"There are a few things you should know about these demons. Firstly, not all of them were evil. They were allowed to stay on earth after the evil ones were removed with the option of returning to the realm from which they came. Some of them stay back and mated with humans and others species of the time to produce many magical creatures like Vampires, werewolves, merpeople, veelas, sirens, succubi, goblins, dragons, etc you get the picture. Secondly, some of these demons still walk the earth and lead a peaceful life." Bill informed him.

"So there are some good demons too. They won't come in our way so they should not be a problem." Harry said not seeing the point Bill was trying to make.

"Harry, these demons might be coerced into joining the demon general. He could take their family or loved ones, if any, hostage and force them to do his bidding." Bill explained.

"That could be a problem. We will cross that bridge when the time comes, for now we have to find out mum's true heritage." Harry said thinking about the problem at hand.


James was having a bad day. He hadn't realised that being the head auror was going to be so difficult. After the initial excitement of the promotion faded off, he found how taxing his job could be. He had led a campaign against the illegal businesses in Knockturn Alley and any suspecting Death eater activity. Knockturn Alley was almost completely closed down because of him and many businesses of the dark families were affected. He hoped by doing all this, his sons would have an easier time dealing with the prophecy which hung over their heads. He had made plans to imprison all the death eater who had walked claiming they were Imperiused.

His actions had caused him to deal with mountains of paper work every day sitting at his desk with a very little scope of going on an actual mission anytime soon. Not to mention dealing with irritating bureaucrats wanting something or other from him. The worst part of being in the office was his idiotic secretary.

For the past few days, she had been trying very hard to get into his pants. For him she was a nuisance more than anything else. The only reason he hadn't fired her yet was because she was good at her job. But today she had gone too far. She had spiked his drink with a strong love potion. Luckily for him, his ring stopped the portion from scrambling his brain and warned him about the offending substance.

Her actions caused him to get very angry. He was a faithful husband who would never think about cheating on his beautiful wife. Instead of doing something stupid in his anger he decided to repot this to Amelia and let her deal with this mess. This would also allow him to take a break and spend some time with his wife and family.


Amelia was happy to finally have a head auror with a spine and a political clout. He had bought many changes in Wizarding Britain in a short time he was in charge. The illegal active had gone down sharply. She also could sense the fear of the dark families. They had curbed their questionable activities for the time being.

She had some pressure for top officials like Umbridge to keep him under control but she dealt with them.

She was surprised when James bought a drink spiked with love potion and told her that his secretary had tried to poison him. She could believe that Gloria could do such a thing. She told him to go home and cool off while she dealt with the matter.


Fudge was happy that his popularity was at an all time high. The general public loved the activities that James undertook to make their country safer. Even though he had no hand in selecting James as the head auror he was lauded for it. Like any good politician he took the credit for something good that was happing in his tenure.

He knew that some of his financial backers might get into trouble because of their questionable activities. To get out of trouble they would have to pay him handsomely, so it was a win-win situation for him.


Many of the dark families were hesitant to make a move against Potter even if their inaction was hurting their businesses. They had seen what happens to people who had gone against the family in recent times. Even Lucius Malfoy couldn't get away from them and he was the most slipper person they knew.

The eldest twins of the family and managed to slay a 55 feet long basilisk working together without any injuries. There was also a rumour circulating than one of the twins had invented a magical shield to stop the killing curse.

They thought it would be very unwise to incur the wrath of the twins by attacking their father. They chose to curb their illegal actives for now and hope the problem would go away on its own.


The Longbottom family was very jealous of the increase in popularity of the Potter family. In recent times their family name was dragged through mud because of Neville's actions. He was cleared of all charges because he was possessed by a malevolent spirit that influenced his actions during the whole chamber of secrets fiasco but the public opinion about him had dropped especially when it got out that he always tried to throw his weight around as the boy who lived.

Frank after being demoted was ridiculed at work for being the first ever auror captain to be demoted. The reduction in the income didn't matter much because the Longbottom were a wealth family and their accumulated wealth could easily support their lavish lifestyle for at least another generation. Not to mention the money they had got in the form of gifts because Neville defeated Voldemort.

Alice had barely managed to hold her old position in the auror crop. She might have had her ego inflated after her son survived the killing curse but she still was a good auror.


The only person more displeased than the Longbottom family with the rise of the Potters was Umbridge. They had humiliated her in public and caused her to cash in quite a few favours to stay out of trouble. She had vowed to get revenge on the entire family for causing problems for her and other proper purebloods.

Her plan for revenge wasn't working out so far. She had placed many charms on Gloria to seduce Potter and disgrace him when their affair became public. It seemed that Potter was very faithful to his mudblood whore. She hoped the love potion she had given her would do the trick. Even if the fact about the potion got out people would think that it is a ruse to protect the family name.

What she hadn't counted on was for the potion to have no affect on Potter and for Madam Bones to investigate the matter.


It didn't take long for Amelia and a few of her trusted aurors to get to the bottom of the matter. They easily detected the charms placed on Gloria to seduce James. After scanning her memory they found out that Umbridge was behind the whole mess.

In didn't take long for Madam Bones to arrest her on the charges of attempted Line Theft of the most ancient and noble family of Potter.


Scourge was slowly making his way to the region where he had last felt the presence of the moon spirit before it had vanished. Currently he was halfway across the world from that place.

During his journey he had decided not to make any minions as it may attract unwanted attention before he was ready. 'It had taken his master Vitiate a very long time and a lot of power to pierce the seal imprisoning them. He wasn't going to mess this up. It was unfortunate that his master couldn't keep the hole open and at the same time come through it himself. At least he had the earth bitch to take out his frustration on.

If she hadn't interfered in the first place then he along with his master would have ruled this planet and many more along with it. She had gone on to call those celestial beings to help her. Just thinking about it makes me angry. With her out of the way and her daughter joining her soon there is no way that the celestial beings would know of our movements.

The people of this planet are weak both in mind and soul. The weak don't deserve to be free. The only thing they should do is bow down to us and follow are demands. If they don't bend to our wishes then they would be eliminated. They should know that only the strongest can rule and the weak either serves them or perishes.' He thought.


Lily just by looking at James could tell something had happened. "What's wrong she asked?" she asked as he entered their bedroom.

"My stupid secretary tried to dose me with love potion." James replied. Seeing the angry look on Lily's face he continued, "Nothing happened between us. The ring that our sons made protected me from the effect of the potion. I handed the case to Amelia and she allowed me to take an off day."

"When I get my hands on her I will teach her to consequences of messing with my man." Lily snarled with venom.

"Calm down Lily flower. No one can take your place in my heart." James said trying to calm her temper.

Lily calmed down after a few minutes. "James, today I found out something about myself and you should know about this." she said with a worried expression.

"Oh! You are pregnant again?" he asked hopefully.

"No. But before I tell you, promise me that you won't freak out." She said.

"I promise, I won't freak out." He said getting worried at the expression on his wife's face.

"I am a succubus, James. May be a part or complete, I don't exact know right now." She blurted it out quickly.

Hearing it James began to laugh. "That's a good one Lily." He said between the bursts of laughter.

"I am not joking James. You remember back at Hogwarts after my 16th birthday I came onto very strongly right. Our relationship began after that incident." she said.

"How can I forget about it? That was one of the happiest movements of my life." James said.

"Today, I found out that a witch or wizard comes into his heritage at the age of 16. Since I am a succubus, my sex drive had become uncontrollable at that age. I unknowingly managed to perform a dangerous ritual at 18 to suppers my heritage. Luckily for me the ritual has started to wear off before my 32nd birthday." She said not wanting to tell him the complete truth. She knew Harry was somehow responsible for the ritual to wear off.

"It's true that a wizard or a witch come into his or her heritage at 16, how didn't you know that?" James asked after think about what she said. "It's also very dangerous to suppress your true heritage Lily, why would you do a thing like that?"

"I didn't know James. How am I supposed to know this? Nobody told me anything about this when I was in Hogwarts. I didn't find it in any book in Hogwarts library. I thought I was a normal Muggleborn up until today." She said getting annoyed with her husband.

"Well, I have no problem with you being a succubus. Just don't let this information get out in public or your name might get dragged through mud because of the stupid misconceptions the purebloods have." He said hugging her. "How about we put your new prowess to test?" he asked as he started to undress her.


"We need to find a way to determine mom's true heritage. And if she is a complete succubus we need to find her true parents. The best way to go about this is to track our maternal grandparents down and get the information from them." Harry said.

"Okay so do it." Bill said, "You don't need me for it."

"I can't just ask them directly, I need you to get the information from their minds as you are better than me at mind magic." Harry informed him.

"Lead the way." Bill said as Harry took him via shadow travel to their grandparents' house.

As soon as they reached the destination Harry cloaked himself and his brother in shadows to make then invisible. As they entered the house they found their grandparents having lunch. 'Scan granny's mind, she should have the information we are looking for' Harry telepathically said.

'According to her, mom is her biological daughter but there is something odd about that memory.' Bill informed Harry after scan her grandmother's mind.

'Meaning what exactly?' Harry questioned.

'Someone exceptional with mind magic has altered her memory. To anyone other than me or a member of my true family the change won't be noticeable.' Bill said marveling the memory modification. 'The original memory has been rewritten by the new one. This skill is rare and not a work of an ordinary human.'

'Okay then check gramps may be he knows something about it.' Harry said not liking someone with this ability moving freely, especially around his family.

'Interesting, the second daughter of our grandmother was a stillborn. This broke her down and she lost her will to live because she knew her elder daughter was responsible for the child's death. Someone, an older version of mother, came to our grandfather and handed him a baby girl, our mother. She was the one who modified grandmother's memory about the childbirth. She told our grandfather that her life was in danger and it wasn't safe for her to move around with a child. She took the dead baby with her. Before leaving, she also told him that our mom was different from normal girls and he assumed that meant about her being magical.' Bill told him.

'It only confirms that mom was adopted but doesn't help us in our search. We still don't know if mom is a part or complete succubus and there is no way of tracking her birth parents down.' Harry mussed.

'That's where you wrong Harry.' Bill said as they teleported back to their house. "That information gave us three useful leads. First, Mom's birth mother isn't human. Secondly, she is powerful and skillful. Third, she was in danger."

"How does that help us?" Harry asked.

"If she is alive, then I would be able to track her down with blood magic. If not then I would have to broaden the search." Bill answered.

"If you could do that than why didn't you do it? Instead of going through all the trouble of extracting information from our grandparents' minds." Harry questioned.

"You may be a shadow mage but your knowledge of blood magic is limit. Blood magic, even though it is a fascinating branch of magic, is very specific. You just can't take a drop of someone's blood and spell out their complete bio data or heritage from it. The blood feud we had with Mulcibers was genuine not because their family member was harmed or imprisoned by our actions but because I made a move to eliminate the family by modifying the true memories." Bill explained. "Now that I know that I am looking for the birth mother of mom a few drops of her blood should be enough to perform the ritual."

"What if she isn't alive?" Harry asked.

"We will deal with the 'what if' situation later if it comes up. You can't get impatient when dealing with blood magic." Bill scolded him. "You get a small vile of blood from mom with her consent. I'll do the necessary preparation for the ritual. Remember she should willingly give the blood otherwise the ritual would have disastrous consequences like blowing up our house.


When Harry walking into the bedroom of his parents he didn't expect to see them going at it like rabbits in middle of the afternoon. 'If this is mom version of not getting much attention then I shudder to think what she calls proper attention.' Harry thought.

Before he could leave the room both his parents noticed him and froze. "Sorry, I didn't expect to see that in the middle of afternoon especially when the door was unlocked and dad was suppose to be at work." he said after closing the door. "Carry on, I will come back later."


When Harry came back to his room, he found that the room had complete changed. All the furniture had been move onto the walls or the ceiling. The room also had been expanded to twice its normal size. Bill was drawing many circles of runic arrays in the center of the room. He recognized some of them but most of them were unknown to him. He saw some of the unidentifiable runes he had seen in that weird dream of his. He decided to ask Bill about them later on and continued to watch Bill's work.

As soon as Bill finished the seventh and the final circle, he heard his dad's voice, "What's going on here?"

"I just prepared a runic circle for a specific blood locater ritual." Bill nonchalantly replied.

"You are going to do blood magic?" Lily asked as she entered the room.

"I thought Harry told you about it few minutes ago." Bill replied.

"I didn't have a chance to tell them. They were busy emulating rabbits when I went over to their room. Mom since you are here, I want a small vial of your blood to locate your birth mother." He said emphasising on birth.

After getting over her embracement she asked, "You think I get my heritage from my birth mother?"

"You told them?" James asked surprised that Lily would tell the children something like this.

"They were the ones to tell me about my heritage." Lily responded. James didn't bother to ask how they found out about it.

"After our conversation in the morning, we found out that you were adopted mom and your birth mother gave you to the Evan family after their second daughter was a stillborn due to Petunia's actions. She modified the memory of your adopted mother after the stillbirth had caused her to lose the will to live." Harry informed her.

"How did you find that out?" James asked wondering where his sons could find such information in such a short time.

"We have our ways dad." Harry replied and gave an empty vial to his mom.

"The vial needs to be at least half full and you should be hundred percent willing to give the blood for the ritual to work. You also should not use any other form of magic while drawing the blood." Bill told his mother.

"It might be a bit painful but there is no way around it." Harry added.

"What happens if I don't give the blood willingly?" Lily asked.

"The best case scenario, the ritual doesn't work. The worst case scenario, the room blows up." Bill replied.

"Oh!" was all Lily could say.


After collecting the required amount of blood, Lily handed the vial to Harry who passed it on to Bill.

Bill told them to wait outside the room and watch the ritual from the opened door.

"Harry you should put our siblings to sleep. It would be better if they don't know anything about what we are doing here." Bill told Harry.

After getting the approval from the parents, Harry cast a strong sleeping enchantment over his siblings and carried them to their respective beds.


Harry joined his parents, who were waiting for him at the door of his room. Harry got in front of them, ready to protect them in case of an explosion.

Bill poured the blood from the vial on the outer runic circle causing the blood to glow. The blood started moving inward on its own. Once all the blood was accumulated inside the central runic circle, the circle began to glow.

"That means our biological maternal grandmother is alive." Bill said to the audience.

Then some amount of blood moved outwards to the second circle. Once the blood touched the second runic array it shot out in random directions onto the other circles, causing the runes it touched to glow.

"That was unexpected." Bill mused.

"What does that mean?" James asked getting impatient.

"It means that she is protected by very strong wards. The wards are either based in blood magic or soul magic." Bill said.

"Well, you should have expected that. After all she was in mortal danger when she gave up our mom." Harry said disappointingly after the failed ritual.

"What do you mean by 'my birth mother was in mortal danger when she gave me up'?" Lily asked.

After Harry told her the entire story, she asked, "Is there any other way to track my birth mother?"

"Well it was a good try." James said. He added, "Better than anything I could do."

"Now we have to wait for her to call us." Bill said to the confusion of the others.

Seeing the confusion on the face of his family, he explained, "The wards protecting her would have detected the breach and informed the owner about a blood kin attempting to locate a person protected by the wards. It won't be hard for her to identify who exactly performed the ritual because we aren't protected by the same type of wards. If she wants to contact us she can reach out to us."

"Is there a way to protect our house with similar wards?" James asked. "After my real mother-in-law contacts us." He added after getting a glare from Lily.

"Dad, we don't need such wards at least for now." Harry said.

"Nonsense Harry, there isn't such a thing as too much protection." James said.

"Dad the wards in question would make both Hogwarts and Gringotts wards put together seem nonexistent in comparison." Harry said.

James paled after hearing that.

"Harry is correct, well almost correct. Wards around those places or even the Fidelius Charm won't have stopped this ritual. These wards can be fatal to intrudes or anyone not keyed to them." Bill informed.

"What did I miss?" Harry asked.

"The ward around our ancestral vault in Gringotts is based on soul magic. Theoretically, a variant of that vault might be able to stop the ritual. Soul magic isn't exactly my forte." Bill said.


Even after a month had passed, Lily's birth mother still hadn't contact them. During that time Hogwarts letters arrived. Leon was excited to get his letter. He had always wanted to go to Hogwarts. He had heard so much about the school from his elder siblings. He knew that he couldn't keep up with Harry and Bill in studies but he sure could out prank them. The new generation of Marauders was going to unleash terror at Hogwarts.


Just like last year, the Potter and the Black family decided to shop together. James and Sirius had taken a day off work to go with the family. Since, all the work for Umbridge's upcoming trial was already done, Madam Bones didn't mind it.

In Diagon Alley, both the families were given a wide berth by the other shoppers. James had developed a fierce reputation for himself in a short time as the head auror. He caught many dark wizards throughout Europe with the help of the ring. The people who witnessed his duels were awed by his abilities.


The first thing that James did when they arrived in Diagon Alley was to forcefully take Harry to the Quality Quidditch Supplies and buy the new Firebolt broom for him.

"Dad, even though this is an excellent broom, I don't need it. I have never lost a match on my Nimbus." Harry said thinking about the hidden Firebolt in his trunk.

"You would be giving your old Nimbus 2000 to Leon when he is at Hogwarts. So you would need a new broom." James said.

"But first years aren't allowed to have broom. It said so in my letter." Leon said.

"You call yourself an expert prankster when you can't even think of a way around that stupid rule? You won't have a broom of your own but you would be borrowing Harry's second broom." James playfully scolded his son.

"Dad, why did you do this last year?" Sakura protested and glared at her father.

James flinched at his daughter glare and weakly said, "Last year there wasn't any new broom worth buying. The Nimbus 2001 series is a flawed. Both you and Rosa own a Nimbus 2000 while Leon here only had a Nimbus 1700."

Seeing the disappointed look on his daughter's face James added, "If you and Rosa manage to make it to the Gryffindor team then I would buy both of you new Fireblots."


Lily and Amy had gone to buy the book needed for their children's upcoming year while leaving the girls at a cloths store under the watch eye of Bill.

The booklist for her elder set of twins was quite long. Even though they weren't taking every optional subject, they were going to sit for all the exams. She had no doubt that they were going to ace all the subjects.

While browsing for books Lily felt a strange sensation of being watched by someone. She looked around to find the perpetrator but couldn't find any. The other shoppers were going about their business normally.


Sirius took Alex and Eric to the joke shop Gambol and Japes and bought all the supplies need to play practical jokes for the term for Alex and some pranks for beginners for Eric. He had loved Leon's idea of 'the next generation Marauders' and was planning on helping them as much as he could.


After buying the new broom and the broom servicing equipment James took Leon to buy a new wand while Harry took Sakura to the clothes shop.

Leon found Ollivander and his store a little creepy. After a few accidents, he ended up with an 11 inch Mahogany wand similar to his father's.


Harry loved it when his sisters and Yuna began to model for him. Little Lily was the first one to ask for his opinion and the other followed suit.

Rosa, Sakura and Yuna asked his opinion about their new under garments.

While Harry was busy ogling the girls, Bill felt a strange presence nearby. The presence receded when he became alert and actively looking for it.

After a long day of shopping both the families use portkeys to travel back with many shopping bags.


Fudge knew there was no chance of saving Umbridge from her upcoming trial. He had planned to do a lot of damage control as Umbridge knew quite a few secrets.

He couldn't believe how stupid she was when she attempted line theft of a most ancient and noble house. No pureblood family would let such an act go unpunished.


The good thing for Fudge was that Umbridge's trail was exactly as he had hoped it would be. First, Gloria was questioned about the events. Then Madam Bones and other aurors read their findings and gave their statements to the Wizengamot.

Umbridge was instantly convicted of line theft and sentenced to lifetime in Azkaban without being given a chance to defend herself. All her property and monetary assets were to be transferred to the Potters as compensation to the family.

Lot of the Wizengamot members knew Umbridge had some amount of dirt on them so they silenced her before she could spill any of their secrets.

Dumbledore didn't have any trouble in hand Umbridge such a punishment as he knew about the vial nature of the woman.


Umbridge's rage exploded when she was being treated as a nobody in her own trial. She started ranting and raving like a mad lunatic. She cursed the name of Potters and vowed revenge. Her anger increased at being dragged by a Muggleborn auror out of the court room. She was taken to the ministry holding cell before being shipped off to Azkaban.


Umbridge's intense anger and hatred attracted Scourge's attention. He wasn't having any luck finding the moon spirit. Since the moon spirit was well hidden, he had decided to lay low for few more days to regain his full strength.

He reached out to find more information about the person that caught his attention and found the person had a very dark heart. He couldn't resist the temptation of visiting this person but at the same time he couldn't risk revealing himself. He formed a shade of himself with a fraction of his power and ordered it to visit the person.

The shade bypassed the security at the ministry with ease. He moved unopposed as he was invisible to the naked eye. He found the person he was looking for in a prison like confinement.

'What an ugly hag.' Was the first thought the shade had when he look at Umbridge. 'She is corrupt, evil and would make a perfect minion. I won't have to use much of my power to transform her into a minion as she weak.'

He gathered his energy in his hand and formed a black ball of pure evil energy. He placed the ball on Umbridge's chest and watch as it slowly began to sink in. She began to silently howl in pain as the ball penetrated her body. She felt unimaginable pain as her soul was slowly consumed. She tried to fight it but her efforts were futile.

"Find me when you are complete." He ordered before fading for using too much energy. The last thing Umbridge did before losing consciousness was to curse the name of Potter as she blamed them for her current predicament.


By the time the aurors came to move Umbridge to Azkaban, the ball had completely sunk into her chest. To them it seemed that Umbridge was peacefully asleep. They decided not to wake her up when they shackled her and transported to Azkaban via a portkey.

As the aurors were handing Umbridge to the Azkaban guard, she opened her eyes. They were completely black like tar. Her nails and hair elongated. Her body grew a few inches. Her teeth became like the teeth of a vampire.

The aurors and the Azkaban guard were astonished by the transformation they were seeing. They couldn't react in time when they saw Umbridge effortless break the shackles.

(Warning: brutal killings)

After breaking the shackles, the demon Umbridge hybrid used her nails to kill the Muggleborn auror by piercing his neck and severing all the arteries allowing his blood to flow onto her hands. She licked her hand and tasted his blood. She spat the blood out and said, "Filthy. Just as I thought", in a very harsh inhuman voice.

She then jumped onto the other auror, who had managed to pull his wand out, and used her teeth to tear his throat open. She then rubbed her face in the inflicted wound so that free flowing blood could cover her face.

She then dropped the body of the dead auror and turned her attention to the prison guard who was retreating in fear. She pounced on the guard and ripped his heart out of the body by her bare hands.

(End of Killing)

The blood covered Umbridge looked at the dead bodies around her and remembered her master's orders of finding him. Before the approaching Dementors could reach her, she vanished.


The next day, when the news of the incident reached the ministry, it caused chaos and panic. Fudge wanted to keep the news under wraps but Amelia and James were not listening. They had personally gone to Azkaban to personally verify the news and inspect the crime scene.

After inspected the crime scene, they concluded that Umbridge must have been an unregistered animagus.

Umbridge's escape was publicly announced and even told to the muggle Prime Minister. Umbridge's description was even given to the muggle media. They were informed that she was a dangerous terrorist who escaped while being transported to a high security prison by killing the transport team.

The family of the dead aurors and guard were given compensation by the ministry after James insisted. A kill on sit order for Umbridge had been issued to the aurors and the hit wizards.

The Dementors also wanted to help the search but Amelia and James refused their help.


Both Harry and Bill realised that something was wrong with their father's assessment as Umbridge wasn't an animagus.

Harry even questioned the Dementors present on the island but they weren't very helpful as none of them were present to witness the actual event.

After Umbridge escaped, Bill decided to perform a blood based ritual which would erect powerful blood ward around their house and gave the family members additional protection by strengthening their skins and making them magic resistant. These wards were non lethal in nature and didn't allow any one not keyed in by blood to enter the property. The ritual also enhanced the physical abilities of the family members. It would give then rapid healing, more than normal strength and heighten vision and hearing.

It took some amount of convincing but Harry managed to convince his parents to allow Bill to conduct the ritual. Unlike the last ritual, this one involved the entire family. Bill chose the roof of the house as an ideal place to perform the ritual.

Before bringing his younger siblings to the roof top, Harry had made them promise not to tell anyone about what they were about to witness. To ensure that they didn't accidently speak about the ritual he placed an enchantment on them after they temporarily removed their protective rings.

On the roof, Bill had completed the necessary runic arrays before the rest of the family members had arrived. Only the moonlight of the full moon illuminated the roof top. Bill had specifically chosen this night because of the full moon. On the full moon night, Luna's power is at maximum.

The entire family, except Harry, was surprised to see Bill standing there only wearing his underwear with runic arrays drawn on his body that originated from the general region of the heart. The runic arrays on his body seemed to be a continuation of the runic arrays on the ground.

Lily, who had tried to read up on blood magic ritual, recognised some of the symbols as symbol for protection. She saw a large runic circle with many layers of runes in the centre. The circle gave off eight offshoots connecting to eight other runic circles of smaller size.

"Dad, today you will find the reason behind blood magic being considered dangerous." Bill said. Seeing the hesitation in his father's eyes, he added, "Don't worry. The ritual in itself is safe."

"Harry, pass on the daggers." Bill instructed Harry. "Every else, go stand in the centre of the circle." He instructed the rest of his family members.

"I apologise in advance for the disturbing visual all of you are about to see. Don't worry I would be fine just don't leave the circle till Harry or I tell you to." Bill told them as he took a dagger from Harry.

Lily was getting worried by listening Bill's words.

"When the circle you are standing on starts glowing blood red, make a small cut on your hand and place it on the floor. Don't worry when the runes start climbing up your body. They would heal the cut and give you all a powerful form of blood protection. Don't worry about me. Harry would be completing the second part of the ritual." Bill said plunging the dragger Harry had given him into his heart.

This caused the family members to scream while James and Lily began to move towards him.

"Don't break the circle." Bill yelled as his blood began to flow along the runic array drawn onto his body.

As the blood reached the floor, the runic array on the floor lit up in a red glow. Slowly the intensity of the glow increased and small tendrils of light began to along the offshoots.

"Everyone get ready." Harry yelled as he made a small cut on his arm. The rest of the family, including little Lily and Sylvia, followed Harry and made small cuts on their hands.

The placed their hands on the ground as soon as the glowing tendril of light touched the circle they were standing on. All of them watched with fascination as the glowing runic array began to climb over their hand. It healed their cuts just like Bill said. By the time the runic arrays covered their entire body Bill had collapsed out due to excessive blood loss with the dragger still embedded into his heart.

As the runic array covered their entire body, they were encompassed in a red glow for a few seconds. After few seconds the runic array began to recede. Once they had completely receded form their body, both teary eyed James and Lily got up and began to move towards Bill.

"Don't move. If you move now it could be fatal to Bill. Just wait and watch." Harry said as he hoped that Bill hadn't made any mistakes.

The red glow slowly receded from the outer border of the central circle and slowly climbed onto Bill's fallen body. The entire family watched in amazement as the dragger was pushed out of Bill's body on its own. The wound began to heal after the dragger was expelled. In few seconds the wound completely healed without leaving any scar or an indication of its existence.

"Now you can move but don't enter the central circle. The second part of the ritual is left." Harry said as he wandlessly summoned the bag which was lying at the corner of the roof. He pulled the stash of small vials filled with blood from the bag. Before the ritual, he had secretly gathered small amount of blood from all the people who generally visited their house.

He poured the blood from the vials on the outer most runic array just as Bill had told him to. The runic array gave a small flash few seconds after the last vial was emptied signifying the successful completion of the ritual.

Harry levitated his brother's unconscious body from the runic circles as they began to disappear. "He should regain consciousness in five to seven days." He said as he answered his parents' unasked question.


"What has spooked both of you after Umbridge's escape?" James asked after Harry placed Bill's body on the bed.

"A few days ago, both of you had told us blood wards around our house were unnecessary and now Bill performed a very dangerous ritual to increase the protection offered by the rings and erect blood wards around our house." James added. He wanted to know what was going on. He had allowed his sons to perform the ritual as it offered additional protection to his family.

Seeing the rest of the family standing behind his father, he answered, "It is for the best that you don't find out the answer to that question dad. They say 'ignorance is bliss'. The saying is especial true in this situation."

"They also say that half knowledge is dangerous." His mother countered. "We know something up and that has spooked both of you. We want to know what it is. Are both of you worried about Umbridge attacking our family?"

"All you should know is that the ritual hasn't made you all completely invulnerable but resistant to most for of magic along with a self healing ability. The only magic that can affect you all now is high grade soul magic and nothing else. Trust me mom. I mean it when I say ignorance is bliss." Harry responded.


James and Lily weren't stupid. They realised whatever had spooked their sons was something dangerous. The only problem with the whole situation was that they didn't know what their sons considered as dangerous. Both of them had managed to take down a full grown basilisk with ease. The fact that Harry refused to tell them anything about the danger made them more worried.

James became more cautious at work, especially when it came to track down Umbridge. He called back all off duty aurors to work and even called some retired aurors. He wanted to have a very strong auror force at hand when the time came to tackle the threat that had spooked his sons.


Bill woke up after seven day, just two days before they departed for Hogwarts. He had regained his full strength during the time he was unconscious. Lily severely scolded him for performing such a dangerous ritual.


The Potters and the Blacks used portkeys to arrive at King cross station well in time for the train.

The train ride back to Hogwarts was peaceful as the Potter and Black family along with their friends was undisturbed in the compartment. Most of them discussed their plans for the upcoming year while Luna, Harry and Bill telepathically discussed the new developments.

Luna informed them that Umbridge was most like turned into a minion. She then explained that the minion was a demonic human hybrid without a soul that only lives to do the bidding of the demon lord.


Leon was sorted into the Gryffindor house with the rest of his family members after the sorting hat was unable to read his mind. The ring was strong enough to block the hat.

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