Chapter 30: Reactions and the mistake

During the time, the Potter twins were battling Scourge, different people had different reactions to the energy they could sense coming from the battle.

The Potter family, including Charles and Lisa, became anxious after Harry and Bill teleported out.

Soon they felt a powerful energy waves wash over them.

"It can't be them?" Lisa questioned unsure of herself. "They can't be that strong. If they are this powerful now how much power would they have after the age of 16?"

Charles didn't answer his wife's question but silently thought about the same thing.

Lily on the other was feeling a mixture of emotions. She proud of her sons for becoming so strong at the same time the succubus in her wanted to mate with Harry. She felt that his power was so intoxicating. Then she felt odd for only being attracted to Harry's power, as Bill seemed to be equally powerful. In a few minutes, when another energy wave washed over her she felt the urge to submit to the person. In a few seconds, her urge to submit was replaced by a feeling of defiance. She wanted to challenge the person for his power.

"My God! What are they fighting against?" Charles exclaimed. "Whoever they are fighting is much stronger than them." he said while thinking, 'He must be a mage of some sort.'

"This is not good." Lisa said. "They seem to have bitten off more than they can chew. They shouldn't have challenged… well whoever they have challenged."

"Harry can handle himself." Rosa said, "and so can Bill" she added as an afterthought.

"Ya! Both of them are strong and can look after themselves." Sakura interjected.

"They would easily defeat the bad guy and come home soon." Leon said joining the conversation.

The younger Potters were silently chanting a variant of 'hope Harry and Bill are alright.'


Amelia was in her office when she felt the energy wave wash over her. 'So much power!' she exclaimed. 'The amount of power I am feeling is more than enough to blow out the sensors. Not just in our ministry but ministry of magic throughout the world.' Was the first thought that crossed her mind. The second thought that crossed her mind was, 'how the hell two 13 year olds have that much power? With that amount of power they could rip any wards apart with brute strength let alone their ways of teleporting.'

Her thought process was interrupted when Moody came bursting in to her office. "Did you feel that Amelia?" he asked.

"I felt it." She answered.

"What are we going to do about it?" he asked.

"Nothing…" she was interrupted by another energy wave strong than the first one wash over her. She got an uneasy feeling in her stomach.

"Whoever or whatever are behind this, let them sort the things out between themselves. The auror force isn't strong enough to handle beings of such power." she commented. She also planned on having another chat with the Potter Twins.

Moody just grunted in response to her comment and left her office.


Dumbledore was pondering about the Potter situation when he felt strong energy wave wash over Hogwarts wards and himself. "What power!" he exclaimed. "Who could that be? This power completely dwarfs mine and Voldemort's powers but together."

'It can't be the Potter twins. It's not feasible for them to have that much power at their age. If they were 16 years old then maybe it was possible but not for a couple of 13 years old.' He thought to himself.

'Maybe some mage has come out of hiding. But why now?' his question was answered when he felt another energy wave wash over him. As the second energy wave washed over his office, Fawkes' power flared up. He took to the air and began to sing.

Dumbledore was surprised by the unusual action of the phoenix. It seemed like he wanted to go to the somewhere but changed his mind at the last moment.

Fawkes didn't like being ordered around but he listened to the moon spirit and back down for now.

'The ICW would probably have an emergency meeting tomorrow about this so better rest for now.' He thought.


Ministries of Magic around the world had their magical sensors blown out by the energy wave. Before all of them blew up they were able to place the source of the disturbance somewhere in U.K.


The Wizarding world in general was taken aback by the power that they felt. Some of the old wizards and witches throughout the world believed that a new mage had emerged. They also knew that mages only emerged at the time of great need. Their theory was confirmed when the felt the evil power wash over them.


On the other hand, the Wizarding society of England didn't know what to think of the magical energy washing over them. Most of them decided to wait for the ministry announcement tomorrow.


"Isn't that Harry's power?" Nicolas asked his wife as he felt the energy wave wash over him.

"Yes it is but who is there along with him? The person's power seems almost equal to Harry's power." Perenelle replied.

"Now that you mention it, I also can feel there are two of them. They are powering up in unison and not against each other." He said and added, "I didn't know anyone who could match a shadow mage in raw power existed."

"I am more concerned about the identity of their opponent." She said. "Was Harry stupid enough to challenge the evil being we sensed?"

Her question was answered when she felt the power of the evil being in question.

"I hope that he survives this encounter. It is rather foolish of him to go up against such a powerful being on his own." Perenelle commented after getting worried.

"He is not on his own. He does have somebody on his side."Nicolas said trying to console his wife. "Harry along with his unknown partner, are the strongest in the world. They are best chance against the evil being."

Both of them were relieved when the felt the evil presence disappear before Harry's power level went down. They apparated to site of the battle but they couldn't find Harry or his ally. The saw the battlefield was littered with dead bodies. They left before the aurors could arrive. Nicolas wiped out any trace of his and his wife presences on the battle site.


The Muggle world was also affected by the energy waves. The energy waves knocked out all satellites above and near European continent. Flights in and around U.K were blown off course by freak storms causing some to crash. The Atlantic Ocean became extremely turbulent sinking quite a few ships. Many glass windows shattered injuring people in the proccess. The electric power was knocked out crippling the rescue efforts. The communication was knocked out increasing the panic.

The prime minister of England demanded the painting in his office to get in touch with the minster of magic.


Amelia ordered Sirius and Moody to find out the location from which the enormous energy had originated. She secretly told Sirius to do a head count of the dead Azkaban inmates.

As she was heading out of her office to restart grid as a man in a silver wig appeared in a secure communication portrait. "The muggle prime minister wants to have a word with the minister of magic urgently but he isn't in his office." The man announced.

Amelia knew that it would be better if she handled the issue rather than allowing Cornelius to mess up things. She sent a message to Scrimgeour to check the grid as she headed to her fireplace.


The office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was a tasteful room, with a white marble fireplace and long sash windows. He had a beautiful wooden desk.

The fire place in the office erupted with green flames as Amelia stepped through it.

"Who are you Madam? I had asked the Portrait to get me the minister of magic." He tried to say politely but had hint of agitation in his voice.

"I am Amelia Bones, the head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I am equivalent to your minister of defence and the Chief of the Defence rolled into one." She said as she tried to explain her position in the ministry in a way he would understand.

"Ok. So can you tell me what's going on? Are some supernatural forces involved in the attack on the country?" He asked.

"Officially, the ministry of magic doesn't know what has caused the recent events to occur. They may have a supernatural angle." Amelia said wording her answer carefully.

"And unofficially?" he asked. The ministry could understand the dilemma the woman in front of him was facing and could sympathise with her.

"Unofficially, it may have been side effect of a retaliation that may or may not have occurred due to the events that transpired in the afternoon." She said cryptically.

"Could you elaborate?" he asked hoping to get a straight answer.

"Sorry, I thought the minister of magic filled you in on the event that occurred in the afternoon." She said, "In the afternoon, Azkaban our high security prison was attacked by an unknown force. The auror force, think of it as a commando force, responded to the attack. They were led by the head auror, a rank equivalent to your army General, James Potter. During the ensuing battle, quite a few aurors died and many more were wounded. A large number of prisoners, those of who weren't killed in the battle, escaped. The leader of the unknown force, or at least someone who appeared to be the leader, attacked James with an unknown curse and incapacitated him."

"You mean to say there are a large number of dangerous criminals are walking freely now and that they were responsible for the attack?" he said failing to keep his voice down.

"Not exactly." She replied. "This is completely off the record, I telling you this just to keep you in the loop. This hasn't been confirmed yet and even if it gets confirmed we won't be releasing this information to our public. You see, one of the injured aurors, comes from a very powerful family of wizards and his family members might have retaliated against the unknown forces. What we felt probably was the energy given off during the clash of the two factions and magical energy has a tendency to cause your technology to go haywire."

"You mean to say that when powerful wizards fight with each other…" he paused trying to find the right words, "…something like this happens?" he asked.

"This is not normal. We haven't felt powers like this in thousands of years. If my knowledge of history is correct than such powers haven't been seen in 2000 years, since the last wizard king died. This is also the reason for our kind to remain in isolation. Our inherent magical powers hamper your modern technology. " Amelia replied.

"If the family in question is actually responsible of the damage, they would be willing to pay a compensation for it." Amelia said, "For the time being, you can release a story about an experimental bomb accidently going off in a secret base of a terrorist organisation. We will have our teams of Obliviators would modify the memory of any witness to match the story."

"So the escapees from the prison would be taken care off?" he asked.

"I have a team of my best aurors going through the battle side. We would know about the fate of the escapees by tomorrow. I would personally inform you about it by tomorrow evening." She answered.

The prime minister grudgingly agreed to release the story to the public with slight modification to the story and the assurance that the terrorist organisation has been eliminated.


After returning to the ministry, Amelia tasked the Obliviators to modify the memory of any witness, if the need arise, to match the agreed story.


In a short time, Moody and Sirius managed to find the battle site or the area which they termed as battle site. There were massive craters in the area while disembowel human body parts or whatever was left of them, littered the ground.

"Set up a perimeter around the area so muggle can't find it for now." Sirius ordered a team of aurors.

"Check for any signs of life." Moody growled to the aurors as he continued to scan the area.

"Sir, about ten people are buried over there and by the looks of it they are barely alive." One of the auror said pointing out the area in which he found life.

"Three of you all," Moody said pointing at the three aurors, "Go unearth them."

"What do you think happened here?" he asked Sirius who was busy trying to identify the dead humans.

"Very powerful people fought here and the Azkaban escapees were caught in the crossfire." Sirius replied. He was finding it very difficult to contemplate the powers of the Potter twins and their brutality towards the enemies. He had managed to identify at least 12 dead Azkaban escapees in the mess.

As soon as the team of aurors managed to unearth the 10 top ranking death eaters, Sirius got a message from Amelia to vacate the area and allow the muggle authorities to find the bodies.

The aurors secured the escapees and used a portkey to get back to the ministry.


The prime minister issued a public statement, stating the SAS acting on a tip off from MI6 attacked a secret terrorist base on UK soil. During the attack the terrorists, in a last ditch effort, exploded an experimental bomb leading to the death of everyone in the vicinity.


Luna teleported the Potter twins to their home. Since, she was keyed into the wards she had no trouble passing the wards.

She landed on her feet while Harry and Bill were still on the ground. They didn't have enough energy to stand up. Their battle robes were in tatters, exposing most of their bodies.

The sound of their bodies hitting the floor drew the attention of the rest of the family members. The elder Potters and Lily had their wands pointed at Luna who was still in her adult form.

"She is a friend," Harry blurted out from the floor, "She has come here to check on dad."

The appearance of Luna's true form surprised the Potters. They and never seen anything like her. After hearing from Harry that she wasn't a threat they lowered their wands. Lily and Charles rushed toward Harry and Bill.

"We are just exhausted mum." Harry said, "We would be back to normal after a good rest."

Lily was using her body to support Harry's weight as Charles was doing the same for Bill.

"Who are you?" Lisa asked.

"Her name is Moon." Harry replied, "Grandmother, please treat her with respect. If you irritate her she might blast you into oblivion." Harry added the last part just to make his grandmother squirm. Even in his weakened state he loved the sensation of his arm being pressed into his mother's breast.

"Don't worry I won't blast you into oblivion. Your grandson is just messing with you." Luna said in her melodious voice.

"Spoilsports." Harry protested. He also wanted to stick his tongue out at her but he didn't have enough energy to do so.

"I still haven't got you back for the prank you pulled on me," Luna said, "so I'll do want I can to spoil your fun." She added playfully.

"Now lets see if I can heal your dad." She said as she started floating towards the master bedroom.

As they followed Luna to the master bedroom, Rosa quietly asked Harry, "What is she?"

Bill replied, "Harry already answered the question."

"When did he do that?" Sakura asked.

"The answer to that question is the same as her name, so Harry already answered it." Bill replied.

"What does he mean by that?" Lily asked Harry.

Harry didn't have time to respond as they reached the master bedroom.

Luna reached the bedside and waved her hand above James body and hummed a melodious tune while doing it.

"Your right, 88% of his soul has been destroyed. My mother could fix him in a jiffy but I can't. All I can do right now is make him heal faster. He should be back to normal in 7 years." She said after inspecting him.

"7 years may not be a long time for you but for mortals like us, it's pretty long." Bill told her.

'Does this mean that woman is an immortal?' All the adults in the room wondered.

"You made a mistake by stopping the attack when you did." She told Bill.

"You mean to say I should have let the demon seed take root inside my dad's body and allow him to suffer a fate worse than death?" Bill asked getting angry at Luna.

"He won't have suffered a fate worse than death. The ring that you made protected him against Scourge's corruption attack. Your father's soul was pure when the demon seed was being implanted into him. The seed was eating into his soul but since the soul was pure one the demon seed would have burnt out after completely consuming his soul. This in turn would have augmented your father's natural abilities and Scourge would have had no control over him." Luna explained.

"So it's my fault he is in this condition." Bill said dejectedly.

"Don't blame yourself Bill, you didn't know. Anyone in your place with your ability would have done the same." Luna said trying to cheer him up.

"But I should have known about it." Bill said. He currently was in a great deal of emotional turmoil. Even though his power level was dangerously low, he was losing control over it, causing his grandfather to drop him.

"Your father only remained pure because of the ring you created. Without it he too would have become corrupted and fallen under Scourge's control suffering a fate worse than death. There are very few humans in the world that can retain the purity of their soul after Scourge tries to corrupt it." Luna explained.

'Wait if this has happened due to my mistake then Dad can undo it.' Bill said thinking about his real father. Closing his eyes, he tried to contact his real father for the first time since he was punished.

'No I won't heal your mortal father but I am going to undo your other mistake. Do you have any idea how many innocent humans were killed today due to the actions taken by you and your mortal brother? Barring a few rotten souls, I will be bringing every one of them back to life. Nobody would remember that they died. All of them would think that they miraculously survived the accident. As for James Potter's fate, your presences has changed many things for the better in the dimension, but remember in your mortal form you can't stop certain events from occurring. No matter what you do or try these events would occur as they were destined. I can change his fate but I won't interfere more than I already have. If you are looking for the way to heal your mortal father other than changing your mortal brother into a soul mage than the answer you are look for is in front of you.' Bill's true father said to him.

The first thing that Bill saw as he opened his eyes was his mortal mother Lily standing in front of him. Then he could see Harry who was standing next to her. Then the rest of the room came into view.

Bill knew there wasn't anything wrong with his sight so the order in which he saw the things matter. It was a message from his real father but it didn't make any sense to him. He was too tired to decipher it.

"Don't worry Bill, No one is blaming you," Lily said, "You heard what the lady said. Anyone in your place would have done the same."

Even Lisa had to agree with Lily on this. She wondered what the rings the weird lady mentioned actually do.

"Both of you should rest and recover for now. We have won a great battle but the war isn't over." Luna said before fading from view.


"She has a very strange name and is quite peculiar too." Leon said as Luna disappeared from sight.

"Leon, she is the moon, the giant circular thingy that moves around the earth." Harry explained. "Well, she is the embodiment of the moon spirit to be more precise. In the past, she has incorrectly being referred to as the moon Goddess. She does fit the description and has the powers to go along with it but she isn't a celestial being."

"How do you know such a thing?" Lisa asked. The things she had seen today had changed her perception of Lily's eldest sons.

"Even thought the blood wards are trying to recharge our magical cores, I am too tired to give a full explanation right now. In simple words, I know because she told me." Harry said with a grin.

"How are the blood wards recharging our core and why do I get a feeling of being high right now?" Harry asked in slurred voice.

Bill replied in a similar voice with a grin, "I have no idea of what you mean by the word 'high'. We currently aren't floating at least I don't think I am."

"Harry, when have you been high before?" his mother questioned.

"Really mom," Harry said, "After all the things I have done or said you are asking your teenage son about being high? Bill, for future reference, the funny feeling in your head, the slurred speech and the lack of inhibition are indication of being intoxicated or high. What is powering the blood wards? I thought they drew powers from us but they seem to be as strong as ever."

Charles laughed at Harry's initial statement and Lily became furious but both of them were interested in the answer.

"I designed the blood wards in such a way that they tap into the power of the Ley line below us. The Ley line draws the power from the earth, so as long as earth exists the blood wards would protect the house." Bill explained.

"You managed to draw powers from the Ley lines? I thought the art was lost centuries ago." Charles said.

"We have book on it in our library grandfather. The blood wards are designed to heal us to the best of their abilities. In our cases, our magical cores dangerously depleted, the wards are drawing more power from the earth and funneling it into us till our cores stabilise again. Since we are low on power, the magic from the blood wards incasing our bodies is giving us the feeling of being intoxicated. This feeling would go away as soon as our cores stabilise." Bill answered.

"Well, if that is the case we should go to sleep before we say or do anything thing we would regret later." Harry said.

"Don't you mean, 'anything you do'?" Bill asked looking at Harry and glancing at Lily. Only Lily and Harry noticed this.

"Whatever," Harry said, "If that happens, I would never regret it."

"That's enough from you two."Lily said with a hint of embarrassment. "I'll help you two to your room."

With that Charles and Lily took Harry and Bill to their room and put them on the bed. Lily transfigured their torn battle robe into a more suitable nightwear.


"By our initial estimates only ten of the escapees form Azkaban survived. Their health is quite poor right now after being buried for some time but they shouldn't complain about it as being buried was probably the only thing that kept them alive." Sirius reported.

"The bodies of the other escapees were badly mutilated. Handing over the site to the muggles so soon was a mistake according to me." Moody said.

"There is nothing more we could do and handing the site over to the muggles, strengths our relation with them. Whatever happened there severely affect the muggle world. It is still unclear how many died and not to mention the property damage." Amelia informed him.

"I am surprised that the muggle prime minister didn't make a big fuss over the all this." Moody said. "What did you say to make him agree to your terms? It's not like you to force a muggle via the use of magic."

"Thank you for having so much faith in my abilities." Amelia said sarcastically.

"Now that the pleasantries are over, tell me what the hell is going on?" Moody growled.

Amelia just gave him a look of confusions.

"Don't play games with me. I know you better than you think I do. I didn't say or ask anything before because I knew that the time wasn't right. Now that the crisis is over tell me what was that we all felt." Moody growled.

"I can't tell you." Amelia responded.

"But you could tell Black here but not me?" He growled, "The movement I saw him being more interested in the dead bodies than the surroundings I knew something else was going on."

"We are under a magical oath Alastor. I can't say anything more about it." Amelia told him. She had forgotten how perceptive Moody was.


"You're saying that these terrorists developed a hi-tech bomb similar to a nuclear bomb and they were planning on detonating in your country." The president of America asked the prime ministry of UK on a secure telephone line.

"Is the line completely secure on your end?" The prime minister questioned.

"Yes." The president replied.

"The story about the terrorists developing a hi-tech bomb is a cover story for anyone who isn't the head of the country. Before I get into that I wanted to ask whether you got a strange visitor after you were elected into the presidency explaining about certain things." The prime minister said.

"You mean to say that the explosion has something to do with them?" The president inquired.

"They aren't sure about exact what has happened but their people were involved. I am going to a full report about the situation tomorrow." The prime minister answered.

"Okay. Keep me in the loop. Now I will have to downplay the situation with the top military brass that seems to need a small excuse to go to war. I have my predecessor to blame for their behaviour." The president said before hanging up.


"Sirius, tomorrow morning I want you to go to Godric Hollows and question your godson about what happened tonight." Amelia said after Moody had left her office. "Tell him that I want to have a word with him and Sirius you look tired get some rest we are going to have a big day tomorrow."

Amelia sighed after Sirius left her office. She hated Fudge's incompetence more at a time like this. Her workload had increased due to the prison breakout and the head auror being put out of action but she had to do Fudge's part too to unsure the idiot didn't mess up a delicate situation.

The incompetent fool Fudge hadn't even appointed a temporary undersecretary to replace Umbridge even after 2 days. She had appointed Scrimgeour as a temporary head auror in 2 hours after finding out James didn't have any chance of making a quick recovery. She had offered to position to Moody but he had refused stating he was back only temporarily.

Amelia was having trouble thinking of a proper cover story to be released to the Wizarding public. Normally this was a job for the minister and his lackeys but she was sure Fudge was incapable of doing anything right. The only reason the pureblood family kept him around was because he was easy to bend to their will.

After a lot of brain storming she came up with a modified version of the story released to the muggles. 'A dark wizard botched up an unknown dark ritual that involved human sacrifice. The fate of the wizard in currently unknown but he is believed to be dead.'

According to her, this was an acceptable story which had some grain of truth in it. She would find out what really happened after having a word with Harry Potter.


The next day, Daily Prophet carried the article of the Azkaban breakout along with the list of all the wounded and dead aurors along with their photos. The article also praised James Potter for the manner in which he led the aurors in defence of Azkaban. The article didn't contain any news on the escapees or the events that occurred at night.

Seeing the names of both his parents on the list of dead or wounded, shocked Neville to the core. He couldn't believe that his father was dead and his mother was handicapped. He was surprised that his grandmother hadn't come yet to take him to meet his mother. He headed to the Owlery to write a letter to his grandmother.

The Black children were relieved that their father's name wasn't on the two lists. At the same time they were sad to hear Uncle James being wounded by an unknown curse and his recovery was uncertain.

Dumbledore, as he expected got a letter for ICW for the emergency meeting.


Sirius flooed over to Godric's Hollow early in the morning. "Is anyone here?" he shouted as he stepped out of the fire place.

"Black, what are you doing here so early in the morning?" Lisa asked.

Sirius yelped after hearing Lisa's voice. "Sorry ma'am, I didn't mean to disturb… I didn't know you were…" he began stuttering. Even now, he was scared to be alone in a room with Lisa Potter. He remembered the time he used to send at Potter manor when he was young.

"Speak properly young man." Lisa scolded.

"I came over to check on James' condition and to have a word with Harry." He blurted out quickly.

"There is no change in James' condition. A specialist examined him and said that he would recover in seven years." Lisa said.

"Seven year!" Sirius exclaimed.

"That would be the maximum time required for James to heal properly. He may get better quickly though. As for Harry he is asleep now." Lisa said.

"Could you tell Harry that madam Bones wants to have a word with him?" Sirius asked.

Lisa nodded and Sirius quickly jumped back into the fireplace.


"Hey, Harry wake up." Bill said urgently as he tried to wake Harry up.

"I am too tired go back to sleep." Harry replied in an extremely sleepy voice.

"You can go to sleep later. It's time for damage control right now." Bill said.

"What damage control? Our family knows about our power now and so does madam Bones." Harry said trying to go back to sleep.

"Harry, when we unleashed our full power last we caused a lot of damage in the muggle world not to mention a countless number of deaths." Bill explained.

This got Harry's attention. He bolted out of his bed and asked, "What! We killed countless number of innocent people?"

"Clam down Harry. My father fixed it by bring most of the dead back to life and subtle warned me to get my act together." Bill explained.

"You talked to your father. Did he heal dad too?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Not exactly, he didn't heal dad but showed me a way of how it can be done, though I didn't understand any of it. We will discuss about this later. You need to do some damage control right now. One more thing all those people who weren't brought back to life, deserved to die so don't beat yourself over it." Bill explained.

"Bill, tell mom that I will be back as soon as possible." Harry said as he got dressed quickly and Flooed to Madam Bones office.


"Madam Bones, can I have a word with you?" Harry asked as he stepped into her office.

"You are finally here. I had sent Sirius to get you but your grandmother sent him running." Amelia replied. "The aurors have been informed to report the cover story I made up for last night as the truth."

"Can you tell me what really happened last night?" Amelia asked as Harry took the seat in front of her.

"In short, we found the hide out of the escapees and killed everyone in sight before facing off against Scourge. During the ensuing battle all three of us unleashed our full powers which may have caused some undesired side effects." Harry answered.

"Before handing over your battle site to the muggle authorities, Sirius and a team of aurors recovered ten high profile escapees buried alive. You didn't have a hand in that did you?" Amelia asked.

"No, we would have directly killed them rather than burring them alive. Some of them might have been in a different location in the same underground cave. They must have gotten buried during the battle." Harry explained. "Are they completely human or have they been turned?" he asked.

"We don't know yet. They have been unconscious so far." Amelia said before asking a barrage of questions, "Who is Scourge? Is he the wizard in the black armour? What happened to him? Are you a budding mage?"

"You could say that Scourge was the thing that wore the black armour but calling him a wizard wouldn't be proper. We destroyed his body but we didn't kill him. He was too powerful for us to finish the job. He probably will get his body back in a year or so. It may take him a couple of years to reach his full strength. The answer to your last question should be obvious." Harry answered her truthfully from a certain point of view.

Amelia stayed silent for a few minutes going over the information she received. "I should be talking with your grandfather about this but since the oath prevents me from doing so..." she waited for a response from him.

"The muggle prime minister would want some sort of compensation for the damages that occurred last night." Harry said.

"You are far more perceptive for someone your age should be." Amelia comment. "The Wizengamot or the minister won't agree to give any money to the muggles. This may lead to unnecessary friction."

"You would like the Potter family to pay the compensation?" Harry asked. After getting a nod from Amelia, he said, "That won't be a problem but I would like to meet the muggle prime minster before any funds are transferred. Can that be arranged?"

"Yes, I can arrange a meeting as I have an appointment with him today." Amelia said.

"Won't Fudge be there for the meeting?" Harry asked.

"No. As usual he isn't doing the job he supposed to do." Amelia said before realising she had just criticised her boss.

"He is still incompetent as always." Harry mumbled just loud enough for Amelia to hear. "If he stays the minister for the next few years we could be in big trouble."

Harry observed at Madam Bones for moment and asked, "Would you like his job?"

Madam Bones' eyes widened at the seriousness of his voice. "What do you mean by that young man?" she asked firmly.

"I am asking whether or not you are interested in being the Minister of Magic. In the next few years, someone like Fudge could be very detrimental to our country. Someone like you would make an ideal candidate but you if are not interested then…" Harry left the sentence hanging.

"Then you shouldn't be discussing your plans with me." Amelia finished his sentence. "For a thirteen year old you have a shrewd political mind. I am interested in the position but I know that I am never going to get it. There are people, powerful people, who strongly oppose my election to the post and these people back Fudge."

"Only because he is malleable to their will and spreads his leg for a few galleons. You don't worry about it. I will handle the sacking of Fudge and his supporters and backers in the Wizengamot. In time, that faction of the Wizengamot would be neutered." Harry said with a grim expression. "Unfortunately, all this would take some time as I have some more pressing issues to deal with currently. My first priority is to find a way to cure my father."

"I'll assume you won't do anything illegal that would come back to haunt us in the future." She said to the person sitting in front of her. She didn't think of Harry Potter as a 13 year old anymore but a shrewd army general or a war time leader well versed in politics.

"Madam Bones, you should know that someone like me will never do anything illegal but might do something underhanded." Harry said to her with a soft chuckle. "After all, you saw how I dealt with the families that tried to hurt my sisters."

"Alright then, we have a deal." Amelia said extending her hand.

Harry shook her hand, "if you have some time right now, I would like to get the meeting with the Prime minister out of the way as soon as possible."


After Amelia confirmed that the Prime minister was alone in his office via the painting, she and Harry flooed over there.

As soon as, Harry stepped out of the fire place, he transfigured his robes into an expensive looking black coloured suit.

"Madam Bones, I have a meeting with the Defence Secretary and the Home Secretary in ten minutes." The prime minister said as he looked at her.

"I can come back later to give you the report on last night's situation but for now I would like you to meet Harry Potter. He is here as the representative of his family." Madam Bones said.

"But he is just a child." The minister said.

"My age has nothing to do with my ability to represent my family minister. I am the heir apparent of the Potter family and in absence of my grandfather or my father I can take decisions for my family. Before we proceed, I would like you keep my involvement and the involvement of my family strictly confidential." Harry said to the minister in a firm but polite tone.

"I assure you this meeting would remain confidential." The prime minster said. 'It's not like I can tell anyone about it.' he thought.

After getting the assurance of confidentiality Harry said, "Madam Bones, informed me the events of last night caused a lot of property damage leading to tragic deaths of few individual. My family, through your government, would pay a generous compensation to the family of the deceased. As for the property damage my people would evaluate the damaged properties and transfer the funds necessary to repair the damage and if repairs aren't possible then replace the damage properties."

"Your family is willing to pay for all the damages occurred during last night's freak storm? But the amount could run into millions of pounds!" the prime minister exclaimed.

"You may consider this as a gesture of good will as the events of last night were occurred without prior warning and the amount doesn't make much of a difference to me. Even a few hundred million pounds won't make a dent in my personal account let alone my family's account." Harry stated. 'My personal account might actually be bigger than my family's account but that is a different issue all together.' Harry thought, 'Leading the charge to take over Gringotts does have its own perks.'

The eyes of the prime minister and madam Bones widened hearing this information. Madam Bones knew the Potter family was very rich being an old family and all but not that rich for the heir of the family to give that much money away from his own account. 'Exactly how rich is the Potter family if the heir apparent can give that much money with making a dent in his personal account. Madam Bones said that they were a powerful family so it possible that their power comes from their wealth but then again wealth had nothing to do with what I felt last night.' The prime minister wondered. 'If they have so much money then may be through the queen we can find a way to tax them.' he thought.

"There is a reason why our society separated from yours even if we share the same land and that has nothing to do with the persecution of witches and wizards. In the entire history of witch burning only one true witch was captured and burned on the stake and that too only because she loved playing around with people who thought they were burning real witches. Our societies were separated to ensure a few rotten elements of our society don't go about running amuck in yours, so it would be wise if you don't even think about it." Harry stated.

"You can read minds too?" asked the shocked prime minister.

"I can but in this situation I don't have to. Don't take this as an insult but you are a politicians and all politician think alike." Harry said calmly.

The prime minister softly chuckled after hearing it and dropped the idea of trying to tax the Wizarding world.

"One more thing before I forget the events of last night events may occur again in roughly two years time give or take a few months and they may be on a far greater scale. We will try and give you a prior warning to ground any air traffic but we can't be certain about it."

"Who are you referring to as 'we', your government or your family? And why two years time?" The prime minister asked.

"I am referring to both my family and the magical government. Two years would be the time need for the wizard responsible for the mess to regain his body and power." he answered.

"It would take my people round about fifteen days evaluate the damage and transfer the funds needed to your government for distribution to the victims. I hope you personally oversee the distribution to ensure no corrupt party would pocket the money allocated for the victims. If the money allocated doesn't reach the victims we would come to know about it. Would you prefer cash or gold?" he said to the prime minister.

It took the prime minister a few minutes to process what Harry had just said to him. "Genuine sterling pound would be fine, it would be hard to explain the money as it is, gold would be impossible to explain."

"You could always say that you are using the discretionary funds available to your administration. I know all smart government have one." Harry said the last part looking at Amelia.

The prime minister understood the jab was being directed at the ministry of magic official. He was thinking about asking Potter to clarify his statement about the events being repeated in two years time but his thought process was interrupted when the intercom buzzed, signaling the arrival of the Defence Secretary and the Home Secretary.

Harry and Amelia flooed out before the minister answered the intercom.


Most of the old wizards in ICW had come to the same conclusion as Dumbledore on the last night's events. A new mage had appeared and fought someone in U.K.

"Has something out of the ordinary occurred in U.K recently to cause the mage to appear there?" asked one of the delegates.

"Azkaban was attacked by an unknown creature in the afternoon, freeing many of the inmates. A wizard wearing black armour also made an appearance. But that has nothing to do with the events of the last night."

"Everything it could be or nothing it could be." said a very old wizard who was represented India in ICW. He was about 220 years older than Dumbledore.

"The creature describe." He said in broken English.

Dumbledore gave the description of Umbridge and the man black armour in that he had gotten from the auror reports.

"Not sure I am. Read about them I did somewhere. Old knowledge it is. Very old folk tale." He said.

"Vishnu, could you share your knowledge with us?" Dumbledore asked gentle. He had great respect for the aged wizard.

"Don't know in your language, 'rakshasa' called in mine." He said. "Knows about it Flamel does." He added.

"You mean Nicolas Flamel?" Dumbledore asked. He got a nod from the aged wizard.

"These 'rakshasa' how dangerous are they?" Asked one of the delegates.

"Destroy life they can. Change us into them they can. Powerful they are." Vishnu answered.

"So I am guessing the mage sensed the danger and decided to confront it." Said the translator of the Brazilian delegated. Most of the delegates who weren't fluent in the English language used translator. English was current language spoken at ICW because it was the native language of the Supreme Mugwump. By tradition the current language of ICW changes to the native language of the Supreme Mugwump unless he specified otherwise. The translators used during the meeting swore a very strict confidentiality oath.

"Does anyone know what type of a mage has revealed himself or herself?" asked one of the delegates.

"What types of mages are there?" asked one of the younger delegates.

"There are five types of mages though the last two have never made themselves known to the public. We know of their existence because the other mages have told us.

Elemental mage- controls one or all the elements depending on his or her power. Even thought they are very strong they are ranked as the lowest mages in terms of power.

Shadow mage- Controls the shadows and darkness. Rules over the creatures associated with it. The last known wizard king was a shadow mage. They rank above an Elemental mage but below a blood mage.

Blood mage- as the name suggests controls blood based magic. They are the strongest type of mages ever to be seen by public. They are far superior to shadow mages in terms of power but in terms of combat a shadow mage can defeat them as shown be the last wizard king.

Soul mage & Time mage- Master of Soul and Time based magic respectively. Never been seen in recorded history but the knowledge of their existence has been passed on to us by other mages. They are the strongest of the lot believed to have the power of natural immortality." The American representative said trying to show off his knowledge on the matter at hand.

"It would be hard to say which type of mage has revealed himself or herself without actually witnessing his or her power." Another delegate answered.

"Three powers last night we felt." Vishnu said.

"Are you sure about it?" Dumbledore asked.

"Sure I am. Similar the two powers were opposing the other." Vishnu said.

This information sent Dumbledore's mind reeling. 'Could he have felt the true power of the Potter twins?' he thought. 'I know they hide their true power but having so much power before the age of 16 isn't possible.'

"Trouble you something is." Vishnu said after he observed Dumbledore.

"Is the information of mage coming into the heritance at the age of 16 accurate or that age is considered as we normally express are heredity traits at that age?" Dumbledore asked the entire ICW.

His question was met with silence as nobody was sure about the answer.

Dumbledore decided to take a wait and watch approach on the whole situation.

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