Chapter 31: The Succubus

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Dumbledore immediately paid a visit to the Flamels as soon as the ICW meeting got over. He wanted all the information they had on these creatures.

He wasn't happy with the limited information that he got. He thought of heading over to the Potters and asking them about the creature but then he decided against it.

He thanked his old mentor for the information and returned back to Hogwarts to ponder his next move.


The Flamels were surprised with Dumbledore visiting them at such an odd time and that to, to ask about the evil creature.

They shared their limited knowledge with him. When he made not so subtle inquires about anyone else asking them for information about the creature, they skilfully evaded the question. They didn't want to betray Harry trust.

They hoped that Harry would visit them soon. Perenelle was worried about Harry's wellbeing after the battle they had sensed.


For the first time in his life Dumbledore truly felt powerless. He didn't get much info from the Flamels but it was quite obvious that he wasn't going to be a match for this creature. He didn't have any contingency plans for a situation like this. It was a completely different issue that he didn't think a situation like this was even possible.

The only good thing about the situation was that Dumbledore could stop worrying about the Potter twins turning dark. If the Potter twins were really this powerful and they didn't flaunt their power it was a pretty good sign that they won't turn dark and even if they did, he would be powerless to stop them, so he didn't need to worry about it anyway.

Going over the last night's events in his head, he found Fawkes' behaviour to be very odd. He knew that Fawkes was reacting to the evil that he sensed and probably was getting ready to fight it. 'Then why did he stop?' was the question on Dumbledore's mind. 'Was it because he sensed the enemy was too powerful for him or was it something else?'

Dumbledore pondered over these questions as he sat in his office trying to plan his next move.


After the meeting with the Prime Minister, Harry went over to Gringotts. He tasked the goblins to accurately and swiftly assess the damage caused to various properties throughout Britain.

He promised them a small sum and future job opportunities if they performed the task efficiently. This was more than enough to get the greedy goblins to do his bidding.

He did have his reasons to give the money to Muggles through their government. He could have easily passes off these events as an act of nature but he needed to show off his wealth to the Prime Minister. He was sure that the Prime Minister would report this to the Queen.

This would be enough for him to get an audience with the Queen. Her support would be necessary to do certain things non-violently in the future.

As for the money itself, Harry felt that it was a good use of the money he had gotten from certain dark families in his old timeline. They had been robbing the Muggles for ages so this could be considered as a form of poetic justice.


For the life of him, Bill couldn't figure out the message from his father. He tried to infer the meaning of his vision to the best of his abilities without any success. He decided to wait for Harry and hoped that he could shed some light on it.


Lilith was amazed by the power of her grandsons. They managed to fight off Scourge with a little help from the moon spirit. She knew that they were powerful but she wasn't aware of the true extent of their power. If she knew that they had so much power she might have tried to contact them sooner in hopes of them setting her free from her captors.


(The next few paragraphs contain mention of sex and mention of incest as they pertain to the backstory of Lilith the Queen Succubus)

Lilith was the Queen of the Succubi and incubi. She was the first and the strongest one of her kind. She was a true demon. The celestial beings allowed her to room freely on earth because she wasn't evil. She fell in love with a human male named Adam. She used a sex based ritual to enhance his body so he could satisfy her needs.

Over a period of time she had many children with him. Her daughters at the age of 16 gained their inheritance and became full-fledged Succubi while she had to perform a sex based ritual with her sons to transform them into incubi. The ritual to convert her sons into incubi could be performed at any age. She generally performed it when her sons reached the age of sixteen but her daughters usually performed the ritual to change their sons into incubi as soon as they undergo puberty. Her daughters after getting their inheritance generally lacked self-control till the age of 32 and the ritual in itself is extremely pleasurable to both the mother and the son. Not to mention the added benefit of having a newly born and extremely aroused incubus to please them. Sometimes, in their lust driven state they even conceived a child with their son and if the child turns out to be a male they would perform the ritual with him as soon as he attains puberty.

The life span of the Succubi, Incubi or their chosen mates depended on the power of the Succubi or the Incubi. The stronger the Succubi or Incubi the longer they lived. The power of the Succubi or Incubi depended on various factors such as the status and the strength of their birth parents, time of them being conceived and the strength of their chosen mate. So on an average Lilith's with children her mate or one of her sons lived for 300 to 400 years. Their children lived for a short time and so on.

Very rarely, to increase their power, a few Succubi and Incubi bond together in a group. This generally happened with siblings in a large family. They used to bond together by performing a sex based bonding ritual.

Even though, incubi slept with other human females they returned to their mother and/or sisters as they didn't have the ability to transform the females. Due to this, their small society was a matriarchal society.

Their society was small because not all Succubi had children and a male child of an incubus with a human female would always be born as mortal men while his daughter became a succubus at the age of 16.

Their small society flourished in seclusion. They didn't try to draw to much attention to themselves. They lived in peace and harmony with each other.


All that change with Lilith's youngest daughter was born. A couple of her daughters coerced four of her sons to rebel against her. They killed her mate of 4000 years and made a move against her. Even though she was individually stronger than the six of them, she couldn't take them on all at once and protect her new-born daughter at the same time. The birth of her child also had temporarily weakened her.

It was by pure chance she happened to come across a family who had lost a daughter at childbirth. She placed her daughter in their care while editing the mother's memory. She took their dead daughter with her.

She managed to fool her children into thinking that they managed to kill their new-born sister in the heat of the battle when they finally cornered her. She fought fiercely but taking the six of them in her weakened condition was not possible. They finally managed to overpower her.

They had become greedy. They wanted her powers and her immortality. To achieve this gaol, they performed a perverted version of the bonding ritual with her. The forced themselves onto her. This kept her from regaining her full strength and made it impossible for her to escape.

Some of her children and their descendants tried to free her but they too were slain by the six. Their sacrifice gave her enough time gather her power to cast strong blood wards around her to protect her physical form from her upstart children.

She was still their prisoner but now they couldn't harm her or force themselves on her.

(End of sexual content of the backstory of Lilith)


At first, when she felt a subtle probe on her blood wards, she thought that one of her child was trying to find a weakness in her ward. Then she remembered that her children were anything but subtle regarding the wards around her.

When she analysed the subtle probe, she found out that one of her blood kin was trying to locate her. When she backtraced the probe to her great surprise she found that it originated from her youngest daughter.

It took time but she managed to create an astral projection of her capable of safely leaving her blood ward without her children's notice. She watched over her daughter and her family as the shopped in the magical district.

She was glad that her youngest daughter had grown up to become a health woman and had a good family to support her. She was surprised when she found that her daughter hadn't altered her husband or converted her sons. She got a glimpse of the power of her second oldest son when he managed to detect her presence even when she was masking it. Her eldest son also seemed to be powerful judging by his aura. She felt that both of them were concealing their true powers.

Her suspicion of their power was confirmed when they managed to take on Scourge and defeat him. She just hoped that they would agree to help her when she finally contacted them.


Harry shadow travelled back to his room from Gringotts to find his brother in deep thought.

"Judging by the expression on your face, I take it everything went well." Bill said looking at his brother.

"You can say that," Harry said nonchalantly, "What have you been doing?"

"I have been trying to decipher the meaning of the vision that my father showed me. It still doesn't make any sense to me." He answered and telepathically sent Harry the vision.

"Clearly it has something to do with mom and me." Harry said thinking about it.

"That is pretty obvious," Bill said, "but that isn't very helpful as it doesn't tell us what we need to do to help dad."

"Checkout the books in the Potter library and see if they can shed some light on it." Harry said to him.

"I will look it up as soon as you tell me what exactly I am looking for." Bill said getting frustrated.

Harry thought for a moment and said, "Search for a book on Succubus. In Muggle legends they are known as soul suckers. We know for a fact that it isn't true but they might have some ability with soul magic."

"I will do that you also should think about our next move." Bill said.

"Regarding?" Harry asked.

"School," Bill said, "We don't need it but our younger siblings do. At the same time we can't just drop them off and leave them unprotected in the current times. We also can't leave mom alone at home to take care of dad."

"Hmm, you go back to Hogwarts with our siblings while I stay with mom and at nights when they are asleep you can sneak out and search the potter library. In the meantime, I will visit the Flamels and see if they can help us." He said and dissolved into the shadows.


"You are in big trouble kid." Perenelle shouted as soon as she saw Harry. "Do you have any idea how worried I have been? What were you thinking when you decided to take on the demon?" she continued her rant till she heard Harry say, "I am sorry but it had to be done."

"Had to…" she said getting angrier, "You didn't have to do anything."

"Like it or not auntie, I am one of the strongest being on the planet. It had to be me." Harry said in a soft voice.

"I would like to know who was there with you, when you fought the demon?" Nicolas questioned. "He seemed to be your equal."

"My twin brother was with me during the fight." Harry said surprising the aged couple.

"How is he as strong as you are? Is he a mage like you? Or does he have his powers due to the twin bond?" Nicolas asked.

Harry smiled at his uncle and said, "There is an interesting story behind his power but unfortunately it isn't mine to tell."

Nicolas didn't press on he asked Harry why he and his brother felt the need to confront the demon. Harry told them the entire story about the moon spirit visiting them and asking for their help, Scourge attacking Azkaban and free the worst kind of people locked up to change them to his minions and how he managed to destroy 88% of his father's soul. He left out a few things like moon spirit's secret identity and Bill being impervious to Scourge's soul magic.

Harry was disappointed when the Flamels said that they couldn't help his father as alchemy and soul magic don't mix well and the healing elixir produced by philosopher's stone would be useless in this situation.


During dinner, Lisa asked, "Where is Bill? Doesn't he eat with rest of the family?"

"He usually does but currently he is busy going through the Potter library for something which can help dad recover. He has decided to spend his free time, before he goes back to Hogwarts along with Rosa, Sakura and Leon, in the library trying to find a cure for dad's condition." Harry answered.

"You make it sound like you are not going back to Hogwarts." Lisa said.

"For now, I would be staying here with mom. Bill and I really don't need Hogwarts education. He goes to Hogwarts just for appearance sake while I go there to meet different people and make new friends. Our younger siblings do need to be schooled, so they will have to go back. At the same time, in the current climate we cannot leave them unguarded so Bill would be going back with them." Harry explained.

"We can take care of ourselves." Sakura said hotly.

Harry closed his eyes as he remembered hearing similar words from Tonks before she had been killed. "Not yet. The three of you are too innocent and naïve to even know the horrors of the world let alone protect yourselves from them." He said without looking at her.

"Our family has quite a few enemies and they might not pass up this opportunity to make a move against us. For them, this would be an ideal time to strike our family as the male heir of the family has been incapacitated.

Now even grandfather's life could be in danger. One of the Lords of the remaining 7 ancient families is already dead. Grandfather is the only Lord which currently holds two votes. A politically inclined person might try to silence him." Harry explained to his younger siblings.

Charles was stunted. Even he hadn't thought of that.

"What about our rings and other protections?" Rosa asked.

"The ring and the blood protection would protect you all but I don't want them revealed to the world just yet. Bill's presence in the school should be enough to deter any would be attacker." Harry answered her.

Harry turned to his grandfather and said, "It's really a good thing that you broke up the alliance with the Longbottoms when you did. Otherwise we might have been compelled to help them to the best of our abilities and some of them should not be made public."

"So you can help Alice but are choosing not to because you want to keep your powers secret?" Lily asked with a hint of anger in her voice. Lily didn't mean to sound angry but she was having a hard time controlling her emotions.

"Bill could easily regenerate her limbs using blood magic while I could create artificial limbs which can perform as good as natural ones. If a friend or a family member was in her place then we won't have hesitated to use our powers in front of everyone but for someone like her we won't reveal our abilities to the world. We might still help her and wipe the memory of everyone involved but that is completely a different issue." Harry explained calmly. He was thinking about help Alice as she was his godmother in the previous dimension.

Wanting to change the subject Charles asked, "What exactly is Bill looking for in the library? May be we could help him find it."

Harry thought for a moment and answered, "Since there is no human practitioner of Soul magic he is looking for magical creatures capable of performing Soul magic."

"Good luck trying to find any magical creatures capable of performing soul magic." Lisa said sarcastically. "You are wasting your time."

"Grandmother," Harry said with some amount of venom in his voice, "I never knew that you are prejudice against magical creatures."

"I am not prejudice but I don't think they are powerful enough to wield that branch of magic. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by necromancy. I thought I could use it to bring my sister back to life. My experiment failed horrible and luckily there was no adverse effect on me. So I have a generally idea about the amount of power needed to wield soul magic." Lisa said with said sadness. She had tears in her eyes.

"Necromancy is not a branch of magic you should dabble in," Harry said to her, "there always is a steep price to pay for an amateur users unless… unless you were extremely lucky and were stopped before you could began or you didn't have enough power to start the ritual. Judging by the power you normally display, you are strong enough to start a necromantic ritual. So…"

"I was lucky that my parents caught me and force me to stop what I was doing." Lisa responded.

"You are also wrong about magical creatures incapable of wielding soul magic. There is one creature commonly known in the wizarding world capable of wielding soul magic but unfortunately for us the Dementors are of no use to us in this situation." Harry said to her.


"What is your brother really looking for?" Lily asked Harry after she corned him after the dinner was over. "I know that you were telling the truth but not the complete truth."

"He is searching for book on Succubus. There is a good possibility that they can wield soul magic." Harry answered her.

"Even if they can wield soul magic, I know nothing about it," Lily said, "Why can't your friend the moon spirit help you? Can't she wield soul magic?"

"If she could have helped us then she would have helped us. My guess is that she can't wield soul magic. Her mother on the other hand can but currently she is imprisoned by the master of the being that attacked dad but you don't need to worry about that. We would find a way to cure dad." Harry told her.

"As for you not knowing any soul magic, if your kind is capable of doing it then you can always learn." Harry said as he pulled her into a hug to comfort her.


Next morning, Harry woke up early to get his sibling ready to go back to Hogwarts. They had been told to tell a cover story if someone other than the black family inquired about their father's conditions.

Bill just popped in, said good morning to his grandparents who were eating breakfast, collected his siblings and teleported out with them. They arrived just outside the Great Hall.

Rosa, Sakura and Leon quietly went over to the Gryffindor table and sat near the Black children while Bill went over to the head table to inform Dumbledore about Harry's leave of absence.

The Potter siblings were question by their friend about the health of their father. Rosa told them the cover story agreed on. Once that was out of the way, Hermione questioned Bill about Harry's ability to apparate in and out of Hogwarts.

"First of all Hermione, you put too much faith in your books. You need to know two things in this case, firstly everything which is written need not be true and secondly I am not Harry to answer your every question. You have been told that to gain knowledge you need to ask questions, correct?" After getting a nod from her Bill continued, "Well that statement is incorrect. To learn or gain knowledge a person must ask the right questions and then must seek answer to those questions. By just asking questions you gain information not knowledge."

Hermione opened and closed her mouth a couple of times. The she asked, "If books may not always be correct then where should I look for to get the answers?"

"And that Hermione is the correct question." Bill stated. Now he understood why Harry sometimes liked to play word games.


Raymond Rosier got a letter from his father tell him to start an argument with the Potter children and make one of them attack him. He was told to carry out the task intelligently as to not allow Potters to say they attacked him because they insulted their family honour.

As the letter didn't say which Potter to provoke, Ray decided to antagonise the youngest one thinking that he would be an easy target.

He had a simple plan in mind. While walking down the corridor, he would purposely bump into the youngest Potter brat. Then he would fake his anger and shout at him trying to provoke him. While doing so he would be careful as to not insult the Potter name.


When Ray tried to execute his plan, he hadn't counted on being blasted into the wall by an unknown force. He then tried to pin his accident on Leon. This move also failed as Dumbledore was passing by and he checked Leon's wand for any kind of repelling spells and found nothing.

It also had an unfortunate side-effect of alerting Bill to his intentions.


Bill telepathically discussed the situation with Harry and asked for his advice as this was a political matter.

During Dinner, Bill casually walked up to the Slytherin table. This got the attention of the teachers and the other students.

He walked up to Raymond and said, "Raymond Rosier of the house of Rosier, it has come to my attention that you or your family is trying to antagonise mine. Consider this as an official warning from the house of Potter, if you or your family tries to harm mine in anyway be it mental, physical or emotion then your family would be facing the full might and wrath of the house of Potter. Pass this message onto your parents before they do something stupid."

Bill's voice had paralysed Ray with fear. As Bill started walking away from him Ray found his voice, he said, "You think you can intimidate me? I am not afraid of you," in a trembling voice.

Bill turned back towards him and said with a smile, "You are, as you should be."

"Was that really necessary?" Dumbledore asked from the head table.

"That wasn't really necessary but according to Harry that is the proper protocol. If it was up to me I would have just crushed all of them like the bugs they are for trying to harm my family and before you say anything I am acting in this manner because there is a credible threat to my family from his. I won't have bothered if he was a braggart like Draco but what happened in the evening was a planned move by his family and the only reason I am currently here at Hogwarts is because Harry expected something like this to happen. I take the job of protecting my family seriously. You are the only one here who has a generally idea about the power my family wields so I suggested that you try to talk some sense into the Rosier family. The last time an old family tried to mess with us, an innocent girl and her mother died by my hands because of an old fool's greed. After the blood feud was over they were too dangerous to be allowed to live as no one in my family would have bound them." Bill said the last part with sorrow as he remembered the event.

The great hall was filled with complete silence after Bill's statement.

Bill didn't know why the last point needed to be brought up but Harry wanted him to say it. Harry had perfectly gaged Dumbledore's reaction and had told him what to say to the old man in front of the great hall.


Lily's body was driving her crazy. The emotions she felt and her mood kept on changing constantly and her cravings had reached a new high. With James being incapacity there was no one to satisfy them.

The only thing in her favour was that her annoying mother-in-law had gone back to her house.

She was happy that Harry had stayed to help her with his sisters. She didn't know whether or not she was in a proper state of mind to care for them. As she was moving towards Sylvia's room, through the open door she saw Harry putting both of his younger sisters to bed and wandlessly casting a sleeping charm on them.

The moment he cast the charm, she felt a fraction of his power. She remembered the time when she felt her eldest son's full power. Thinking about that made her lose all her self-control. She could no longer suppress her cravings.

She rushed towards Harry and kissed him on his lips. Harry was taken aback by his mother's actions for a moment, his eye had a glazed look as he returned the kiss and shadow travelled them to his room.

As soon as Harry landed in his room, he regained control of his senses. The brief kiss that he had shared with his mother had temporarily clouded his mind. Even though he escaped her thrall, at that moment he didn't care about anything but her. He knew that as a succubus she had special needs that needed to be taken care off.

Warning lemon ahead

Lily pushed Harry on to the bed and jumped on top of him. The nails on her hand elongated and she used them to tear off his clothes. She roughly kissed him as she felt her clothes disappear.

She straddled his groin and her womanhood engulfed his harden member in one swift motion as she cried out in pleasure. Her inner succubus was pleased to finally have a hardened manhood inside of her. She didn't care that it belonged to her son. She rode him hard and fast till he released his manly juice inside her womanhood.

His extremely powerful and potent seed caused her to have an orgasm and gave her some relief. Acting on instincts, she pulled his head to her bosoms and forced her nipple into his mouth. Her body released milk like substance in his mouth. She knew on an instinctual level that this would heighten his pleasure and give him extra stamina.

Harry was surprised by the milk like substance entering is mouth. He didn't know what it was but since his mother was giving it to him, he knew that it couldn't be dangerous and drank it. He felt as if his body received a temporary boost of some kind.

He decided to take charge of the situation and rotated her while still being inside of her. He decided to take it slow and enjoy the moment.

Lily currently didn't want slow paced coitus so she embraced him and lock her legs behind his rear trapping him inside of her and rotating them and got back on top of him. "You can take it slow later on but right I need it hard and fast." She said in a sultry voice.

After a few rounds, she allowed him to get on top of her and set the pace.

There horizontal tango was interrupted when both of them felt some one knocking on the wards.

Harry gave a low growl of frustration as he pulled out of her.

End of lemon


Lilith had managed to gather enough power to create an astral projection that could escape her prison undetected.

She tried to teleport near her youngest daughter but strong wards prevented her from doing so.

She manifested her presence outside the wards and knocked on them hoping to get the attention of the ward caster or the residents of the house.

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