Chapter 32: The rescue

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2) This chapter contains mentions of incest and incest.

Lily was so angry at the person knocking on the wards she didn't stop to think how it was possible for someone to knock on the blood wards. Last time, when Dumbledore had tried to enter the wards were pulsing and indicating an intruder at the ward border. This time the reactions of the wards were completely different. She hastily put on some clothes and told Harry that they weren't finished yet.

Harry conjured new clothes from himself as his mother had ruined the ones he was wearing. He wrapped his arms around his mother and shadow teleported them to the front gate.


As the duo appeared at the front gate they saw a tired looking older version of Lily standing there in bare minimum clothes. The clothes she was wearing barely covered her womanhood, while here breast were completely exposed.

Harry had to stop himself from instinctively licking his lips and the sight of the gorgeous breasts. Lily on the other hand felt no need to supress the urge of licking her lips.

Lilith took a sniff and said, "My name is Lilith and I must apologise for interrupting your private time but I had no choice. My time here is limited and I desperately need your help." She said the last part looking at Harry.

"I take it that you are my maternal grandmother." Harry observed. "Not that I mind the view but could you cover it up as it can be quite distracting." He added.

"Unfortunately, I don't have enough power to do so. I have used up all my energy to create this astral projection to communicate with you." Lilith explained.

"So your life is still in danger?" Lily asked feeling multiple emotions at the same time. The woman in front of her was her mother who had abandoned her. At the same time, there was a small possibility that she had done it to protect her from harm.

"A couple of your elder sisters rebelled against me and convinced four of your brothers to join them. In my weakened condition after your birth they killed my mate and capture me. They intended to force themselves on me to get my powers. When my other children tried to free me it gave me enough time to erect blood wards to protect myself. Even though I am still their prisoner they can't physically harm me. I didn't know your location until you tried to contact me. When I observed your family, I could sense the power of your eldest sons. But I didn't have enough power to contact you while your family was shopping." Lilith explained her situation.

"I need your help to free me." She said looking at Harry. "You have more than enough power to defeat your aunts and uncles."

"How can you be sure that I am strong enough to take them on? Can you sense my true power even if it's suppressed?" Harry asked.

"I felt your battle against Scourge and if that wasn't proof enough the smell of your seed is so intoxicating that if I were physically present, I would have jumped you by now." Lilith explained.

"When did you smell his seed?" Lily asked.

"I can currently smell his seed in and around your nether region," Lilith said to Lily then she turned to Harry and asked again, "So will you help me?"

"Of course I will help you. After all you are family." Harry responded trying to hide his blush and being caught by his grandmother. "Where exactly are you been kept?"

"I will take you with me. But as soon as we get there, you need to be careful of the thrall of your aunts. Their thralls would be way more powerful than mine in my current state and you can't stop looking at my body." Lilith said to him.

"I won't have a problem with that; I am immune to a thrall of an ancient master vampire. It's just that your body seems to the mature version of my mother body…" Harry didn't finish the sentence.

"… and you were always infatuated with hers. Don't worry; there is always a strong connection between the succubus and her first born." Lilith finished. "Remember you can't kill your aunts and uncles. They have enacted a ritual to link their life-force to mine. I will need to sever that link before they can be killed. Rest of my children are just following them out of fear after the failed attempts to free me."

Harry looked at his mother for permission to go. After getting the nod from her he stepped out of the wards and asked, "Do I have to hold your hands or something for you to transport me?"

Lilith just laughed at his question and said, "Hold hands? Do you think we are going to Apparate? That's for wizards. We are going to travel my way." With that Lilith jumped on him and wrapped his legs around his waist and her hands around his head pulling his heads into her breasts before disappearing from sight.

Lily felt a ting of jealousy because of this.


Harry landed on his feet and felt Lilith's body disappear from around him. He noticed Lilith's true body lying on the bed in the centre of the room. The room itself appeared to be part of an old castle and was filled with old looking furniture.

"Get ready, my children would be here soon." Lilith said.

The door to the room opened and a beautiful dark haired and extremely busty half naked woman stepped in. She was surprised to see an unknown male standing in the room with her grandmother.

Before she could react, Harry to encase her within a ball of darkness created from the shadows around them.

"She isn't one of the children who rebelled, let her go." Lilith said to him.

Harry dropped the shadows around the succubus.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" The succubus asked.

"Verdé, he is here to free me. Show him to where Nÿte, Cέrμləa and the four idiots are staying and don't get in his way." Lilith ordered Verdé.

"There are staying in your old room grandmother. They are probably going at it as they usually do." Verdé answered while observing Harry.

"This is your best chance to capture them. All of them would be distracted in the throes of passions and their guard will be down." Lilith told Harry.


Verdé silently led Harry to the master bedroom of the castle. As they the approached the room Harry told her to stay out of his way.

Harry kicked the door open and saw six people going at it on the bed. If he wasn't expecting a similar sight, he might have been shocked by the way the succubi and the incubi were doing it.

Before they had a chance to react to his presence, he engulfed them all in shadows. He then commanded the shadows to separate them and form a cage around the individual members.

Harry could see that the six of them were enraged at being separated and caged. To ensure that they didn't break their prison, he enchanted the shadows bars to mildly electrocute the prisoners if they touched them.

"Who are you?" The succubus with strange eyes asked. Her corneas were completely red in colour while her iris had multi coloured concentric rings of green, black and yellow.

"I am you nephew and I am here to free my grandmother." He responded.

The other succubus licked her lips looking at Harry and said, "If we had a powerful nephew like you then we would have already taken you."

"It doesn't matter, whoever he is, he needs to be put in his place." One of the incubi said while looking at his sister.

"Don't worry the guard are on their way. Once they defeat him, Nÿte and I, are going to have are way with him." The succubus with the strange eyes said.

Harry felt multiple people approach him from behind. He turned around and saw multiple people in minimum clothing surrounding him and taking up combat ready stances. He told them to stand down as he was here to free Lilith and not to harm them.

The nearest male guard moved to attack him as he felt the female guards trying to put him under their thrall.

Harry had no problems throwing off their thralls and he simply avoid the physical attacks be the male guards.

Seeing that their target was easily dodging their attack, they resorted to throwing subduing spells at him from their bare hands.

Harry felt annoyed by the oncoming barrage of spells. He had no problems shielding against them. His attackers may be numerous in number but they didn't have the necessary powers to fight him. He tentatively threw a stunner against the nearest guard. He wasn't sure if it would work. As he had expected, the stunner had no effect against the succubi and the incubi.

"You fight well but you don't have a chance against our numbers." One of the imprisoned incubi said.

"Either the treachery against grandmother runs deeper than she thought or ..." Harry wasn't allowed to finish as Cέrμləa said, "We found a way to bind these people's loyalties to us. Mother was to kind hearted to do something like this even if it was within her powers to do so. We killed all are siblings after their failed rebellion leaving us at the top of the hierarchy in our bloodline. The only reason Verdé and you aren't following our commands is because you have somehow received a direct order from mother."

Harry's anger flared at the thought of these people posing a threat to his mother. His eyes turned completely black as the shadows started to swirl around him. He decided to use one of the powers of a shadow mage that he had never used before. He used his power to create shadow warriors.

He ordered them subdue the succubi and incubi without causing permanent harm. These warriors proved too strong for the guards. Even if they managed to destroy one of the shadow warriors, two more would take its place. The shadow warriors subdued the guards by pinning them to the ground. In the process the room was nearly destroyed.

The shadow warriors didn't put much strain on Harry's power supply. Especially, now that he no longer used a power suppressing orb. He might have had some difficulties he would have been still using it.

Harry casually levitated the six prisoners and their cages past a stunned Verdé who was trying very hard to control the impulse on jumping on him after witnessing his power.


"I didn't think they were capable of doing this." Lilith said after Harry explained the situation to her.

"Now what do you plan to do with them? They are too dangerous to be kept alive." Harry said wanting to end the threat to his mother.

"Currently, I am too weak to break the bond they have created with me. Once, I recover enough strength I will deal with them. Until then can you think of a place to hold them? We obviously can't keep them here. I would also need a place to stay till I manage to recover my strength. It's too dangerous from me here in my weakened state." She said as she dropped the blood wards around her.

"I can drop them off at Azkaban and tell the Dementors to keep a watchful eye on them and keep the wizards away from the cell." Harry said to her. "You can stay at my house until you recover your strength." He added.

"I also need you help with a problem that I am facing." He said.

"I am forever indebted to you for freeing me. So if it is within my power, I would help you for sure." Lilith said.


After dropping the six off at Azkaban, Harry shadow travelled to Hogwarts to get Bill with his half naked grandmother in tow.

As soon as Harry landed in the Gryffindor third year dormitory, Bill opened his eyes sensing Harry's presence.

"It's a good thing that you are up." Harry said as he cast an enchanted spelling spell on everyone else in the room.

"You do know that I am a light sleeper. Your presences woke me up. So who is the half-naked lady behind you?" Bill asked.

"Bill this is our maternal grandmother Lilith and Grandma Lilith this is my twin brother Bill." Harry said introducing the two of them.

"So you found her," Bill said, "Is there a point of bringing her here in her half-naked state?"

"She is going to be staying with us for a few days, so I need you to key her in to the wards." Harry stated.

Bill closely observed the woman in front of him. He tried to ascertain whether or not she would be a danger to his family.

"I need a drop of your blood to verify your identity before I key you into the wards." Bill said to her.

"I was actually surprised when your brother believed me without any proof." Lilith said as she pricked her finger. She gave a few drops of blood to Bill.

"I had visual conformation that you are my grandmother. Plus, if you had turned out to be hostile I could have easily dealt with you." Harry responded as he saw Bill draw some of his own blood. The two drops of blood mixed and glowed red.

"She is indeed related to us but whether or not she is our grandmother remains to be seen." Bill said after he completed the examination of the blood. It would have taken some amount of their mother's blood to quickly establish the identity of the woman in front of them. The only surface thoughts he was getting from the woman were the thoughts of sex.

He conjured a small vial and told Lilith to give a few more drops of blood. Lilith thought for a moment before putting 2 to 3 drops of her blood in it and handing it over.

After accepting the vial from her, he teleport to the terrace of Godric's Hollow. He made a small cut on his hand to allow some blood to fall on the runic array. Using his blood he drew runes to open the closed array to accept new blood. Once he added his grandmother's blood he closed the array again.

He, teleported back to his dorm room at Hogwarts after finishing the process in about 2 minutes. "It's done." He said as he entered the room.

"Great!" Lilith said as she wrapped herself around harry and teleported out of there.


Lilith had jumped straight to where she felt her youngest daughter's presence.

Lily was sitting beside James' unconscious body thinking about what she had done. She didn't know how to feel. He inner succubus was happy and wanted to spend some more time with Harry while the more rational part of her mind thought that she couldn't do this to James, especially when he was in a coma.

Lilith could sense a conflict of emotions coming from her daughter. She sat down beside her and asked, "What's wrong?"

When Lily explained her situation to her mother, Lilith realised that her daughter didn't know anything about being a Succubus. She was foolish to think her daughter might have figured out everything on her own. The wizarding world in general lacked knowledge of their kind.

She pulled her distressed daughter into a hug and went on to explain a few standard things about the succubus and them being highly sexual creature with no taboos.


Warning lemon ahead (probably the only lemon scene to include Lilith (I have removed most of the explicit contain before posting on this site.)

During the explanation, Lilith started gently touching her daughter. When Lily's attention was diverted from her problems to her mother's caress, it was difficult for her to continue listening to the story. She started reciprocating the touch.

Harry silently watched the interaction between then from across the room.

When Lilith was sure that her daughter was properly aroused she said, "how about we move to another room for now?"

Lily looked into her mother's eyes as she continued to touch her exposed breast. She gave her mother a slight nod and told Harry to follow them.

Lilith gently kissed Lily as she slowly undressed her. She then repeated the same process with Harry after he had sealed the room.

Lily moved behind her mother and pulled down her underwear. She also guided Harry's freed member into her core causing Lilith to moan.

(Content has been censored out and posted on another site)

With a boost to his stamina he received from drinking his mother's milk kept on pounding the two succubi well into the morning.

In the morning Lily took a short break from their active to check up on her daughters and telling Dobby to make breakfast from the two of them.

She returned to the sight of Harry taking her mother and at the same time sucking on her breasts. She re-joined the duo.

(Content has been censored out and posted on another site)

The trio continued their activity well into the afternoon. The finally stopped because Lilith said she needed to take care of something and wanted to take Harry with him.

Lilith, to regain her lost strength had absorbed a lot of sexual energy given of during the activity. She had also drained the power from Harry seed that she had received during their time together.

End of lemon

Lilith had regained her youth after the marathon session with Harry and Lily. Now she could be passed off as Lily's twin sister.

She also had gained more than enough strength to deal with her traitorous children. She made Harry take her to Azkaban after lunch. She was introduced the girls as their aunt rather than their maternal grandmother.


Harry shadow travelled with Lilith to the cell where his aunts and uncles were kept. The Dementors, who were guarding the cell, began to disperse as soon as he arrived.

"Mother, you're looking young today," Nÿte said, "I wasn't expecting you for a few more days."

"I see that you have found a new pet." Cέrμləa said looking at Harry.

Lilith affectionately placed a hand on Harry's head and said, "He isn't my pet, he is my grandson."

"How is that possible? We killed all your other children after their failed attempted to free you to ensure that we would remain unchallenged." Cέrμləa asked.

"That's for me to know and you to never find out." Lilith said in a singsong voice.

Harry waved his hand to make their cages disappear. He held them in place by using their shadow as Lilith approached them.

Lilith elongated one of a nails and began carving a symbol on her children's forehead, heart and above their genitals while chanting in an old demon tongue.

As the chant was completed, Harry saw ghostly white coloured threads originating from his aunts and uncles body. The threads seem to connect the six of them with each other and Lilith.

Lilith took hold of the six strands connecting her children to her. She drained their powers and swiftly cut of the connection. This caused the six to howl in great agony and age rapidly.

She knew that she should kill them but she couldn't do it herself. After all she was their mother. She couldn't take their life with her own hands. She pleadingly looked at Harry and hoped that she didn't need to voice her thoughts. She didn't know if she could voice them or not.

Harry understood his grandmother's request. He summoned the sword of Gryffindor and killed the six of them quickly.


Bill wasn't having a good day at Hogwarts. His link with Harry wasn't working. It seemed that Harry was blocking him out. He didn't want to what or who Harry was doing right now but he needed Harry's advice to deal with the buffoon in front of him.

Raymond Rosier's father had come to Hogwarts and shouting at him for threating his son. He wasn't even listening to the man's ranting.

With a very bored expression on his face he turned to Dumbledore, who was sitting on the head table, and asked, "Do I have to deal with this obnoxious idiot or will you do something about it?"

"Who are you calling an 'obnoxious idiot'?" The man snarled.

"See what I mean, he is so idiotic he doesn't even understand that he is being addressed." Bill said looking at Dumbledore.

The statement drew laughter from many of the students in the hall. He also could see a smile of the faces of few of the teachers. Unfortunately for him, the man in front of him had enough sense to not draw his wand.

"You will pay for this insult, Boy." The man snarled.

"Edward, behave yourself. You are a Lord of an ancient and a noble house, so start acting like one," Dumbledore said sternly, "I don't know the exact reason behind it but Bill was well within his rights to issue an official warning to your family."

Edward took a couple of minutes to compose himself. "He still didn't have the right to threaten my son. Right now Raymond is so afraid that he wants to pull him out of Hogwarts." He said to Dumbledore.

"Which part of the statement, 'I didn't threaten him' can't you understand? I merely passed on the official warning through him since we didn't have any directly line of communication. Secondly you didn't have a problem with your son doing your dirty work, of try to initial a conflict with my family, so why should it bother you that I used him as messenger?" Bill asked. Seeing the look on Edward's face he continued, "I know all about that. You son as subtle as, how should I put it in a way someone like you understands, a dragon walking down a Muggle street."

"If it was up to me then I won't have bothered with the warning. To me you, your son and your family are like insects. Normally, I won't be bothered about your existence but if you make a move to threaten my family, then I would crush you like bugs that you are." Bill said with an indifferent tone.


Edward felt greatly insulted at being called a bug by the boy in front of him. He barely managed to control his anger. To make sure that he didn't do anything stupid, he left.

'The Potters would be dealt with in time.' He thought. 'It need not be a direct strike against them.'


'Finally decided to open the link between us?' Bill telepathically asked.

'Sorry, I was busy.' Harry responded.

'I don't want to know what or who you were busy doing.' Bill commented.

'So what's up?' Harry asked.

'I have been trying to get in touch with you for a few hours now.' Bill said.

'What happened?' Harry asked.

Bill relayed the day's events to Harry.

'You were a bit blunt but you handled the situation perfectly.' Harry responded. 'I have some good news. With Lilith's help I was able to figure out the message from your father. I know how to cure dad.' Harry added.

He then explained what he found out.


"What's wrong with your father?" Lilith asked when they got back from Azkaban.

Harry explained how 88% dad's soul was destroyed by Scourge. He then asked, "Can succubi wield soul magic?"

"Yes, we can but we can't regenerate a person's souls to that extent." Lilith answered.

"Can a soul or part of a soul be transferred from a healthy person to my father?" Harry asked remembering the message Bill had received.

"You intend to transfer a part of your soul to your father?" Lilith asked. After getting a nod from him she answered, "It can be done but it would be a slow process. Your mother will have to take small portions of your soul and transfer them to you father. Your soul will need some time to recover before the process can be repeated again."

"As long as process takes less than 7 years, time doesn't matter." Harry said.

"The time taken for the ritual per se and the time needed for your soul to generate wouldn't be relatively quick but the time taken to teach your mother to perform it would depend on how quickly she can learn." Lilith said.

"What does the ritual entail?" Harry asked.

Mild Sexual situation

"The ritual is a sex based ritual like most of succubi rituals. Your mother will have to collect a small part of your soul during coitus. She would have to store the soul in her body for some time. She would need to revert it into a nascent soul removing all traces of you from it. Then she will need to extract a small portion of your father's soul from his body. She would have to merge the two in her body and then insert it back again in your father.

The ritual would be safe for you as your mother will be the one extracting the soul from you.

I will supervise the ritual to ensure everything happens smoothly. After the ritual I'll even help you and your mother to regenerate your soul quickly." She said the last part while she began to undress him.

End of Mild Sexual situation

Harry understood what Lilith was trying to say.

End of Flashback

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