Author's Note: This is an AU story, be warned. I've decided to see what would happen if you took H. C. Andersen's fairytale The Snow Queen, and elements, including characters, from The Chronicles Of Narnia, and put them together. The two stories suit each other, they match, in strange ways. So, I hope you like it, this is my first Chronicles of Narnia fanfic. Oh, and be warned, there is a lot of Edmund/Lucy, and a little bit of Peter/Susan in this fic.

Disclaimer: Neither story is mine, nothing in this is at all mine, and if you think it is you are absolutely of your rocker.

Prologue: The Queen's Mirror

Long ago, deep in the lands of Ice and Snow, lived a woman made all of snow. She was tall, majestic, and beautiful in a strange icy way. Many called her the Snow Queen, for she ruled all the things of winter, and could make it snow wherever she pleased. Although she was beautiful beyond the lot of any human, she had a heart of ice. She could not love, and so she felt bereft, and wished to make others feel as she did. Cold, angry, without love or warmth. To this purpose she made a magical mirror. When any looked into the mirror, they would see every flaw, without any of the good, in whatever they looked at in the mirror, including themselves.

The Snow Queen ordered her goblins to carry the mirror throughout the land, so as to spread terror and fear, pain and misery, to any they could reach. But once, in the cold of the winter that was always present in the small northern villages, the goblins found themselves having trouble holding the mirror. They had just shown the mirror to an old man, who had gone crazy in terror at seeing himself in the mirror. And they felt quite pleased with themselves. But the Great Lion, Aslan, had seen what the Snow Queen, sometimes called the White Witch, was doing, and he had told his father, the Emperor-Over-the-Sea, about what was happening. Both knew that the Queen must be stopped, so Aslan had roared his great roar, to make the Goblins lose their grip. So the mirror fell and smashed.

But it was written in the Deep Magic, with which the land was created, that no thing that was truly Evil could be disposed of so easily. So the mirror, 'though smashed, did not stop its mischief. The Witch was furious when the Goblins told her what had happened. With a flick of her wand, she transformed her lackeys to stone statues, and set about in a rage. She screamed and yelled, and stormed around. Destroying things left and right, no matter what it was.

After a few days of this she calmed enough to think about what her mirror could still do, for she knew something of the Deep Magic. She knew, because she had made the mirror thus, that the fragments would fly throughout the world, seeking victims. If it struck a person in the eye, they would see only the bad, any sight they once enjoyed, anything they once found beautiful, would be hideous in their sight, they would see only the imperfections. Horrible though this would be, much worse would be if they were pricked in the heart. Their feelings would be numbed and they would find only hate, where once was love. Their heart would become cold, and it would slowly freeze over, 'til their heart was as much Ice as that of the Witch herself.

One other misfortune was the result of the mirror. Wherever the fragments traveled, and changed someone completely, they would cause an endless winter to occur, never changing, but never quite reaching Christmas.

The fragments of mirror traveled far and wide, causing much misery and death, and spreading winter over the land. A few who were struck, of course, didn't notice a change, and an even smaller number defeated the fragments with their own pure hearts. But the Snow Queen was taking over the world, and that is how it would be to this day, if the mirror had not found its way to a small town in the Lantern Waste of Narnia. That is what I will tell you, the story of the one who defeated the Snow Queen and the misery caused by her.

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