Author's Note: Okay, so apparently doesn't accept actual bars within their stories, a measure I was hoping would assist in separating the thoughts of Van and Annie. So I apologize that there is no space bar between the two character's thoughts. I tried a couple different attempts at coming up with a method to separate their thoughts so that the story flow isn't confusing, but alas none came up fruitful. So please bear with me, and sorry again.

It was nice, to walk home with Annie in silence, without her blabbing about something ridiculous or irrelevant, just to hold her hand. My house, being the one closest to the town square, loomed ahead of us, and a sudden wave of sadness swept over me. Quickly, I offered to walk Annie home, to which she accepted just as hastily.

We took the long way back to her house, stopping for unnecessary breaks to catch our already had breath. Why were we deliberately keeping our families waiting, families whom were most likely sick with worry all night long? Because, quite simply, we wanted to. In a way, although I never confided this in Annie, I absolutely never wanted our time to end on the Gull Islands. I wanted to watch her alabaster skin glow in the tropical sunlight, I wanted to take her again and again underneath Collin's Tree, I wanted us to wake up each morning wrapped in one another's arms with only the light of dawn to wake us, not responsibility, not worries, not concerns. I could imagine living a very happy and fulfilling life with Annie, whether it is on the sandy beaches of the Gull Islands, in a quaint flat of land with the white picket fences and 2.5 children, or in the slums of some dirty and forgotten city. This unexpectedly growing need to be with Annie for as long as possible began to border on the line of hysteria, and I began to wonder how long I've really felt this way? Rationally, it was absurd to think I could develop such strong feelings after spending one intercourse-filled night with a girl. So how long had it been? Was our passionate island excursion just the key to Pandora 's Box, and now that the box which contained all these emotions was released, where would we go from here? We're so young to think of such drastic ventures as marriage and starting a family, but really, do such wants and love really have an age limit?

More importantly, why was I making such a crusade over this? I could just enjoy this new enlightenment with someone who cares just as much for me and I do for her. I hoped, at least, that all those flirtatious moments weren't just the result of agonizing teen lust. I hoped it was for real. Forever.

Was it possible to walk on air? Well, maybe for the Harvest Goddess or King, but for normal humans? At that point, I was completely convinced that it was indeed possible.

"You've got it, you know." I could still hear his words echoing through my head, like when you shout at the Caramel Falls and the sound vibrates back to you. While I did have an inclination on what Van might have meant by saying those five words, it was still left open for interpretation. What've he was just saying them in the heat of the moment, with no meaning behind them? No Annie, stop thinking like that right now or else.

And I knew what the "else" was that my subconscious spoke of: no iPod later tonight. With so few clouds in the sky, it would be a nice night for stargazing. Maybe Van and I could sneak away to the Falls later, provided neither one of us is dead by that point.

Luckily, Van was all too willing to stop to "rest" along the way to my place. I wonder what could've been on his mind…

"Phew," I mumbled as I carefully lowered myself onto a boulder placed oh-so conveniently under a cherry tree. I rubbed my thighs the way some arthritic patient would soothe an aching joint.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing…" my voice trailed off as I tried to avoid his eyes. It didn't work out so well.

"Come on Annie, after the night we spent together you can tell me anything." He knelt next to me, and Goddess help me my face became enflamed.

"It's just…well, you're kind of big…" But I couldn't finish. My self-consciousness evaporated rapidly as I broke into a hysterical fit of laughter. I nearly fell off the boulder, if it hadn't been for Van sitting nearby to catch me. His face was red, but he wasn't angry or embarrassed. Could he have actually been flattered? Nowadays, I wouldn't put it past him, but back then I wasn't so confident. So, to transition into something else for the sake of my sanity, I practically tackled Van, pressing our lips together tightly. He began to get into it as well, as his hands found their way to my exposed thighs (I had shorts on), inching their way up while he allowed himself to be attacked. It was nice to feel Van letting go, loosening up a bit, even if it only lasted a minute.

Reluctantly, I pulled my mouth and my hands away from Annie, propping her up. "We should really go now. Our parents…"

"Right," she complied easily enough, though she did slide off my pinned down bodily a tad sulkily. The worse part wasn't that I had wanted to take Annie unabashedly right there around the corner of her house, in a fair amount of distance to expect her parents to find us in the explicit act of love making while, say, going on a stroll. No, the worse was seeing her flustered, unrequited. I promised her we would return to the islands, and that was as true as the fact that my glasses were nearly fogged beyond comprehension from our brief period of making out. Soon Annie, and believe me, it will be very soon.

Now that all this passion and lust and feelings of affection (love? Maybe so) had been awakened, I wasn't sure how to handle all this new information, not to mention how to cope with the throbbing occurring in my, well, undergarments. I had had brief lustful occurrences in my past—what teenage boy living on a small island with a fair number of beautiful young women just your age hasn't?—but never had any experience I've had been this frustrating. I don't like to count my chickens before they hatch, but I could get use to this butterflies-running-rampage feeling in my gut.

But I had no more time to elaborate on this further, as my thoughts were interrupted by the fact that we had reached Annie's front door. It seemed no one was inside, or everyone was still asleep. I didn't mind, and I don't think Annie did either, as we had gotten a little more extra time to kiss each other goodbye.

"You know," I said, my arms around her waist and hers around my neck, "you still haven't called me yet."

She giggled endearingly. "Drives you crazy doesn't it?"

"Maybe a tiny bit."

She planted a kiss on my cheek, pushing the flesh upward towards my eye, causing my glasses to move up as well, before disappearing into her house. I wish we had a little more time together, not only for the sake of our still budding relationship, but also for the turmoil that awaited me on entering my own house.