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Ron stirred awake by the sound of whistling. He knew the whistling belonged to Harry - the bastard was a morning person - but he was confused a bit by being in Blaise's arms. However, it only took a few seconds before everything from the day before came back to him and he remembered that he was a Slytherin now.

He felt Blaise tighten his hold around him and press a kiss to the top of his head.

"Oh Merlin, please tell me he's not a morning person," Theo begged from the bed beside them.

"'Fraid so," Ron said tiredly, stretching.


Ron rubbed his eyes while Blaise stretched beside him. Harry was dressing while Theo was walking towards the bathroom. "Blaise!" Theo shouted. "Look! Potter got Draco up, and he's smiling!" A second later. "Never mind!"

"Theo shut up!" Blaise called back. "I'm trying to have my wicked way with Ron!"

"Blaise!" Ron yelled as he looked at him in surprise. What the hell?

"Didn't need to know that!" Theo called back while Harry laughed. Ron wanted to throw something at him for that.

"No he's not!" Ron called out since Theo and Draco were in the bathroom. Only Harry could see the truth since Neville was still asleep in his bed. Lucky guy could just about sleep through anything.

"Ron! They don't need to know that!"

"They don't need to hear your lies of molesting me!"

"It's not molesting when you're on top of me!"

"No I'm not!"

"Ron," Harry said from his bed, "get off of Blaise and Blaise stop molesting my brother. There, that solves the problem."

"Shut up Harry!" both Ron and Blaise yelled and they each threw their pillows at him. Ron's hit Harry in the face while Blaise's hit his stomach. Harry cried out and charged at them, diving midair and landing on top of them.

And let the wrestling match begin.

"Morning boys," Hermione said as the boys all walked downstairs.

"Morning," they said back as Theo ran to Daphne and wrapped her up in a big hug and kiss. Ron had to try and not laugh at the guy.

"What's that about?" she asked.

"There was just a lot of gay talk upstairs," Neville said with a yawn.

"Oh," she chuckled, "I know. In fact the whole house heard you guys."

"I think Neville's the only one who didn't," Draco said looking at Neville. "He slept through the whole thing."

"Yeah." Hermione walked along with them as they all headed out and up to the Great Hall for breakfast. "Neville's even slept through Harry's nightmares."

"And that's saying something," Harry added as they entered the hall and most of the students paused to watch the former Gryffindors walk to the Slytherin table.

Later that day, after their classes, they all gathered in the library to study and do homework. Ron was trying to do his potions but it wasn't going very well. Lucky for him he and Harry had detention. "We have detention with McGonagall," Harry said.

"You do?" Draco asked. It was pretty early for detention. Detentions were usually after dinner, not hours before; but because it was the day McGonagall had only a few classes, she wanted to have detention early instead of late.

"Yeah," Ron said and started to stack up his books and put away his homework too.

"Alright, see you later." Draco and Harry shared a kiss, and Ron leaned down to kiss Blaise's cheek.

"See you later," Ron whispered. He went to head out but Blaise grabbed his arm and pulled him until he was sitting on Blaise's lap. Before Ron could say anything, Blaise leaned forward and pressed his lips to Ron's, easily slipping his tongue in and roaming his mouth like it was his right. Which when Ron thought about it, it was. Blaise pulled back and smiled.

"Now, I'll see you later."

Ron heard snickering from Neville and ducked his head and blushed. "Okay." He scrambled out of Blaise's lap and started heading out of the library with Harry.

They walked a while before Ron spoke up. "Harry?"


"You love Draco right?"

Harry looked at him with a look that said 'What do you thing?' before he said, "I think the necklace and ritual I went through says it. But yes I love him."

Ron bit down on his bottom lip before blurting, "How do you know?" Harry stopped so Ron stopped beside him. When Harry just stared at him he quickly added, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"No it's okay Ron. Let's see. You find yourself looking for them as soon as you step into a crowded room. You want their attention on you whenever it's on someone else. When you hear something funny, your first thought is how they would find it funny and you can't wait to tell them. You want to protect them, hold them when they're hurt, support them in anything they want. When you try to think of your future without them it comes out blank."

He stared at Harry and felt his heart race. He was in love with Blaise.

"Thank you for being on time boys," McGonagall said but Ron barely heard her. His mind was still racing with the fact that he was in love with Blaise. "You'll be washing the tables by hand."

"Yes ma'am," they said.

Ron washed the tables, his mind circling and circling and circling about Blaise. 'How did this happen? When did this happen? Can he even want it?' Well that was an immediate yes to that one. Of course he wanted to be in love but he didn't expect it to happen during his school time. He thought he'd get a job, doing whatever, and then date and eventually fall in love. What if what he felt was just teenage hormones and then they got older and he found out he didn't love Blaise? It would hurt and it would hurt Blaise. He didn't want to hurt Blaise!

He was so lost in his thoughts that by the time he reached the eleventh table—he didn't even remember doing the first ten—he looked up when he heard McGonagall speak. "Mr. Potter, where do you think you're going?"

"Draco's in trouble," was all he said before he opened the door and left.

Ron's heart stopped as his mind first thought about Blaise.

Dropping his rag also, he ran out of the classroom. He started to race after Harry, because when they had left Blaise and Draco were together. They reached the second floor when he literally crashed into Blaise. "Blaise!" he cried and quickly wrapped his arms around Blaise's neck, ducking his head into his neck. He breathed in his scent, letting it fill him, and basked in the feeling of Blaise's arms wrapping around him in return.

"Ron? What's the matter?"

"I was so worried," he mumbled and pulled back to look at Blaise. He was so beautiful. His skin was dark and smooth. His eyes were like melted chocolate, his favorite sweet, his nose was a bit wide but who cared, and his lips were pillow soft. Delicious and he could kiss those lips for the rest of his life. He leaned up and forward and planted his lips right on Blaise's.

Not that Blaise wasn't enjoying the kiss, but Ron's behavior was a bit odd. He had just crashed into him and talked about being worried. Worried about what?

He pulled back and tried to look at Ron but the redhead was leaning forward again and kissing him. "I love you," he whispered against his lips and Blaise's eyes snapped open.


"I love you."

Growling, he tightened his hold on Ron and pulled on his hair to tip his head back so he could kiss the living hell out of Ron. He's wanted to hear those words for some time now but he hadn't expected to hear them until he said them first. But Ron said them first. Now Blaise had a need for Ron. He needed to kiss him, needed to inhale him, he basically needed to devour Ron at the moment.

When air became necessary, Blaise tore his lips from Ron's and immediately went to his neck. He needed to taste his skin, taste his own unique taste. It was sweet like mango but salty at the same time, and he could swear he could taste a hint of vanilla. It was intoxicating and he could live off the taste of Ron till his dying day.

"Blaise," Ron whispered with his head tipped back against the wall. Blaise didn't remember walking until he had Ron against a wall but it wasn't important.

He looked up at Ron and frowned. His brain kicking in to when Ron crashed into him. "Wait, Ron, why were you worried earlier?"

"Harry said Draco was in danger earlier and I worried about you."

Blaise felt warmth fill his whole body that Ron had worried about him, but he was a bit worried about his best friend at the moment. He pressed a kiss to Ron's lips, "Let's go babe."

Ron nodded.

"Oh, and we'll talk about this later." He smiled and gave Ron another kiss before holding his hand and heading the way Ron had been running before.

They came upon a crowd along with teachers behind them. Blaise immediately found their friends and went to them. "Hey," he said to Theo. "What's going on?"

"I'm not sure. I just got here."

He looked through the crowed when the teachers made their way through and saw Harry and Draco. "Harry! Draco!" Pansy yelled and they all made their way through the crowd to get to their friends.

"Are you two okay?" Hermione asked as she looked them over.

They nodded.

"What happened?" Neville asked and Draco answered.

"Colin attacked me but Hagrid got him off me and then Ginny tried to attack me."

Blaise felt Ron stiffen beside him and squeezed his hand. They couldn't do anything for his sister right now so they would have to just see what happened to her.

"I'm just glad you're alright," Pansy said.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy," Dumbledore addressed as he approached. "If you'll follow me to my office please."

Blaise watched his best friend and friend walk away with the teachers and pulled Ron away from the crowd. He knew his friend was safe, now he had to tend to his love. He led him away and to an empty classroom. Ron looked so troubled and lost, Blaise wrapped his arms around him. "I'm here for you babe."

"I know," he sighed into his neck, loosely wrapping his arms around him in return. "I know Blaise."

They stood in silence, just hold each other. Ron leaning on Blaise and Blaise comforting Ron as much as he could. He ran his fingers through the red hair that's distracted him for the past few years. A good kind of distraction, but a distraction none the less. Those freckles, he distinctly remembered trying to count them a few times over the years, mostly during History class since the ghost professor never paid attention enough to realize that one of his students were staring at another student who was fast asleep at his desk and faced towards him.

"What are you thinking about?" Ron asked, cutting into his thoughts.

"You," he whispered, running his hand down his back soothingly. "Your freckles, your hair, they're very distracting." Ron's face turned red as he blushed and Blaise smirked. "Same as your blush."

"Blaise," Ron groaned, hiding his blushing face in his neck, "stop."

"No can do." He started walking over the desk, the feelings from earlier rising as he remembered those three words spilling from Ron's luscious mouth. "I want you," he whispered against his lips, brushing against them.

Ron's breath hitched before he moaned, pressing his lips against his harder and pulling him closer. Blaise willingly pressed against Ron, trapping him between him and the desk. Ron hopped up on the desk and spread his legs, allowing him to step between them and get closer.

"So fucking perfect," he groaned as his hands roamed Ron's body, pulling Ron closer to ground their cocks together. "Ron."

"What Blaise?" Ron grunted in pleasure, yanking at his robe and trying to undress him. "Come on Blaise, off. Take it off."

Adorable pushy bottom.

He reluctantly let go of Ron to open his robes and let Ron do the rest as he put his attention back to Ron. He opened Ron's own robes and his shirt, quickly opening his pants and yanking them down. "Ron." Blaise groaned as Ron's hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him.

"What Blaise?"

"I love you."

Ron froze and looked at him, a beaming smile lighting his face up from the inside and Blaise fell even deeper. Yeah, Ron was his and he wasn't going to let him go. He meshed their lips together, needing the very air Ron breathed to feel complete. Fuck, he needed it. Ron mewled under him, his hand stroking him. Blaise finally tore his mouth from Ron's enough to whisper a lubrication spell on Ron before he kissed his lips again, tongues tangling and caressing.

"In me. Get in me Blaise. Need you. Need you now."

Not one to deny what Ron wanted; he slowly pushed into him, groaning at the tight hot heat surrounding him. "Ron," he groaned, pausing to let Ron adjust and let his head rest again the other's shoulder. When he felt Ron's ass clench around him, he pulled back and pushed back in, grunting and groaning above Ron with the intense pleasure that was shooting through his body. Ron mewled and arched and pulled and cried and it was all so beautiful Blaise locked an arm around Ron's waist while his other hand found Ron's and linked their fingers.

His gut clenched as he continued pushing into Ron, listening and watching and smelling Ron. He could feel his release coming and leaned closer to Ron. "Say it Ron. Say it again."

"I love you. Merlin, I love you."

"I love you too."

And that was all they needed to push them over the edge. Coming together in ecstasy and pleasure washing through their body.

Blaise lied on top of Ron to catch his breath, his fingers absently running over Ron's pale skin soothingly. He didn't know what was going to happen to Ginny or how everything was going to turn out, but he was hopeful.

Besides, he was a Slytherin. And Slytherins didn't let go of what was theirs.

The End.

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