Championship Battle
Wally V/S Steven

Round 1 – Gardevoir V/S Skarmory

"Attention, everyone!" announced the emcee from his booth. "A legendary battle is about to take place here – the championship match between Wally from Verdanturf Town and Steven Stone from Rustburo City! Steven is our current Hoenn league champion, and he specializes in Steel types! Wally is a young challenger who has battled his way through the Elite Four with his specialized team! Now, let the battle begin!"

Wally stood up to his podium, looking out at the battlefield in front of him. He saw Steven standing in his podium across the field and called out, "Good luck, Steven!"

On his side, Steven grinned. 'You too, Wally! You're going to need it!" Steven and Wally had known each other for quite some time – ever since the Magma and Aqua incident. But Steven wasn't going to go easy on an old friend. In fact, he would make this battle all the more difficult.

Wally's friends, Brendan and May, crowded into the stands, eager to watch the battle unfold. "You win this, Wally!" Brendan shouted.

May too was enthusiastic. "Yeah, win this, Wally!" she cried.

Wally waved to his friends. He held out his Poke Ball, thinking of everything he had done, everyone he had met, and every place he had seen to get this far. Of course, he hadn't done the journey alone – he had friends with him. His Pokemon.

The emcee started announcing again. "The rules of this battle are simple – no substitutions! When you send a Pokemon out, you cannot call it back! When the battle ends, the winning Pokemon is returned, and cannot be used again until every other Pokemon has been used! Do you understand the cycle?"

Wally nodded slowly and saw that Steven was shaken his head impatiently. Wally wondered how many times Steven had to hear this speech.

Steven, too, was wondering the same thing. The most recent time had been two days ago, when Pheobe had challenged him. And than, the week before that, it had been Brandon. Both put up good fights, but they were no match for him.

The emcee announced, "Let the battle begin!"

Wally grinned. "Go, Gardevoir!" As Gardevoir elegantly danced down from her Poke Ball, Wally shed a single tear. Gardevoir, as a Ralts, had been his first Pokemon, and now here it was, leading his battle against the Champion.

Steven laughed, and Wally realized just how predictable this choice must've been. "Nice choice, Wally, but one I saw coming! Now for my Pokemon – go, Skarmory!"

"And now, we begin! Gardevoir V/S Skarmory! Let the match begin!" the emcee announced.

"Gardevoir, use Teleport!" Wally called out. Gardevoir disappeared at the command.

Steven nodded. "So starting out offensive? Skarmory, be prepared!'

Gardevoir materialized midair behind Skarmory. "Use Fire Punch, Gardevoir!"

"Skarmory, use Pursuit!"

Skarmory turned around with an amazing speed and knocked into Gardevoir before she could finish the attack. Gardevoir went tumbling down to the ground. "Gardevoir, use Teleport again!" Wally commanded.

As Gardevoir disappeared again, Steven shouted, "Skarmory, use Spikes!" Skarmory complied by shooting a volley of spikes all over the field.

Wally tensed. This could cause trouble for Gardevoir. As Gardevoir rematerialized for a second time, Wally shouted, "Use Light Screen as a step in the air!"

As Gardevoir followed the order, Steven smiled. "Impressive tactic, Wally. But a sad one, because you've left yourself incredibly vulnerable to an attack! Skarmory, use Steel Wing!"

"Double Team!" Wally desperately shouted, but it seemed like it was too late, as Skarmory plowed right into Gardevoir.

And than it went right through Gardevoir. "What?" Steven asked in disbelief.

Wally grinned. "Your Skarmory isn't the only fast Pokemon here! Now, use Fire Punch!" Wally commanded to Gardevoir as it rematerialized.

"NO!" Steven cried, but it was too late; Gardevoir had speed and surprise on its side.

"Oh, and the super-effective Fire Punch collides with Skarmory!" the emcee announced. "As soon as this smoke settles, we'll see how Skarmory is!"

Wally grinned. "Try surviving that, Steven!"

Steven grinned as well. "Now, Close Combat!" he commanded, and to everyone's surprise, Gardevoir came flying out and landed on the spikes.

"NO!" Wally yelled as his beloved Gardevoir took damage.

Steven grinned. "Did you really think that a single Fire Punch would be able to defeat a Pokemon of the Champion?"

Back on the stands, Brendan and May were both shocked. "What? That Fire Punch was super-effective! And it was a direct hit!" Brendan exclaimed.

Someone behind him nodded. "That's right, boy. But Steven is no ordinary trainer, and his Pokemon aren't ordinary either. It'll take a lot more than just Fire Punch to defeat Skarmory."

Brendan and May both turned around in surprise to see the head of the Elite four, Drake, a master of dragon-types. May stood up. "Drake, what are you doing here?"

Drake laughed. "Like I would miss a battle between our friends?"

Meanwhile, back on the field, things weren't looking good as Steven cried, "Skarmory, use Hyper Beam!"

Gardevoir still hadn't risen from Close Combat. "Gardevoir, GET UP!" Wally cried desperately – but was it too late for his beloved Gardevoir?

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