Championship Battle
Wally V/S Steven
Round 3 – Delcatty V/S Armaldo, Part 2

"DELCATTY!" Wally cried.

"ARMALDO!" Steven cried.

As the mist and fog receded, Wally and Steven both saw Delcatty standing tall, and Armaldo collapsed on the ground.

"YES!" cried Wally as a huge cheer rang out across the stadium.

The referee examined Armaldo. "Delcatty wins! Armaldo is unable to – huh?"

"Yeah, Armaldo!" Steven yelled.

In the stands, Brendan turned to Drake. "How is that even possible? My Armaldo could never survive a close-range Water Pulse as powerful as that!"

Drake shrugged. "Well, besides Armaldo being a Pokémon of the Champion, I'd wager that Steven had some secret strategy."

Back on the field, Wally was in as much disbelief as Brendan was. "Steven, how'd Armaldo survive that?"

Steven grinned. "Armaldo used Harden just in time! Isn't that right, Armaldo?"

"This is an amazing round, everyone! Surprises around every corner!" the emcee announced.

Wally grinned. "Well, time for a new strategy! Delcatty, use Sing!"

Delcatty's mouth opened and out came a heavenly sound.

"Attention, folks! Underneath your seats you will find sing plugs! Please use them now!" the emcee called.

As May put her plugs in, she asked Pheobe, "This looks bad for Armaldo, right?"

"WHAT?" Pheobe called, unable to hear her due to the plugs.

Armaldo then fell to the ground, fast asleep.

"Great job, Delcatty!" Wally announced. "Now, use another Water Pulse!"

Steven chuckled. "Armaldo, use Sleep Talk!"

Wally tensed. "Sleep Talk?"

Steven nodded. "Sleep Talk lets Armaldo use a move even when asleep!"

"NO! Delcatty, use Water Pulse NOW!" Wally yelled in despair.

But it was too late. "Yes! Go, Armaldo!" Steven commanded. Although it was still asleep, Armaldo's claws glowed – it was using Cut!

"Hurry, Delcatty!" Wally shouted desperately. But they didn't stand a chance. The still-sleeping Armaldo lifted its claws and slashed Delcatty, sending it flying back into a wall where it slumped, unconscious.

"Delcatty is unable to battle! Armaldo is the winner!" The referee announced.

"Return, Delcatty!" Wally called. Looking at his Poké Ball, he said, "You had a great run."

Steven similarly recalled Armaldo. He called over to Wally, "Looks like the score is 2-1, Wally! And I'm in the lead! That's what you get for going against the Champion!"

Wally raised his next Poké Ball. "Well, I'm not prepared to go down yet!"

And then he called out his next Pokémon.