"Konan." The blue haired girl looked up as I sorta sheepishly walked into the room.

She gave me a smile. "Sasori what's up?"

After we'd all gotten our little revenge and became some of the most wanted criminals in the country we'd gone into hiding in some sort of forest, actually to be a little more specific we're in a cave in the forest, but no more details then that because we really don't want to be found. It had taken days of work to make our cave almost into a home. We had to make tunnels, gather stuff, sneak into nearby towns and steal stuff.

That job was usually reserved for Konan, Itachi, and I since we were the most inconspicuous other than the fact Itachi had to hold onto me for dear life.

However we now had a huge underground tunnel system that we called out home. We didn't have electrivity so we stole flashlights and candles and running water was a leisure we really couldn't have so we had to get our water from a nearby river. We boiled it first of course, well most of the time. Anyways I'm getting off topic which is funny because I hate it when people do the exact same thing to me.

Once I had gotten Konan's attention I pulled off my shirt. She looked at me with confused, widened eyes.

"Sasori you know I'm with Nagato right?"

Oh and Nagato had finally told Konan he loved her! It took them long enough right?

"Yes." I hissed somewhat annoyed at her assumption. "But look." I put my hands on my stomach.

"You've gained a few pounds?" Konan asked. "Look if you want weight loss tips I'm not really the person to ask."

"It's not that!" I hissed and with that took her hand and placed it on my stomach. Her eyes literally shot open and her hand gentle touched my stomach.

What she had called fat was a hardened bump that I'd noticed protruding a few weeks ago. It was huge and I had no clue what the fuck it was and since Konan seemed to be one of the smartest people here maybe she'd know.

"Oh my god." she whispered as she placed her other hand on the bump. I let out a slight giggle as her fingers tickled me.

"So you don't think its cancerous or anything like that do you?"

"No it's nothing like that." I sighed in relief, I thought it was some big ass tumor.

"So it really is just fat?" She looked at me nervously. "What?" I asked in slight confusion.

She blinked at me and her frown turned into somewhat of a smile. "I think, I think you're pregnant Sasori."

At that moment my world went black and I fainted.