Draco awoke to Harry's soft breathing. He opened his eyes to darkness. His heart thumped painfully as he reached over to the side of his bed and picked up his wand. He flicked the lights on, his pulse returning to normal the second he could see. He gripped the wand in his hand. He was going to keep it with him at all times. Harry stirred as the light filtered through his closed lids. "Hmm?" he asked, throwing his arm over Draco and pulling him close. Draco pressed his forehead to Harry's, staring at the peaceful expression.

"I thought you were dead," Draco whispered hoarsely.

Harry looked at Draco. "You thought I was dead?"

Draco felt fresh tears threatening to burst out of him. He reined it in. "They said you were dead. That it was painful. I didn't think you would save me."

"It's quite hard to get rid of me," Harry said, smiling. "I'm okay now. I was following a lead and things got messy. I was in a coma. Not dying. Besides," he brushed away Draco's tears, "I promised your father I'd take care of you, didn't I?"

"You did."

"You have no idea the shit storm going on out there," Harry murmured. "I've been suspended."

Draco frowned, sadness forgotten. "Pardon?" he asked.

"For not providing full disclosure about Blaise's relationship with me. Robards got me suspended. He called me a disgrace to his department and a few other choice words. Here's the kicker. He decides to do it in front of the entire Auror team. How much lower can that man stoop to? But I guess I deserved some of what he dished out."

"You don't deserve any of what he dished out," Draco said tiredly. "You saved my life. You deserve a fucking medal… I didn't think you were going to tell them about Blaise."

Harry gave him a weak smile. "I didn't. It just spilled out when I saw you like that. I had a breakdown, embarrassingly enough."

"You're suspended."

"Pending internal investigation."

"And after the investigation?"

"Who knows? I don't care anymore. It's over," Harry sighed. "Let's worry about more critical situations, okay? Where are you taking me on our first date?"

Draco laughed humorlessly. "You don't have to, Harry. I know you just–"

"Just help me get my mind off of things. A pub would be good."


"Yeah," Harry nodded.

"How's Astoria? And Carter and–"

"Stable. All of them are doing well," Harry reassured. "Just shaken up. They put up quite a fight. Your house is a mess. I'm not exaggerating."

"My house… I was in your house, wasn't I? Where are you living right now?"

"Ron's," Harry informed. "I… I don't think I want to go back."

"Stay with me?"

Harry chuckled. "Your personal Auror bodyguard?" he asked.

"For my peace of mind. Not as my bodyguard. Just as a roommate. How is that?"

"It's just a ruse for you to get into my pants, isn't it?"

Draco breathed deeply, taking in Harry. "You know me too well, Potter…"

"I can't," Harry said, brushing down Draco's ruffled hair. "You're the principle witness. I don't want to botch the case we have against these two." Draco's heart sank. He didn't want to let go of Harry. He wrapped his leg against Harry's and shifted closer, fright taking away his voice. Harry smiled and whispered, "Like I said, if you need me as a personal Auror bodyguard…" Draco blinked, his sinking heart floating back up. "I'd be more than willing to help out," Harry finished.

"Thank you," Draco cried with relief.

"Gosh, you're crying a lot, aren't you?"

"Shut up, Potter," Draco said, sounding less forceful than he had intended. "I haven't cried in years. I think this is a good time to start."

"I should be one to talk. I couldn't stop for a day," Harry confessed.

Draco hiccupped, trying to stop his heaves. "If I said I love you, you won't leave, will you?" he asked.

Harry stilled, frowning. He looked down at Draco. "I'm sorry?"

"I just need to say it to someone."

"I– I won't leave," Harry stammered.

"I love you."

Harry nodded and Draco's gasps grew stronger. "It's okay, Draco."

"I love you... I love you. I love you. I was so sc– scared. I thought you– and he told me you– he kept talking to me and I– I was so scared. I love you. I just need to say it... I want someone to care. I want someone to know that– that I love you. He kept talking. I felt so scared. I wish Mother were alive. I want to tell her I love her too. I have so much to tell her. I love you. They k– killed Blaise. My own uncles did this. Why? I t– tried to fight. I tried so hard. I wanted to die. And they wouldn't let me. And it h– hurt so much. I love you. And I –"

"Draco," Harry murmured. "Listen to me." Draco stopped rambling, words caught in his throat. He felt Harry's hand pressed against his heart from over his hospital gown. "You're alive. Don't you see? You're alive. And nothing like this is ever going to happen. Understand? And don't say it all at once. We have fifty years... Four hundred for you."

"I love you."

"Do you really?"

Draco chuckled shakily. "Not really," he breathed, calming down. "I just needed to say it."

"I love you too."

"Do you really?" Draco asked, closing his eyes.

"I just needed to say it," Harry whispered. "And now you can tell all your friends that–"

"Harry damned Potter said he loves me."

"One for the books."

Draco looked up at Harry. "How about that kiss?" he asked.

"What, you want another one?" Harry asked, affronted.

"I don't really remember the first one."

"You're such a boor," Harry chuckled.

Draco sighed with a smile, hiding it against Harry's chest. "I could easily fall in love with you, though. Is that alright, Potter?"

"Something I'll just have to live with."

Harry was reading his book as he absently stirred the hot chocolate in the pan. The front door opened. "I'm in here," he shouted out, putting the book down to add cinnamon.

"Turned into a real housewife, have you?"

Harry whipped around at this, staring at Katie incredulously. Anthony and Aldric were right behind. "Um… What're you guys doing here?" he asked, laughing.

"Ooh, hot chocolate? One cup for me, please," she said, peering at the drink.

"No… This is for me," Harry said, putting himself between the hungry eyes and steaming milk.

"We thought you might be getting bored," Anthony said, sitting on the barstool. "What's up?"

Harry shrugged, pouring the hot chocolate into a mug and handing it to Katie. "Not much. A bit of this and that," he said.

"Malfoy. 'Ow is 'e?" Aldric asked.

"He's great. He'll be back home in a couple of days, once everything is straightened out."

"So…" Aldric murmured. "You two are…"

"Friends. We are friends," Harry said firmly, glaring at his smirk. "Also, where's Ron? And how on Earth did you get in?"

"Meh," Anthony said, waving his hand vaguely.

"You broke in? Hermione's going to be pissed," Harry chuckled.

"Hardly breaking in if we used the door, right?"

"Hopeless," Harry muttered.

"No more secrets," Katie said sternly, licking the chocolate off her lips.

"Yeah, yeah. No more secrets," Harry said, rolling his eyes.

"So, sucks that you weren't at work today," Anthony said, swiping at an invisible speck of dirt on the counter.

"Why?" Harry asked, flicking his wand to start more cups of hot chocolate. "Robards yelled at you guys some more?" he snickered, pouring in the milk.

"Robards resigned," Katie said.

Harry spilled the milk over the counter. "Shit," he swore, waving his wand over the puddle while trying to figure out what Katie had said. "He what? Why?" He turned to his team in bewilderment. All he got were similar devilish smiles. "Um… What did you guys do?" he asked in trepidation.

"Oh, we might have lodged a complaint with the Minister," Anthony said nonchalantly.

"And ve might 'ave gone to ze papers," Aldric mumbled, checking his nails.

"And we might have put in a recommendation," Katie finished, smacking her lips. "Great hot chocolate."

"What did you do?" Harry breathed in horror.

Anthony dug into his pocket and pulled out a badge. "Guess we have a new Head Auror now," he said, flicking the golden pin at Harry, who fumbled to catch it.

"M– me?" Harry squeaked, looking at the badge in awe.

"Couldn't think of anyone better," Katie laughed.

"I'm suspended," Harry said weakly.

"Not anymore," Aldric grinned.

Harry shook out of his reverie, blinking. "This is a joke, right?" he asked uncertainly. "A really well planned joke."

Katie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, one that the Minister's in on. Because we're that good," she said sardonically.

"Whoa," Harry said breathlessly, staggering towards the barstool and sitting down. "I'm– I'm Head Auror? I'm only twenty-six… I'm too young! I have, like, no experience, you guys! Why not one of the –"

"Oi, stop arguing with us! We pulled a lot of strings," Anthony snapped.

"I'll be a crap boss," Harry said helplessly.

"Good. We'd rather have a crap boss than the devil."

Harry stared at the badge. "Head Auror…"

"Yes. Take in all the glory," Katie said, laughing.

"Wow," Harry chuckled. He looked up at his team. "WOW!" he shouted, pulling Katie into a hug. "Thank you!" He let go of her and turned to Anthony. "Thank you so much!" He laughed near hysterics, ending with a long hug with Aldric. "Wow…"

Draco looked up from his parchment when the door opened. Harry poked his head in, looking quite pleased with himself. "What?" Draco asked, a smile growing on him when he caught Harry's excitement.

"I," Harry announced, walking in with his chest puffed out, "am now the Head Auror of the Ministry of Magic."

Draco's eyes widened. "What?" he exclaimed.

"I know!" Harry said giddily.

"Oh my gosh!" Draco gasped as Harry showed off his new badge. He got out of bed and snatched the golden emblem from Harry's hand. "Congratulations!" he laughed, hugging Harry. "From suspension to promotion? Impressive!" he said, letting go and holding the badge to the sun. "I love a person in authority," he added, winking at Harry. Harry kissed Draco lovingly, pressing his hands against the pale cheeks to keep steady. Draco pushed him away, sputtering. "Wh– what? Potter!" he admonished.

"Oh, come on!" Harry said excitedly.

"Come on what?" Draco scowled. Harry wiggled his brows suggestively, causing Draco to balk.

"You'll remember that kiss, won't you?" Harry asked.

"Oh, for… Fine." Draco looped his arms around Harry and kissed him senseless. They fought for dominance, bruising lips and clashing teeth. Harry's hands trailed down to Draco's hips. Draco bent Harry back with enthusiasm, moaning at the feel of Harry against him. It was marvelous. When they pulled apart, Harry was panting with his head against Draco's chest. "When I flirted with you, I wasn't expecting you to reciprocate. You don't have to do this. You know I'm not Blaise, right?" Draco asked quietly.

"I know."

"No, you don't understand. I'm not like him at all. We're practically polar opposites."

"I know."

"So, why…"

"I'm not exactly sure," Harry murmured. "Maybe I… I want to let him be?"


"Maybe two years is enough. Maybe I should let go now. With you."


"If he were here, he would give me a bloody nose before giving me his blessing…"


"Is that all you have to say?" Harry asked lightly.


Harry chuckled, bunching Draco's shirt in his hands. "I love Blaise. And I see what Blaise saw in you. I'm willing to give it a go. We've been through so much. It's only expected, right? I have a feeling we won't have any troubles with the… physical relationship. The other stuff, we'll work on together."

"You want to bone me, Potter?"

"Mmm…" Harry murmured. "I'd love to bone you, Malfoy."

"Okay, now I know something's wrong with you," Draco said, untangling himself from Harry. "You're just… frustrated because you haven't had any for two years. So you're planning on doing it with the first person you see. It's quite obvious," he said sensibly.

"Yes, I'm frustrated." Harry breathed an irritable sigh. "I'm frustrated with the whole damned thing. And I'm frustrated of feeling frustrated."

"So you want a backwards relationship? Sex first, talk later?"

"Yes. It worked with Blaise, didn't it?"

Draco smiled faintly, tugging Harry forward and kissing him softly. "It worked with Blaise. But I'm not Blaise. It doesn't work with me, Harry…"

"It's what you do with all women," Harry argued. "Speaking of which, aren't you straight?"

"I can make exceptions. Besides, you aren't like the others. You're Harry bloody Potter."

"And Harry bloody Potter wants to get in bed with you. What do you do?"

"Is there a punch line that I'm missing?" Draco asked, nuzzling Harry's neck.

"The part where you invite him in."

"You aren't making this easy," Draco chuckled. "Drinks first, other stuff later, okay?"

Harry stepped back in defeat, glaring at Draco. "Fine," he groused.

Martin opened the door grumpily, rubbing his eyes to keep the sleep away. He was enveloped in a jovial hug, which caused him to jolt awake. He pushed away from the embrace. Harry was grinning from ear to ear. "Um…"

"We caught them!"

"I'm sorry?"

"The killers. We caught them! You were right! There were two! Thank you so much," Harry said, hugging Martin again.

Martin was in shock. This was the most Harry had said. And Harry had never grinned at him before. "Are you alright?" the man asked, eyeing Harry suspiciously.

"I've never been better," Harry exclaimed honestly. "So, I just came by to tell you that my department's put in a good word for you. Thanks for cooperating so well."

"Er… you're welcome?"

"Am I coming off as a bit loony?" Harry asked, biting his lip out of habit.

"Yes. Very much so," Martin said quickly, nodding.

Harry smiled warily. "You were right. I didn't give you the whole picture," he said.

"And what is the whole picture?"

"The fourth victim was a very good friend."

Martin looked horrified. "What?" he gasped.

"I was the one that fainted. Remember?"

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!"

"No, don't be. I got caught up in the investigation. I should the be the one apologizing, right?" Harry said, waving off Martin's condolences. "It's over now. And I look forward to working with you in the future."

"This is the cheeriest I've seen you," Martin muttered.

"I was made head of my department," Harry said, winking. "That's cause for celebration, right?"

"You look… happy," Draco said, titling his head at Harry. They were at dinner, munching on their breadsticks while waiting for the entrees to arrive.

"Yeah?" Harry asked.


Harry smiled. "I guess… I finally feel happy. Nothing's left unfinished. Nothing to worry about."

"I'm glad."

"Why were you going to go meet your father that day?"

Draco blushed at the question, not expecting it. "Oh… um… I– we left it off on bad terms. I– I wanted to apologize," he mumbled.

"Did you?"


"Did you want to?"

Draco looked up at Harry. "I just– I can't bear to look at him. He ruined me. I was just a child and he didn't waste time destroying me. It just– it makes me so angry," he said.

"But he's your father."

"But he's my father."

"And you love him."

"And I love him."

Harry nodded. "I'll arrange another meeting."

"Thank you…"

The food arrived, looking delicious. The men tucked into the dinner heartily, too busy eating to bother talking. Neither minded. After all that had happened, they enjoyed the quiet time. Harry's wandering foot caught Draco's. Draco looked up questioningly. Harry didn't acknowledge the gaze, keeping his eyes on his vegetables as he speared them. His shoe hooked around Draco's ankle. Draco smiled to himself, returning to his plate. Harry's foot slid under Draco's pant leg. Draco cleared his throat, pulling his leg away. "Not like Blaise," Harry murmured, flicking his eyes at Draco. Draco gave him a sickly sweet smile before dropping it to glare him into obedience. Harry chuckled, seceding and shifting his foot back to his side of the table.

"Oh crap!" Draco muttered in horror, his fork clattering to the plate. "Astoria…"

Harry snickered, trying to keep a straight face. "Mhm."

"I'm still dating her!"


"I should break up!"


"Ugh," Draco grunted in disgust. "This is such a mess."

Harry grinned, shaking his head. "How about we call this a dinner instead of a date? Will that make you feel better?"

"I still need to break up with her."

"You don't need to do anything."

Draco frowned at Harry. "Oh?" he asked. "You want me to date both of you?"

"You don't have to date me," Harry said, shrugging. Draco looked utterly lost. "Just a couple favors in bed and s–" Harry was met with a kick in the shin. He kicked Draco's leg away, snorting in amusement. "I'm serious though. If you want to, I don't mind you dating her. This is just– something to get my mind off of things. It's fun."

"Do you enjoy befuddling me, Potter? Because at this moment I can't think straight."

"Look," Harry said, putting his cutlery down so he could speak without distractions. "Whatever this is, it's a first for me. I don't remember ever being this callous. So I don't mind if you wanted to stop before it got anywhere. I know you really like her. And she likes you."

"I like you too."

Harry smiled. "Hmm…"

"I'd rather like you than her."


"You're Harry damned Potter, remember?"

Harry pushed through the door, a stack of files balanced precariously in one hand and a half-eaten muffin in the other. "Morning," he greeted his team.

"Hey! You're back!" Anthony noted.

"They found Gertrude Botham," he said, his mouth full and spraying crumbs as he made his way to his desk. "She was hiding in Plymouth." He dropped the files on the table, causing them to slide. "She's confessing as we-" He blinked at his desk. "Um… where's my stuff?" he asked, turning around and swallowing his mouthful.

Katie was looking about ready to burst into maniacal laughter. "You have your own office now, remember?" Ron asked, searching Harry's face for signs of crazy.

Harry blushed. "Oh…"

"Yeah. Oh…" Aldric said with a grin.

"Right," Harry muttered, staring at the scattered files on his clean desk. "Well, I brought all this here, so… might as well work here for today, right?"

"You're the boss," Katie laughed.

Draco opened the door to find Harry beaming at him. "Got them life without parole."

"They're already convicted?" Draco exclaimed incredulously.

"Yup! They'll never see the light of day. Isolation cells. It's done, Draco. It's all done!"

Draco scooped Harry up in his arms and kissed him hungrily. Harry folded his arms against Draco, his feet off the ground. Draco chuckled, pulling Harry in and kicking the door shut. Harry wrapped his legs around Draco's waist, causing the latter to stagger back. They collided with the wall, Draco leaning against it heavily to keep from falling. Harry looped his tongue around Draco's, sliding. Draco moaned, light-headed. He dropped to the floor, using his arms to lower them both. Harry sighed, settled on Draco's lap. Draco brought his knees up, trapping Harry between his chest and his thighs. They couldn't contain their hands. Harry's found Draco's buttons while Draco's found Harry's belt.


The men broke apart with a sharp intake of breath, blinking at each other. "Fuck," they swore in unison, untangling from each other and scrambling away, still on the floor. Carter was looking at them disapprovingly. "S- sorry," Harry panted, wiping his mouth and getting up unsteadily. "I- I should… um- go." He couldn't bear to look at Carter as he turned around.

"W- wait," Draco stammered, nearly falling in his hurry to get up. He caught Harry's arm and spun him around. "Carter, go away."

"Hmm…" Carter mumbled, walking away without complaint.

"Don't leave," Draco breathed, kissing Harry shyly.

Harry's eyes were closed even as Draco pulled back. "No?"

"No. Don't."

Harry opened his eyes, deep green. "Okay, I won't…"

"I might be sort of… kind of dating Draco Malfoy," Harry said, flicking his eyes at Ron fervently. "Is that… weird?" By the way Ron's face fell, Harry realized what the answer was. "Okay. Very weird."

The moment the guard left, Lucius hugged Draco close. "I am so sorry," the older Malfoy said tiredly. "I know it is asking a lot from you to forgive me. So I just… I will just ask you not to hate me," he murmured. Harry moved away, letting the two talk it out. Draco had insisted that he come in as well.

Draco closed his eyes. "I never said I hated you, Father," he whispered.

Lucius felt his breath choking him. He let it out shakily. "I love you, Draco. And I am so sorry for everything."

"I love you too…"

It was the first time in years that the two had said as much to each other. Draco held his father calmly. Lucius looked over Draco shoulder to Harry. "Thank you, Harry," he said. Harry nodded in response.

Harry yawned, slipping his knee between Draco's legs. "I'm so tired," he murmured, his eyes closed. Draco held him close, a hand pressed against his back and the other brushing the jet-black hair.

"You can sleep here, if you want," Draco said.

"Then I won't wake up on time, will I?" Harry chuckled, bunching Draco's shirt in his hands as they hugged tightly. Then Harry moved away, rolling out of bed. "I'll see you tomorrow," he said, smoothing his clothes and pushing on his shoes.

"Hmm…" Draco mumbled, smiling.

Harry leaned forward and kissed Draco. "Goodnight."


Harry flicked his eyes up at Draco timidly and said, "I love you."

Draco grinned, falling onto the pillows. "Finally!" he sighed, pulling Harry forward. "You're not leaving tonight."

Harry laughed, kicking his shoes off as Draco worked on his buttons. "Is that all it takes to sleep with you?" he asked.

Draco nodded, kissing Harry lovingly. "That's all it takes. I love you too, Harry."

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