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A Super Glee Bowl - Chapter Two.

"Right guys, listen up." Will called merrily to the group of hormonal teenagers, all of which were feeling a little dismal at this present moment in time. "Today we have two very special guests coming in to watch your performances." he announced, looking over the unmoved expressions of his students. All eyes turned to fixate on the door as Holly Holliday bounced through excitedly, lighting up the room with her peppy charm.

"Hola Clase!" She chimed, moving to high five a few of the kids as she passed. "Righteous, dudes!" The substitute beamed, doing a quick secret hand shake with one, Noah Puckerman, who winked in her direction. The group erupted with cheers and smiles, glad to see their favourite sub again. Will showed the blonde to the judging table, offering a seat as all eyes glaring at the door once more for the final guest.

Once all the noise had calmed down, Emma timidly entered the choir room, smiling sweetly as she usual did. "Hello, Mrs Howell." Rachel said politely, her eyebrows furrowing. The councellor nodded, sitting in silence at the table. The kids obviously preferred Holly. Why wouldn't they? Everything went quiet.

"Alrighhht!" Will said enthusiastically. "Before we start, I have some amazing news." he added happily, holding his hands up for empathy. When all eyes were on him and after a slight dramatic pause, he continued. "New Directions are going to be performing next week LIVE on the Superbowl!" The room exploded with yet more excitement, screams, giggles. Hugs were passed generously around the group as they all processed the wonderful news.

Emma stood quietly, watching the scene as the kids moved to cuddle one blonde substitute and curly headed Spanish teacher. The guidance counsellor's head turned in Will's direction to see him staring at Holly with adoring eyes, complete with the smile he'd once given her.

As everyone celebrated, Emma continued to remain silent, staring at her pink Mary Jane's and glancing up when she dared. She shouldn't feel like this, she was married. But, something inside of her ignored this fact and as Will placed a hand on the small of Holly's back, anger and some other unknown feeling began to well up inside of her and she found herself, without thinking, yelling out.

"Hey!" she screamed above the noise uncharacteristically, catching eye contact with Holly. Everyone went silent and stared. She could feel her face begin to tingle a rosy red as she clenched her fists, her eyes twinkling with un-shed tears. Will's eyes were questioning, trying to meet her gaze and failing as she was looking in the opposite direction. Without another word, Emma ran out the room in floods of displeasure.

The Spanish teacher watched her run away, his heart dropping into his stomach as he went to follow after her. But, a small hand stopped him, reassuring eyes persuading him to stay put.

"Mr Schuester, let me and the girls go speak to her?" Quinn mumbled gently, her eyes begging in a way that couldn't be denied. Maybe the girls would be able to handle Emma's situation, whatever it may be, better than he would be able to. So, after a moments thought he agreed and let the girls excuse themselves.

"Right guys, from the top!" He clapped, faking a smile to the remaining boys, giving the door a few quick looks before looking at Holly's confused expression. What had gotten into Emma?

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