Author's note

Hey, my first time in AGES posting anything (at least on my account, anyway- I've been coauthoring some stuff with GamineMadcap that's getting posted on her account) and now, it's an all-new fandom! Now it's The Sorcerer's Apprentice and I got drawn into the Balthy 100, a challenge of 100 prompts for SA! I'll be toying with a variety of characters and wandering a bit into personal fanfic canon, but I'm gonna try and get this done!

First up is Prompt #1: Arcana Cabana

#1: Arcana Cabana

Balthazar Blake collapsed to his knees as the last glittering motes of dust were sucked into the Grimhold. The nesting doll grew hot in his hands, and an image appeared on its smooth black surface- a scowling man with a short beard and heavy eyebrows, a cane topped with a gleaming blue gem clutched in one hand.

It was over.

Maxim Horvath had finally been captured.

Balthazar looked up, half hoping to see the faerie woman who'd warned him about Horvath's impending attack. There was no sign of her, however, none that he could detect with either his eyes or his magical senses. A pity, that. He would have liked to have been able to thank her. He didn't know why Robin Goodfellow herself had come to warn him, but he was grateful. Moreover, he knew that he owed her a debt. Had Horvath managed to catch him unawares, he would have been in serious trouble. Goodfellow's warning had probably saved his life, and a debt to a faerie was always better paid off sooner rather than later.

Well, since he had no way to get hold of Goodfellow, he would just have to wait on that count. In the meantime, there was his shop to consider.

The sorcerer surveyed his shop, wincing at the mess. He and Horvath had managed to damage or destroy nearly half the items on display out here, and he was only thankful that the few with real power to them had not been among the casualties. That Han vase would have caused a rather awkward incident had it been opened...

Balthazar sighed and set the Grimhold on the counter, Horvath's glaring, painted face staring at him with furious dark eyes. On the whole, he almost preferred having to stare at Sun Loc's image. The Chinese Morganian hadn't betrayed him and his love, after all.

Turning towards the front of the store, the sorcerer saw that the front window of his shop had been shattered in the fight. Shards of glass were scattered over the floor, glinting in the gaslight like frozen flames themselves.

That, at least, wasn't as much of a problem as it could have posed. He'd been meaning to replace that front window anyway, and have his shop's name painted on the front. He could fix that now.

He picked his way through the clutter until he could stand in front of the broken window, and raised one hand. The emerald-green jewel in his ring began to glow with a soft green light, like sunbeams filtering through new spring leaves. Around him, the glass fragments began to stir, rising into the air as if they'd been picked up by an invisible cyclone. They spun around for a moment, each shard glowing green around the edges, then as one they flew to the window frame and began to reassemble themselves into a single flat pane of glass.

There was a difference between this window and the old one, however. The old window had been dusty, scratched, and plain. This one gleamed like new crystal, and two words were emblazoned across it in gold and green letters.

Arcana Cabana.