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Chapter 1: Seeing a long lost friend

It has been two years since Harry left. The only ones he had kept on communicating with were Remus and Sirius, but he never told them where he was or what he was doing exactly. Just a general idea with the assurance that he was completely safe.

In his last letter, dating one and a half month back, he wrote that he would come home today. Everyone had gathered at the Headquarters for the occasion.

Sirius was still kept under lock and key in the house, since he was not free yet. Though the lock and key was figuratively speaking in that sense at the moment it could be taken quite literally.

The clock had just struck eleven in the morning when the last person came in. Gathered in Grimmauld's kitchen were: the Weasley's, Moody, Snape, McGonagall, Dumbledore, Tonks and Hermione.

Upstairs you could find Remus and Sirius in Sirius's room. Though Harry would be coming home today , no one was looking particularly cheerful at the moment. They all dreaded to tell him that his godfather had finally gone completely mad.

They knew Harry loved Sirius to dead and would not react well to this news, Sirius would react badly to anyone who came near him, apart from Remus; now the two spend all their time together.

Molly was was telling everyone how stupid and irresponsible it was of Harry to just up and leave like that, while giving no one any information on what he was doing. Unbeknownst to her, Remus and Sirius were almost completely up to date when it came to what Harry had been doing.

Upstairs with Remus and Sirius

The two Marauders were seated on Sirius's bed. Sirius was looking at Remus with worry in his eyes and in his heart.

'Moony has changed a lot in the last half year' he thought to himself. For where once stood a confident, calm man, you now saw a curled up form that trembled in fear. Even in sleep the shaking that he had would not cease, Moony was frightened now, of the world and almost everyone in it.

To spare Remus, Sirius had pretended to finally go mad and only tolerated Remus by his side, to care for him. It was not the best solution but at the time there was nothing else to be done.

Today was worse than any day Sirius had seen before, but still he decided to address Remus in the hope to reach him.

"Moony, Harry is coming home today and he will want to see you. Are you up for it?" A very faint nod of the head was the only answer he received.

Slowly Sirius crawled forward and pulled Remus in his embrace. "It will be alright you know. Harry is smart, he will understand. There is no need to fear him." He murmured to the shaking werewolf.

At those words Remus relaxed a little and whispered "I know Padfoot, I know. But I cannot help but be frightened. He is an alpha, will he come after me as well? I would not be able to handle that, Pads." On that note they both sat in silence, waiting for Harry to come home.

Outside Grimmauld Place with Harry

I was standing outside of Grimmauld Place, watching it squeeze itself in-between the other houses, it was still a weird sight. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever manage to take the existence of magic for granted. Two years is how long I've been away, at least to them. For myself it has been so much longer, nine years to be exact. I left at fifteen, having just finished my fifth year, now I return at twenty-four.

Much about me has changed. For instane my hair is longer, I no longer need glasses and now stand at an impressive height of six foot four. Nearly a head taller than Moony or Pads. Merlin… I have missed those two and I worry, for I just know that there is something wrong.

Sirius told me as much in his last letter, but he gave me no details. He did tell me not to believe what the rest of the order would tell me about him, that they are wrong. I worry and wonder what it is about. But I have to be patient till I can go up and see them, he promised to tell me what was going on when we were face to face.

I shake my head to dispel these thoughts. I will know soon enough soon enough what is going on. I walked up the stairs and rapped my knuckles on the door, slowly it opens while no one is there. Hmmm… maybe a new brand security spells? Who cares, it is only me after all.

Silently I walk on to the kitchen, all the while bombarded with thoughts and memories of my godfather and the first time I entered this house. I am now close enough to hear muffled voices coming from the kitchen, just loud enough to recognize, Mrs. Weasley is one of them.

"… just wait… home….. three hour lecture… irresponsible… could have been killed!" At least I now know what is waiting for me, time to face the music! On that note I entered the kitchen. They all looked up and their jaws dropped, even Snape's!

I'm brilliant, I wish that I had my camera so I could take a picture and then spread it under the Hogwarts students... or at least to show Rem and Siri.

"Hello, everyone, it is good to be back. I missed you all." Though probably not Snape, though there's no reason to tell him that.

Dumbledore, McGonagall, Moody and Snape were the first to recover from their shock and to close their mouths. In response to my words I received a smile from Professor McGonagall, the twinkle in Dumbles eyes went up a notch, Snape's sneer and scowl were as pleasant as ever and Moody inclined his head in greeting.

'Well that could have gone worse' I thought to myself. Next thing I know, I'm being hugged to death by Ginny, Hermione and Mrs. Weasley.

'Guess they missed me to' "Can't breathe" I choke out, reluctantly they let me go. Mr. Weasley smiles at me as well as Bill and Charlie.

Then Ron and the twins step forward and hug me.

"Good to see you mate" He says.

"Yeah, good to see you as well," I say to him. "By the way, how's the joke shop coming along?" I ask the twins

"Brilliantly" Fred and George shout at the same time, then they stop short "Hey, how do you know?"

"Guys, I was there for the whole 5th year, remember?" I remind them.

"oh yeah, sorry" "we forgot" finished George for Fred. I had to smile at that. Seems like much is still the same here. I then turned to Tonks, who was still suffering from a slightly lose jaw.

"Wotcher, Tonks" I say with a small smile.

"Hey, Harry." She came over and hugged me, when she pulled away I could have sworn I heard her mumble "sex on legs." That had me inwardly snorting. Unfortunately for her I don't swing that way, yup I'm gay through and through. Happy about it as well.

An awkward silence fell that no one seemed to want to break. Since I'm not a Gryffindor for nothing I decided to take the bull by the horns and ask

"Where are Remus and Sirius? Last I heard they are still living here in the house, since Sirius isn't freed yet." A lot of uncomfortable and pained looks were shared, sigh. Hermione opened her mouth as if to answer "…" but nothing came out. Almost all of them look helplessly at Dumbledore, well here we go, let's find out what those two are up to now.

Still silence, broken by me again "Okay, what is going on here?" I demanded. Dumbledore's face seemed to age.

"Well, you see Harry, around a month ago something went very wrong. We still do not know what, but… Sirius… he went mad… lost his mind. He only let's Remus care for him, he is unresponsive to everyone else." Grief colored his tone.

I was perplexed, so that is what Sirius meant in his letter. I expected a lot but not this. There is something wrong but not what Dumbledore just told me. Somehow I get the feeling that it is the other way round, that it is with Remus were something went wrong, not with Sirius.

Those feelings are usually correct, so I turn around to hide the small tear leaking down my cheek.

When I turn back I ask "Where are they?" though I already know that they are holed up in Sirius his room.

"Upstairs" this comes from Mr. Weasley "They are in Sirius's room, it is one of his worse days." He gently supplies without it being asked. I turn around and walk back to the door while turning my head over my shoulder:

"I'm going up, when I get back feel free to lecture me and I'll explain what I have been doing." With that said, the door falls closed behind me and I make my way to Sirius's room.

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