This is an authors note people!

I am so sorry and really am disgusted with myself for not having updated for so long, as well as for actually posting this note. I know I always detest them, but unfortunately it is not to be helped.

Lately I have been receiving a lot of questions and urgings to hurry up and update. Unfortunately my time is not my own. I'm going crazy with the amount of work that is required from me at the moment, also my grandmother is in hospital right now. Nothing serious but still distracting. Soooo, because of college it will probably be around another month until I am at leisure to start writing again and pay full attention to my stories.

Well at least now you all know that I'm still alive, things are relatively fine and that I'm heartily ashamed of myself.

See you around people!

P.s: I indirectly quoted a movie and a book, if you think you found them then let me know please! When I have a new chapter I will remove this one and replace it with the new one. I will then also tell you the "quotes" I used.

P.p.s: I have several stories going at the moment, I will have a poll up with the question of which you all want to be updated first, so please check it out.